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Christianity and medieval society


Christianity and medieval society – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Christianity and medieval society

Christianity and Medieval society
  • By Henry Clay

The church shapes politics and society
  • Clergy - Is a very influential in medieval
    European culture and politics.
  • Society - Everything took place at the
    church-Pilgrims visited religious places.
  • Politics-Religious ceremonies like baptisms and
    weddings were key events in peoples lives.

Monks and Friars
The Monks of Cluny
  • Dedicated there lives to religious and common
  • - Monks lived apart from society.

  • These were the Dominicans and Franciscans
    Dominic de Guzman and Francis of Assisi.
  • People who belonged to religious orders but lived
    and worked among the general public.
  • The main goal of the friars was to teach people
    how to live good Christian lives.

Universities are built
  • Thomas Aquinas was a teacher at the University of
    Paris. He argued that rational thought could be
    used to support Christian beliefs.
  • A law that governed how the world operated. If
    people could study and learn more about this law,
    they could learn to live the way god wanted.

The church and the arts
Religion architecture
  • Many of Europe's churches were incredible works
    of art. The grandest of these churches were
    cathedrals, large churches in which bishops led
    religious serivces .

Magna Carta causes changes in England
Magna Carta
  • Document listing rights that the king could not
    ignore king John approve a magna Carta the
    nobles had written.

Who demanded this agreement?
  • King John agreed to the magna Carta.

Effects of Magna Carta
  • .The effects of Magna Carta was Habeas corpus
    which means you have the body

Changes after Magna Carta
  • They created a council of nobles to advise the

What did M/C inspire the noble to do?
  • Find more ways to limit the kings power.

  • The council developed into Parliament, the law
    making body that governs England today.

How did the king limit M/C?
  • The king agreed to free the courts of his control.

The Hundred Years War
  • A long conflict between England and France that
    came to be called the Hundred Years War.

The Course Of The War
  • One of the countries in which political change
    occurred was France .The French King dies with
    two sons , two men claimed his throne one was
    French the other was The king of England the
    French man became King. English armies did well,
    winning most of the battles. A teenage peasant
    girl Joan of Arc rallied the French troop
    Eventually captured and killed Joan.

The results of the war
  • In England, Parliament's power grew because the
    king needed Parliament's approval to raise money
    to pay for the costly war. As parliaments' gained
    more influence, the king lost power. The king had
    become popular with his nobles. Fighting the
    English had created a bond between them. The
    nobles supported the king after the war as well.

The Black death
  • A deadly plague that swept through Europe between
    1347 and 1351.

Where it came from?
  • Fleas that feasted on the blood of infected rats
    passed on the plague to people.

How did it spread ?
  • It spreaded two different forms the first form
    was the Bubonic which means they could identify
    the swellings that appeared on victims bodies.
    Another one was it spread through the air and
    killed people in less than a day.

What disease was it ?
  • The disease was called the black death.

Effect on Manor life and feudalism/ how many
people died?
  • The plague killed millions of people in Europe
    and millions more around the world. Some
    historians think Europe lost about a third of its
    population- perhaps 25 million people.

What happened to it ?
  • They had to get rid of the rats and the fleas
    that were on the rats and they started getting
    everything cleaned.