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Cal Grants Overview


Cal Grants Overview. High School Counselors Workshop . 2012-2013 Year. Presented by the California Student Aid Commission – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Cal Grants Overview

Cal Grants Overview
High School Counselors Workshop 2012-2013 Year
Presented by the California Student Aid Commission
  • FAFSA Bridge
  • Basic Cal Grant Eligibility - Cal Grants A, B and
  • High School Entitlement Awards
  • Cal Grant Renewal Eligibility
  • AB 131 Dream Act
  • Student Notifications
  • WebGrants
  • GPA Calculation and Best Practices (File Early)
  • Non-SSN GPA Upload
  • WebGrants for Students
  • Cash For College Program

FAFSA Bridge
  • Linking federal state financial assistance
  • Selecting the optional feature after submitting
    the FAFSA
  • Provide additional information that can affect
    state assistance delivery including
  • Releasing Cal Grant GPA (participating high
    schools) applying for Chafee Grant,
  • Receiving program informationAPLE, National

FAFSA Bridge
  • Allows students to transfer information from the
    FAFSA to a state application
  • Note Option is only offered on the confirmation

FAFSA Bridge Questions
  • Which college will you most likely attend in Fall
  • Cal Grant
  • Are you, or were you, in a foster care placement,
    under court dependency/wardship at any time,
    between the ages of 16-18? Chafee Grant
  • Do you have or plan to obtain a K-12 teaching
    credential? APLE
  • Do you intend to teach or to supervise in a
    licensed childrens center? Child Development
  • Are you an active member of the California
    National Guard? National Guard Educational
    Assistance Program

FAFSA Bridge- GPA Release
Phase II
  • Do you authorize your school to release your high
    school GPA?
  • Student consents to GPA release
  • CSAC collects a GPA release for participating
    high schools sends list of students to each
  • School downloads list and uploads GPA to

Basic Cal Grant Eligibility
Not have earned a BA/BS degree
Dependent students whose parents are in
registered domestic partnerships should go to
Cal Grant A
  • Additional Eligibility Criteria
  • Meet income asset ceiling (demonstrate
    financial need)
  • 3.00 minimum high school GPA
  • Pursuing AA and BA programs only
  • Annual award amounts may be
  • Used for tuition and/or fees only
  • Held in reserve while attending community college

Cal Grant B
  • Very low income students who
  • Meet the income and asset ceilings
  • 2.00 GPA minimum
  • AA, BA/BS and Certificate programs
  • Annual Awards
  • 1551 stipend first year
  • Fees/Tuition plus 1551
  • Available as Entitlement Competitive Awards

Cal Grant Income and Asset Ceilings
For New Applicants For Renewal Ceilings go to
Cal Grant C
  • Low and Middle income students who
  • Enroll in vocational courses of study
  • AA and Certificate programs only
  • Can be used for any school expenses including
    tuition and fees
  • Eligibility determined only after application is
    given Cal Grant A and B consideration

High School Entitlement Awards
  • Recent high school graduates or equivalent (GED,
  • 2012/13 AY graduated on or after July 1, 2010
  • High school GPA required
  • Meet minimum GPA and eligibility requirements
  • Potentially unlimited number of awards

High School Entitlement Awards
  • Make sure graduating seniors include
  • their high school on the FAFSA
  • CSAC can then match between GPA and FAFSA
  • CSAC will be able to report to schools on missing
    GPAs and missing FAFSAs

Cal Grant High School Entitlement
  • Requires High School Graduation
  • Students can confirm on-line using WebGrants for
  • Schools can assist to provide post-graduation
    confirmation of HS graduation
  • Students needing to mail use the High School
    Graduation Confirmation form, HS transcripts or
    other authoritative documents

Cal Grant Renewal Eligibility
  • SB 70 Renewal eligibility changes
  • Previously, to renew a Cal Grant, students had to
    only show financial need
  • Now, students need to demonstrate the same
    financial need as new participants and meet
    income and asset ceilings.
  • Resulted in 14,000 fewer renewals

AB 131 Dream Act
  • Allows students who meet AB 540 criteria to
    receive Cal Grants
  • Signed into law in October, 2011
  • Cal Grants for the 2013-2014 school year
  • For entitlement candidates only
  • Must meet all other Cal Grant requirements
  • On-line application will be opened January 2013
    to gather FAFSA like information

Student Notification
  • Awardees who submit a FAFSA GPA will receive a
    California Aid Report (CAR) via email
  • E-CAR Indicates Cal Grant eligibility
  • Sent as early as January
  • Letter sent if no e-mail address is available
  • Applicants should access WebGrants for Students
  • Counselor Tip
  • Download School of Origin report for a list of
    awarded students from your school

E-mail to students from CSAC will come from
these addresses Mark these addresses
as Safe
Student Notifications
  • E-mail delivery
  • Provides grant type and estimated amount for
    up to 3 CA schools listed on the FAFSA
  • Communication with CSAC is emphasized

