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Clean Coal Technology Initiatives by Sherritt Technologies


Clean Coal Technology Initiatives by Sherritt Technologies February 26, 2008 Sherritt International Corporation Diversified Canadian natural resource company involved ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Clean Coal Technology Initiatives by Sherritt Technologies

Clean Coal Technology Initiatives by Sherritt
  • February 26, 2008

Sherritt International Corporation
  • Diversified Canadian natural resource company
    involved in the production of thermal coal,
    nickel, cobalt, oil and power
  • 3 Billion asset base
  • 2006 revenues 1.1 billion
  • 50 years of experience operating complex process
  • Strong mineral processing technology background
  • World class safety and labour relations record
  • Operations in
  • Coal production
  • Metals mining and refining
  • Oil and gas exploration and exploitation
  • Power generation

Sherritt International A Diversified Natural
Resource Company
  • Coal
  • Nine surface coal mines in Canada
  • 40 million tonnes produced in 2006
  • 12 billion tonnes of thermal coal reserves
  • Metals
  • 33,000 tonne per year Nickel and Cobalt and
  • Positioned for 109,000 tonnes with expansion and
  • Oil and Gas
  • Nine commercial fields operating
  • Gross working interest production of 30,600
  • 7 billion barrels of original oil in place
  • Power
  • 376 MW of installed generating capacity
  • 125 MW expansion agreement signed in June

Carbon Development Partnership (CDP) A
partnership between Sherritt and Ontario Teachers
  • CDP formed from reorganization of the
    Partnerships coal assets
  • Contract mines and royalties spun out as an
    Income Trust (PMRL)
  • International thermal coal now a separate
    division (CVRI)
  • CDP holds undeveloped coal reserves
  • Mandate to monetise the Partnerships coal
  • Vision carries far beyond electricity production
  • Includes hydrogen, carbon dioxide and coal based
    specialty products
  • Current activities focused on gasification
  • Hydrogen for petrochemicals
  • Carbon Dioxide for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
  • Heat and syngas for power

Major Coal DepositsA Partnership Advantage
  • Distributed across Alberta
  • Well established mining techniques
  • Record of environmental success
  • Currently mining 25 m tpy
  • Serving 50 of installed power capacity
  • Supply continuity
  • Abundant, affordable, available
  • 5 Alberta deposits 1.7 billion tonnes
  • Begin with the phased development of

Typical Coal Mining Sequence
Coal Conversion TechnologiesFlow Sheet Options
Clean Coal Technologies
Full Specification Product
Existing Thermal Power
Hydrogen and CO2 for EOR
Carbon Ore Beneficiation
Run of Mine Coal
Syngas for SAGD/CHP
Specialty Hydrocarbons Solid/Liquid
Solvent Extraction
Synthetic Fuels
IGCC Power Plants
SAGD Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage CHP
Combined Heat Power IGCC Integrated
Gasification Combined Cycle
Benefits to Alberta and Canada from Coal
Conversion Technologies
  • Gasification technology will provide a cost
    effective and a stable long term source of
    hydrogen for the Alberta Petrochemical industry
    the new Alberta Advantage.
  • Gasification technology provides a secure,
    economic, reliable and clean feed stock supply
    for power generation for the oil-sands industry
  • Allows sequestration of CO2, enabling enhanced
    oil recovery (EOR) to be expanded and allow
    significant additional recovery of conventional
    oil resources

Bridge Project Phase 1Beneficiation of Western
  • Objective
  • to develop cost effective cleaning
    technologies for low rank coals for use in
    pulverized fuel boilers and for gasification
  • In conjunction with Alberta Energy Research
    Institute (started in 2004)

Bridge Project Phase 2Gasification of Western
  • Impact of beneficiation on gasification
  • Reduced capital costs for syn-gas cleanup
  • Increased reliability of the gasification process
  • Increased gasification potential for Sherritt
  • Improved fuels handling
  • Determine scale-up potential
  • This project was also funded jointly by Sherritt
  • Alberta Energy Research Institute

Bridge Project Phase 1
  • Project Plan
  • Characterization of all Western Canadian Coals
  • Mechanical Separation
  • Pressure Pyrolysis
  • Solvent Extraction
  • Integrated Flow Sheet Development

Air Jig
  • Lignite evaluated at Falkirk showed potential
    application of Air Jig
  • BTU increase 1-6
  • Ash reduction 5-23
  • SO2 reduction 8-31
  • Hg reduction 13-32
  • Quote requested
  • 310K plus installation and operating costs
  • Searching for bench scale unit to pre-evaluate
    different coals, then pilot the ones with

