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The Impact of Hollywood on Our Youth Major topics: Hollywood


The Impact of Hollywood on Our Youth Major topics: Hollywood s Three Big Lies The impact of Television The Impact of Movies The Anti-Christian Bias – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Impact of Hollywood on Our Youth Major topics: Hollywood

The Impact of Hollywood on Our Youth
  • Major topics
  • Hollywoods Three Big Lies
  • The impact of Television
  • The Impact of Movies
  • The Anti-Christian Bias
  • The Disconnect Between Hollywood and America

The Impact of Hollywood on Our Youth
  • Hollywoods 3 Big Lies
  • Its only entertainment it doesnt influence
  • - Kill Bill The New York Times wrote
    the undeniable passion that drives Kill Bill
    is fascinating, even, strange to say it,
    endearing. This film featured 7 arms being
    severed, 5 legs being severed, two deaths by
    hatchet, a very close-up scalping, 45 individuals
    killed by swords, and a pregnant woman being shot
    in the head. Quentin Tarantino, the director of
    this film, said If you are a 12-year old girl
    or boy, you must go and see Kill Bill. You will
    have a d--- good time. Boys will have a great
    time, girls will have a dose of girl power. If
    you are a cool parent out there, go take your
    kids to the movie. The American press only adds
    to the problem in that Tarantino is an almost
    glorified hero when it comes to his talents as a
  • - Todays defenders of violence on
    television and motion pictures insult the
    intelligence of the American public. Do companies
    that spend millions and millions of dollars on
    television commercials do so, because they have
    nothing better to do with their money? Or do they
    have overwhelming evidence that seeing beautiful
    people using their products changes viewers
    behavior? Travis Thompson, Dir. Of the John F.
    Kennedy Center for Research on Human Development
    _at_ Vanderbilt University In the context of Kill
    Bill Hollywood directors know full well that
    handsome actors and beautiful actresses
    pretending to be extremely violent can draw
    people to the theater. They also know that these
    same heroes can have an impact on ones
    behavior. And they most definitely understand how
    desensitized our kids are in gobbling it all up.
    Weird Questions (1) How would Charles Ingalls
    and family respond (if we could transport them
    through time ) to Kill Bill? (2) Could they eat
    popcorn and drink soda while watching legs being
    severed? Or , would they be in shock and need to
    be hospitalized?
  • My students always laugh when
    were talking about this movie many of them
    have seen it , and enjoyed it.

The Impact of Hollywood on Our Youth
  • Hollywoods 3 Big Lies
  • We just reflect reality. Dont blame us blame
  • - Paul Verhoeven the director of Basic
    Instinct, Total Recall, and Robocop once said
    Art is a reflection of the world. If the world
    is horrible, the reflection in the mirror is
    horrible. In other words, Hollywood cant be
    held accountable for the violence and mayhem
    shown in their films theyre just showing us the
    truth about a very ugly society.
  • Lets take a closer look at his
    reality on it all About 350 characters appear
    each night on prime-time television programming
    with an average of seven murders. If this same
    rate applied in society, then in just 50 short
    days every man, woman, and child in America would
    be dead! QUESTION Is Hollywood really just
    reflecting reality? / The Center for Media
    and Public Affairs reports that seven out of
    every eight sexual encounters shown on television
    are extramarital. Again, reality?
  • Most of us live in a FAR better
    world/environment that that which is thrown
    before our eyes night after night on television
    programming. Television promotes the idea that
    everyone is having a wild, debauched time out
    there and that if we dont do the same that were
    somehow missing out on all that fun. Hollywood
    appears to be in the business of redefining what
    is normal.

The Impact of Hollywood on Our Youth
  • We just reflect reality. continued
  • - UCLA sociologist James Q. Wilson did a
    study on behavior as it relates to our visual
    surroundings, and heres an alarming and
    revealing finding On city streets where broken
    windows are left unrepaired by local government,
    the crime rate was significantly higher. Why? The
    broken windows seem to indicate to the public
    that standards are missing from those streets,
    and that an almost anything goes mentality
    kicks in.
  • Much of todays television
    programming and movie offerings are like those
    broken windows a portrayal of life without
    proper standards, and where there are no
    consequences for deviant behavior. Reminder We
    have the highest level of juvenile violent crime
    in the world today , and this wasnt always the
  • Once again our kids are left
    desensitized by the ongoing level of violence and
    sex depicted on the big screen.

