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Managing Millennial Parents Workshop Outline Introduction of


Managing Millennial Parents Workshop Outline Introduction of Presenters Introduction of Workshop Brief description of the Millennial Generation Brief description of ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Managing Millennial Parents Workshop Outline Introduction of

Managing Millennial Parents
Workshop Outline
  • Introduction of Presenters
  • Introduction of Workshop
  • Brief description of the Millennial Generation
  • Brief description of presenters experiences with
    millennial parents
  • Outline of program to engage parents in
    productive interactions with college
  • Strategies to deal with helicoptering parents
  • Assessment
  • Questions
  • Resources

Introduction of Presenters
  • Dr. Elizabeth True, Vice President for Student
    Affairs at Mount Ida College
  • Ed.D. Educational Leadership and Policy Studies,
    UVM M.Ed Counselor Education, U Maine B.A.
    American Studies, Mount Holyoke College
  • Profile of Mount Ida College
  • Previous experience at Castleton State, Cornell
    University and the University of Maine
  • No kids (or 765 kids?)

Introduction of Presenters
  • Mr. Philip A. Conroy, Jr., Vice President for
    Enrollment Management and Marketing, Mount Ida
  • ABD, University of Tampere (Finland) M.Ed.
    Educational Administration, Rhode Island College
    B.S. Elementary Education, Bridgewater State
  • Responsible for enrollment (recruitment and
    retention) and marketing admissions, financial
    aid, communications and marketing, community and
    government relations
  • Married, father of three college educated
    children (guilty as charged)

Introduction of Topic
  • Much research has been shared on the distinctive
    characteristics of the millennial generation, but
    college staff have also noted unique
    characteristics of their parents. College staff
    describe these parents as helicoptering in to
    save the day and advocating before their students
    have a chance to problem-solve on their own.
    This workshop will share strategies for managing
    millennial parents to help them continue to play
    a guiding role without jeopardizing the
    developmental process through over-involvement.

The Millennial Generation
  • Millennials, Echo Boomers, Generation Y

Millennial Traits
  • Special
  • Sheltered
  • Confident
  • Team-Oriented
  • Achieving
  • Pressured
  • Conventional

  • Technologically savvy
  • MTV/short attention span
  • Email immediate response cant think
  • Over-achieving/over-managed brought up on
    Gymboree, soccer, music lessons, play dates
    organized group activity
  • Team players/teamwork/fitting in
  • Rewarded for participation, not achievement

  • Aim to please
  • Diverse and tolerant
  • Lower rates of violent crime, alcohol and tobacco
    use and teen pregnancy
  • Trusting
  • Word of mouth/reputation key
  • Protected/coddled/valued
  • Optimism locally/pessimism nationally
  • High expectation of authority/institutions

Millennial Parents
  • Boomer or Gen X generation
  • Older, more affluent when having children
  • Pessimists
  • Attachment parenting - Over-protective/concerne
    d with physical and moral safety
  • Helicoptering/hovering
  • Soccer moms, hockey dads
  • IEP advocates

As Parents of College Students
  • Consumer mentality/price of higher ed vs. value
  • Expectation of in loco parentis
  • Enlisting the team of advocates
  • Propensity to threaten legal action
  • Susie doesnt know Im calling but
  • Constant contact through cell phones
  • Expectation of immediate, 24/7 administrative
  • Clery Act and concerns with campus safety

Parent Management Themes
  • Safety
  • Responsibility
  • Empowerment
  • Employability

Parent Management Plan
  • Pre-admission communications/materials
  • Orientation of parents
  • Explanation/Interpretation of FERPA
  • Management of parental communications
  • On-going communication/updates to parents
    website and letters
  • Parent Association
  • Parents Weekend

  • Parents as members of Influencer Group
    develop a parallel process to market college to
  • Marketing of the College focus groups with
  • Annual report/magazine targeted to parents
  • Students interviewed individually first/parents
    then asked to join
  • Communications from the President to parents of
    applicants/from Admissions to the students
  • Open House/Decision Day including parents in
    sessions/Parent Association table