WebGrants for Schools
  • Contact
  • CSAC Technology Help Desk
  • (888) 294-0148 or
  • Download WebGrants access request forms at
  • Look for High Schools on the
    Schools tab
  • WebGrants Home Page
  • https//
  • WebGrants for Students

WebGrants for Schools
  • Upload GPA by batch or individual records
  • More secure than US Mail Results shown in real
  • Built-in edits to catch errors (e.g. SSN typos)
  • Confirmation of receipt of records
  • Report Access
  • GPA Summary Report
  • School of Origin Report
  • HS Graduation Confirmation Report
  • FAFSA, No GPA Report

Cal Grant GPA Calculation
  • High School GPA calculation is the same as prior
    years sophomore and junior grades only for
    seniors. Remember to exclude P.E and R.O.T.C
  • To calculate a GPA, go to Schools tab, High
    School or http//
    and look for Cal Grant GPA Calculation
  • Call School Support Line (888) 294-0153
  • Look for webinars in Nov., Dec., Jan. and Feb.
  • Webinar link is on the Schools tab, High
    School or
  • http//

Academic Qualifiers Submissions
  • Academic Qualifier Types
  • High school GPA
  • Test Scores
  • SAT Reasoning Test, ACT or GED
  • Test score can be used if the student does not
    have a GPA, has coursework that cannot be
    converted to a 4.00 GPA, or attended a
    non-accredited high school

Submitting GPAs
  • Schools
  • Use WebGrants
  • Upload by batch file (.txt)
  • Submit one-by-one (Add GPAs screen)
  • Student Initiated GPA Submission
  • On-line GPA Release with FAFSA Bridge
  • Use GPA Verification form
  • Download, complete demographic information,
  • Give to high school

Academic Qualifiers Submissions
  • Questions?
  • Electronic GPA Upload Questions?
  • Tabitha Frost (916) 464-2113
  • School Support Branch (888) 294 -0153

GPA-Best Practices
Dont Wait!
  • Establish a school WebGrants account.
  • Read the WebGrants User Guides on the Help Screen
  • Add GPAs individually (by student) or by batch
    using a GPA data file in .txt format
  • Use WebGrants reports to see the status of your
    submitted GPA records

Upload GPAs now!
Non-SSN GPA File Upload
  • Successful Pilot with LA Unified
  • Districts and schools may use this method
  • Allows upload of GPA data without the students
  • GPA matched to FAFSA using other data
  • Must be submitted by batch process only
  • Contact School Support Branch for file layout
  • Adrian Felix (916) 464-3464 or,
  • (888) 294 -0153

WebGrants for Students (WGS)
  • Provides students online access to California
    assistance and more
  • Secure, 24/7, student-friendly access to their
    Cal Grant and Chafee Grant award status
  • Links to other related financial aid sites.
WebGrants for Students (WGS)
  • Access available after the FAFSA is filed
  • Check application and award status
  • Verify and update e-mail and mailing address
  • View payment history
  • Simulate Cal Grant status at eligible California
  • Request a leave of absence
  • Self-certify high school graduation
  • Select links to other financial aid information

Cash for College
Cash for College Workshop Network
  • FAFSA Completion Workshops
  • Held January through March 2
  • Program partners CSAC, high schools, campuses,
    college access and community groups
  • Offered in 51 counties
  • 600 workshops were held in 2011
  • More than 30,000 students
  • 500 1,000 incentive scholarships for high school

Cash for College Workshops
  • Held January through the March 2nd Cal Grant
  • Open to all students focus on low-income and
    first-generation seniors
  • Involve parents/guardians through individual
  • Provide line-by-line help on the FAFSA, learn
    about Cal Grants, AB 540, AB 130 and other
    sources of financial aid
  • Offer multi-lingual materials
  • Assistance training offered to use
    computer-based tools like the new FAFSA bridge
  • Site support funds offered to help offset costs
    of workshop

Cash for College
  • 1,000 private incentive scholarships will be
    provided at qualifying workshops for a seventh
  • For the second year, funding will be provided
    through CSACs partnership with ECMC.
  • Organizers help notify scholarship recipients in
    late May and early June
  • For more information and to register workshops,

2011 Cash for College Results
  • 9 out of 10 students attending a CFC workshop
    submitted a FAFSA by March 2nd
  • 8 out of 10 applied for a Cal Grant by March 2nd
  • More than 30,000 students qualified for 137
    million in Cal Grants and Pell Grants
  • Students at a computer-based workshop were more
    likely to complete the FAFSA by March 2nd

FAFSA Completion Rates
Cash for College Online Wrapper
  • Sites are strongly encouraged to offer workshops
    in computer labs
  • Guides students to the FAFSA, Chafee, or AB 540
    depending on student needs
  • Exit Survey is online.
  • Easy access for viewing submitted surveys at

Cash for College
  • To register and order materials for your
    workshop, visit the Cash for College pages at
  • Statewide Cash for College office e-mail is
  • Find your regional Cash for College coordinating
    organization under the Cash for College Contact
    Us page at

School Support (888) 294-0153