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An Overview: Census 2000 and Its Data Products


An Overview: Census 2000 and Its Data Products Presentation derived from one by the US Census Bureau: Available at: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: An Overview: Census 2000 and Its Data Products

An OverviewCensus 2000 and Its Data Products
Presentation derived from one by the US Census
Bureau Available at http//
The Decennial Census
  • Longest running federal data collection program
    in the United States (since 1790)
  • Census collects basic population counts as well
    as a wide variety of housing, household, and some
    basic economic data. (Plumbing data, too!!)
  • The census provides a snapshot of the US
    population at a certain time (say, the population
    in 2000).

Why is the Census So Important?
  • 1) Required by the ConstitutionIt is how we
    delineate local voting districts and districts
    for the House of Representatives in Congress
  • 2) Political PowerIt is how local redistricting
    for elected offices is done,
  • 3) Money, Money, and more Money!!! Estimated
    that over 200 billion will be distributed
    annually based upon 2000 Census data
  • 4) A Rich and Heavily Used Data SetThe data are
    used by planners, other local government
    officials, researchers, marketers, for a huge
    variety of things.

Census BIG Points
  • A wealth of data available through the Census.
  • Knowing where to get the data and what you are
    actually getting is the key.
  • It is best to have an idea of what you want
    before you attempt to go get the data. Blind
    searches usually lead to frustration.
  • A good understanding of the Census Bureau and
    Census data is a real planning skill.
  • The BIG Point Census data often represents the
    starting point for planning-related work. After
    acquiring Census data, only then is additional
    data gathered to build upon the general
    population, housing, and economic data the Census
    collects and makes available.

Census 2000Short Form and Long Form
Short form
Long form (1 in 6 HH)
Census 2000 Short Form Questionnaire
  • 7 Questions
  • Name
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Relationship
  • Hispanic Origin
  • Race
  • Owner/Renter Status

Census 2000 Long Form Questionnaire
  • Short Form Questions, Plus
  • Marital Status
  • Educational Attainment
  • Citizenship
  • How long in current residence
  • Where lived 5 years ago
  • Travel to work (how got there, commute time)
  • Employment data (income, type of work)
  • Building data (age, value, of rooms, plumbing)

Capturing Ethnicity
Changed Question on Race
Race and Ethnicity Tabulation Categories
  • Single-Race
  • Two or more races
  • All-Inclusive Race

Population by Race and Hispanic Origin
  • The six race alone groups and the two or more
    races group, when combined, add up to 100 percent
    of the population.

100 population
What Data Will Be Available?
  • 100 data or short-form information
  • Summary File 1
  • Summary File 2
  • Sample data or long-form information
  • Summary File 3
  • Summary File 4

Understanding the Summary Files
  • SF1 100 population and housing unit counts
    (basic population data)
  • SF2 More in-depth 100 population and housing
    unit data (tables with detailed race and
    ethnicity categories)
  • SF3 Sample data on population, housing, and
    socioeconomic characteristics
  • SF4 More in-depth sample data on population and
    housing (tables with detailed race and ethnicity
  • Note These different files used to be called
    STFs for Summary tape files

Understanding the Summary Files
Planners/Demographers typically use these
Examples of SF1 Tabulations
  • P1 Total population
  • P3 Race
  • P8 Hispanic or Latino
  • P12 Sex by age (5-year groupings)
  • P14 Sex by age for the population under 20
    (single years of age)
  • P15 Households
  • P17 Average household size

SF1 RepeatingTabulations
5-year groupings
Sample Data Summary Files SF3
  • Summary File 3
  • Counts and cross tabulations of sample items
    (income, occupation, education, rent and value,
    vehicles available)
  • Lowest level of geography block group

Examples of SF3 Tabulations
  • P30 Means of Transportation to Work
  • P31 Travel Time to Work
  • P53 Median Household Income
  • P82 Per Capita Income
  • P87 Poverty Status by Age

Release of Census 2000 Products
  • December 31, 2000 -- Official State counts
  • April 1, 2001-- Redistricting counts
  • 2001-- Short-form (100) data products
  • 2002-- Long-form (sample) data products
  • All major products are out as of the end of 2003.

Census 2000 Gateway
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
  • For downloading complete dataset files
  • Available at http//

Data Accessibility
  • Difficulty Low High Low
  • Cost No No Yes
  • User Level All High All
  • Speed Variable Variable High
  • Connect Issues Possible Possible Unlikely
  • Download limits 5 MB None CD size
  • Graphical User Interface Yes None Yes

The Most Useful Census Population Web Sites for
Census Home http// Census 2000
l American Factfinder http//factfinder.census.go
v State/County Quickfactshttp//quickfacts.census
.gov/qfd/ 1990 Census Datahttp//
ain/www/cen1990.html Selected Historic
Cost of Census 2000 Products
  • Most information free through the Internet
  • Charges for detailed custom tabulations, CD-ROMs,
    printed reports, print on-demand
  • Census Bureaus Customer Service
    Center (301-763-INFO)

Other Sources of Census 2000 Information
  • State Data Centers
  • Census Information Centers
  • Depository Libraries
  • Census Bureau Regional Offices