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Make Money easily as work arbitrage


Easiest way to make money online with work arbitrage. Let other work to give easiest profit and money without work, or money or website or seo or adsense etc. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Make Money easily as work arbitrage

Work Arbitrage
?get paid helping others find work!
Zero investment Work from home Immediate start
Fast and easy Zero training or investment
I'm going to show you a very simple and easy to
learn method. No training, no investment, nothing
to buy, no hidden secrets. Just straight forward
and easy to follow steps to a full time income
online. Also this isn't going to be a long drawn
out description. I'm not going to waste your time
with unnecessary fluff just to make this eBook
longer and more 'important'. You're just going to
get a direct actionable step-by-step guide to get
you started. ....................................
........ ........ The question almost everyone
wants to know is how much money you can
make?? Well that is completely dependent on you.
You can use this to make a little extra income,
or you can use it to make a fulltime income while
working from home. I'd say working about 10-20
hours a week you can easily make 1000 and
upwards. But as always skys the limit, put this
into overdrive and you'll be bringing in a lot
more money! One thing I will say is this. You
need to take action. I've taught many people how
to make money online, but rarely do they always
follow what I've taught. Some people sit back
without taking action and wonder why they never
get anywhere, while at the same time others who
do are always cursed for being 'lucky'. Promise
me this.... you WILL take action. You WILL
follow the steps in this book. And once you've
made your first 1000 let me know... I always
love hearing from those who succeed.
Ok so let's get started?. There are many
people who posts jobs online that they need to
get done. These jobs are for things like website
coding, design, content writing, etc. There is a
LOT of these jobs posted online. Some
websites are better than others for posting these
jobs. Not because of the quality of workers, but
because of the price they can get the job
completed. Not everyone knows how find the
cheapest price online to get these jobs done. We
are going to use this to our advantage. We
are going to use this discrepancy in price as a
fundamental part of our business. That is
what 'Work Arbitrage' is all about.
Follow this step-by-step. Complete one step at a
time and then move onto the next. Step 1
Click here and sign up at Sign up
as someone looking for a Contractor, not someone
looking for work. Complete the sign up process
and verify your credit card. You'll need to
verify your credit card right away because it can
take a while for oDesk to send through the
verification payments. Step 2 ClickHere to
sign up at Sign up as someone
looking for Work, not as a contractor. Complete
the sign up process. Also update your payment
Step 3 Log into and find a job.
It doesn't really matter which job. Just make
sure it matches your profile. For example If
your profile on says you're a
writer, don't apply for jobs about website design
and vice versa. The main thing to know is that
the people on Freelancer generally pay WAY too
much for their jobs to be completed. Freelancer
is generally much more expensive than oDesk. So
it doesn't matter which job you find, you will be
able to find people who can do it c heaper on o
Des k .
Step 4 Copy the job description from and post it as a job on
Pretty soon you'll have lots of people bidding on
your job, but the price will be much lower than
on Step 5 Once you have
found someone to do it cheaper on oDesk go back
to FreeLancer and apply for the job. Make sure
you present yourself well to the contractor on
Freelancer to help you get the job. Step 6
After you get hired on freelancer, go over to
oDesk and hire one of the contractors with a low
bid (but that still looks like decent worker),
and when they are finished take the work your
contractor did on oDesk and submit it to Finished!
So what exactly have we just done? We completed
what is called 'Work Arbitrage'. You found an
expensive job on and got it
completed for cheaper on oDesk. For example You
found a job on Freelancer to write 5 articles.
They are willing to pay 50. You take that job
description, post it on oDesk, and find someone
willing to complete the 5 articles for 20. You
get paid 50 from Freelancer and you paid your
worker at oDesk 20 to complete the articles.
That's 30 profit for you! It takes about 10
minutes work to get this done, just rinse and
repeat. Do this a few of these a day and you'll
have a great full time income! Easy!
Some Tips If the job is worth
200, post the job in for a price of
about 100. That way you'll find lots of people
willing to do the job for less. Some may bid more
than 100, but that's ok you'll still have a
fairly large profit margin. Designer and
website coding jobs tend to pay more than writing
jobs, so you'll have a better chance of making
more money per job. But they can be more complex
and the buyer might ask you lots of questions
that you don't know the answer, so it's better to
start with writing jobs since they are much
easier and there are lots of them. Post as many
jobs as you can. The more jobs you post the more
money you can make. Try to do at least 3 per day
in the beginning. Click here again to sign up
at Odesk as some one looking a Contractor/worker
(not someone looking for work) And Click here to
sing up at FreeLancer as some one looking a work