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Cyberbullying - examples Cyberbullying - examples


Cyberbullying - examples Cyberbullying - examples Cyberbullying - examples Ghyslain Raza / Star Wars Kid (14 years, Canada, 2003) Consequences: Ghyslain ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Cyberbullying - examples Cyberbullying - examples

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Youth in an e-networking society Cons
Anton Kuzmin Olomouc region - Olomouc Youth
county Council Palackys University Center for
the Prevention of risky virtual communication
Olomouc Region basic facts
  • Capital city Olomouc
  • 5 districts Jeseník, Olomouc, Prerov, Prostejov,
  • President Martin Tesarík (Social democrat)
  • Highest point Praded - elevation 1,492 m (4,895
  • Lowest point Hranická Abyss deepest in central
    Europe -289,5 m
  • Area 5,267 km² 2,034 sq mi
  • Population 647,770
  • Density 123 / km² 319 / sq mi

  • Phenomenon of social networks smartphones
  • Olomouc region against the cyber crime
  • Research and projects of Palackys University
  • Projects of Olomouc region
  • Terms connected with cyber crime and internet

Phenomenon of social networks
  • Do you think those services brings more good then

  • Smartphone is a high-end mobile phone. It
    combines the functions of a personal digital
    assistant (PDA) and a mobile phone in one device.
  • Who does have one?
  • Do you sleep with your smart phone in your bed?
  • First think you do when you wake up in the

Two? ?
Olomouc Region against cyber crime
  • There are various regional projects focusing on
    area of safer using of Internet and IT. The
    projects are realized in cooperation between
    Palacký University Olomouc, Olomouc region,
    Police of the Czech Republic and commercial
    sector (SME etc.).
  • Olomouc allocates funds into programme of crime
    prevention, includes cyber crime subprojects
  • E-Bezpecí pro Olomouc prevence rizikového
    chování v oblasti ICT (
  • Online poradna pro rizika internetové komunikace
  • Olomouc Region also donates as a provider of
    European Regional Funds for example a project
    E-Nebezpecí pro ucitele focusing on education
    for teachers. Main topics of this project are
    cyberbullying, sexting, stalking and
    cyberstalking, cybergrooming, hoax/spam, Facebook
    etc. Website

Olomouc Region against cyber crime
  • During its existence E-Safety Project has
    organized a great number of educational events.
    Following chart shows number of people who have
    gone through our training since the year 2008.
  • More than 10,000 primary and secondary school
  • More than 600 primary and secondary school
  • More than 450 PIS police officers from all
    regions of the Czech Republic.
  • More than 500 criminality prevention managers.
  • More than 200 teacher training students.
  • Teams of lecturers are active throughout the
    Czech Republic.
  • In 2009 E-Bezpecí project was awarded of 3rd
    place in national round of European Crime
    Prevention Award. More about
  • http//

General information on the research
  • 12 533 respondents from primary and secondary
    schools joined the research from over 4 000
    schools from all of the Czech Republic
  • 49,17 of boys and 50,83 of girls participated
  • Research was carried out with the use of
    questionnaire system on the portal of the project
    E-bezpeci by Center for the Prevention of risky
    virtual communication
  • The questionnaire contained 67 questions of
    various kinds
  • Respondents efforts were motivated by the
    possibility to join a lottery with interesting
    prizes as a reward (T-shirts, promotional gifts,
    stickers etc.)
  • The questionnaires were filled in anonymously.

Cyberbullying - explanation
  • Cyberbullying is a serious issue pupils
    experience quite often. There were these
    particular manifestations of cyberbullying
    monitored within the research
  • humiliation, insulting, mockery or another form
    of verbal ridiculing
  • publication of humiliating records (photographs,
    video and audio records)
  • threatening and intimidation
  • blackmail
  • breaking in an electronic account and its
    possible misuse (so called identity theft),
  • harassment (e.g. by phoning, giving a drop call
    and spamming).
  • The survey research shows that more than a half
    of children (59.38 ) have met cyberbullying in
    the position of victim.

