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Advancement in the Field of Radio Remote Control Technology


After the introduction of radio remote controls, a revolution came in the world of remote control technology. Those modern wireless remote controllers were used in controlling gigantic machines. After a few days it proved itself as an important way for controlling distance objects using a variety of radio signals transmitted by the remote control device. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Advancement in the Field of Radio Remote Control Technology

BASE Engineering is a world leader in developing
radio remote control technology. Since 1996 over
50,000 BASE systems have been employed around the
globe to increase job safety and productivity
The Modern Age of Industrial Wireless Automation
In this age of industrial automation using radio
remote control is not a difficult task for the
operators. Industrial wireless controls has made
all the works regarding gigantic machines easier
and the productivity is also increased. Most of
the industrial wireless remote controls used in
engineering sectors are designed with high power
technology enabling them to handle all the
machinery works in industrial sectors. They
reduce labor cost in high extent and also reduce
the time spent behind the controlling of those
gigantic machines by manpower. At the same time
they also eliminate accidents in work field and
increase jobsite safety. Radio Remote Control
Products Most of the industrial machines can be
controlled by using high power radio remote
controls. These industrial radio remote controls
are mainly used in systems that need interest
free control. There are different types of remote
controls that are used in industrial purpose.
Some of them are Bulk Truck Theft Prevention
System, Transport Leak Detection System,
Automatic Refueling Controls, Proportional and
Non-Proportional Hydraulic Radio Remote Controls,
RFID Wireless Remote Control Systems, Aircraft
Refueling System, Process controls and many
more. Functionality These wireless industrial
remote control systems are mainly equipped with
two sections. Handheld transmitter and a receiver
control unit. The transmitter of these industrial
remotes has normal frequency range of 902-928 MHz
and optional 433.92 MHz, 869.7 MHz, and 2.4 GHz
are also available. The transmitter has normal
power of 100 MW.
The Technology Used in Remote Control Technology
Wireless remote controllers actually use radio
waves to send commands to different devices.
These industrial wireless controls are generally
used for industrial automation. They are the best
for controlling the gigantic machines. They are
actually used to get the interference free
control. The electromagnetic waves of different
frequencies are emitted through antennas and
picked up by the radio receivers. The
wireless remote controls are equipped with two
main control parts. One is the transmitter which
is generally very powerful and can send signals
within a great range. Another section of these
radio remote controls is the handheld receiver
control unit which catches the radio waves sent
by the transmitter. Therefore, when an operator
presses the button of the radio remote, the radio
signal is sent from the transmitter unit to the
device that you want to control. The receiver
unit is installed in the device which decodes the
signal and obeys the command accordingly. One of
the amazing aspects of these radio remote
controls is that they can send signals from
greater distances. Generally the radio waves can
travel as long as 100 feet to reach the receiver.