Planning Agents Briefing Planning Department Aras Chill Dara 10th June 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Planning Agents Briefing Planning Department Aras Chill Dara 10th June 2010


Planning Agents Briefing Planning Department Aras Chill Dara 10th June 2010 Agenda Welcome John Lahart, Director Forward Planning County Development Plan ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Planning Agents Briefing Planning Department Aras Chill Dara 10th June 2010

Planning Agents Briefing Planning
DepartmentAras Chill Dara10th June 2010
  • Agenda
  • Welcome John Lahart, Director
  • Forward Planning
  • County Development Plan - Lorcan Griffin,
    Executive Planner
  • Naas Development Plan Review Michael Kenny,
    Senior Planner
  • Athy Development Plan Review Michael Kenny,
    Senior Planner
  • Local Area Plans Review Lorcan Griffin,
    Executive Planner
  • Development Management
  • Issues arising/Actions taken from 2009 Agents
    meeting Aoife Brangan, Senior Executive Planner
  • Update on on-line access to planning files
    Declan Loakman, Chief Technician
  • Environment EPA KCC requirements Michael
    Kenny, Senior Planner
  • Disability Access update Willie Hannigan,
    Senior Executive Engineer
  • Fire Safety update Willie Hannigan. Senior
    Executive Engineer
  • Questions and Answers

  • Forward Planning
  • Lorcan Griffin, Executive Planner
  • Michael Kenny, Senior Planner

Forward Planning Programme
  • Draft Regional Planning Guidelines (RPGs)
  • Draft County Development Plan 2011-2017
  • Draft Naas Town Development Plan 2011-2017
  • Preparation of the Athy Town Development Plan
  • Local Area Plan Programme

Regional Planning Guidelines Review (1)
  • Draft RPGs 2010-2022 published in November 2009
  • Informs the Draft CDP 2011-2017 particularly
    unit and population allocations
  • Draft RPGs consultation period ran from 11th
    January - 26th March 2010.
  • Directors Report on the submissions received is
    currently being prepared.
  • Expected adoption date of new RPGs - 15th June

Regional Planning Guidelines Review (2)
  • Implications for Kildare
  • Sets out the population and unit targets for the
  • Continuing the consolidation of the Metropolitan
    area in North Kildare (Note Maynooth-Leixlip
    has moved up one level)
  • Encouraging closer links between housing and
    public transport investment
  • Promotion of economic investment particularly in
    the vicinity of Maynooth and Naas/Newbridge

Draft County Development Plan 2011-2017
Review of County Development Plan
  • Review commenced in May 2009
  • The Managers Report on pre-draft submissions
    issued to members on 2nd September 2009
  • Directions from members during February and March
  • Draft CDP adopted and then published 20th April
  • 10 weeks public consultation currently underway
  • Public information sessions held in Naas,
    Leixlip, Clane, Athy Monasterevin
  • Closing date for submissions 28th June 2010
  • Due for adoption in early April 2011, legally due
    to come into effect 4 weeks later

Chapter 1 - Introduction
  • New National Regional policy documents
  • National Development Plan (2007-2013)
  • Transport 21 (2006-2015)
  • Smarter Travel, A Sustainable Transport Future
  • National Climate Change Strategy (2007-2012)
  • National Energy Efficiency Action Plan
  • Draft RPG for the GDA (2010-2022)
  • Retail Strategy for the GDA (2008-2016)
  • Eastern and South Eastern River Basin Management
    Plans (2008)

Chapter 2 Core Strategy
  • RPG sets population unit targets for 2016 and
  • Population targets 234,422 (year 2016) / 252,640
    (year 2022)
  • Housing unit targets 93,748 (year 2016) /
    112,477 (year 2022)
  • RPG also sets out planning policy zones
  • 35 Metropolitan (Leixlip, Maynooth, Celbridge,
  • 65 Hinterland (Remaining areas of Kildare)
  • Sets out a hierarchy of settlements
  • Environmental Sensitivities (SEA)
  • review of environmental sensitivities (ecology,
    landscape, rivers, etc)
  • Informed the emergence of a preferred
    development strategy