The Impact of Hollywood on Our Youth
  • Hollywoods 3 Big Lies
  • We give the public what it wants. If people
    dont like it, they can always turn it off.
  • - Something most of Hollywood doesnt ever
    seem to get , but that most traditional families
    in America understand fully G and PG movies
    do far better (bring in more attendees and make
    more ) than movies rated R. For most of the
    last 25 years Hollywood has insisted on
    bombarding us with R-rated movies roughly 60
    of all offerings. The proof is in the numbers
    PG and PG-13 movies grossed 6.7 billion in
    2005 / R movies brought in 2.1 billion. Out of
    the top 25 movies in 2005 only 4 of them were
    R-rated. Movies like Shrek 2 and The
    Incredibles dominated at the box office. If
    Hollywood directors, producers, and actors are
    all about making money , then why not put out
    the types of movies THAT MAKE A LOT OF MONEY? One
    study indicated that 94 of Hollywood directors
    have something missing from their life ever
    attending church. Is it any wonder that their
    values, or lack thereof, end up on the big
    screen? The Lion King made twice the money of
    Pulp Fiction, but I can almost guarantee that no
    one in this room has ever heard of Roger Allers
    (director of Lion King). You probably have,
    however, heard many times over of Quentin
    Tarantino (director of Pulp Fiction). It is those
    types of directors who get so much air time on
    shows like Entertainment Tonight and the
    resulting praise for their work.

The Impact of Hollywood on Our Youth
  • The Impact of Television
  • Reality Check
  • 98.3 of all households have TV sets
  • 65 of all households have cable TV
  • 82 of all households have either a VCR or DVD
  • household TV sets are on for an average of 7
    hours each day
  • the average American spends nearly 3 hours each
    day watching TV
  • the average child, upon leaving elementary
    school, has witnessed 8,000 murders on TV / has
    witnessed 100,000 additional acts of violence on
  • sexual content has risen dramatically on nightly
    TV offerings virtually all of it extramarital
    most of it more explicit than ever (shows like
    Desperate Housewives / Sex and the City
    perpetuate the myth that this type of behavior is
    a normal part of life)
  • the use of profanity on prime-time (the 8-9
    family hour) TV offerings increased 95 between
    1998 and 2002 it rose 109 during the 900 pm
    hour / this increase was seen almost uniformly
    on every major network / the Federal
    Communications Commission (FCC) has not done
    their job in enforcing ON THE BOOKS decency laws
    / Gods name can now be taken in vain in the
    1000 pm hour / the f bomb can now be dropped
    in the 1000 pm hour, so long as the word is not
    used in a sexual context

The Impact of Hollywood on Our Youth
  • The Impact of Television
  • More reality check
  • Londons Guardian reports that in June 1999,
    Bhutan became the last nation in the world to
    turn on television. In an effort to modernize,
    the country lifted a ban on the small screen, and
    those who could afford the 5-a-month
    subscription signed on to a cable service that
    provided 46 channels of round-the-clock
    entertainment. Everyone was immediately enamored.
    PBS Frontline reports that children quickly
    began neglecting homework in favor of the tube
    time and even Buddhist monks (who outnumber
    soldiers in the tiny kingdom) began replacing
    religious duties with television shows. And it
    started changing peoples behavior, too. Gentle
    boys from good Buddhist families began
    practicing body slams, imitating their new TV
    heroes from World Wrestling Entertainment. Then,
    three years after TVs arrival, Bhutan
    experienced what some are calling its first crime
    wave murder, fraud, and drug offenses. The
    national newspaper, Kuensel, has called for the
    censoring of television (some critics have even
    suggested it be re-banned). We are seeing for
    the first time broken families, school dropouts
    and other negative youth crimes, an editorial
    claims. We are beginning to see crime associated
    with drug users all over the world shoplifting,
    burglary and violence. The Bhutanese government
    isnt officially fingering TV for the nations
    recent changes, but Sangay Ngedup, minister for
    health and education, concedes that there is a
    gulf opening up between old Bhutan and new.
    Until recently, we shied away from killing
    insects, he said. And yet now we Bhutanese are
    asked to watch people on TV blowing heads off
    with shotguns. Will we now be blowing each
    others heads off?
  • - from