Cyberbullying - examples
Cyberbullying - examples
Cyberbullying - examples
  • Ghyslain Raza / Star Wars Kid (14 years, Canada,
  • Consequences Ghyslain had a nervous breakdown
    and he had to undergo long-term mental treatment.

Illustration from original record
Illustration from edited record
Cyberbullying - examples
Megan Meier (13 years, USA, 2006) Megan
experienced virtual love for a few weeks with a
boy she had met online. After some time she
started to receive messages from the boy, which
were full of hatred, proclaiming how disgusting
she is and that the world would be much better
place without her. Consequences Megan hanged
During the investigation it was found out, that
the boy was actually impersonated by 50 years old
mother of Megans ex-friend, Lori Drew. By the
massages her mother wanted to take a revenge on
Megan for slandering her daughter a few month ago.
Child grooming explanation
  • Cybergrooming denotes a manipulative behavior of
    internet users which is supposed to raise
    confidence and prepare the victim for a meeting
    where sexual abuse, torture or manipulation
    (forcing to stealing or terrorism etc.) can take
  • Communication with unknown persons via the
    internet belongs to potentially hazardous
    behavior for a child can be exposed to various
  • Children communicating with unknown persons are
    often asked to send a photograph of their face
    (66,2 of respondents). 37,75 send such a
    photograph afterwards. 43,48 of the children
    were asked to meet in person and 22,89 of
    children agreed and met the unknown person in the
    real world.

Child grooming examples
Michael Wheeler (Great Britain) In 2003 he
confessed to 11 sexual attacks of under-aged
girls, 2 of them he even sexually abused. He was
convicted for that for 3 years of state prison.
Wheeler did use for his purposes public chat. In
one case he established communication with his
victim (that time the girls was just 11 years
old). He manipulated her, started to discuss
sensitive topics, and after her 13th birthday he
started sexually harassing her and afterwards he
did abuse her. If he would have abused her before
her 13th birthday he could have issued the threat
of life time sentence.
Child grooming examples
Peter Chapman (Great Britain) In the year 2010 he
was convicted for life-time, for raping and
murder.Ashleigh Hall, nursing student, had met
16 years old boy on Facebook. After some time
they planned a meeting in real world, after which
she didnt return back home. 32 years old Peter
Chapman confessed to her murder, he was already
convicted for sexual offences before.
He confessed for raping Ashleigh and afterwards
strangling her to death. After making this case
public, other girls started to contact police,
with whom Chapman did communicate before.
Cyberstalking explanation
  • Cyberstalking is abusing of internet, mobile
    phones or others informational and
    communicational technologies for stalking.
  • Stalking is a term commonly used to refer to
    unwanted, obsessive attention by individual
    (sometimes even groups of people) to others.
  • Stalking behaviors are related to harassment and
    intimidation. It can have different forms (e.g.
    sniffing, threatening, physical attacks and in
    rare cases even murder).
  • The victims feeling of fright is usually
    increasing. E.g. in CZ more then 10 of people
    have met stalking. 2 of cases of stalking ends
    up with death.

Stalking of famous people
Cyberstalking examples
Štefan Zámec (Czech Republic) Štefan Zámec is 50
years old entrepreneur, he was stalking and
harassing 20 years younger woman. He was vulgarly
insulting her, he did spy and chase her in the
car, bombarded her with SMS messages and in the
end he even threaten her with elimination of her
and her partner. During 7 months he contacted her
her at least 498 times. Consequences he was
convicted for blackmailing and violence against
the group of people for 2 years of state prison
with supervision.
Sexting - explanation
  • Another thing monitored in the research was
    respondents willingness to share or to send a
    photograph or a video record with sexual content
    via mobile phone or an internet service.
  • Specifically, it was a record of naked or
    partially naked body of the respondents. This
    activity is called sexting which falls within the
    group of hazardous activities associated with
    virtual communication as these materials can be
    used as a device for blackmail, humiliation or
    defacing of a victim.
  • Answers showed that 10,44 of children had sent a
    photograph or a video record with sexual content
    to another person at least once. 9,15 share this
    kind of depiction freely on the internet.
  • Another fact we were interested in was whether
    the children regarded this behavior dangerous
    that was confirmed by 71,18 of respondents.

