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What Cities Can Do To Cool Global Warming In Texas Texas


What Cities Can Do To Cool Global Warming In Texas Texas Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions Heat Deaths Texas July heat index is expected to rise by 25 degrees over ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: What Cities Can Do To Cool Global Warming In Texas Texas

What Cities Can Do To Cool Global Warming In
Texas Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions
Source Greenhouse Gases A Report to the
Commission.Texas Natural Resource Conservation
Commission 2002.
Heat Deaths
  • Texas July heat index is expected to rise by 25
    degrees over this century.
  • The EPA has found that Dallas heat-related
    deaths could triple by 2050 and youd lead the
    nation in heat related deaths
  • The number of 100 degree days is expected to rise
  • In July 1998, a heat wave in Texas killed more
    than 70 people.
  • In 2002, an extreme heat wave killed 20,000
    people in Europe, 1500 in India. We shouldnt
    wait for a disaster of this magnitude before we
    choose to act.
  • Texas has led the nation in heat-related deaths
    in 3 of the last 7 years.

By the end of the century, Texas summer heat
index will be 25 degrees hotter for much of the
state, if nothing is done about global warming.
What Can You Do to Cool It ? By acting with
cities across the nation and in Texas We can
cool it !
  • What kind of programs can you enact in the city ?
  • Take an inventory and join ICLEIS Cities for
  • Climate Protection
  • Cooler Homes
  • Cooler Businesses
  • Cooler Communities
  • Cooler Water
  • Cooler Cars and Trucks
  • Cooler Power

Cooler Homes The City of Frisco, TX saves 30 of
Energy Costs on Each New Home Built Today
In May 2001, Frisco, TX instated a mandatory
greenbuilding program, becoming the first city in
the United States to do so. Their Green
Building program mandates the Environmental
Protection Agencys Energy Star program
requirements as the minimum building standard for
new homes. Cool Our Homes By Adopting The Frisco
Cooler Homes One Of The Cheapest and Fastest Ways
To Cut Carbon Emissions Is By Increasing Energy
Efficiency! Retrofitting existing homes can save
30 of energy use You can fund this through a
surcharge on electric transmission franchise
agreements You can require all rental properties
to be retrofit when sold
Cool roofs
Low e windows
High efficiency ac
Native plants
Cooler Businesses Most Businesses could save
30of the energy they use
  • Lighting
  • Windows
  • Shading
  • Tighten up leaking ducts
  • High efficiency A/C lighting
  • Cooler roofs and pavements
  • Plant more trees/landscaping

Creating a program to require regular building
tune ups can save energy and cool the climate
Cooler Communities Urban Heat Island Effect
Potential net energy savings from changing roof
reflectivity. Savings are measured in dollars.
Note that the net savings are the savings of
cooling energy use less the penalties of heating
energy use. From Lawrence Berlekely National Labs
Courtesy of Everest Coatings
Cooler Communities Urban Heat Island Effect
  • What can be done to cool it ?
  • Houston is taking the lead
  • Institute roof reflectivity standards for
    commercial roofs
  • Speck highly reflective pavement colors
  • Require shading of all parking lots, west facing
  • Consider green roofs like Chicago has
  • Plant shade trees that are appropriate for
    coming hotter climate
  • You can cool your community

Cooler WaterReduce Drought
  • Long periods of drought are expected followed
    by periods of torrential rain
  • Evaporation is expected to decrease water
    availability by 35
  • What can cites do to cool it?
  • Reduce water use by 50
  • Reuse gray water
  • Require xeriscaping
  • Plant trees for a far hotter climate
  • Build storm water retention to hold more
    severe flooding

  • Cooler Cars
  • Create a local low greenhouse gas emission fleet
  • Increase the use hybrids for city work
  • Houston is planning an all hybrid city fleet
    where appropriate
  • Create high efficiency standards for purchase of
    hybrid trucks, bucket trucks etc
  • Require Hybrid SUVs for new taxis
  • Develop the demand for plug in hybrids and
    build in the infrastructure for charging

Cooler Trucks
  • Diesel Soot particles increase
  • global warming by absorbing sunlight and heating
    up the environment!
  • Solutions
  • 1. Use Hybrid trucks
  • 2. Advocate for particle reductions as
  • part of TERP
  • 3. Use and refine bio-diesel at landfills-
  • use additives to reduce the NOx
  • Denton is taking the lead on this- at full
    capacity their plant will produce 35 million
    liters (9.2 million U.S. gallons) of biodiesel a
    year, the greenhouse gas equivalent of removing
    16,000 light trucks or 22,000 cars from the

