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The Impact of Today s Music on Our Youth TOPICS: 5 themes in


The Impact of Today s Music on Our Youth TOPICS: 5 themes in today s music psychological impact / our kids are desensitized social impact / the MTV Generation – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Impact of Today s Music on Our Youth TOPICS: 5 themes in

The Impact of Todays Music on Our Youth
  • 5 themes in todays music
  • psychological impact / our kids are desensitized
  • social impact / the MTV Generation
  • Gods Word v. the attitude and perspective in
    todays music
  • lifestyles of todays artists
  • Daydream Believer / Heaven and Hell

The Impact of Todays Music on Our Youth
  • 5 Major Themes in Todays Music
  • Sex
  • - 1 Corinthians 618-20
  • - Galatians 519-20
  • - 1 Corinthians 613
  • - Matthew 527-28
  • - Galatians 513
  • - Ephesians 417-19
  • - Ephesians 53
  • - Colossians 35-7

The Impact of Todays Music on Our Youth
  • Sex (older examples)
  • - Rolling Stones / Aerosmith / Elton John /
    Led Zeppelin / KISS / Prince / AC/DC / Queen /
    Blue Oyster Cult / David Bowie / The Doors /
    Foreigner / Deep Purple / Jimi Hendrix / Ted
    Nugent / Alice Cooper / and so many more
  • Sex (recent/current examples)
  • - Britney Spears / Jennifer Lopez / Mariah
    Carey / Christina Aguilera / Destinys Child and
    Beyonce / Blink 182 / Janet Jackson / Red Hot
    Chili Peppers / Sugar Ray / P Diddy / Jay-Z / Dr.
    Dre / Eminem / Kid Rock / Limp Bizket / Snoop
    Dogg / Missy Misdemeanor Elliot / Lady Gaga /
    Rihanna / B2K / Akon / Lil Wayne / Usher /
    Jessica Simpson / and so many more

The Impact of Todays Music on Our Youth
  • Sex ( a few examples / a snapshot look )
  • - Britney Spears (Circus) On Lace and
    Leather she refers to herself as a b and is
    eager to make a mans sexual fantasies come true
  • - Beyonce Knowles (Dangerously in Love) On
    Naughty Girl she wants to take a man home and
    makes clear that shes feelin kind of nasty
  • - Christina Aquilera (Christina Aquilera)
    she refers to being rubbed the right way /
    she admits in So Emotional that I feel ready
    and I lose my self control
  • - Missy Misdemeanor Elliot (Da Real World)
    she glamorizes promiscuous and even vulgar sexual
    behavior in You Dont Know, U Cant Resist,
    and Dangerous Mouths
  • - Usher (U Remind Me) talks openly about
    men prowling nightclubs looking for one-night
    stands in Hottest Thing and U Are the One
  • - Jessica Simpson (Irresistible) in
    Irresistible she finds herself past the point
    of no return sexually and says I just cant
    stop myself
  • - Mariah Carey (Rainbow) in After Tonight
    she wonders if her partner will stay around after
    theyre finished having sex / in Heartbreaker
    she sings with Jay-Z about premarital sex

The Impact of Todays Music on Our Youth
  • University of Pittsburg (study on explicit
  • Question Can listening to sexually aggressive
    lyrics prompt teens to have sex?
  • Conclusion They asked 711 students aged 15 to
    16 at three local high schools about their music
    preferences and their sexual behavior. Overall,
    31 percent of the teens had had intercourse. But
    the rate was only 20.6 percent among those who
    had been least exposed to sexually degrading
    lyrics and 44.6 percent among those highly
    exposed to the most degrading lyrics. The studys
    lead author, Brian Primack, said music by itself
    was not the direct spark for sex but helped mold
    perception and was thus likely to be a factor
    in sexual development.
  • The authors of this study go on to conclude that
    parents should be aware of what their kids are
    listening to, and should be proactive in placing
  • Especially interesting
    considering that this was a secular study not
    at all taking into account the spiritual element
    / Christian perspective.

