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Overview of the Data Synchronization Process


Overview of the Data Synchronization Process Bill McLeer UCCnet Business Development Pierre J. Bonura Church & Dwight Co, Inc. Sales Systems Topics for Discussion ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Overview of the Data Synchronization Process

Overview of the Data Synchronization Process
  • Bill McLeer
  • UCCnet Business Development
  • Pierre J. Bonura
  • Church Dwight Co, Inc. Sales Systems

Topics for Discussion
  • What is data synchronization?
  • Why global synchronization?
  • Overview of the GS1 Global Registry
  • What is the Global Data Synchronization Network?
  • How does UCCnet fit in all of this?
  • What are the UCCnet Data Pools competitive
  • Church Dwight Case Study
  • History
  • Benefits
  • Solution
  • Recommendations

What is Data Synchronization?
  • Electronic transfer of standardized item and
    location information AND the continuous
    harmonization of that data over time
  • Item information includes attributes controlled
    by the supplier (e.g., size, height, weight)
  • Location information includes locations involved
    in trade (e.g., headquarter, billing, ship to)

Why Global Synchronization?
  • Today, trading partners are facing high,
    unnecessary costs due to
  • Master data problems
  • Transportation and Merchandising issues, i.e.,
    package dimension errors.
  • Order to cash process issues, i.e., invoice
  • Globalization of trade has generated an
    accelerated need for smooth inter-company flow of
    goods and better control of supply chain
  • Fragmented regional synchronization requires
    suppliers to pay multiple subscriptions, adding
    tremendous cost to supply chains.
  • By providing interoperable Data Pools, users will
    benefit from having the same master data in all

GS1 Global Registry
  • GS1 Global Registry is a global directory for
    item and party master data.
  • Access to the GS1 Global Registry is limited to
    certified Data Pools.
  • On March 7, 2005, UCCnet, as a GDSN certified
    data pool, will take over the fee collection for
    its GDSN subscribers as per the new GDSN version
    4.0 Roadmap.

Evolution of the GDSN
  • At the request of industry in 1999, UCCnet was
    established to address the costs and supply chain
    challenges associated with inaccurate data
  • Over the past five years, UCCnet has taken the
    lead in building the infrastructure to make data
    synchronization possible and accessible
  • Recognizing that companies collaborate with a
    wide variety of trading partners, UCCnet has
    worked with users from a broad range of
    industries to identify and define the
    requirements for data synchronization

Global Data Synchronization Network
  • Components
  • A centralized GS1 Global Registry
  • Launching a Global Data Synchronization Network
    incorporating a compliant set of open, global
    business message standards
  • The establishment of certified, interoperable
    Data Pools, where information will be accessible
    through the GDSN
  • A comprehensive certification testing program
    that will test new and existing Data Pools for
    interoperability with both the Global Registry
    and other participating Data Pools

How Does the GDSN Work?
Any Supplier or Retailer selects one data pool as
a single point of entry to the GDSN.
UCCnet Data Pool Role
  • Operates as certified GDSN Data Pool (Source and
  • UCCnet performs the basic data pool
  • Suppliers register product to the UCCnet Data
    Pool Registry
  • Retailers register item subscriptions to the
    UCCnet Data Pool Registry
  • UCCnet provides interoperability for its
    suppliers and retailers with each other
  • UCCnet operates as the gateway to the GDS
    Network for those who wish to engage

Who is UCCnet?
  • UCCnet is a not-for-profit subsidiary of the
    Uniform Code Council (UCC). UCCnet provides its
    members with services that facilitate the
    validation and registration of data AND the
    distribution of the data throughout the Global
    Data Synchronization network (GDSN).

Who Subscribes to UCCnet?
Consumer Product Goods Wegmans Supervalu Safeway
Tyson Foods Campbell Soup Church Dwight
Mass Merchandise Wal-Mart Target
Top retailers driving each vertical
What is UCCnets Product Offering?
  • Two components to UCCnet offering
  • UCCnet Data Pool Services
  • Gateway to GDSN
  • Messaging into and out of that network
  • UCCnet Data Pool certified on version 2.4 as both
    a source and recipient data pool
  • Component that UCCnet manages for our subscribers
    but that has no impact to our subscribers
  • UCCnet Network
  • Messaging to and from our partners
  • Utilizes UCCnet schemas
  • No impact on GDSN messaging
  • Component that our subscribers use and where they
    are impacted by change

What are the UCCnet Data Pools Competitive
  • Most successful customers
  • 16 of the Fortune 100
  • Over 4000 leading retailers and suppliers
  • Endorsed by the worlds leading companies,
    such as Lowes, Staples, SUPERVALU, Wal-Mart and
  • 50 subscribers implementing, saving a million
    for every billion in sales
  • Even the smallest of companies prosper

What are the UCCnet Data Pools Competitive
  • History of innovation
  • Built with proven architecture that has vision
    and flexibility for the future
  • Robust features and functionality, such as 40
    types of event notification
  • Consistent architecture with the EPCglobal

