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Division I Basketball Focus Group (BFG) Updates


DIVISION I BASKETBALL FOCUS GROUP (BFG) UPDATES 2011 NCAA Regional Rules Seminar Abby Grantstein Ken Huber COACHING CLINICS Not a part of the October 29, 2009, Board ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Division I Basketball Focus Group (BFG) Updates

Division I Basketball Focus Group (BFG) Updates
  • 2011 NCAA Regional Rules Seminar
  • Abby Grantstein
  • Ken Huber

Enforcement Key Points
  • Investigative body
  • Strive for fairness and accountability and to
    uphold integrity for itself and for the
  • Among investigators and directors
  • 63 former student-athletes.
  • 25 have worked in the membership.
  • 14 former college coaches.
  • 95 have an advanced degree.
  • 29 masters degree.
  • 71 law degree.

Enforcement Key Points
  • External Outreach
  • Priorities
  • Areas of improvement
  • Internal Review
  • Operations and systems
  • Strategically positioned for effectiveness and

Enforcement Key Points
  • Key focus on football, basketball and agents.
  • Improving efficiencies in internal operations and
  • Three core areas
  • Development
  • Investigations
  • Process
  • Information Hub
  • Team Approach

What does BFG do?
  • The purpose of BFG is to strengthen the
    enforcement staffs ability to monitor and
    enforce rules compliance in mens basketball
  • Expanded outreach efforts
  • Increased knowledge of the specific issues
    impacting the mens basketball recruiting
    environment and
  • An enhanced enforcement presence.

NCAA Board of Directors Actions
  • On October 29, 2009, the Board of Directors
    adopted a staggered implementation plan to
    address funneling of money issues.
  • Combination of interpretations and legislation.
  • Cornerstone is the definition of an individual
    associated with a prospect (IAWP).
  • Coaching suspensions for specific violations.
  • Student-athlete reinstatement component.

NCAA Board Interpretations
  • Interpretations adopted (effective Oct. 29)
  • Camp employment (IAWRP)
  • Camp operation
  • Donations to nonprofits (IAWP)
  • Consulting fees (IAWP)
  • 1-900 phone numbers (IAWP) and
  • Involvement in nonscholastic events on campus.

Individual associated with a prospect (IAWP)
  • Definition
  • Anyone who maintains or directs others to
    maintain contact with a
  • PSA
  • PSAs relatives or legal guardians or
  • PSAs coach.
  • Whose contact is directly or indirectly related
    to the PSAs
  • Athletic skills or abilities or
  • Recruitment or enrollment at an NCAA institution.
  • (Contact at any point during athletics

Camp Employment and Operations
Camp Employment
  • A violation of NCAA Bylaws 13.2.1 and would occur if an institution or
    mens basketball staff member employs (i.e.,
    volunteer or paid) an individual associated with
    a recruited prospective student-athlete at the
    institutions or mens basketball staff members
    camp or clinic.
  • (Official Interp. 11/4/09)

Camp Employment - Effect
  • Any resulting violation is an institutional
  • However, the head mens basketball coach is held
    responsible and the resulting penalty could
    include contest suspension(s).
  • Best practice Have the head mens basketball
    coach and the camp director verify that no camp
    employees are IAWRPs.

Camp Employment Team Camps
  • Scholastic coaches are permitted to accompany and
    coach their teams at team camp.
  • Scholastic coaches are not permitted to receive
    any remuneration for bringing their team to camp.
  • Reimbursement for mileage or costs incurred.
  • Compensation for performing duties.

Camp Operations
  • A violation of Bylaws 13.11 and 13.12 would
    occur if an institutional or mens basketball
    staff members basketball camp offers a different
    participation, registration procedure, fee
    structure, advertisement and/or logistical
    experience (e.g., lodging, meals, transportation
    or awards/mementos) than the other mens/boys
    basketball camps operated by the institution of
    mens basketball staff.
  • (Official Interp. 11/4/09)

Camp Operations
  • Interpretation was adopted to address
    institutions using camps and clinics as a means
    to gain an improper recruiting advantage through
    elite camps.
  • Red flags result in increased scrutiny.

Camp Operations Different
  • All camps must be operated in a similar manner.
  • Differences in operation will result in increased
    scrutiny, especially if a recruiting advantage is
  • Best practice If you know a difference in camp
    operations will occur, contact BFG in advance for
    collaboration and guidance.

