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PLANNING FOR SUCCESSION ... Performance management measures


PLANNING FOR SUCCESSION ... Performance management measures and rewards inconsistent with organizational values ... of executive leadership in fire departments and ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: PLANNING FOR SUCCESSION ... Performance management measures

  • Presented by
  • Fire Chief Kelvin J. Cochran

Planning Succession
  • Succession Planning
  • Professional Development
  • Mentoring

Planning Succession
  • Succession Planning
  • The continual business of monitoring and
    developing internal talent to assure that
    employees have the knowledge, skills and
    abilities necessary to succeed in future
    leadership roles

Planning Succession
  • Professional Development
  • Establishing core competencies for every rank,
    while systematically providing training and
    education internally and externally to meet those

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Planning Succession
  • Mentoring
  • The systematic approach to providing focused
    support and attention, both professional and
    personal guidance to subordinates, formally woven
    into the performance appraisal program of an

Planning Succession
  • The Need for Planning Succession
  • Forecast Rapid Attrition
  • Forecast Rapid Growth
  • State of Organizational Stagnancy

Analyze Stagnancy
  • Organizational Stagnancy
  • A period where activities that were once exciting
    have become common and routine
  • Lack luster and enthusiasm
  • Unwilling to challenge dissenters
  • Financial incentives do not resolve

Planning Succession
  • Organizational Stagnancy
  • Tolerate things we used to detest
  • Relationships more important than mission
  • Average is disguised as excellent
  • Succumb to good, rather than aspire for great
  • Making excuses rather than make a change
  • Clinging to past traditions with reduced value

Enhance Morale
  • Many of our members are basing their job
    satisfaction and job motivation on the forecast
    of promotional and professional development
    opportunities, and the attractiveness of
    leadership portrayed by chief officers

Enhance Morale
  • No matter how much they admire, love and
    appreciate us, there comes a point in time where
    our subordinates, even those who respect us
    dearly, want us to GO!!!
  • Forecasting based on whos signed up, whos past
    retirement, whos close to retiring and when
    theyre going to go or sign up.

Enhance Morale
  • Forecasting whos next to move up in the
    leadership advancement pipeline has become
    extremely difficult but extremely necessary for
    us to do as a department.

Planning Succession
  • Inability to forecast
  • Members are staying longer before signing up
  • Members are choosing to stay past their
    retirement/DROP date
  • Members are leaving abruptly without much notice
  • Members returning to the field operations

Planning Succession
  • As the leader, and leaders of our fire department
    we have an obligation to step outside of our
    comfort zones to infuse hope and optimism into
    our members through planning for succession.

Planning Succession
  • In organizations where succession planning
    really works, it is not a stand-alone activity.
    It is a core process of the business, woven into
    the very fabric of its culture.

Succession Planning Professional Development
  • Sense of urgency for fire service leaders
  • Lack of professional development
  • Every man for himself
  • The fair-haired boy, favorite son
  • Narcissist mentality
  • Unaware of organizational vulnerability

Failure to Succession Plan
  • Steady attrition of talented members
  • Retain people with outdated skills
  • Create promotion apathy
  • Create a passive-aggressive culture

Wanted Talented Leaders
  • Disaster Management
  • Budget challenges
  • Implement progressive change
  • Managing community conflicts
  • Labor/management challenges
  • In situations like these Fire Departments need
    to have the right people in the right places to
    succeed and thrive!

Failure to Succession Plan
  • Apt for wrong organizational decisions
  • Promote untested, unqualified officers
  • Recruit outside of the organization
  • Difficult to adjust
  • Unfamiliar with the culture

Common Attributes of SP
  • Not stand alone ad hoc activities
  • Embedded development activities
  • Chief officers deeply involved
  • Chief officers/company officers evaluated on
    their contributions to the organization-wide

Planning Succession
  • By engaging officers and administrative chief
    officers in this way departments can align its
    professional development processes with its
    strategic priorities.

Succession Planning Advantages
  • Builds a clear and attractive identity
  • Enhances personnel perception of leadership
    development processes
  • Authenticates succession planning
  • Attracts future leaders early in career

  • Is the talent pipeline of the fire service
    producing enough quality leaders?
  • Our department
  • Other fire departments
  • Emergency Management Organizations
  • Private Sector Organizations

Leadership Development Initiatives and
  • Fire Training Academy
  • National Fire Academy
  • Executive Development Institute
  • Executive Fire Officer Program
  • John F. Kennedy School of Government
  • Chief Fire Officer Designation
  • Certified Emergency Manager Designation
  • IAFC Professional Development Handbook
  • Higher Education

Blueprint for SP and PD
  • Versed in all aspects of organization
  • Accountability for chief fire officers
  • Unwavering commitment to the system
  • Share resources-the talent pool
  • Job rotation strategy
  • Provide opportunities and visibility

Integrated Approach
  • Succession planning drives professional
  • Succession planning starts at the top
  • Train and develop potential successors
  • Each rank should be the training officer for the
    rank below

Challenges for the Chief Executive
  • Planning your own exit
  • Evokes fears and hidden emotions
  • Deal with long held defense mechanisms
  • Desire to avoid the issue
  • The trend is to always look for the next
    mountain to climb, not to step down from the
    mountain and look for a replacement.

  • There is no success without a successor.

