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later middle ages


later middle ages/ justin means – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: later middle ages

Christianity and medieval society
  • Justin means

The church shapes politics and society
  • Clergy- were the church officials. They were very
    influential in medieval European culture and
  • Society- they had markets, festivals, and
    religious ceremonies all took place at the local
  • Politics- the church also gained political power
    many people left land to the church when they
    died , so eventually, the church divided its land
    into fiefs.

Monks frairs
The monks and cluny
  • Religious order- the monks of cluny, France,
    established a new religious order .
  • Living apart from society- most monks lived
    apart from society, but two new religious orders
    developed for those who wanted to live and teach
    among people.

  • Francis of Assisi-founder of the Franciscan order
  • Friars-members of religious orders who lived and
    worked among the general public.
  • Living within society- most monks lived apart
    from society, but two new religious orders
    developed for those who wanted to live and teach
    among people.

Universities are built
Universities are built
  • Thomas Aquinas natural law- Thomas Aquinas
    was a philosopher who came up with natural law.
    Natural law is god created a law that governed
    how the world operated.
  • Created religious leaders- he also had a
    philosophy called natural law.

The church and the arts
Church and arts
  • The great gothic cathedrals of late medieval
    Europe are among the most beautiful of all
    architectural achievements.

Religious architecture
Religious architecture
  • Everything inside the church from the walls to
    the clergys robes to the books used were also
    works of art.

Magna carta causes changes in england
Magna carta
  • The magna carta -was a document written by
    english nobles and signed by king john listing
    rights the king could not ignore. in 1215 a group
    of English nobles decided to force the king to
    respect their rights. They made king john approve
    a document listing rights the king could not

Effects of the magna carta
Effects of magna carta
  • What were the effects on m/c- among these rights
    was that no one could be kept in jail without
    reason, and even the king must obey the law.
  • There demands- 1.)state why they were being
    put in jail. 2.) even the king must obey the
    law. 3.) to respect these rights they had.

Changes after magna carta
Changes after the magna carta
  • What did m/c inspire the nobles to do- the
    English nobles decided to force the king to
    respect their rights.
  • Parliament- the magna carta lead to more
    changes. Faced with war and financial troubles,
    the kings turned to a council of nobles for
    advice and money. Before long, the council
    developed into a parliament.
  • The king limits m/c- the king limited the magna
    carta by going to a parliament.

100 hundred year wars
100 year war
  • 100 year war- kings were not giving up their
    power easily, but other events forced political
    change. A major events was the hundred year
    war .

The corse of the war
  • England and France fought because the English
    tried to take control of Frances throne.
  • the French king dies with no heirs- so the
    English try to come in and take control. Two
    men claim the throne. One was French the other
    was the king of England. In the end, the French
    man became king.
  • England take the lead- the English king did not
    like this so he invaded France. This invasion
    became a long conflict named THE HUNDRED YEAR
  • Joan of arch- England invaded France and won many
    king battles until a teenage peasant girl, JOAN
    OF ARCH , rallied the French troops. The English
    caught and killed Joan, but the French
    eventually won the war.

Results of the war
  • The hundred year war changed the gov. of both
    England and France. In England parliaments, power
    grew because the king needed parliaments approval
    to raise money to pay for costly war. As
    parliaments gained more influence, the kings lost
  • Changes in England- the parliaments grew.
  • Changes in France- the kings power grew.

Democracy in France will have to wait
  • Since they won the war they didnt need a new
    gov. and they got a new king.

Black death
Where it came from
  • The plague originally came from central and
    eastern Asia.

How it spread
  • Unknowingly, traders brought rats carrying the
    disease to Mediterranean in 1347. from there it
    quickly swept throughout much of Europe. Fleas
    that feasted the blood of the infected rats
    passed on the plague to people.

What disease was it?
  • The black death was not caused by one disease but
    by several different forms of plague. One form
    called bubonic plague. Could be identified by
    swellings called buboes that appeared on victims

Effect on manor life and feudalism/how many died
  • the black death killed so many people that many
    were buried quickly without priest or ceremonies.
    In some villages nearly everyone died or fled as
    neighbors fell in. perhaps 25 million people

What happened to it?
  • Peasants and surfs who survived cleaned up and
    they also moved from there manors.