What are the UCCnet Data Pools Competitive
  • Commitment to our subscribers success
  • Low cost and easy methods of implementation
  • Time-saving features, including over forty types
    of Worklist notifications, retrievable data,
    audit trails, intelligent routing, and
    subscription management
  • Reasonability checks and validation of brand
    owner GTIN allocation rules
  • Participation in standards committees to foster
    standards adoption

What are the UCCnet Data Pools Competitive
  • Comprehensive implementation support
  • Subscriber Website (NEW 1Q05)
  • Educational live Web Seminars
  • 24/7/365 on demand Web Seminars
  • 24/7 Technical help desk support
  • Customer Service support
  • Retailer/Association Web pages
  • 50 certified UCC Solution Partners
  • UCCnet Sync Utility
  • U Connect Conference
  • UCCnet User Group
  • Supply Chain U seminars
  • Sync Source quarterly eNewsletter
  • Retailer scorecard
  • Retailer Advisory Council

Implementation Options
New 2005 Program Beginning March 7
  • Options to implement
  • NEW UCCnet Onboard Support
  • New offering to handle subscribers end to end
    with one contract/invoice
  • Complete technical assistance to prepare to sync
    data and onboard to UCCnet
  • Full data sync solution ensures quick
  • Driven by UCCnet support staff
  • UCCnet Solution Partner subcontractors onboard

GDSN fees included in all new 2005 programs
New 2005 Program Beginning March 7
  • Options to implement
  • Self Implement
  • UCCnet Sync Utility
  • No change
  • Implementation tool for under 1M subscribers
  • UCCnet via UCC Solution Partner or Internal
  • No change
  • Subscribers can certify their own internal
    solution to connect to the UCCnet Data Pool
  • Subscribers can select a Solution Partner to
    connect them to the UCCnet Data Pool

GDSN fees included in all new 2005 programs
UCCnet Sync Utility
  • For 100 subscribers
  • gt100 subscribers as an educational tool (5 GTIN
  • Single user (no hierarchy capability)
  • Supports extended attributes
  • Automated updates
  • Easy-to-use wizard
  • Registers and publishes data

UCCnet Sync Utility
UCCnet Subscriber Web Site
Church Dwight Co, Inc.
  • Founded in 1846, a world leader in consumer
  • Household products under the Arm Hammer
  • Personal care brands include Nair, ARRID Trojan
  • Annual revenues of approx. 1.5B (NYSE CHD),
    globally focused
  • Manufacturing facilities in Spain, France, Great
    Britain, Australia, Canada and Mexico
  • Sell 2,500 GTINs in all major classes of trade
    from Mass to Grocery and from Dollar to Drug
  • Received UCCnet letters from several leading
  • Leverage SAP in IT initiatives
  • UCCnet Services solution needed to be SAP-centric

How It Came Together
  • Cross organizational project team
  • Sales, IT, Logistics, RD Packaging
  • Selected an integrated hosted solution phase 1
  • Desired speed, lower costs keep SAP as the
  • Signed in October 2003, published 1st brand in
    early Dec
  • Currently in sync with three retailers appx 2000
    GTINs registered and published without errors
  • Automated feed from SAP Material Master sent
  • TR2 provides the services to cleanse any new
    products, and retailer relationships
  • Key wins
  • Met the WalMart end of the year mandate
  • Cleansed every sku in our portfolio (30,000
  • Entire organization is aware of the importance of
    our data sync initiative

Church Dwight
Hosted Data Center
Optional International registry feeds
https / sftp / AS2
Content Mgmt.
Data Compliance Engine
Intelligent Sync Engine
https / AS2
UCCnet Services
Data file feed
Trading Partner
Trading Partner
Benefits of Implementing UCCnet Services
  • Internally have not calculated the ROI, but it is
    very evident
  • Valid item specs in SAP improves transportation
    and logistics
  • Reduced costs of keystroke errors, and saved time
  • High value of integrated solution for a cost much
    lower than expected
  • Improved awareness for CD with key customers and
  • Joining the UCCnet community shows commitment to
    Global Data Sync Initiative lays the foundation
    for future collaboration such as RFID
  • Standardized the process around upc creation
  • Created an awareness for UPC and UCC guidelines
    for product restages changes
  • Prior thinking was just to change the version
    when a new UPC was warranted
  • Working on senior management buy-in to
    implications of changes
  • Solution is positioned to bring in our firewall
    when business justification is there

Lessons Learned
  • Choose a partner that solves all the issues
  • Data cleansing, guidelines education, issue
    resolution with retailers and the various
    standards bodies, and an advisor for the future
    changes w/ GDSN
  • Data synch impacts systems, but also on the
    business as well
  • Need to change the process that creates the data,
    otherwise youll end up with the same bad data in
    the future
  • This is an investment to ensure high customer
  • Getting the job done right was the key
  • Do not need to spend entire IT budget for an
    integrated solution
  • The only thing we could have done differently was
    to start earlier!

  • Understand the requirements.
  • Put together a cross functional team
  • Know where you data is located (or isnt!)
  • Put a process in place to keep data clean.
  • Take it one category at a time! (Retailers are
    not looking for huge data dumps.)
  • Join the community and get involved!

Thank You
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