The Impact of Hollywood on Our Youth
  • The Impact of Television
  • Public Opinion on Media Violence
  • 72 of Americans believe there is too much
    violence on television
  • 57 of Americans believe spends too much time
    focusing on violent crime stories
  • 80 of Americans believe television violence is
    harmful to society / 47 believe it is very
  • 53 of Americans believe watching violence on
    television makes people more likely to do
    something violent
  • 94 of Americans believe that television violence
    adds to crime rates
  • 76 of Americans believe that violence on
    television numbs people to violence so that
    theyre insensitive to it
  • 71 of Americans believe that violence on
    television makes people feel that violence is
    fun and acceptable
  • 75 of Americans believe that violence on
    television inspires our young people to engage in
    violent behavior
  • 77 of Americans are very disturbed by the
    level of violence on television
  • 58 of Americans said that television violence
    bothered them more than real violence
  • 75 of Americans who have young children said
    they have turned off violent television

The Impact of Hollywood on Our Youth
  • The Impact of Television
  • (Psychological Perspective)
  • There are many factors involved in determining
    the impact of TV on our youth, including how
    much time they spend in front of the TV, the age
    of the child, the personality or temperament of
    the child, whether they watch TV alone or with
    their parents, and whether mom and dad take the
    time to explain what their kids are watching.
  • VIOLENCE Researchers have identified 3
    potential responses to the media violence being
    ingested by our kids, as follows (1) kids (girls
    more than boys) will have increased generalized
    fear of the world around them also known as the
    mean and scary world syndrome, (2) kids will be
    desensitized the real-world violence / violence
    on TV even on some cartoon programming is
    often portrayed as humorous, with entirely
    unrealistic consequences of that violence, (3)
    some kids, especially the young, are more likely
    to exhibit aggressive and disrespectful behavior,
    both in play time and at school. Parents should
    also pay close attention to what their kids are
    viewing on the nightly news. I see this immediate
    reaction from my son, Tanner, when something
    violent flashes across the screen. This is the
    GOOD news, that my son is indeed startled to see
    scenes of war in Afghanistan or some story on a
    local murder. The BAD news can come when kids
    watch the scenes of violence and seemingly care

The Impact of Hollywood on Our Youth
  • The Impact of Television
  • (Psychological Perspective)
  • SEXUAL CONTENT Kaiser Family Foundation study
    (2001) 3 out of every 4 prime time TV shows
    contain sexual references, with situational
    comedies topping the list (fully 84 contain
    sexual content). Only 1 out of every 10 of these
    shows include references to safe sex (if there is
    such a thing ) and discussion of risks and
    consequences of promiscuous sexual behavior. In
    shows that revolve around teenagers 83 have
    continual themes of risky and irresponsible
    sexual activity.
  • As a reminder Center for Media and Public
    Affairs study 7 out of every 8 sexual
    encounters seen on TV are extramarital.
    Traditional husband and wife, in a fully
    monogamous relationship low ratings! QUESTION
    Anyone here remember the Baby Episode of the
    Dick VanDyke TV show? Oh, how things have
  • Question Does anyone here know the highest rated
    episode of Seinfeld? Can we even discuss this
    out loud? While the characters on this show (like
    Kramer) can indeed be funny to watch, is there a
    single character on this show that ISNT on a
    quest for extramarital sex? George, once hes
    married to Susan, is portrayed as quite bored
    with the marriage bed hes absolutely depressed
    with the whole arrangement. Can we even begin to
    count the number of men that Elaine has been
    with? America became more familiar with a certain
    type of birth control because of her character.
    Translation Sex within the confines of marriage
    just plain stinks. Main point If some of the
    funniest people on TV are also the most oversexed
    , then is their message all the more powerful
    among our youth?

The Impact of Hollywood on Todays Youth
  • The Impact of Television
  • (Psychological Perspective)
  • - From Janet Jacksons famed wardrobe
    malfunction, to barely dressed young female
    singers like Britney Spears and Lady Gaga, MTV
    continues to make abundantly clear their
    particular worldview. According to the Parents
    Television Council during ONE single month in
    2005 3,056 flashes of nudity or sexual
    situations and 2,881 verbal references to sex.
    This was just one month! According to Brent
    Bozell, PTC President and conservative activist
    MTV has clearly chosen to cater to the lowest
    common denominator, to offer the cheapest form of
    programming to entice young boys dangling
    forbidden fruit before their eyes. Of course, an
    MTV spokesman came out and immediately denounced
    these finding as some sort of right-wing
    conspiracy against their programming. Ugh. Center
    for the Study of Popular Television at Syracuse
    University In an episode of One Bad Trip, MTV
    depicted a human sundae competition where men
    licked whipped cream placed on womens bodies
    with a cherry for each ------. In Spring Break
    Fantasies, five women in swimsuits rubbed lotion
    on a man, using more than their hands. An episode
    of Room Raiders showed a man looking through a
    womans underwear drawer and commenting on what
    he finds.
  • reminder our kids are DESENSITIZED
    by it all , and find it all quite humorous