Camp Operations Red Flags
  • A high number of recruited prospective
    student-athletes or elite high school teams at a
  • Different websites/contacts used for
  • Different advertising used for camps.
  • Different facilities used (e.g., basketball
    courts, residence halls).
  • Pop-up camps.

Camp Operations Miscellaneous
  • Pop-Up Camps
  • Not impermissible per se.
  • If a pop-up camp occurs, be prepared to answer
    questions about why the camp popped up.
  • Instructional Component
  • Avoid a violation of NCAA Bylaw by
    ensuring that specialized instruction occurs,
    especially at team camps.

Case Study 1 Advertising
  • State Us father/son camp and day camps are
    advertised on State Us camp website and in an
    institutional camp brochure. State Us basketball
    skills camp is advertised only on the mens
    basketball website and through a separate
    brochure mail out to prospect aged participants.
  • Is the advertising similar or different?

Case Study 1 - Analysis
  • Red Flags
  • Skills camp is advertised separately from the two
    other camps.
  • The differently advertised camp (skills camp)
    involves only prospect-aged participants.
  • The skills camp advertising could give the
    appearance that the camp is not open to any and
    all participants.
  • Question Why is the skills camp advertised

Case Study 1 Summary
  • Conclusion
  • The skills camp is advertised differently from
    the other camps.
  • Best Practices
  • If the institution has a camp Website listing
    basketball camps, list all basketball camps on
    that Website.
  • If the institution sends out a mailing listing
    all camps, list all basketball camps in that

Case Study 2 Facilities Used
  • Coach Big Times instructional camp uses
    basketball courts located at the student
    recreation center. Big Times Top Guard camp will
    use the institutions arena even though the
    student recreation center was available.
  • Are the facilities used similar or different?

Case Summary 2 - Analysis
  • Fact-specific circumstances
  • Facility availability
  • Number of camp participants
  • Question
  • Why are the facilities used different for the two

Case Study 2 Summary
  • Conclusion
  • The Top Guard camp uses a different facility from
    the instructional camp.
  • Best Practices
  • Obtain facility event calendar.
  • Confirm number of camp participants.

Case Study 3 Registration
  • Coach Hubers basketball camp brochure directs
    participants to register either online or by
    mailing the registration information to the
    basketball office. However, registrants for a
    pop-up camp in June are directed to call the
    director of mens basketball operations.
  • Is the camp registration process similar or

Case Summary 3 - Analysis
  • Red Flags
  • Pop-up camp.
  • Participants directed to contact mens basketball
  • Question Why is the registration process
    different for the camps?

Case Study 3 Summary
  • Conclusion
  • The camps have different registration procedures.
  • Best Practices
  • If the institution has a procedure for camp
    registration (e.g., through a camp Website), all
    camps should follow that registration procedure.

BFG Camp Monitoring
  • BFG will be monitoring camp operations.
  • Institution may not be contacted prior to a camp

Nonprofit Donations
Nonprofit Donations
  • A violation of Bylaws 13.2.1 and/or 13.15.1
    would occur if an institution or a mens
    basketball staff member provides money to a
    nonprofit foundation that expends funds for the
    benefit of a nonscholastic team, prospective
    student-athlete(s) or an IAWP.
  • (Official Interp. 11/4/09)

Nonprofit Donations
  • This prohibition on donations to nonprofits
    extends to
  • Donating items
  • Attending an event without pay would be deemed to
    be a donation because the nonprofit
    organization derives a financial benefit from the
    fact that NCAA Division I coaches are present or
  • Coaches using personal funds.

Nonprofit Donations Best Practices
  • Resources
  • http//foundationcenter.org/findfunders/990finder
  • http//www2.guidestar.org
  • http//www.irs.gov/app/pub-78
  • Annual Disclosure
  • Mens basketball staff members required to affirm
    in writing that no personal or institutional
    funds donated or solicited for a proscribed
  • Disclosure subject to NCAA Bylaw 10.1 (Ethical

Coaching Clinics
Coaching Clinics
  • Not a part of the October 29, 2009, Board of
    Directors actions.
  • Need to determine whether the coaching clinic is
    tied to a proscribed nonprofit organization.
  • If yes, then go through nonprofit donation
  • If no, then go through a Bylaw 13.2.1 (recruiting
    inducement) analysis.