The Impact of Todays Music on Our Youth
  • Drugs
  • The Greek word pharmakia is
    translated sorcery. We get the English word
    pharmacy (drug house) from the Greek word
    pharmakia. A sorcerer is identified in Scripture
    as someone who devotes themselves to the magical
    arts, especially as it relates to the use of
    drugs, potions, spells, enchantments, or
    incantations. The term pharmakia, then, signifies
    the use of drugs as it relates to witchcraft.
    Does the Bible refer to sorcery in relation to
    drugs yes. A scary and sobering perspective on
    it all!
  • - Deuteronomy 1810-11
  • - Galatians 519-20
  • - Revelation 218
  • - Revelation 921
  • - Revelation 2215

The Impact of Todays Music on Our Youth
  • Drugs (older examples)
  • - Beatles / Rolling Stones / Pink Floyd / Jimi
    Hendrix / Stone Temple Pilots / ZZ Top /
    Aerosmith / The Doobie Brothers / Iron Butterfly
    / Jefferson Airplane / Grand Funk Railroad /
    Fleetwood Mac / and so many more
  • Drugs (recent/current examples)
  • - Kid Rock / Limp Bizket / Eminem / Dr. Dre /
    Beck / Bone Thugs-N-Harmony / DMX / Insane Clown
    Posse / Jay-Z / Juvenile / Master P / P Diddy /
    Beastie Boys / Outkast / Blink 182 / Foxy Brown /
    and so many more

The Impact of Todays Music on Our Youth
  • Drugs (a few examples / a snapshot look)
  • - Eminem (The Slim Shady LP) he talks openly
    in song after song about smoking dope, taking
    pills, and shooting up
  • - Beastie Boys (Hello Nasty) talks about
    marijuana use in Unite
  • - Foxy Brown (Chyna Doll) the song 4-5-6
    glamorizes smoking marijuana and getting drunk /
    Bonnie and Clyde Part II talks about a quest
    for cocaine
  • - Juvenile (400 Degreez) talks frequently
    about alcohol, marijuana and crack cocaine You
    about to buy you a gram and treat your nose
  • - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony (BTNHResurrection)
    in Show Em they mention drinking Hennessy /
    they talk about hiding all the LSD / have a
    song called Ecstasy / four cuts including Weed
    Song talk of marijuana use / actually link drug
    use to violent behavior Im too high, wanna
    hurt somebody
  • - DMX (Its Dark and Hell Is Not) Stop
    Being Greedy talks about getting drunk and high
    at the same time
  • - P Diddy (Forever) he strongly endorses
    using marijuana in Pain / endorses selling
    drugs in Reverse / encourages mixing drinking
    and driving on Do You Like It, Do You Want It /
    talks about rum and cocaine on other tracks

The Impact of Todays Music on Our Youth
  • Drugs (a snapshot look continued)
  • - Master P (MP Da Last Don) seven different
    cuts promote manufacturing, using and then
    selling drugs
  • - Jay-Z (Vol. 3Life and Times of S.
    Carter) 6 different raps glamorize illegal drugs
    and alcohol / refers to pushin powder /
    encourages people to drive drunk
  • - Dr. Dre (2001) Dre glamorizes alcohol and
    various drugs including Hennessy, leaves, Cali
    weed, cognac, hashish, chronic, hydro, blunts,
    and Ecstasy
  • - Limp Bizket (Three Dollar Bill, Yall) in
    Indigo Flow the singer makes clear that life
    is all about drinking
  • - Smash Mouth (Astro Lounge) he turns to
    marijuana as a way to deal with lifes pain and
    problems e.g., Waste and Come On Come On

The Impact of Todays Music on Our Youth
  • Rebellion (older examples)
  • - Beatles / Black Sabbath / Blue Oyster Cult /
    Alice Cooper / the Doors / Fleetwood Mac /
    Foreigner / the Grateful Dead / Judas Priest /
    KISS / Lynyrd Skynyrd / Ted Nugent
  • Rebellion (recent/current examples)
  • - Kid Rock / Limp Bizket / Eminem / Dr. Dre /
    Insnae Clown Posse / Jay-Z / P Diddy / DMX / Korn
    / Metallica / NAS / Rage Against the Machine /
    Moby / Slipknot / Snoop Dogg / Lil Wayne

