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Engaging And Entertaining With Social Media Marketing


Information can quickly spread through the web, as friends exchange information with one anotherSocial Media Marketing, part 2 Many people make use of social media each day. They may have multiple accounts in which they come up with content and show it to those that they know. For this reason, information can quickly spread through… – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Engaging And Entertaining With Social Media Marketing

Engaging And Entertaining With Social Media
by imjetred  on February 3, 2013

Many people make use of social media each day.
They may have multiple accounts in which they
come up with content and show it to those that
they know. For this reason, information can
quickly spread through the web, as friends
exchange information with one another.
This is perfect for any business wishing to
advertise, since news of sales or promotions can
spread equally fast. If you own a business and
looking at social media as a marketing tool, then
continue on for some excellent tips.
Understand more about the consumers
Keep in mind that a social media site is not
just for posting advertisements for what youre
selling. Interacting on a personal level through
social networking sites gives you an opportunity
to understand more about the consumers who occupy
your market. You might also be able to have
them interact with yourself and your brand.
Obviously this is a form of advertising for your
products, but can also double as an informational
resource for prospective clients.
Target your marketing to the specific resources
Here are some steps to help you make the most of
your campaigns in social media marketing. Use
popular sites like Facebook and Twitter to launch
your marketing campaign. You will grow your
business more effectively by targeting your
marketing to the specific resources that will
generate more in sales.
Create a Facebook game
Investigate the possibility of creating a
Facebook game. It is pretty easy to create
a unique game that is related to what you have to
offer. Some games have gone viral and turned
into very successful ventures for many companies
and brands. If it is in your budget, get a
professional to design a Facebook game.  
Keep your Facebook profile updated
If someone posts a comment or asks a question in
regards to your company, be sure to respond.
Quickly and accurately address what people are
posting on your Facebook timeline. You will also
gain trust from visitors if they think you care
enough to answer them.
Be brave
A great thing to remember before starting your
social campaign is that things can get nasty on
social media sites from time to time. Be prepared
to brave a storm of negativity. Your customers
might love your products, but that love has its
limits some people might not be so happy. Do not
ignore them but answer them and try to make them
Promote any special offers
You should promote any special offers you have
through social media sites. Your customers will
search for your Facebook pages if they have
incentives and discounts on them. A good social
media marketing campaign enables customers to
interact with company representatives as well as
the brand in general.
Combine print ads with social media
Look for opportunities to combine print ads with
social media. One way to do it, would be to post
your profile address on all your publications,
such as posters and fliers. Create buzz around
your campaigns by previewing them online, or
better yet, run a contest to see who can take the
best photo related to your brand.
Respond to customers suggestion
Understand that people like hearing what you have
to say about them when you are promoting yourself
on the web. When a customer makes a suggestion,
you can safely assume that others share their
opinion. Responding lets them know you are
listening to their needs. Video Dawn of the
Vampire Slayers /blog/dawn-of-the-vampire-slaye
Try to be humorous
Try making your content humorous now and then to
keep it from going stale. If people see something
in their feed that makes them laugh, they are
more inclined to share the post. This is a really
easy way to get exposure.
Give away freebies
Freebies are a fun way to engage your customers
through social media! Everyone loves getting
something for nothing, and running a contest is
an excellent strategy for drawing new followers
on social media sites. Consider a free sample
or a small promotional mug or hat that you can
give away by posting a link to the freebie on
different freebie sites.
Be mindful of what you say
Make sure youre mindful of what you say when
youre on your social media page. All the things
that you say can have an impact on your business.
Therefore, never speak ill of other people or
businesses because this could come back to bite
Dont mix your activities
Dont mix your personal Facebook activity with
your professional Facebook activity. Your
followers shouldnt be able to see the games you
play or find pictures of your family. If you opt
for your real name to be shown on your
professional profile, you can always use a
pseudonym for your personal profile, so that the
two do not show up in the same search.  
Give your customers one-on-one attention
If you want to prove the best possible contact in
a social media setting, you ought to talk to your
customers one-on-one whenever possible. People
love it when they have a one on one relationship
with a company. Consumers have more faith in
companies that give them one-on-one attention.
Take a look at the pages of other businesses in
your niche
If you are thinking about creating a Facebook
page for business promotion, take a little time
to look at the pages of other businesses in your
niche. By doing this, you will develop ideas as
to what you should be doing as well as what you
shouldnt. Ensure your page is branded to match
your website and other social media accounts, and
that it contains content your customers will want
to find.
Provide expert advice
Try to improve your popularity by providing
expert advice to your readers. This strategy
pays dividends in the form of new business. To
get the ball rolling, you should start by seeking
out people who need help with their social
sites. If you have the answers, you can build a
solid base. This generates customers you wouldnt
have found otherwise.
Good grasp of the functions and operations of
each website
In order to get the most out of marketing through
social media sites, a good grasp of the functions
and operations of each website is vital. For
example, learning to use Twitters postage time
will help you isolate a specific tweet into a
permalink. This is a great way to build links to
a single Tweet, rather than forcing people to dig
through your entire feed. Again, there are lots
of people using social media. They make and share
information with their friends, who proceed to
share the same information with other friends,
which causes the information to spread
quickly. Companies can take advantage of this by
having people talk about them. The knowledge you
gain from reading this article will enable you to
successfully market with social media.
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