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Stem Cell Therapy


Stem cell therapy is a form of cell therapy that makes use of stem cells harvested from placenta for disease treatment. Stem cell therapy is also used for beauty, anti-aging and health rejuvenation purposes. The efficacy of stem cell therapy has been in practice for decades. Many rich and wealthy individuals and celebrities pay hefty price for stem cell therapy just to maintain youthfulness and vitality. For many severely ill-stricken people who have exhausted all means of conventional therapy look toward stem cell therapy for saving their condition and life. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy
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Stem Cell Therapy What is it?
Stem cell therapy, or stem cells treatment A
form of cell therapy that puts stem cells into
damaged organs or tissue with the objective to
heal the organ or tissue and to treat disease,
injury or ailment.

Stem Cell Therapy What is it?
Stem cell therapy is also a form of transplant.
Unlike organ transplant which changes the entire
organ, stem cell therapy transplant only the stem
cells. Some common forms of stem cell therapy or
cell therapy are bone marrow transplant and blood

Stem Cell Therapy What is it?
To understand stem cell therapy, we need to take
a brief look at the history of cell therapy. A
16th century physician, Paracelsus wrote, Heart
heals heart, lung heals lung, spleen heals
spleen, like cures like. This probably best
defines cell therapy and sets the foundation for
stem cell therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy And Cell Therapy
Even as early as the 16th century, doctors
believe that the use of live tissues or live
cells is the best way for disease treatment.
Unfortunately, this practice did not propagate
and pass on to the present. Instead, modern
medicine makes extensive use of chemicals to
interfere the illness process or suppress the

Stem Cell Therapy What is it?
One major problem with chemicals and medicine is
that they need to be metabolized in order to take
effect, if they do work at all. When that
happens, the body goes through further stress and
deplete the enzyme pool of the body. It is worth
noting that medicine does not cure an illness.

Stem Cell Therapy And Cell Therapy
Cell therapy is the only way to enable the body
to renew itself and regenerate into a healthier
state due to the renewed tissues or organs. Cell
therapy is being carried out around the world
everyday. This includes blood transfusion and
transplantation of other blood components such as
red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.

Stem Cell Therapy What is it?
Historically, cell therapy takes the cells or
tissue present in the young or fetus of certain
animals and injects them into the body.
Due to the advent of technology and scientific
advancement, it is only in recent years to about
a decade ago that stem cells can be preserved and
freeze-dried. With this advanced method, oral
consumption of such stem cells is made possible

Stem Cell Therapy What is it?
Today, you can find stem cells products which you
can take like other supplements in a capsule.
The important factor or element of using such
product for stem cell therapy is the potency of
the stem cells. In other words, will the stem
cells in these products be live and effective?
Out of such stem cell therapy comes live cell
therapy, which we will address in another
interesting article.

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