The Impact of Todays Music on Our Youth
  • Rebellion
  • Todays music stars have been
    arrested, sued, evicted, shot, and even killed.
    They take pleasure in thumbing their noses at any
    form of authority. The word rebellion is actually
    used over 90 times in the Old Testament alone.
    The word used in its various forms means to turn
    aside to make bitter to transgress to provoke.
  • - Numbers 149
  • - Joshua 2219
  • - Psalm 510
  • - Isaiah 120
  • - 1 Samuel 1523
  • - Proverbs 1711
  • - Psalm 667
  • - Isaiah 301

The Impact of Todays Music on Our Youth
  • Rebellion (a few examples / a snapshot look)
  • - Kid Rock (History of Rock) the f word
    is found throughout each track / he boasts of
    stealing everything in sight / takes Gods name
    in vain / talks on one track about suicide
  • - Limp Bizket (Significant Other) in Break
    Stuff the singer makes malicious threats,
    including rippin someones head off and then
    using a chain saw to skin someone alive / the f
    word appears throughout the album
  • - Eminem (The Marshall Mathers LP) talks of
    killing his own mother in Kill You / he
    threatens to stab people he doesnt like / he
    threatens to shoot aggravating toddlers / he
    threatens to smack the preacher while hes
    preachin / in Amityville he glamorizes violent
  • - Rage Against the Machine (The Battle of
    Los Angeles) in New Millennium Homes he states
    that violence in in all hands/embrace it if need
    be / in Ashes in the Fall he blames the
    Christian church for people being poor and
    homeless also specifically blames Jesus for
    raping peoples spirit
  • - Slip Knot (Slipknot) misery, obscenity,
    and angst are constant themes even a strong
    will to die / in Tattered and Torn he sings of
    opening his wrists / in Eyeless he sings How
    many times have you wanted to kill everything and
    everyone/Say youll do it but never will?

The Impact of Todays Music on Our Youth
  • Rebellion (a snapshot look continued)
  • - Korn (Follow the Leader) in My Gift to
    You he talks about choking to death his
    girlfriend / he contemplates suicide in B.b.k /
    in one song he exclaims F--- authority! / four
    different songs convey a self-loathing and total
    despair with life
  • - The Offspring (Americana) in No Brakes
    he sings about not caring if he ever wakes up in
    the morning / repeatedly drops F--- you
    throughout the album
  • - Avril Lavigne (Let Go) in Anything But
    Ordinary she boasts that I drive so fast just
    to feel the danger / she tells people to let
    down their defenses, and use no common sense in
    how you live your life
  • - Li Wayne (Tha Carter III) numerous tracks
    contain gangster posturing and boasts of murder
    e.g., We pop em like Orville Redenbacher and
    Slit your throat / in Playing With Fire he
    sings Where Im from, youre nobody till you
    kill somebody

The Impact of Todays Music on Our Youth
  • False Religion
  • The word idols is used nearly 130
    times in both the Old and New Testaments.
    Idolatry, of course, is an abomination to God.
    History records that entire nations have crumbled
    because of this sin. A growing number of
    artists have adopted, and are singing about,
    various false religions. Once again, our kids can
    be duped into believing, as does their favorite
    rock star, that these alternative beliefs are
    worth looking into.
  • - Exodus 203-5
  • - Leviticus 261
  • - II Chronicles 2418
  • - 2 Corinthians 616-17
  • - 1 John 521

The Impact of Todays Music on Our Youth
  • False Religion (older examples)
  • - George Harrison (Beatles) / Beach Boys / the
    Doors / Journey / Rolling Stones / John Lennon
    (Beatles) / Van Halen / Santana
  • False Religion (recent/current examples)
  • - NAS / Moby / Phish / Godsmack / Alanis
    Morissette / Red Hot Chili Peppers / Sting /
    Ricky Martin / Metallica / Marilyn Manson / Nine
    Inch Nails / Rob Zombie / A Perfect Circle / Beck