Chapter 3 Settlement Strategy
  • Sets out the Countys Settlement Hierarchy (7
  • Large Growth Towns I
  • Large Growth Towns II
  • Moderate Sustainable Growth Town
  • Small Town
  • Village
  • Rural Settlement
  • Rural Node
  • Role of each tier clearly outlined
  • Housing and population allocations 2006-2017

Table 3.1 County Kildare Settlement Hierarchy
2011- 2017
Some changes to the settlement strategy
  • Existing LAPs/Development Plans/Environs Plans
    which are now Village Plans (Chapter 17)
  • Johnstown, Straffan, Ballymore Eustace,
    Allenwood, Ballitore, Timolin, Moone Crookstown
  • New Village Plans prepared for
  • Johnstownbridge, Coill Dubh/Coolearagh,
    Kilmeague, Caragh, Kildangan Suncroft
  • Development Strategies set out for the 21 rural
    settlements (Chapter 17)
  • 23 rural nodes allow for small scale clusters
    with local need applying.

Chapter 4 - Housing
  • Guidance on appropriate locations for all new
    residential development
  • Includes policies related to design, social and
    affordable housing, special needs housing,
    housing in built up areas, etc
  • Rural Housing Policy
  • Local need required for the following
  • New dwellings in rural areas
  • Replacement of existing dwelling (except where
    replacing habitable dwelling on same footprint
    and floor size)
  • Replacement of derelict dwellings (except where
    resorting an intact traditional vernacular
  • Dwellings in rural nodes
  • New policies for areas bordering neighbouring

Chapter 5 Economic Development
  • Emphasis on creation of employment
  • Sets out an economic development strategy for the
  • Defines factors influencing economic development
  • Covers rural economic activities including
    agriculture, equine and rural enterprise
  • Tourism infrastructure and facilities

Chapter 6 Movement Transport
  • Includes policies and objectives covering
  • Sustainable Travel
  • National Infrastructure projects
  • County Roads Programme
  • Rural Transportation Initiative
  • Longer Term Objectives
  • Aviation policy

Chapter 7 Water, Drainage Environmental
  • New policy documents
  • The Planning System and Flood Risk Management
    Guidelines for Planning Authorities (2009)
  • EPA Code of Practice Wastewater Treatment and
    Disposal Systems Serving Single Houses (2009)
  • Water Supply and Wastewater Projects
  • Upgrading of Osberstown WWTP is a priority of the

Chapter 8 Energy Communications
  • Policy and Objectives covering
  • Renewable Energy
  • Non-renewable energy
  • Transmission Infrastructure
  • Telecommunications Infrastructure
  • Broadband infrastructure

Chapter 9 Retail
  • Draft County Retail Strategy issued as a
    background issues document (can be viewed on the
    Council website)
  • Sets out a retail hierarchy for the County
  • Informed by the County settlement strategy set
    out in chapter 3
  • Sets out policy for different types of retail
  • Town centres, district centres, village centres
    neighbourhood centres, retail warehousing, etc.

Table 9.1 County Retail Hierarchy
Chapter 10 Rural Development
  • Policies Objectives included on the following
  • Rural Development enterprise
  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Equine Industry
  • Forestry
  • Boglands
  • Extractive Industry

Chapter 11 Social, Community Cultural
  • Policies included on the following
  • Community Services and facilities
  • Social Inclusion and Community Development
  • Groups with specific design/ planning needs
  • Arts and culture
  • Library services
  • School facilities
  • Health services
  • Burial grounds

Chapter 12 Architectural Archaeological
  • Policies included on the following
  • Protected Structures
  • 1,100 structures listed on the RPS (listed in
    Volume 2 of the CDP)
  • 400 structures added from NIAH
  • 16 other structures added
  • 156 structures deleted
  • Vernacular Architecture
  • Architectural Conservation Areas
  • Boundaries identified in 8 towns Ballitore,
    Kilcock, Leixlip, Maynooth, Monasterevin, Moone,
    Prosperous, Rathangan

  • Polices included on the following
  • Recorded Monuments
  • Record of Monuments and Places (RMP) listed in
    Volume 2
  • Location of sites available on maps in planning
  • May be a requirement for archaeological
  • Zones of Archaeological potential
  • 21 zones listed in chapter 12
  • Medieval towns with known archaeological
    potential or potentially significant archaeology
    (from urban archaeological survey 1984)

