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mulching and fertilizing flower beds. pruning and trimming trees and shrubs. ... The Ohio State University. Agricultural Technical Institute ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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The Green Industry
Its about people, plants, business, and the
Enjoy a rewarding career in
landscape design / build / installation
interior plantscaping
lawn care
landscape maintenance
The Green Industry
The industry is experiencing tremendous growth
and needs more qualified people.
With that growth comes diverse and very rewarding
career choices that use the newest computer
technology, modern business and human resource
skills, and the latest mechanized industry
By definition, design/build is a project method
in which the agency or owner holds a single
contract with a single entity for both the design
and construction of a project.
It is a streamlined method that allows the
landscape contractor and landscape architect to
work harmoniously on the same team in a
design/build environment.
However, design/build/installation in the green
industry is so much more!
Have you ever
relaxed in a park to thesound of falling water?
vacationed at a tropical resort?
visited with friends in a home garden?
Have you ever wondered who helped to create these
different spaces?
Computer Aid Design Technician
Landscape Laborer
Company Owner
Project Manager
Plant Purchaser
Stone/Brick Mason
Landscape Designer
Landscape Architect
Production Manager
Landscape Crew Leader
A design/build team involves many people with
various talents and strengths.
They work together with one mission in mind to
make the customers dream a reality!
If a member of a design/build team were to
describe design/build, that person just might
use these words
Customer Service
How do you prepare yourself for a career in
Vocational Education 12 years College
Education 25 years
Other things to think about
Licensure Certification Technical Skills
Field Experience Mathematical
Skills Communication Skills
What does the future hold for someone interested
in a career in the green industry?
There is a growing demand for creative people who
have the desire to strike a harmonious balance
between man and the built environment.
With increasing land development and the
simultaneous need to preserve our natural
resources, several environmental issues have
The green industry needs people who are sensitive
to these major environmental issues and people
who have a passion to create attractive
landscapes parks, urban plazas, zoos, campuses,
resorts, retail centers, and residential
A career in design/build designing and building
the worlds landscapes to improve the quality of
life while remaining conscious of the
environmental needs of the future is something
to be proud of.
Landscape design/build blends customer's desires
with the knowledge of design an understanding
of scale, balance, texture, and proportion to
create aesthetically pleasing compositions of
various materials. The result is artistic
landscapes that seamlessly appear as if they have
always been there, and my gratification is simply
reflected in the smiles on my customers faces.
  Mark Polinko, CLP, ASLA ILT Vignocchi
Interior Plantscaping
By definition, interior plantscaping involves the
design, installation, and care of tropical plants
in indoor settings.
This part of the green industry is also known as
interior landscapingand interiorscaping.
Interior Plantscaping
Interior plantscaping is everywhere just look
around inside!
Notice the landscape in
hotels and residential homes.
shopping malls and restaurants.
building lobbies and corporate offices.
Interior Plantscaping
Interior plants enhance the beauty and mood of
indoor spaces. They can
add beauty and awe to a tropical resort for a
sense of relaxation.
decorate a mall during the holidays to invoke
feelings of festivity.
dress a buildings lobby to make it more inviting.
Interior Plantscaping
However, interior plants do so much more than the
eye can see they clean the air that we breathe!

Plants purify air by exchanging fresh oxygen for
stale carbon dioxide.
Studies have shown that keeping plants at work
and at home help to reduce health problems and
relieve stress.
Research also verifies that interior plants
inspire worker productivity, reduce distractions
due to office noise, and increase workplace
Interior Plantscaping
Who puts the plants there?
There are several career options within this
sector of the green industry
Horticultural Technicians and Trainers
Supervisors and Managers
Delivery Crew Members
Business Owners
Interior Designers
Installation Crew Members
Greenhouse Crew Members
Interior Plantscaping
How do you prepare yourself for a career in
interior plantscaping?
Vocational Education 12 years College
Education 24 years
Other things to think about
Certification Technical Skills Field
Experience Mathematical Skills Communication
Interior Plantscaping
Interior plantscaping is a very customer-oriented
People often become emotionally attached to the
plants in their work areas and living spaces.