The Impact of Todays Music on Our Youth
  • False Religion (a few examples / a snapshot look)
  • - Moby (Play) the CD liner actually condemns
    fundamentalism / he quotes Eastern prophets
  • - Red Hot Chili Peppers (Californication)
    in Otherside he agrees with the concept of
  • - NAS (I Am) in some songs he prays to
    Allah and Mohammed / some tracks promote the use
    of Tarot cards / he actually alludes to himself
    as a Christ figure
  • - Alanis Morissette (Supposed Former
    Infatuation Junkie) sings of Baba, the beliefs
    of Eastern religion, gurus, and meditation
  • - Beck (Midnite Vultures) in Milk and
    Honey he sings about Buddha of course, mixing
    that message with taking roofies is a bit over
    the top!
  • - Santana (Supernatural) CD art and liner
    refers to Buddha
  • - Ricky Martin (Ricky Martin) liner notes
    thank his guru for his spiritual guidance in life
  • - Sting (Brand New Day) strange theology
    in A Thousand Years leads him to wonder about
    who he was in previous lives
  • - Phish (Farmhouse) the singer determines
    that God is rather trivial in Bug / in Sand
    the singer says I would choose my own religion
    and worship my own spirit/But if he ever preached
    to me I wouldnt want to hear it/Id drop him, a
    forgotten god, languishing in shame
  • - Metallica (Garage, Inc.) in Sabbra
    Cadabra the group pushes the notion of

The Impact of Todays Music on Our Youth
  • Satanism (older examples)
  • - KISS / AC/DC / Pnk Floyd / Iron Maiden /
    Black Sabbath / Led Zeppelin / Fleetwood Mac /
    Alice Cooper / Blue Oyster Cult / Ozzy Ozbourne
  • Satanism (recent/current examples)
  • - Marilyn Manson / Metallica / Godsmack /
    Nine Inch Nails / Rob Zombie / A Perfect Cicle /
    Kid Rock / DMX / Korn

The Impact of Todays Music on Our Youth
  • Satanism
  • There are numerous groups on the
    rock/music scene who make no bones about their
    personal belief in the occult, and many of these
    people express and out and out hatred for God/the
    things of God. Satanic crosses, pentagrams,
    hexagrams, and other demonic symbolism is common
    among these artists. Ronnie James Dio of Black
    Sabbath has made common the Il Cornuto sign or
    worship to Satan. Our kids dont realize how
    deceptive, how dangerous, and how gripping this
    particular type of music can be both
    psychologically and spiritually speaking. Heavy
    metal is the primary genre employed for this
    message which has perhaps the most loyal fan
    base of all!
  • - Matthew 41-10
  • - Matthew 1623
  • - Ephesians 21-2

The Impact of Todays Music on Our Youth
  • Satanism (a few examples / a snapshot look)
  • - Marilyn Manson (Mechanical Animals) hes an
    actual high priest in the Church of Satan in San
    Francisco calls kids forward to accept Satan
    into their heart / he dresses-up as a minister
    during concerts, pretends to preach, then tosses
    Bibles out into the audience whereupon the crowd
    is instructed to tear them apart page by page
    or else hell refuse to continue singing hes
    then known to say Why do you want to believe in
    a God that doesnt believe in you? / his warped
    theology reduces God to a mere statistic in
  • - Metallica (Garage, Inc.) an 11-minute
    medley refers to satanic ritual sacrifice
  • - Godsmack (Godsmack) in Time Bomb the
    group completely rejcts God and faith while
    simultaneously embracing the occult / have a song
    called Voodoo enough said
  • - Nine Inch Nails (The Fragile) in The
    Wretched they sing God himself will reach his
    f---ing arm through/Just to push you down. /
    bitterness toward God is evidenced throughout the
    entire CD
  • - Rob Zombie (Hellbilly Deluxe) have one
    song called Demonoid Phenomenon enough said
    / occultic thems permeate this CD while
    simultaneously glorifying torture and death
  • - A Perfect Circle (Mer De Noms) in
    Judith the singer tells a woman Your savior
    has abandoned you/F--- your God
  • - Van Halen from Best of Both Worlds -
    You dont have to die and go to Heaven, or hang
    around to be born again. Just tune in to what
    this world has got to offer we may never be here
    again. in just one song they reject
    Christianity, downplay the desire or need for
    Heaven, and the possibility of reincarnation
    good job guys!