Cooler Power Buy Renewable Energy!
  • Switch the city to a green energy provider
  • stabilize bills and get SIP NOx credit, too
  • Require the use of solar thermal water
    heating on all commercial buildings
  • Invest in solar on all city buildings and
  • Use solar for cellular, low voltage
    applications and for water pumping

This is a solar thermal system on a San Antonio
juvenile detention facility

Carbon Intensity Of Electric Generation By State
(No Transcript)
These New Plants Will Add 100 Million Tons Of CO2
28,000 Tons Of NOx
Health Impacts from Existing Power Plants are
Costly To D/FW Health and Economy
Estimated Health Impacts in the DFW area alone
290 early deaths 476 heart attacks 10,263
asthma attacks 288 hospitalizations 547 E/R
visits - asthma
At just one Dallas Hospital The Childrens
Medical Center reported annual expenditure of
825 million on respiratory care. Asthma and
related respiratory conditions were the primary
diagnoses for 1,398 children who required
hospitalization at Children's and 5,346 visits to
the emergency center.
Estimates based on emissions from existing power
plants in Texas. Modeling done by Abt and
Associates who do modeling for EPA Based on peer
reviewed process for modeling health impact.
Reported in Dirty Air /Dirty Power by the Clean
Air Task Force June 2004
Today, In Texas Nationally, Power Plants Are
The Largest Source Of Industrial Air Pollution
  • In Texas power plants emit more pollution than
    the chemical and refining industries combined!
  • Powering the average home every month produces
  • 1,686 lbs of CO2 (global warming gasses)
  • 3.9 lbs of SO2 (acid gas)
  • 2.16 lbs of NOx (smog)

Cooler Coal Use Gasification or IGCC
  • Future Gen
  • 90 -95 Cleaner
  • Carbon can be used for enhanced oil recovery
  • other waste gases can be sold
  • The wastes are vitrified
  • Send TCEQ, the Governor and TXU a message- do
    IGCC now and protect our air and climate

Global Warming is Hot
  • Time Magazine Global Warming-Be Worried- be
    Very Worried
  • Vanity Fair Fighting Global Warming is Trendy
  • HBO Too Hot Not to Handle April 29th and 30 on
  • An Inconvenient Truth featuring Al Gore
  • Premiers June 2nd
  • Dallas area previews May 3rd and May 12th
  • Texas Mayors Summit on Global Warming
  • Hosted by Arlington Mayor Cluck, ICLEI, SUPA at
    UTA and Public
  • Citizen June 20th

All things being equal, would you be more likely
to support or oppose a candidate who had a plan
for reducing air pollution/global warming?
Global Warming
Air Pollution
  • American Viewpoint to conduct a statewide survey
    of registered voters in Texas..
  • Interviews were conducted via telephone July 29
    through August 1, 2002.- Margin of error is 4.3
    on statewide numbers, and 6.9 on small subsets
    for DFW and HGA

Cooler Laws
  • Actions taken by cities can create reasons for
    the legislature to act!
  • Adopt a global warming plan
  • Act to stop threats from Coal Plants
  • Increase the states Renewable Energy Standard
    (RPS) to 20 by 2020 and create a renewable fuels
  • Establish a more efficient energy building codes
  • Plan to meet 50 of the state energy need with
  • Adopt California Global Warming Car standards

Its far better to act and be a little wrong than
to fail to act and have been catastrophically
  • Dallas Morning News on July 11, 2005
  • From Talk to Action
  • The Time to act is now. Acknowledging the
    reality of a well documented problem is critical
    taking swift and decisive action to solve it is
    the mark of leadership.

Join ICLEIs Cities for Climate Protection
  • Mission To build a worldwide movement of local
    governments who achieve measurable reductions in
    local greenhouse gas emissions, improve air
    quality, and enhance urban livability.
  • Participation in the US 161 local governments,
    representing more than 55 million people (approx
    20 US population)
  • Global Impacts 23 million tons of greenhouse gas
    reduced and 535 million in energy and fuel costs
    saved from US cities
  • CONTACT ICLEI US Office, iclei_usa_at_iclei.org for
    more information!
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