Interior plantscapers see themselves as
horticulturists, designers, business managers,
scientists, psychologists, doctors, and surrogate
plant parents.
Interior Plantscaping
Interior plantscapers do more than take care of
plants we take care of people. We dont just
water plants we touch peoples lives.
  Kathy Johnson Fediw, CLP, CLT Johnson
Fediw Associates Training and Consulting
Lawn Care
By definition, lawn care is the provision of
lawn, tree, and shrub care services to
commercial, industrial, governmental, and
residential customers.
These services include mowing, core-aeration,
seeding, landscape maintenance, fertilization,
and ornamental shrub and tree care. Lawn care
companies use Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
practices, and many customize services to include
organic programs. 
Lawn Care
Anywhere that you see turf is a place for lawn
Look at
parks and sports fields.
commercial and residential properties.
college campuses.
Lawn Care
A well-maintained lawn increases a propertys
real estate market value, helps beautify the
neighborhood, and
produces oxygen a 50 x 50 lawn produces
enough oxygen for a family of four.
has a cooling effect eight healthy front lawns
have the cooling effect of 70 tons of air
conditioning, which is enough for 16 average
improves water quality dense, healthy grass
slows water runoff and removes contaminants so
that fresh, filtered water returns to the
underground water supply.
Lawn Care
In lawn care, you could have a career as a
Tree and Shrub Care Technician
Lawn Care Technician
Sales Professional
Regional Manager
Branch Manager
Business Owner
Lawn Care
While a degree in agriculture, business, or
marketing is helpful, no degree is required to
work in lawn care. Many small start-up
businesses are operated by enthusiastic,
energetic people who have a real desire to
With the right attitude and aptitude, you can
educate yourself through on-the-job training,
at-home study courses, and by working as a team
player to maintain quality work, excellent
customer service, and good results.
Lawn Care
Industry professionals believe that job
opportunities in lawn care will be plentiful in
the future.
Expected growth in all types of construction
office buildings, shopping malls, residential
housing, highways, and parks will increase the
demand for qualified lawn care technicians.
In fact, demand for lawn care services is already
growing, and many employers currently find it
difficult to attract enough workers to fill all
the openings! This demand will generate a large
number of job openings at the supervisory and
managerial level as well.
Lawn Care
Owners of many buildings and facilities recognize
the importance of curb appeal in attracting
business and maintaining the value of their
properties. They are often expected to use
landscaping and lawn care services to maintain
and upgrade their properties.
Also, homeowners are taking an interest in their
backyards many desire to make them more
attractive and comfortable for outdoor
In addition, as the population ages, more elderly
homeowners will require lawn care services to
help maintain their yards.
Lawn Care
Homeowners understand that their lawns are
valuable investments. Recent reports from
realtors across the country cite a return on
investment of 15 to 20 percent.
  Dan Foley, CLP D. Foley Landscape, Inc.
Landscape Maintenance
By definition, landscape maintenance is a service
that is provided to customers upon the completion
of a landscaping project. This service allows
those customers to enjoy their landscapes to the
fullest extent.
Landscape maintenance is considered to be the
improvement of (or adorning of) a section of
Landscape Maintenance
Maintenance involves various services, including
mowing, trimming, edging, liming, and fertilizing
turfgrass areas.
aerating and dethatching lawns.
pruning and trimming trees and shrubs.
mulching and fertilizing flower beds.
preventing and treating/controlling weeds,
insects, and diseases.
Landscape Maintenance
Where does landscape maintenance happen?
You can see the results of landscape maintenance
theme parks, state and national parks, zoos,
and sports fields.
corporate campuses and residential estates.
hotels, resorts, and shopping centers.
Landscape Maintenance
When you go on your next vacation or when youre
just driving around, look at the landscape.
Notice how beautiful it is then you can really
appreciate a career in landscape maintenance.
Landscape Maintenance
In landscape maintenance, you could build a
career as a
Company Owner
Account Manager
Property Manager
Sports Turf Manager
Landscape Technician
Plant Nursery Manager
Landscape Maintenance
To begin your career
Start with basic experience through summer jobs,
work-study programs, internships, and
industry-sponsored events.