Sexting - examples
Jessica Logan (18 years, USA, 2008) After a
break-up Jessicas ex-boyfriend published her
intimate pictures, which he got from her when
they were still dating. Since that she was
constantly mocked and humiliated by her
classmates and other peop-
le. Jessica did anonymously appear in the
television program to warn others from the danger
of sexting. Afterward the attacks on her person
escalated even more. Consequences Jessica
committed a suicide.
Sexting - examples
Phillip Alperta (USA, Florida)
Well-known example of sexting is the case of
underage Phillip Alperta. Even though he didnt
ask for them, his 16 years old girlfriend send
him pictures of herself, where she was naked.
After their breakup, Philip send-out those
pictures to his friends, to the parents of his
ex-girlfriend and also to other people (approx.
70 people).
Consequences He got suspended sentence for 5
years, for distribution of child pornography plus
until 43 years of his age, he will be placed on
the list of sexual aggressors (on that list can
be found sexual rapists, sexual harassment
deviants, etc.).
Free willingness of sharing personal data
  • 95.36 of respondents stated that they knew at
    least one of the mentioned social networks.
    Following social networks were monitored within
    the research Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Badoo,
    Bebo, Linkedln, 2 czech ones.
  • 90.00 of children have their account on one of
    the mentioned social networks

Hoax explanation examples
  • Something intended to deceive or defraud
  • What does Hoax do
  • Spreads panic
  • Funny and joke hoaxes
  • Gives dangerous advices
  • Harms concrete companies and subjects (Microsoft,
    Google, Coca-Cola, )
  • Helps getting money from innocent receivers by
    fraud methods
  • What can be used to spread the hoax
  • Emails
  • ICQ
  • Social networks

Hoax examples
  • Company hoaxes
  • Microsoft (1994) - hoax claiming that Microsoft
    had acquired the Roman Catholic Church (the hoax
    is considered to be the first hoax to reach a
    mass audience on the Internet)
  • Facebook It's official.. signal at 1220 it
    even passed on tv. Facebook will start charging
    this summer. If you copy this on your wall your
    icon will turn blue and facebook will be free for
    you. Please pass this message if not your count
    will be deleted. p.s, this is serious the icon
    turns blue, So please put this on your wall
  • Email Chain Letters
  • Bill Cosby has done it again... running for
  • Different kinds of pyramid games

The Guardian of Safe Net project info
  • Project carried out within a program of the
    Olomouc Region called Criminality prevention
  • idea originated after a survey was made
  • almost one half of them was not aware of risks
    their children are exposed to in the virtual
  • possible preventive efforts are
  • to inform children about Internet risks and
    efforts to teach children rules of safe use of
    Internet (only those are insufficient)
  • computers MUST have installed safeguarding
    software products that prevent hazardous
    intrusions or virtual attacks

The Guardian of Safe Net
  • project consisted of educational seminars it
    supported help line for parents, provided so
    called low-threshold institutions with software
    that secured computers used by socially deprived
    children and youth
  • practical brochure was issued within the project,
    called The Guardian of Safe Net
  • brochure is an instruction manual that provides
    step-by-step instructions on how to set
    particular protective elements to ones computer
    and offers
  • advise and instruction on how to protect ones
  • how to set rules of safe use of Internet
  • how to install protective software filters on
    home computers

The Guardian of Safe Net
  • It instructs about basic rules of mutual
    coexistence of parents and children, by following
    these rules one can secure its computer at home
  • It contains an Agreement of parents and children
    about use of Internet and informative sticker

Questions and answers
  • Do you think internet brings more harms or more
  • Have you been familiar with the terms?
  • Do you know any others cons of the internet?
  • Do your regions have any projects on the
    prevention of cyber crime?
  • If you have any further questions, you are free
    to ask them!

Thank you! ?