Allmineral property rights
Fluid Bed Dryer
  • Moisture reduction and ash removal
  • Lehigh University bench experiments completed
  • Additional piloting at Great River Energy to

GRE property rights
Wet Pyrolysis
  • Because certain types of gasifiers are
    slurry-fed, their overall efficiency is dependant
    upon the coal/water ratio in the feed stream
  • A reduction in equilibrium moisture content would
    allow us to ship drier, higher calorific value
    coal from the plant site to our existing
    customers without the worries of spontaneous
  • Reduced shipping costs (less water shipped)
  • Higher boiler efficiency
  • The result is a higher overall heating value fuel
    that can be fed into a gasifier or boiler
  • A reduction in slag and ash forming components
    would reduce fouling and corrosion in the
    existing plants, increasing their operating
    efficiency and reducing their maintenance costs

Process Flow Diagram
Solvent ExtractionProcess Overview
  • Products tie in with Sherritts Technologies
  • Niche market limits economic risk exposure
  • Integration opportunities into a coal-plex, esp.
  • Economically self-sustaining way to stage coal
    liquefaction projects
  • from a smaller scale to larger scale.
  • All products immediately saleable even on small

Integrated Flow Sheet Development
Barriers to Gasification of low rank coals
  • Technical Barriers
  • Coals are higher in ash and in moisture (compared
    to Bituminous)
  • Coals can not be slurried to the required
    solids content for it to be economical for either
    combustion or gasification
  • High sodium content will potentially cause
    fouling problems in the down stream equipment
  • Commercial Barriers (ref EPRI survey)
  • High capital costs for gasification
  • Low reliability and availability
  • High O M costs

Development of Optimal Gasification Technology
for Western Canadian Feed stocks
  • Conduct a proof-of concept study at Siemens
    gasification facilities (formerly Future Energy)
    to gather data on the behaviour of slag
    characteristics under different oxygen/feed
  • Collect large scale data on the gasification and
    the water treatment areas
  • Based on the information come with a optimal
    strategy to select and operate an economically
    viable gasifier for Western Canadian feed stocks

Bridge Project - 1619Proof of Concept study
for Gasification at Future Energy, Germany
  • Approximately 40 tons of coal (8 tons of CV, 12
    tons of Dodds and 20 tons of boundary dam) and 5
    tons of petroleum coke were shipped to Future
    energy in July.
  • All the samples were ground ( 95 - 100 micron
    and dried) at a pilot vertical mill operated by
    Klaudius-Peters and the ground samples were
    bagged, sealed under nitrogen and sent to Future
  • Pre fluidization tests were conducted on all our
    samples to determine the drying level for each of
    the coals.
  • Gasification tests were conducted between Nov 12
    to Dec 2, 2005

Gasification Test Facilities of Siemens GmbH in
3 MW
1 MW
Gasifier Reactor with cooling wall 2-3 MW max.
30 bar
Inert gas plant 1000 m3i.N./h 80 bar
Pulverized fuel dosing and feeding system up to
10 t/h
Oxygen plant max. 300 m3i.N./h 80 bar
SulFerox desulfurization unit Waste water
treatment COS hydrolysis HCN hydrolysis
Sewage sludge drier 500 kg/h Pyrolysis unit 500
Slurry feeding 300 kg/h
Fig. 3
Some Preliminary Conclusions
  • The proof-of-concept tests proved that the
    entrained flow gasifier with a quench is the
    right technology for our coals
  • All the coals tested gasify readily yielding high
    carbon conversions and cold gas efficiencies
  • All the coals tested fluidize easily and conveyed
    through the high density mass flow system to the
  • The slagging characteristics of all the coals
    tested were satisfactory and did not create any
    flow or plugging problems
  • The Dodds-coke mixture yielded good syngas flow
    and produced a slag at 1700 C
  • The pure petroluem coke yielded much less syn gas
    (H2CO) and much higher CO2 content (gt15). The
    slagging temperature was also high (gt1900 C) and
    produced high viscosity slag.
  • The relative leachability of these slags showed
    that pure coke gasification without adequate flux
    will not produce environmentally acceptable slag.

Top of the gasifier
View of the quench system
The Beautiful flame of the Syngasproduced from
Dodds coal
Path Forward
  • Sherritt Technologies will be building a Clean
    Coal Technology Center for upgrading low-rank
    coals to higher rank coals by beneficiation
  • Sherritt Technologies will be willing to work
    with any potential end user (combustion or
    gasification) of Sherritts coals
  • The site for the center has been chosen
  • Laboratory facilities will be completed by Q3