Orientation of Parents
  • Separate program for students and parents
  • Programs such as Letting Go and Parent 101
  • Explanation of the role we want parents to play
  • Providing reassuring info and contact information
  • Involving reps from the Parent Association

  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
  • Establish a college policy and related procedures
    regarding release of information, judicial
    information, and release forms
  • Explain FERPA regulations and the colleges
    policies regarding release forms at summer
    orientation sessions and on website
  • On-going education when parents call
  • Alcohol and Drug violation notification

Parental Calls and Emails
  • Establish a standard response time
  • Direct calls/emails to lowest appropriate level
  • Do not guarantee confidentiality
  • Request permission to discuss call/email with
  • Tell parent where to direct student for help
  • Dealing with threats (Ill call the President, my
    lawyer, the media, Jay Leno)
  • Avoid responding more quickly to parents than

On-going Communication with current parents
  • Letters from President annual and in response
    to campus concerns i.e., post 9/11, if there is
    a campus incident
  • Letters from president of the Parent Association
  • Letters to students timed to be mailed when
    students are at home
  • Website

  • Current Links
  • Parent Association
  • Residence Hall Damage Costs
  • Events Calendar
  • Faculty/Staff Directory
  • News
  • Course Catalog
  • 2004-05 Academic Calendar
  • For Parents
  • The Parent Association The Parent Association and
    its officers serve as a link between Mount Ida
    College and the parents and guardians of
    students, keeping you better informed about the
    academic and social environment of the campus.
    Membership is free to parents and guardians of
    current students, and all are encouraged to
    participate. Events Calendar Find out more
    about whats happening on campus at Mount Ida by
    viewing our Events Calendar. What's New? Looking
    for the latest headlines at Mount Ida? Check out
    the Newsroom.
  • FAQ for Parents Get fast answers to frequently
    asked questions.
  • Congratulations to all Mount Ida Graduates and
    their families! You have just excelled and
    survived another phase in your life and hopefully
    you have gained new insights and abilities from
    your Mount Ida experiences.  May all your
    aspirations come true as your life continues with
    successes.  I wish the best of good fortune to
    all of Mount Idas Graduating Class of 2004.
  • David Miller  Mount Ida Parent Association
  • _________________________
  • All parents/family members of current students
    are welcome to attend and learn more about the
    Association. Contact Parent Association President
    Dave Miller at for more
  • Get directions to campus.

Parent Association
  • Roles recruitment/advocacy resource for
    current parents/liaison to administration
    resource development
  • Involving Parent Association in recruitment and
    orientation activities as well as Parents
  • Involve Parent Association rep in key committees
  • Credibility factor

Parents Weekend
  • Social emphasis
  • Early advertising/encouraging parents to wait
    until this weekend to visit students
  • Educate 1st time parents this is not like high
    school open house not discussing student
    performance with faculty
  • Parent Association meeting/table at football game
    or main event
  • Opportunities for parents to connect/reconnect
    with other families

Helicopter Traffic Control
  • Calculating Response Time setting expectations
  • Assessing the Problem
  • Involving the Student
  • The Role of the President directing to the
    appropriate response level
  • Responding to threats of legal action
  • Documentation

  • Evaluation of Summer Orientation program by
  • Focus Groups
  • Tracking calls/emails and repetition

Future Trends
  • Colleges marketing themselves as safe campuses
  • Outsourcing emergency notification to vendors
  • A return to modified in loco parentis a
    partnership b/w college and family
  • Legal challenges to FERPA and confidentiality
  • Students evaluating how they have been parented
  • Continuing question of the value of college (cost
    vs. outcome)

  • Millennials Rising The Next Great Generation by
    N. Howe and W. Strauss
  • Millennials Go to College by N. Howe and W.
  • The Echo Boomers
  • http//
  • CBS News Online