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later middle ages


later middle ages Callie Arnold – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: later middle ages

Christianity and Medieval Society
  • By Callie Arnold

The Church shapes Politics and Society
  • Clergy they were church officials.
  • Society everything took place at the church.
  • Pilgrims visited religious places.
  • Politics When people died the land would go to
    the church making them the most powerful.

Monks and Friars
The Monks of Cluny
  • Lived apart from society.
  • Established a new religious order.
  • Dedicated their lives to God.

  • Francis of Assisi created the group of people
    called the Francisians.
  • The members of the Dominicans and Francisians
    were called Friars.
  • They lived and taught among the people.

Universities are Built
  • Thomas Aquinas wrote a reasoned argument for
    the existence of God.
  • The first university was built by a church.
  • Are similar to universities now.

The Church and the Arts
Religious Architecture
  • Among the most beautiful of all architectural
  • Their designs were supposed to bring people
    closer to God.
  • Everything in the church were works of art.

  • The church was the most political place in the
    middle age society.
  • Monks lived apart from people, while friars lived
    with the people.
  • Universities taught the same things and took
    tests both then and now.
  • All art and architecture were designed to bring
    people closer to God.

Magna Carta Causes Changes in Europe
Magna Carta
  • A group of English nobles forced King John to
    sigh the Magna Carta.
  • Magna Carta was a document listing rights the
    king could not ignore.

Effects of Magna Carta
  • It led to war and financial troubles.
  • Before long the council became parliament which
    still governs Europe today.
  • Three demands were habeas corpus which meant no
    one could be held in jail without reason,
    everyone had to obey these rules, and the king
    had to choose the law making people.

Change After Magna Carta
  • The nobles tried to find more ways for the kings
    power to be limited.
  • Parliament the law-making body that governs
    England today.
  • People demanded that judges be free of royal

Student Magna Carta
  • People who disturb or disrupt class should be
    sent out of class until they understand that they
    may not talk.
  • All students should be treated equal no matter if
    the teacher has a favorite.
  • No bullying to anyone no matter what.

The Hundreds Years War
The Course of the War
  • It was between the French and the English.
  • The French king dies with no heirs.
  • Two men claim the throne, one French and the
    other English.
  • Joan of Arc comes along and tells them she can
    win the war.
  • Eventually the French win the war.

Results of the War
  • In England, Parliaments power grew. The effect of
    parliament gaining power, the king lost power.
  • In France, the kings power grew. In effect the
    nobles supported the king even after the war.

The Black Death
Black Death
  • It came from Central and Eastern Asia.
  • Traders unknowingly brought rats carrying the
    disease to Mediterranean posts.
  • Fleas that fed on infected rats passed on the
    plague to people.
  • It lasted from 1347 to 1351.
  • It killed a third of Europes population. Maybe
    25 million people.
  • It was the Bubonic Plague.
  • The victims of this plague only survived 2 4
    days after being in contact with the plague.

Black Death Cont.
  • They tried to treat it with onions, garlic, rose,
    and lavender scents.
  • The manor system collapsed.