The Impact of Hollywood on Our Youth
  • The Impact of Television
  • (Psychological Perspective)
  • - The Parents Television Council has found
    that MTVs various programming actually has more
    sexual content than its videos. During just one
    week of MTV programming the PTC said it
    recorded 3,127 instances of profane dialogue
    bleeped out and another 1,518 other instances
    of unedited rough language.
  • - MTV spokeswoman Jeannie Kedas said that
    her network is simply reflecting the American
    culture, and it is what their viewers want to
    see. Its unfair and inaccurate to paint MTV
    with that brush of irresponsibility, she said.
    Remember those 3 Big Lies?
  • - the PTC has found that MTV has
    approximately three times as many sexual
    incidents in their programming throughout EACH
    day as ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX at 1000, when
    programming standards are greatly loosened for a
    more mature audience.
  • - MTVs worldview they are completely in
    line with a secular humanist perspective on human
    behavior to live a hedonistic life, without much
    regard for consequences / moral and ethical
    absolutes are out the window / a fairly
    narcissistic, and self-centered perspective on
    our role in this world - me, me, me ,me, me, me,
    me, me, me, me!

The Impact of Hollywood on Our Youth
  • The Impact of Television
  • (Psychological Perspective)
  • - A study published in the Journal of
    Adolescent Health found that kids who regularly
    view sexualized media are more likely to engage
    in sexual activity than those who are not
    exposed. In addition, such exposure can have just
    as much influence in a teens life as parental
    relationships and religious beliefs. If family
    relationships are weak, media becomes a sexual
    super peer. Daniel Weiss, senior analyst for
    media and sexuality at Focus on the Family
    Action, said such studies confirm what common
    sense has said for years. Ideas have
    consequences, he said. The last few years have
    seen a growing body of evidence demonstrating the
    harm from sexually explicit media. The twisted
    portrayal of sexuality in mass media is
    fracturing and distorting our youth in very
    harmful ways. On figuring it all for later on
    in life Adolescence is a developmental period
    that is characterized by intense information
    seeking, especially about adult roles.
    Adolescents may turn to the media for information
    about sexual norms. The folks at Focus on the
    Family are NOT alone in their findings, as
    evidenced in a study by psychologist Rebecca
    Collins, who agreed that kids overexposure to
    sexual content on TV can indeed lead to more
    promiscuous behavior. Its social learning.
    Monkey see, monkey do, she said. If
    everyones talking about sex or having it, and
    something bad hardly ever comes out of it,
    because it doesnt on TV, then they think, Hey,
    the whole worlds doing it, and I need to.

The Impact of Hollywood on Our Youth
  • The Impact of Television
  • (Psychological Perspective)
  • - Dr. Bill Maier, VP and psychologist in
    residence at Focus on the Family The evidence
    is clear Children who regularly view sexually
    suggestive media are more likely to engage in
    promiscuous sexual behavior themselves. Whats
    particularly disturbing about this new research
    is that it shows that media messages about sex
    influence kids attitudes and behaviors just as
    much, or more so, than their parents. Parents who
    dont understand the power of media or dont take
    steps to limit their childs exposure to sexually
    provocative material may very well face the
    heartbreak of an unplanned pregnancy or a
    sexually transmitted disease. He also points out
    that while parents cant control everything their
    kids see on TV, they can certainly make a
    difference. Parents first task is too cultivate
    in their children a hunger for virtue and a
    desire to seek out what is good and beautiful.
    Parents can limit their childrens exposure to
    sexually explicit messages through careful and
    wise media choices and those constraints are
    helpful but only internal restraints will
    protect a child outside the home. Our role
    as educators, in this regard, is to assist the
    parents in this battle for the hearts and minds
    of their children. The more educated we are with
    what all is going on in television programming,
    and the more proactive we are in reminding the
    kids about that drip, drip, drip of ideas, the
    better well be in fulfilling Gods mission for
    us all in this Christian setting.