The Impact of Todays Music on Our Youth
  • Lifestyles nothing to write home about!
  • - Lets go to the headlines
  • Nick Carter Says Booze and Drugs Almost
    Killed Him
  • RB Star Chris Brown Arrested for
    Assault on Rihanna
  • Miley Cyrus Gets Raunchy With a Pole at
    the Teen Choice Awards, Wins Six Trophies
  • Lady Gaga Gone Wild
  • Weighing in on Britney Spears Mental
    Illness and a Life Out of Control / Back to
    School With Britney (sexually provocative school
  • Michael Jackson Drug List Lorazepam,
    Propofol, More
  • Guitar Player Kurt Cobain Dead of Drug
  • Tommy Lee, Kid Rock Fight at VMAs
  • Madonna Adopts Kabbalah and New Wave of
  • Shakira A She Wolf in the Finest
  • Kanye West Told to Leave VMAs After
    Upsetting Taylor Swift
  • Animal I Am Second (Brian Welch)

The Impact of Todays Music on Our Youth
  • Some practical advice
  • - be informed - go to link to
    Pluggedin music reviews on virtually every band
    and genre out there (Pro-Social Content and
    Objectionable Content is explored)
  • - again, be informed in discussing the
    bands/singers be informed enough to be specific
    in your approach (the kids will be more apt to
    listen when they know that you know what youre
    talking about)
  • - take a gentle, but consistent approach
    the drip, drip, drip of ideas, values, and
    morals that we espouse can include/be combined
    with a discussion on music (e.g., my 8 year-old
    son, Tanner, already has a clear sense of immoral
    words on TV commercials, TV programming and Im
    able to transfer that knowledge into a discussion
    of music on the radio hell tell me that a song
    doesnt sound so good Ill agree with him and
    take the opportunity for a quick lesson on the
    use of bad words)
  • - start early research shows that our
    kids will have more respect for our views if we
    start early in life with our own boundaries
  • - be open to some of their music (my
    opinion , but not one shared by all) Im not
    someone who burns CDs in the backyard I believe
    that a good amount of the music out there is safe
    and/or inoffensive enough to pass the Daddy
    test and/or Christian Parent Test
  • - reality check Boston, Journey, Genesis,
    Styx, Doobie Brothers, Marshall Tucker Band,
    Peter Frampton, Kansas, REO Speedwagon v. ... Q
    Is it night and day?

The Impact of Todays Music on Our Youth
  • Some Practical Advice
  • - realize how DESENSITIZED our kids are to the
    messages in this music it really is no big deal
    to them (case in point I shared this
    presentation with my Psychology class primarily
    seniors and was very curious to get their
    reaction to some of the lyrical content / there
    was not a single category discussed where most of
    the kids didnt find it funny most felt that my
    even discussing it in this amount of detail was
    over the top / most of the kids agreed that
    parents are just being parents , and just dont
    understand their generation Sound familiar?
    The sad conclusion here is that (according to
    psychologists like James Dobson) kids are far
    more apt to engage in promiscuous behavior,
    rebellious behavior, etc., if theyre taking in
    that daily dose of negative messages.
  • From Whats Up With Todays
    Entertainment? Every movie, television show and
    song contains someones philosophy. Of course,
    not all entertainment is hollow and deceptive,
    but much of it is. And unlike being taken
    prisoner during war time, the captivity process
    of the mind occurs slowly a gradual
  • See to it that no one takes
    you captive through hollow and deceptive
    philosophy, which depends on human tradition and
    the basic principles of the world rather than on
    Christ. (Colossians 28)