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Making Multimedia & Multimedia Skills


Making Multimedia & Multimedia Skills Introduction to Making Multimedia Guidance and suggestions for getting started Multimedia Skills What skills required – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Making Multimedia & Multimedia Skills

Making Multimedia Multimedia Skills
  • Introduction to Making Multimedia
  • Guidance and suggestions for getting started
  • Multimedia Skills
  • What skills required

Introduction to Making Multimedia
  • The stages of a project
  • Planning and costing
  • Idea/objectives
  • Multimedia expertise required
  • Structure navigation system
  • Time cost estimation
  • Designing producing
  • Testing
  • Delivering

Introduction to Making Multimedia
  • What we need?
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Good ideas
  • Talent
  • Skill
  • Good organization of works

Introduction to Making Multimedia
  • Hardware
  • 2 most significance platforms
  • Macintosh OS
  • Intel-based IBM PC or PC Clone (MS Windows)
  • Development environment
  • Powerful workstation (Silicon Graphics, Sun
    Microsystems, or mainframe)
  • Apple (Macintosh OS) more suitable for multimedia
  • Cross platform format (both Mac Windows)

Introduction to Making Multimedia
  • Software
  • Multimedia software tells the hardware what to do
  • Text, images, sounds, and video.
  • Capturing images, translating between file
    formats, and editing your resources
  • Photoshop, soundForge, Premiere, GIF Animator,
  • Multimedia authoring
  • Macromedia Director or flash
  • Everybody can make multimedia project!!

Introduction to Making Multimedia
  • Creativity
  • Develop a sense of its scope and content
  • Difficult to learn creativity
  • but like classical artists who work in paint,
    marble, or bronze, the better you know your
    medium, the better able you are to express your
  • Know your hardware software first!!

Introduction to Making Multimedia
  • Organization
  • Develop an organized outline a a plan that
    rationally details the skills, time, budget,
    tools, and resources we will need for a project

Multimedia Skills
  • Multimedia developers come from all corners of
    the computer, art, literacy, film, and audio
  • To produce good multimedia, need detailed
    knowledge of computers, text, graphics arts,
    sound, and video
  • Normally multimedia project team effort.

Multimedia Skills The Team
  • Multimedia Team (Prof. Wes Baker Cedarville
    University, Ohio)
  • Executive Producer
  • Producer/Project Manager
  • Creative Director/Multimedia Designer
  • Art Director/Visual Designer
  • Artist
  • Interface Designer
  • Game Designer
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Instructional Designer/Training Specialist
  • Script Writer
  • Animator (2D/3D)
  • Sound Producer
  • Music Composer
  • Video Producer
  • Multimedia Programmer
  • HTML Coder
  • Lawyer/Media Acquisition
  • Marketing Director

Multimedia Skills The Team
  • Project Manager
  • Center of action
  • Responsible for overall development and
    implementation of a project as well as day-to-day
  • Budgets
  • Schedules
  • Creative sessions
  • Time sheets
  • Illness
  • Invoices
  • Team dynamics
  • Technical operational expert

Multimedia Skills The Team
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Designing the look feel of a multimedia project
  • Screen color, visual consistency, meaningful
    icons, simple screen elements, content layout,
    content structure
  • Graphics Designer, illustrators, animators, and
    image processing specialist visual
  • Instructional Designer navigation pathways and
    content maps
  • Information Designer structure content,
    determine user pathways and feedback, and select
    presentation media

Multimedia Skills The Team
  • Interface Designer
  • Interface provides control to the people who use
  • Backgrounds, icons, control panels result of am
    interface designer

Multimedia Skills The Team
  • Writer
  • Create character, action, and point of view
    create creativity
  • Write proposals, script voice-over and actors
    narrations, write text screens to deliver
    messages, and develop characters designed for an
    interactive environment
  • Glean information from content experts,
    synthesize it, and then communicate it in a clear
    and concise manner

Multimedia Skills The Team
  • Video Specialist
  • Videographers, sound technician, lighting
    designers, set designers, script supervisors,
    grips, production assistants, and actors.
  • Skilled in managing all phases of production,
    from concept to final edit

Multimedia Skills The Team
  • Audio Specialist
  • Wizards who make a multimedia program come alive,
    designing and producing music, voice-over
    narrations, and sound effects.
  • Selecting suitable music and talent, scheduling
    recording sessions, and digitizing and editing
    recorded material into computer files

Multimedia Skills The Team
  • Multimedia Programmer
  • Software engineer
  • Integrates all the multimedia elements of a
    project into a seamless whole using authoring
    system or programming language
  • JavaScript, OpenScript, Lingo, Authorware, Java,
    C, etc.

Multimedia Skills The Team
  • Producer, Multimedia for the Web
  • Network Engineer
  • Putting together a coordinated set of pages for
    the World Wide Web
  • Creative process, skillsets
  • Website never finished, remain dynamics
  • Most of the time maintaining the multimedia
    program for easily access by user

Planning Costing
  • Project Planning
  • The process of Making Multimedia
  • Idea Analysis
  • Pretesting
  • Prototype Development
  • Alpha Development
  • Beta Development
  • Delivery
  • Hardware
  • Available Skills and Software
  • Idea Management Software
  • Building a Team
  • Pilot Projects and Prototyping
  • Task Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Costing
  • Billing rates
  • Example Cost Sheets

Project PlanningThe Process of Making Multimedia
Project PlanningThe Process of Making Multimedia
  • Idea Analysis
  • Ideas purpose or goal against the feasibility
    and cost of production and delivery
  • Use note paper
  • What is the essence of what you want to do? What
    is your purpose and message
  • How can you organize your project?
  • What multimedia element will best deliver your
  • Content material?
  • Creating something new or improvise old version?
  • Hardware? Enough?
  • Storage needed? How much?
  • Hardware available for your end user?
  • Multimedia software available?
  • Capabilities skills hardware software
  • Team or individual?
  • Time?
  • Money?
  • How to distribute the final project?
  • Who, what, why, where, when how?
  • Audience analysis Who is it for?