The Impact of Hollywood on Our Youth
  • The Impact of Television
  • (Psychological Perspective)
  • A Scientific American article entitled
    Television Addiction examined why children and
    adults may find it hard to turn their TVs off.
    According to researchers, viewers feel an instant
    sense of relaxation when they start to watch TV
    but that feeling disappears just as quickly when
    the box is turned off. While people generally
    feel more energized after playing sports or
    engaging in hobbies, after watching TV they
    usually feel depleted of energy. According to the
    article this is the irony of TV people watch a
    great deal longer than they plan to, even though
    prolonged viewing is less rewarding. An
    increasing number of MIA parents are using the
    television as a babysitter leaving the teaching
    of values, morals, ethics, norms, and mores to
    the television icons of this generation. Some of
    these same kids come into our classrooms and
    struggle with a basic understanding or right and
    wrong. Lets not assume for a minute that our
    kids being in a Christian school somehow protects
    and isolates them from these negative messages.
    Again, the positive role we can play in all this
    is increasingly critical.

The Impact of Hollywood on Our Youth
  • American Public Opinion on Media Violence
  • 72 believe that entertainment television
    contains too much violence
  • 57 believe television news stations give too
    much time and attention to stories involving
    violent crime
  • 80 believe television violence is harmful to
    society / 47 very harmful
  • 53 believe watching violence on television makes
    people more likely to do something violent
  • 76 believe that violence on television numbs
    people to violence so that theyre insensitive to
  • 71 believe that violence on television tells
    people that violence is fun and acceptable
  • 75 believe that violence on television inspires
    young people to violence
  • 59 said they are personally bothered by
    violence on television
  • 81 of Americans believe that entertainment
    companies should voluntarily limit their output
    of violence on television good luck with that
  • 61 believe that the level of violence in
    television programming is worse than before
  • 82 believe in a ratings system of television
  • Hollywood obviously cares little
    about the majority viewpoint in America today
    the simple notion that more family-friendly
    programming would GO OVER WELL with the typical
    viewer. I thought it was all about ratings!!! And
    money! And fame! And peer acceptance! And money
    oh, I already mentioned that!

The Impact of Hollywood on Our Youth
  • Media influence on the Family Television and
  • (The Proof is in the )
  • A Few Examples
  • - E.T. The Extraterrestrial sales of
    Reeses Pieces increased 65 because of the
    scene where the boy used this candy to lure E.T.
    into his house
  • - Charlies Angels karate lessons for
    younger women increased 50 nationwide because
    of the karate used in the movie
  • - Mission Impossible II Oakley sunglass
    sales soared to 100,000,000 in the economic
    quarter following the release of the movie (up
    39 over the same quarter the previous year)
    because, apparently, of a single scene of Tom
    Cruises receiving instructions on a mountain top
    via his Oakley sunglasses
  • - Dallas morning deejay he asked all of his
    listeners, without so much as giving a single
    reason, to send him 20 - within 1week he had
    received a little over 240,000
  • - CSI colleges/universities saw an
    immediate jump in the number of students
    enrolling in forensics classes / a rep. from
    Manhattans Pace University credited this TV show
    as a major force in their decision to add both
    undergraduate and graduate-level courses in this
    field of study.

The Impact of Hollywood on Our Youth
  • The Impact of Movies
  • The first time I saw one person intentionally
    injure another person was on the Friday Night
    Fights on television, where the purpose was for
    one boxer to cause the other brain damage, so
    that he lost consciousness. It seemed strange to
    call it a sport, but thats what happens when
    you euphemistically refer to violence. Todays
    defenders of violence on television and motion
    pictures insult the intelligence of the American
    public. Do companies that millions upon millions
    of dollars on television commercials do so,
    because they have nothing better to do with their
    money? Or do they have overwhelming evidence that
    seeing beautiful people using their products
    changes viewers behavior? Wouldnt they also
    expect that watching handsome actors pretending
    to be police officers shooting the bad guys,
    night after night, might also have some impact on
    the viewers behavior? Would watching hour upon
    hour, week after week, serial killers torturing,
    maiming and murdering innocent people be likely
    to have lasting impact on young impressionable
    viewers? Travis Thompson, Director of the John
    F. Kennedy Center for Research on Human
  • 1 movie at the box office weekend of 10/3/09
    Zombies (took in an estimated 25,000,000) / the
    movie trailer shows zombie-looking creatures
    being slaughtered before our very eyes my son,
    Tanner, caught a glimpse of this the other night
    on TV and was horrified Daddy, why would anyone
    want to see a movie like that? Oh, that we could
    react in the same manner as our kids.
  • Even childrens films contain more violence
    Everybody is trying to reach out to as wide an
    audience as possible, said Disney spokesman
    Dennis Rice. / as animation techniques
    become more sophisticated, and cartoons speak to
    audiences of all ages, the animated world looks
    more like reality, said Elaine Rapping, professor
    of film history and theory at the University of
    Buffalo. We become increasingly desensitized,
    so movies have to be more and more viscerally
    exciting, she said.
  • QUESTION Would Hollywood
    film studios, directors, producers and actors
    make JUST AS MUCH MONEY with films that do not
    contain violence and societal reality? History
    as a guide says YES.