Coaching Clinics
  • Bylaw 13.2.1 (recruiting inducement) analysis red
  • Recruiting nexus.
  • Speakers are all recruiting the same prospective
  • Speakers have a similar sponsorship affiliation.
  • Clinic operator is an IAWP.

Coaching Clinics Best Practices
  • Ask your coach who contacted him to speak at the
  • Determine who else is speaking at the clinic.
  • Determine who benefits financially from the
    coaching clinic.
  • Contact BFG (after completing Before You Call

Recruiting Scouting Services
Recruiting Scouting Services(Effective January
16, 2010)
  • NCAA Bylaw 13.14.3 Established minimum
    standards before an institution may subscribe to
    a recruiting service
  • No prohibition on subscribing to a service
    affiliated with an IAWP if the service meets the
    minimum standards, unless
  • Cannot purchase more than one subscription to the
    same service per year.

Recruiting Scouting Services
  • Need to determine whether the scouting service is
    tied to a proscribed nonprofit organization
  • If so, then go through the nonprofit donation

Case Study 4 Recruiting Scouting Services
  • Facts
  • Scouting service is run by founder and executive
    director of local nonscholastic program.
  • Nonscholastic program is part of a nonprofit
    youth basketball organization that provides
    benefits to PSAs.
  • Tax Identification number on scouting service
    invoice is registered to the nonprofit youth
    basketball organization.

Case Study 4 Summary
  • Because the scouting service is tied to a
    proscribed nonprofit organization, the nonprofit
    analysis applies.
  • Conclusion It is impermissible to subscribe to
    this recruiting scouting service.

Recruiting Scouting Services Minimum Standards
For Subscription
  • NCAA Bylaw 13.14.3
  • Same rate to all subscribers (across divisions)
  • Publicly identifies rates
  • Disseminates info quarterly
  • Publicly identifies scope of service
  • Provides analysis on individual PSAs (more than
    demographics or rankings)
  • Provides samples for review prior to purchase
  • If video, restricted to HS, Prep or 2-year
    contests (nonscholastic events prohibited).

Recruiting Scouting Services Minimum
Standards for Subscription
  • Reminder
  • Academic and Membership Affairs controls all of
    the interpretations on whether the minimum
    requirements have been met for scouting services.
  • Note See Official Interpretation, 4/1/11
    Definition of a Recruiting or Scouting Service.

Recruiting Scouting Services Best Practices
  • Obtain information about the recruiting scouting
  • service through
  • Conducting basic Internet searches.
  • Obtaining a sample report from the service.
  • Communicating with the mens basketball staff.

Recruiting Scouting Services Red Flags
  • Different invoice rates.
  • The scouting service provides only demographic
    information and rankings.
  • The general comments provided for prospects are
    not enough to be considered individual analysis.
  • Tax identification number provided is tied to a
    nonprofit foundation that expends funds for the
    benefit of nonscholastic team, prospective
    student-athlete(s) or an individual associated
    with a prospective student-athlete.

Recruiting Scouting Services BFG as a Resource
  • Best Practice
  • Always communicate with BFG.
  • New process coming soon.

BFG Outreach
BFG Outreach
  • In order to develop a better understanding of the
    mens basketball recruiting environment, BFG is
    reaching out to
  • College coaches
  • High school coaches
  • Nonscholastic coaches
  • Prospective student-athletes and
  • Parents.

BFG Outreach
  • Scholastic events
  • Nonscholastic events
  • Coaching clinics
  • 2-year institution games and
  • Outreach triggers.

BFG Recruiting Reviews
Recruiting Reviews
  • Concentrated review of recruiting practices
    conducted by BFG in conjunction with a major
    investigation into the mens basketball program.
  • Protocols for specific recruiting areas.
  • Primarily involves document requests with
    occasional follow-up interviews.

BFG Current Issues of Concern
Current Issues of Concern
  • Primary issues of concern since June 2008
    involved the funneling of money.
  • New issues of concern on BFG radar
  • Parental relocations
  • Unofficial visits
  • Recruiting inducements/extra benefits from
    boosters and
  • Use of boosters in the recruiting process.

The Basketball Focus Group
  • Questions?
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