Chapter 13 Natural Heritage/Biodiversity
  • Polices included on the following
  • Designated sites and species in the County
  • 7 Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) Conserves
    habitat types species
  • 1 Special Protection Area SPA (Poulaphouca) -
    rare and vulnerable birds
  • 23 Natural heritage Areas NHAs - species and
    habitats of national importance
  • The requirement for Appropriate Assessment (as
    per EU Habitats Directive)
  • Required for any plan or project whether within
    or outside a designated Natura 2000 site
    (SAC/SPA), which does not directly relate to the
    management of the site but may impact upon its
    conservation objectives.
  • Required to assess impact in combination with
    other projects.
  • Geology, Trees, Woodlands, Hedgerows, Invasive
    Non-Native Species
  • Inland Waterways River, Streams, Canals,
    Wetlands Groundwater

Map 13.1 of Draft CDP Natura 2000 sites (SAC
SPA) in Kildare
Chapter 14 Landscape, Recreation and Amenities
  • Landscape policy includes
  • Landscape Character Assessment
  • Areas of High Amenity
  • Scenic Routes and Protected Views
  • Recreation and Amenities policy includes
  • Rights of Way
  • Open Space
  • Allotments
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Liffey Valley Park

Chapter 15 Urban Design Guidelines
  • Provides urban design guidance on
  • Infill development
  • Brownfield sites
  • Backland sites
  • Greenfield/Edge sites
  • Provides Design and Layout guidance on
  • permeability, cycling linkages, street hierarchy
  • Scale, building line, roofline,
  • building type/height/finishes
  • All of above supported by graphics

Chapter 16 Rural Design Guidelines
  • Provides guidance for one-off housing on
  • Site Analysis and layout
  • House design
  • Scale, form and proportion
  • Elevational proportions
  • Architectural Elements (windows, doors, roofs)
  • Finishes and materials
  • Boundary treatments
  • Sustainability
  • All of above supported by graphics

Chapter 17 Village and Settlement Plans
  • 14 Village Plans
  • Zoned lands
  • Each having a zoning map and accompanying policy
  • 21 Rural Settlement
  • Unzoned lands
  • Overall development policy
  • Individual Development Strategy maps

Chapter 18 Environs Plans
  • Naas Environs (North, South West)
  • Athy Environs (Bennetsbridge Gallowshill)
  • Kilcock Environs
  • Blessington Environs
  • Kill Environs
  • Some changes from 2005 Plan

Chapter 19 Development Management Standards
  • Some Changes to CDP 2005-2011
  • Change to floor area of apartments
  • Taking in Charge policy statement
  • Car Parking standards updated maximum standards
  • Standards for employment uses
  • Retail Assessment Criteria

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
  • SEA Environment Report contained in Volume 2 of
    Draft CDP
  • An assessment of the environmental implications
    of the Draft CDP
  • Amendments to the SEA report will be necessary
    should material alterations be made to the CDP
  • SEA timelines run parallel to the CDP process.

Making A Submission Next Steps
  • Making A submission
  • Draft CDP is currently on Public Display
  • 10 weeks (20th April 2010 28th June 2010)
  • Available to view at the Áras Chill Dara, the
    Clane, Maynooth Athy Area Offices, in the
    councils libraries on www.kildarecountycouncil.i
  • Closing date for submissions is 4.30pm sharp on
    Monday 28th June 2010. Late submissions cannot
    be accepted.
  • Write to Mary Foley, Administrative Officer,
    Planning Department, Kildare County Council, Áras
    Chill Dara, Naas, Co. Kildare
  • Email to
  • Next Steps
  • Managers Report on submissions made will be
    submitted to Members in September 2010.
  • If, plan is materially amended, further period of
    4 weeks consultation.
  • Managers Report prepared on submissions -
    Members make the new Development Plan, with or
    without amendments.
  • Plan to be adopted by April 2011 and effective
    May 2011.

Draft Naas Town Development Plan
2011-2017Michael KennySenior Planner
Review of Naas Town Development Plan
  • Pre-draft public consultation between May and
    July 2009
  • Proposed Draft Naas Town Development Plan
    2011-2017 issued to Members in February 2010 for
    period of 8 weeks consideration
  • Draft Naas Town Development Plan placed on Public
    Display from Thursday 15th April 2010 to
    Wednesday 23rd June 2010 (inclusive) at
  • Áras Chill Dara,
  • Naas Library, Canal Harbour
  • Public Consultation Meeting held Wednesday 12th
    May 2010- Level 2 Áras Chill Dara.