Project PlanningThe Process of Making Multimedia
  • Pretesting
  • Define project goals in greater detail
  • Skills required
  • Content
  • Costing (money time)
  • How to sell it
  • Prototype on paper with an explanation of how it
    will work

Project PlanningThe Process of Making Multimedia
  • Prototype Development
  • Develop working prototype
  • Building screen mock-ups, human interface menu
  • Select a small portion of a large project get
    that part working as it would in the final
  • Test your prototype along several fronts
  • Cost
  • Market
  • Human Interface
  • Purpose test the initial implementation of your
    idea and improve on it based upon test results.

Project PlanningThe Process of Making Multimedia
  • Alpha Development
  • Detail the storyboard bring in end user for
    gathered information
  • Graphic art
  • Sound and video production
  • Test on working prototype

Project PlanningThe Process of Making Multimedia
  • Beta Development
  • Too late to bail out
  • Committed serious money, time and energy
  • Wider tester
  • Concern should be simply successfully steering
    the project to its well-defined goal.

Project PlanningThe Process of Making Multimedia
  • Delivery
  • Worries toward the marketplace
  • How will your project be received by its intended
  • Issues
  • Hotline, after sales maintenance, server

Project Planning Hardware
  • Most common limiting factor for realizing a
    multimedia idea no sound board no sound
    effects no synthesizer no MIDI composer by you
    on-site no high-resolution color display no
    modem or network no network
  • Listing the hardware capabilities of the end
    users computer platform
  • If the capabilities are not enough, discuss with
    end user (examine the cost)

Project Planning Available Skills and Software
  • Make a list of skills software capabilities
  • Budget for new and more powerful software and for
    the learning curve required

Project Planning Idea Management Software
  • SiteSpring, Microsoft Project, Designers Edge,
    Screenplay Systems Screenwriter and Story View
    useful for arranging ideas and tasks, work items,
    employee resources, and cost required for
    multimedia project
  • To help you stay within tight schedule and budget
  • Project Management Software provides Critical
    Path Method (CPM) scheduling functions to
    calculate the total duration of a project based
    upon each identified task, earmarking task that
    are critical and that, if lengthened, will result
    a delay in project completion
  • Used of Program Evaluation Review Technique
    (PERT), Gantt Chart

Project Planning Building a Team
  • Multimedia requires a set of skills so broad
  • Need a team, know what expertise required for a
  • Building a matrix chart of required skills is

Project Planning Pilot Projects and Prototyping
  • Pilot project phase
  • Test ideas, mock up interfaces, exercise the
    hardware platform
  • Determine the actual cost of the project

Project Planning Task Planning
  • Brief checklist of action item for which we
    should plan ahead
  • Design Instructional Framework
  • Hold Creative Idea Session
  • Determine Delivery Platform
  • Assay Available Content
  • Draw navigation Map
  • Create Storyboard
  • Design Interface
  • Design Information Containers
  • Research/Gather Content
  • Assemble Team
  • Build Prototype
  • Conduct User Test
  • Revise Design
  • Create Graphics
  • Create Animations
  • Produce Audio
  • Produce Video
  • Digitize Audio and Video
  • Take Still Photographs
  • Program and Author
  • Test Functionality
  • Fix Bugs
  • Conduct Beta Test
  • Create Golden Master
  • Replicate
  • Prepare Package
  • Deliver or Install at Web Site
  • Award Bonuses
  • Throw Party

Project Planning Scheduling
  • Timeline
  • Estimate total time required for each task and
    then allocate this time among the number of
    persons will be asynchronously working on the
  • Scheduling difficult for multimedia
  • Making multimedia is artistic trial and error
  • Technological upgrade during development
  • Client feedback

  • Production and manufacturing industries simple
    matter to estimate cost and effort
  • Multimedia is not a repetitive manufacturing
  • Multimedia development is a continuous research
    and development effort characterized by creative
    trial and error
  • Production cost (30-second commercial spot
    storyboard costs about RM50K)
  • Storyboard production
  • Postproduction editing
  • Actor (per hour)
  • Composer (audio production)
  • Animator (graphical production)
  • Administration and management cost
  • Three elements in project estimates
  • Time
  • Money
  • People

Costing Billing Rates
  • Set according cost of doing business plus a
    reasonable profit margin
  • Contractor and consultant can bring specialized
    skills such as graphic art. Programming, database
    expertise, music composition.
  • Make sure your billing rate is higher than theirs

Costing Example Cost Sheets
  • Executive summary, briefly describing the
    projects goal, how the goal will be achieved
    and the cost
  • Creative issues, technical issues, project
    estimation and project plan, cost estimation for
    each phase, contract terms.

Assignment 1 ProposalDateline Week 4 (4th
August 2006)
  • The cover page
  • Table of contents
  • Need Analysis and Description
  • Target audience
  • Creative strategy
  • A description of the look and feel of the project
  • Project implementation
  • Gantt Chart/PERT, task scheduling
  • Budget
  • Relate directly to the scope of work in Project
  • Limitations of the proposal (if any)