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Later Middle Ages


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Later Middle Ages

Christianity and Medieval Society
  • ByHaleigh Stull

The church shapes politics and society
  • Clergy- church officials-they were very
    influential in medieval European culture and
  • Society- everything took place at the
    church-Pilgrims visited religious places
  • Politics- Church officials often became political
    advisers to local rulers

Monks and Friars
The Monks of Cluny
  • Religious order- group of people who dedicate
    their lives to religion and follow common rules
  • Living apart from society- most monks lived apart
    from society, but two new religious orders
    developed for those who wanted to live and teach
    among people

  • Francis of Assisi- founder of the Franciscan
  • Friars- members of religious orders who lived and
    worked among the general public
  • Living within society- friars lived and taught
    among people

Universities are built
  • Thomas Aquinas- Natural Law- philosopher who
    showed how religious faith and reason could co-
  • Created by religious leaders- Europe's first
    universities were built by the church.

The church and the arts
Religious architecture
  • Inspired by religious expression- everything was
    designed to bring people closer to God

Magna Carta causes changes in England
  • Magna Carta- document written by english nobles
    and signed by King John listing rights the king
    could not ignore
  • Who demanded this agreement? A group of english

Effects of Magna Carta
  • List three of the demands and why they are
    important. 1.They forced the king to respect
    their rights 2. They made king John approve a
    document listing rights the king could not
    ignore 3.No one could be kept in jail without a
  • They are important because they are demands and
    everyone has to obey them.

  • What were the effects of M/C? The Magna Carta led
    to a lot of changes. They faced war and financial
    troubles, the kings turned to a council of nobles
    for advice and money. Before long, the council
    developed into Parliament, the lawmaking body
    that still governs England today.

What did M/C inspire the nobles to do?
  • They decided to force the king to respect their
    rights because they wanted the king to also have
    to obey some rights, and the king could not
    ignore them.

  • Parliament- Lawmaking body that governs England
  • Before long the council developed into
    parliament, and this lawmaking body still governs
    in England today.

  • How did the king limit M/C? The king limited
    Magna Carta by having the rule that no one could
    be kept in jail without a reason.

My made-up Magna Carta
  • 1.) Freedom of Speech
  • 2.) Everyone treated equally
  • 3.) Freedom of Religion
  • 4.) Cant be punished or get in trouble without a
    reason, and you have to have proof that it
    actually happened

The Hundred Years War
The Course of the War
  • The Hundred Years War begins when an English King
    tried to take over and control Frances throne.

French King dies with no heirs
  • When the king died they had went through the
    kings family till they found a cousin for the
    throne. They had found one on both his mothers
    and fathers side of the family. They were his 3rd

Two men claim throne
  • The English tried to take control of Frances
    throne, so two men were basically trying to claim
    that the throne was theres, but the throne
    really just belonged to France.

English take the lead
  • England invaded France and won many key battles
    until a teenage peasant girl, Joan of Arc,
    rallied the French troops.

Joan of Arc
  • Joan of Arc was a teenage girl who rallied the
    French troops and turned the tide of the Hundred
    Years War. England invaded France and won many
    key battles until Joan of Arc rallied the French
    troops. The English caught and killed Joan, but
    the French eventually won the war.

Results of the War
  • In England the War helped increase the power of
    parliament because the king needed parliaments
    approval to raise money to pay for the war. In
    France, the Kings power grew after the War.

Changes in England
  • The English caught and killed Joan, but they
    eventually ended up losing the War. The War help
    increase the power of parliament.

Changes in France
  • The French eventually ended up winning the war.
    In France, the Kings power grew after the war.

Black Death
  • Black death- deadly plague that killed millions
    of Europeans between 1347 and 1351
  • During the Hundred Years War an even greater
    crisis arose. This crisis was the Black Death , a
    deadly plague that swept through Europe between
    1347 and 1351. The plague originally came from
    central and eastern Asia.

  • Traders unknowingly brought rats carrying the
    disease to Mediterranean ports. From there it
    quickly swept throughout much of Europe. Fleas
    that fed on infected rats passed on the plague to
  • Some historians think that the Black Death killed
    a third of Europe's population- perhaps 25
    million people.
  • The old Manor System, already weakened by the
    growth of cities, collapsed. Plague survivors
    found their skills in demand and charged more for
    their labor. Instead of working for the rich,
    peasants now had other job opportunities.