Check out classes in chemistry, physics, biology,
and botany. You may also need a background in
mathematics (especially plane and solid geometry)
and business math (or basic accounting).
Landscape Maintenance
You have the opportunity to receive an education
in landscape maintenance at many colleges and
Pair your education with experience, and the
opportunities are endless.
Landscape maintenance is a growing part of the
industry. Because it is a service that everyone
needs, landscape maintenance offers a multitude
of opportunities for those who work in the green
industry. The future in this industry looks
Landscape Maintenance
Design/build representatives make the first
impression with a client, and a maintenance
representative develops and nurtures the ongoing
  Edward Furner Mariani Landscape 
The Green Industry
What does the future hold for a person interested
in the green industry?
Growth in the green industry is imminent because
increased urbanization.
government regulations of new developments.
a shortage of natural resources.
an increase in environmental issues.
the preservation and restoration of
environmentally sensitive sites.
The Professional Landcare Network
The Professional Landcare Network (PLANET) is the
leading network of green industry professionals.
PLANET represents green industry service provider
companies and suppliers nationwide that
specialize in design/build/installation, interior
plantscaping, lawn care, and maintenance. These
firms and their employees represent more than
100,000 green industry professionals.
The Professional Landcare Network
PLANET offers many helpful resources to people
who are interested in green industry careers.
To get started, attend our two largest
educational and networking events
The Green Industry Conference (GIC) and Green
Industry Expo (GIE) The premier educational
event for green industry professionals
Student Career Days The ultimate
employee-recruiting event of the year
Learn more and register for these events at
PLANET Certification
Become certified through PLANETs national
certification program. You could become a
  • Certified Landscape Professional (CLP).
  • Certified Landscape TechnicianExterior (CLTE).
  • Certified Landscape TechnicianInterior (CLTI).
  • Certified Ornamental Landscape Professional
  • Certified Turfgrass Professional (CTP).
  • Certified Turfgrass ProfessionalCool Season
    Lawns (CTPCSL).

The Professional Landcare Network
Or enroll in a PLANET accredited college or
Four-Year Schools Brigham Young University
Landscape Management Provo, Utah Brigham
Young University Idaho Landscape Horticulture
Rexburg, Idaho California Polytechnic State
University Environmental Horticultural Science
San Luis Obispo, California Colorado State
University Landscape Design and Contracting
Fort Collins, Colorado Mississippi State
University Landscape Contracting and Management
Mississippi State, Mississippi Oklahoma State
University Horticulture and Landscape
Architecture Stillwater, Oklahoma  Two-Year
Schools Cincinnati State Tech and Community
College Landscape Horticulture Cincinnati, Ohio

Milwaukee Area Technical College Landscape
Horticulture Mequon, Wisconsin Naugatuck
Valley Community College Horticulture
Waterbury, Connecticut The Ohio State
University Agricultural Technical Institute
Landscape Contracting and Construction Wooster,
Ohio Ozarks Technical Community College Turf
and Landscape Management Springfield, Missouri
Pennsylvania College of Technology
Landscape/Nursery Technology Williamsport,
Pennsylvania Richland College Landscape
Management Dallas, Texas Spokane Community
College Landscape/Turf Technology Spokane,
Washington Southwest Tennessee Community
College Landscape and Turfgrass Management
Memphis, Tennessee
Clackamas Community College HorticultureOregon
City, Oregon Columbus State Community College
Landscape Design/Build Columbus, Ohio
Cuyahoga Community College Plant Science and
Landscape Technology Highland Hills, Ohio
Dakota County Technical College Landscape
Horticulture Rosemount, Minnesota Fleur de Lis
Institute Landscape Design and Construction
Tucson, Arizona Hinds Community College
Landscape Management Technology Raymond,
Mississippi Joliet Junior College Landscape
Design and Management Joliet, Illinois
Illinois Central College Horticulture East
Peoria, Illinois
For more information about PLANET, call (800)
395-2522 or visit