Benefits of Integration
  • Alerts rising stars to opportunities
  • Ability to assess your bench strength
  • Sense of future incumbent leadership
  • Minimal business disruption
  • Increase stakeholder confidence
  • Reduce cost of external recruitment

Desired Culture
  • Talent alignment and optimization - striking the
    balance between the supply of talent (rising
    stars) and the demand for talent (critical
  • Annual review of talent pool-group setting
  • Evaluation of current roles
  • Preparation for future roles
  • Develop paths with multiple career possibilities

Fire Chief Responsibilities
  • Recognize developmental needs
  • Help cultivate new skills
  • Provide opportunities for professional
  • Nudge into new functional areas
  • Mentor emerging leaders
  • Pass on important knowledge
  • Provide helpful evaluations and feedback

Succession Planning Essentials
  • Aligned
  • Attractive
  • Authentic

Aligned Leadership Development
  • Enables the organization to meet its mission
    objectives more effectively
  • Enables the organization to produce better
    innovations more quickly
  • Rewards individuals who produce innovative results

  • Occurs when
  • Rolling out initiatives without proper planning
    and time horizons
  • Professional development, succession planning not
    linked with mentoring
  • Miss-matched protégé-mentor (disfunctional
  • Performance management measures and rewards
    inconsistent with organizational values and

  • Personnel are attracted to promotions-advancement
    in part due to the talent identity (image) of
    executive leadership in fire departments and in
    fire service organizations.

Attractive Leadership Development
  • Does the leadership development system reinforce
    the image you want people to have of our
  • Relationship between leadership development and
    candidates attracted
  • External stakeholders perception of
    organizational leadership culture
  • Personnels perception and understanding of the
    organizational values and strategic direction

Attractive Leadership Development
  • Reinforces a positive leadership image
  • Emphasizes functional capabilities
  • Reinforces proper fit of organizational values
    and belief system

Authentic Leadership Development
  • Authentic - Customized, legitimate system
    developed internally by stakeholders
  • Talent development effects business decisions
  • Not a perception of favoritism
  • Not padding and developing resumes
  • Persons recruited, selected and promoted are
    truly qualified, capable, competent

Professional Development Outcomes
  • Actively improve employee skills
  • Increase commitment to work
  • Accelerates information sharing
  • Better trained personnel
  • Increase willingness to accept additional

Executive Coaching
  • The Mentor
  • And
  • The Protégé

  • Essential to leadership development
  • Many mentors will enter and exit your life
  • Mentors can make the difference between
  • Satisfaction and contentment
  • Stagnation and growth
  • Loss and gain
  • Pain and fulfillment
  • Deterioration and restoration

10 Facts You Should Know About An Uncommon Mentor
  • An Uncommon Mentor is the Master Key to the
    Success of a Protégé
  • An Uncommon Mentor Transfers Wisdom Through
  • An Uncommon Mentor Guarantees Your Promotion
  • An Uncommon Mentor Can Determine Your Income

10 Facts You Should Know About and Uncommon Mentor
  • An Uncommon Mentor Can Cause Influential People
    to Listen to You
  • An Uncommon Mentor Will Require Your Pursuit
  • An Uncommon Mentor is More Interested in Your
    Success Than Your Affection

10 Facts You Should Know About and Uncommon Mentor
  • 8. An Uncommon Mentor is Not Necessarily Your
    Best Friend
  • Your best friend is comfortable with your past
    your mentor is comfortable with your future
  • Your best friend loves you the way you are your
    mentor loves you too much to leave you the way
    you are
  • Your best friend ignores your weakness your
    mentor removes your weakness
  • Your best friend is your cheerleader your mentor
    is your coach

10 Facts You Should Know About and Uncommon Mentor
  • 9. An Uncommon Mentor Sees Things You Cannot See
  • Sees weaknesses before you experience the pain of
  • Experienced the pain of a problem you are about
    to create

10 Facts You Should Know About an Uncommon Mentor
  • 10. An Uncommon Mentor Can Create an Uncommon
  • Everything you know will come through mentorship
    (directly or indirectly)

The Protégé
  • A protégé is an enthusiastic learner
  • The wisdom of the mentor is perpetuated through
    the protégé
  • It is vital to recognize and honor those
    connected to you for the multiplying and
    perpetuation of your success and life.

Passive Protégés
  • Reach when it is convenient or when their
    personal efforts do not produce their desired
  • They subconsciously expect their mentor to
    produce success for them.

Parasite Protégés
  • Pursue for credibility, not correction.
  • They will use the name and influence of a mentor
    to manipulate others into a relationship
  • They want what the mentor has earned, not what he
    has learned
  • They want reputation without preparation

Prodigal Protégés
  • Enter and exist the relationship freely
  • When serious correction occurs they move toward
    another mentor who has not yet discovered their
  • They distance themselves when their mentor
    encounters personal difficulties, loss of
    credibility, false accusation or persecution

Productive Protégés
  • Have a servants heart
  • Never make major decisions without counsel and
    feedback of the mentor
  • They honor and respect their mentor both
    professionally and personally

6 Facts About The Uncommon Protégé
  • The uncommon protégé invests time spent with the
    uncommon mentor
  • The uncommon protégé follows the counsel of the
    uncommon mentor
  • The uncommon protégé reveals the secrets and
    dreams of his heart with the mentor
  • The uncommon protégé freely discusses his
    mistakes with the mentor

6 Facts About the Uncommon Protégé
  • The uncommon protégé defines clearly his
    expectations to the mentor
  • The uncommon protégé ultimately reaches or
    exceeds the mentor he serves

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