Population and Housing Targets
Main Changes Since 2005 Plan (1)
  • Chapters updated to reflect recent
    government/DoEHLG guidelines/standards.
  • 14 Chapters (Introduction, Strategic Context and
    Core Strategy, Economic Development, Housing,
    Town Centre, Retail, Movement and Transport,
    Water, Drainage and Environmental Services,
    Energy and Communications, Social, Community,
    Recreation and Amenity, Architectural,
    Archaeological and Natural Heritage, Urban Design
    and Opportunity Areas, Development Management
    Standards, Land Use Zoning)
  • New chapter on Urban Design and Energy and
  • Appendices
  • Appendix 1 Kildare Local Authorities Housing
  • Appendix II Record of Protected Structures
  • SEA is separate document to be read in
    conjunction with Development Plan

Main Changes Since 2005 Plan (2)
  • Land Use Zoning
  • No major changes in land use zoning since 2005
  • Sufficient amount of residential land available
    to meet future population targets (147 ha)
  • Increase in Open Space and Amenity land adjoining
    Caragh Sports Centre (18 ha)
  • Expansion of Town Centre zoning into Canal
    Harbour Area (3 Ha) A2 to facilitate the
    expansion of the existing town centre and to
    create a new urban and cultural quarter, with an
    appropriate mix of uses such as retail,
    commercial, cultural, tourism and residential
  • Change in employment zoning category e.g. new
    employment zone Q Enterprise and Employment to
    encourage high-tech business at Northwest
    Quadrant and Millennium Park, Dublin Road and at
    Blessington Road
  • Rezoning of land at Corbans Lane/Fairgreen
    Schools from open space and amenity to education
    to accommodate possible expansion of the schools
  • Additional minor changes to reflect
    anomalies/recent permissions etc

Main Changes Since 2005 Plan (3)
  • Record of Protected Structures (RPS)
  • Comprehensive survey of existing RPS structures
    contained in 2005 DP and consideration of the
    National Inventory of Architectural Heritage
  • Total of 185 structures included on the Record of
    Protected Structures in Naas Development Plan
    2005-2011 (including 125 structures identified in
    NIAH survey)
  • Following review
  • Total of 132 structures proposed for inclusion
  • Proposed deletion of approximately 50 structures
    from previous RPS list

Next Steps
  • Observations/submissions must be received no
    later than 4.30pm on Wednesday 23rd June 2010.
  • Write to Town Clerk, Naas Town Council, Áras
    Chill Dara, Naas, Co. Kildare
  • Email to
  • All submissions should include your name and a
    contact address, a map (where appropriate) and,
    where relevant, details of any organisation,
    community group or company etc., which you
  • Please make your submission by one medium only,
    i.e. hard copy or e-mail
  • Managers Report on submissions made will be
    submitted to Members in September 2010.
  • If, plan is materially amended, further period of
    4 weeks consultation.
  • Managers Report prepared on submissions -
    Members make the new Naas Town Development Plan,
    with or without amendments.
  • Plan to be adopted by April 2011 and effective
    May 2011.

Preparation of Athy Town Development Plan
2012-2018 Michael Kenny Senior Planner
Review of Athy Town Development Plan
  • Review of Athy Town Development Plan commenced
    April 2010
  • Background Issues Paper published on 1st April
  • Public meeting/workshop on 6th May 2010 in
    Carlton Abbey Hotel, Athy
  • Pre-Draft Public Consultation April-May 2010 with
    submissions invited from public/prescribed
    bodies/service providers etc.
  • Closing date 27th May 2010 (33 submissions
  • The Managers Report on the pre-draft public
    consultation due for publication in July 2010
  • Work on-going involving background
    research/survey work/meetings etc
  • The proposed Draft Athy Town Development Plan
    2012-2018 will be with Athy Town Council Members
    by December 2010
  • Draft Plan will be on public display by February

  • Local Area Plan Programme
  • Lorcan Griffin,
  • Executive Planner

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