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later middle ages


later middle ages – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: later middle ages

The later middle ages!!!!!
Magna Carta causes changes in England!!!
  • By Ryan Highfield

Magna Carta
  • Magna carta was one of the first documents to
    protect the rights of the people.
  • One of the demands are that peoples rights are to
    own any just property not just wood.
  • Also another reason is that King John agreed to
    the 63 demands that English nobles made.

Who demanded this agreement
  • The nobles made the King sign it, and if he
    didnt sign it then they would rebel too the
  • Magna Carta guaranteed that everyone had a fair

Effects of magna carta
  • The Magna carta required the king to honor
    certain rights to the people.
  • The right of habeas cuprous meant that the people
    could not stay in jail for long.
  • Before the king could arrest people for no reason
    the magna carta made everyone even the king had
    to obey he laws.

The king lost his power
What were the effects of M/C
  • The effect was magna carta caused changes in
    England's government and legal's system.
  • People was know longer in jail for no reason.

People were know longer in jail for no reason.
List three demands and why there important
  • one demand was that if a peasant or noble owned
    land then they did not have to give any resources
    to the king because they owned that land.
  • Another demand is that a man that is going to
    jail has a fair trial to the judge.

The king had to obey the laws.
Changes after magna carta
  • By the late middle ages ,kings could do little
    without parliaments support.
  • Over the years membership in parliament was
    opened to knights and town leaders.

The king had to obey all rules and could not thro
any one else in jail for no reason.
What did M/C inspire the noble to do?
  • Magna carta inspired the English to find more
    ways to limit the kings power
  • .Another inspirement was that the magna carta
    inspired the nobles to write magma because they
    wanted everyone to have a fair trial.

  • Lawmaking body that governs in England.

How did the king limit M/C?
  • In the late 1600s the king agreed to free the
    courts of his controls.
  • The creation of independent judicial system was
    the key to one step closer to bringing democracy
    to England.

The hundred years war!!!
The course of the war
  • France was one of the countries that occurred
    political changed.
  • In 1328 the king of France died and he also did
    not have no sons so two men claimed his throne to
    be kings.
  • one of the men was French the other was not
    because he was the king of England.

French king dies with no heirs!!
  • The French king dies with no sons or no
    daughters. So two men took the throne and the
    family that was related to the king died out.

Two men claim the throne
  • There were two men to claim the throne. One was
    French and the other was the king of England.
  • The two men was not very happy with each other so
    the king of England invaded French. The war was
    going for so long it became the hundred years

English takes the lead!!!!
  • English took the by winning many battles and also
    invading France.
  • Another reason English takes the lead is that the
    English king was trying to take over France to be
    king of England and France.

Joan of arc!!!
  • At first the English army was in the lead in the
    hundred years war.
  • They also was doing very well in winning battles.
  • But there was a teenage girl(Joan of arc) rallied
    the French army to battle to the hundred years

Results of the war!!!
  • The hundred years war change England and France
    government at the time the war was going on.
  • The changes in England the parliaments power grew
    because the king needed their approval to raise
    money to pay for the war.
  • The changes in France was during the war the
    king had become popular with nobles.

Black Death!!!!
Where it came from!!!
The Black Death was one of the most devastating
in human history, peaking in Europe between 1348
pandemics and 1350, and killing between 75
million and 200 million people.
How it spread!!!!
  • Rats spread the plague because the was digging in
    the trash in the streets and people would catch
    it buy the rats biting them.

What disease was it!!!!
  • The disease was the plague it spread all across
    the globe.

Effect on manor life and feudalism/how many
people died!!!!
  • About 1/3 of the population was wiped out/ 25
    million people.

What happened to it!!!
  • It went into hibernation once it killed all those
  • It killed most of its people in its own city
    called Europe.

Thank you for checking out my power point!!!
  • Ryan highfield
  • In the middle ages!!!