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Course DT2491


Notes and news will appear here, from week to week. ... right information Technology. Deciding on the acquisition of information systems and other technology ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Course DT2491

Course - DT249/1
  • Subject - Information Systems in Organisations

Lecturer Details
  • Art Sloan
  • Office location K113a
  • Phone No 01 402 4972
  • Web page
  • http//
  • Notes and news will appear here, from week to
    week. (All lecture notes will be available, as
    hyperlinks, by _at_ Week 12)

Teaching Methods
  • Lectures (Art Sloan)
  • Tuesday evenings, 3-hour time-slot in KE 3-008
  • Tutorials (Ciaran OLeary)
  • Wednesday evenings, 1-hour time-slot in KE 3-008

Course Content
  • Modern organisations and their structure
  • Models of Information Systems organisational
    departments and individual roles
  • Business and Information Systems strategic
  • Modelling Information Systems concepts
  • Modern Information Systems applications
  • Selection and acquisition of Information Systems
  • Building Information Systems
  • Managing Information Systems operation
  • Introduction to Information Systems security
  • Information Technology regulation and compliance
  • Interacting with computers

Term 2 Time Available
  • Weeks 1 6, normal lectures/tutorials
  • Week 7 lecture evening falls on a public holiday
  • Week 8 and 9, normal lectures/tutorials
  • There follows 2 week break for Easter
  • Week 10, last lecture
  • Weeks 11 and 12 for revision
  • Week 13 Review Week (AKA Reading Week)

Term 2 Time Available (2)
  • So there are nine lecture weeks available and
    there are eleven topics listed. Topics 1 and 2, 8
    and 9 and 10 and 11 can double up because they
    are short topics.
  • The assessment will be a case study in the form
    of an essay/report. It will be given to you _at_
    Week 4 to be handed in _at_ week 8.

The Topics in More Detail
  • The next 11 slides repeat the 11 proposed topics
    with a few subheadings to clarify what the topics
  • The content of each subject may be subject to
    some change but not too much.
  • IMPORTANT Some of the subtopics will serve as a
    list for the structure of the assessment and much
    of the content that appears in the lecture notes
    will form all of the sample solutions to exam

Modern Organisations and their Structure
  • Businesses and other organisations
  • Organisation types
  • Structural types
  • People types
  • How the structure affects Information Systems
  • How Information Systems affect the structure

Models of IS Organisational Departments and
Individual Roles
  • Examples of organisational structure using
    departments and a closer look at the peoples
    roles within them
  • How roles relate to information systems

Business and Information Systems Strategic
  • The strategies of organisations in relation to
  • The strategies of organisations in relation to
    Information Technology
  • If, how and when these strategies combine

Modelling Information Systems Concepts
  • Analysis and design of appropriate information
  • Life cycle models
  • Design models
  • Other documented concepts and considerations

Modern Information Systems Applications
  • Examples of information systems at work
  • Case studies
  • Information Systems as solutions to problems
  • Problem Information systems

Selection and Acquisition of Information Systems
  • Choosing the right information Technology
  • Deciding on the acquisition of information
    systems and other technology
  • Issues relating to selection
  • Issues relating to acquisition

Building Information Systems
  • Alternatives in acquiring information systems
  • Off the shelf
  • Bespoke systems
  • do-it-yourself systems
  • Combinations of these three

Managing Information Systems Operation
  • Information systems management
  • Who manages the technology?
  • How do they manage the technology?
  • What are the issues?

Introduction to Information Systems Security
  • Securing Information Systems
  • Physical security
  • Backing up information
  • Keeping out hackers and other nefarious
  • Administrative issues relating to security

IT Regulation and Compliance
  • Its the law…
  • Legal requirements
  • Internal policies
  • Effects of these

Interacting with Computers
  • Resistance to change
  • User interfaces and fitness for purpose
  • A return to
  • Peoples roles
  • Designing systems
  • Managing systems
  • Legal and policy issues

  • One or two sessions ( tutorials) on a past exam
    paper and the main topics covered expected to
    be in Weeks 11 and 12 - just in time for the
    exam season and as an aid to exam preparation
    for this subject.
  • Included description of the exam in terms of
    time allocated, number of questions and question
    options… tips on pacing answers to questions…
    what is expected of a scripted answer… questions
    from the group answered.

  • The methods of assessment to be used to measure
    the learning objectives stated in the course
    document are written examination and continuous
    assessment including one or more of assignment,
    essay, problem-solving exercise, oral
    presentation, and class or lab tests.
  • Continuous Assessment 30
  • Examination 70

A Reading List
  • The core text is this book
  • Laudon K. and Laudon, J. (Latest edition)
    Management Information Systems, Prentice Hall,
    New Jersey, USA.
  • A good book but it is not absolutely necessary
    to buy this for the course.

A Reading List (2)
  • Supplemental Reading
  • Curtis, G., (Latest edition) Business Information
    Systems, Addison-Wesley, Wokingham, England, UK
  • ISO/IEC 2382-11993 Information technology.
    Vocabulary. Fundamental terms
  • ISO 2382-31987 Information processing systems.
    Vocabulary. Equipment technology
  • ISO/IEC 2382-201990 Information technology.
    Vocabulary. System development

A Reading List (3)
  • Management of Information Technology (4th
  • Carroll Frenzel, John Frenzel
  • Thompson Course Technology
  • Expect to pay around 45
  • Management Information Systems (Several titles)
  • Haag, Cummins and Phillips (_at_ 70!)