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Tips to Lose 10 Pounds of Weight


Get informative tips on how lose 10 pounds in healthy way. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Tips to Lose 10 Pounds of Weight

How To Lose 10 Pounds Safely
  • You can lose 10 pounds of weight in short period
    of time. But you have to found right way that is
    healthy way to lose it.
  • Following are some of tips which will guide you
    to lose 10 pounds in safe way.
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Eat Snaks but in a Smart Way
  • Do not completely avoid snaks but change your
    regular snaks with healthier one like Orville
    Redenbachers SmartPopcorns, fruits etc.

Stop Exercising and Start Playing
  • Exercise is the important thing for weight
    loss but many people hate to do it. So there is
    an option for exercise that is Playing.
    Everybody loves to play.

Avoid Soda Completely
  • By drinking two cans per day you will consume
    300 extra calories. So say good by to Soda and
    make Water as your best friend.

Limit Intake of Sugary Desserts
  • When you are undergoing weight loss program
    you have to avoid or limit the intake of sugary

Limit Your Late Night Snaks
  • It is very bad to eat snaks when you sit down
    to watch TV after having dinner. Don't do it at
    all. Most of the snaks food contains high
    calories or fat.

Burn Your Calories Everyday
  • Try to burn 200 calories each day. You can do
    it by doing simple exercises like walking,
    running, swimming, cardio.
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Go for ZUMBA
  • You can also try out different exercises like
    ZUMBA dance. It also requires lot of energy. So
    join zumba classes and lose your weight while

Eat green Vegetables
  • Eat lots of green vegetables like spinach. The
    are rich in anti-oxident. They cleanse your body
    and removes extra fluid accumulated in your body.

Keep Yourself Motivated
  • Motivation is very important during your
    weight loss program. Read blogs, success stories,
    forum, magazines to keep yourself motivated.
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