The Impact of Hollywood on Our Youth
  • The Impact of Movies
  • GOD
  • The Passion of the Christ proved that Americans
    do indeed have an appetite for the things of
    God. A Gallup poll released just after the
    films release indicated that Three in four
    Americans have seen or expect to see it. Its
    obvious here that Hollywood could stand to make a
    huge amount of money on films that actually speak
    favorably of God who knew? / New York Times
    Hollywood producers and studio executives,
    witnessing overwhelming success of The Passion
    of the Christ, are reconsidering whether they
    have been neglecting large segments of American
    audience eager for openly religious movies
  • Gallup polls indicate that roughly 93 of
    Americans believe in God and that roughly 40
    attend worship services regularly. Here again,
    doesnt it stand to reason that Hollywood would
    want to tap into this market?
  • Ray Comfort of Living Water Publications
    Hollywood has been under the illusion that
    America wasnt interested in God. Thats because
    the town lives in a world of its own. A survey
    conducted among the 104 top television writers
    and movie executives found that, of the 104
    that were asked if adultery was wrong only 49
    said it was. That means that 51 maintained that
    they believe that adultery is morally right.
    Meanwhile, 85 of the rest of America believes
    adultery is wrong.

The Impact of Hollywood on Our Youth
  • Disconnect Between Hollywood and America (by Pat
  • Because Hollywood is so big and so powerful, so
    great and so well-known, it has an exaggerated
    view of its significance. Not Hollywood, the
    town. Not much show business actually goes on
    there. Most of the studios are spread around
    other southern California communities, like
    Culver City of Burbank. But I mean Hollywood, the
    Entertainment Mecca which includes parts of
    Southern California and New York City, and,
    because news has become entertainment, some of
    Washington, D.C., as well. one of the dangers of
    my business is that it has the potential to fill
    you with a distorted view of life and your
    importance in it. And its understandable in a
    way. If you are part of a successful enterprise,
    people treat you very well. They pretend the most
    outlandish or inane things you might say are
    important and quotable. Drugs? Adultery?
    Alcoholism? Deviant behavior? Dont worry. You go
    on Oprah you crypeople call you heroic for
    being so openand you career soars to new
    heights. Q Do you think the recent revelations
    about David Letterman having sex with
    interns/employees in his studio will help or hurt
    his career??? Honestly? Rosie ODonnell a
    daytime talk show host goes public with her
    sexual preference, and she is lauded as brave.
    What exactly is brave about that? First of all,
    who cares? And whats brave about getting the
    chance to be interviewed by ABC and landing on
    magazine covers? I characterize it as
    bravery-as-a-career-move. Alec Baldwin
    recently compared the election of George W. Bush
    to the terrorist attacks of 9/11. This is the
    same Baldwin brother who promised to leave the
    country if Bush were elected. Sadly, he reneged
    on that one. Baldwin also went on Conan OBrien
    late-night show during the Clinton impeachment to
    say that Illinois Republican Congressman Henry
    Hyde should be shot along with his family.

The Impact of Hollywood on Our Youth
  • Disconnect Between Hollywood and America (cont.
  • Do remarks like that get chastised in Hollywood?
    Ostracized? Marginalized? No, Alec Baldwin. Hes
    an actor. Hes in show business. Hes important.
    You see, if you complain about what you see as
    excesses on the screen, you are a book-burning
    prude who wants to tell everyone else how to
    live. You are a censor. You have no right. That
    is a right saved for the wise. They know better.
    They are important. Its the same kind of
    nonsense that brings celebrities to Save the
    Earth benefits in eight-mile-per-gallon limos.
    Or that allows them to make a public service
    announcement urging recycling filmed at their
    20,000 square foot homes. They can lecture to you
    and you should listen, even if they dont because
    well, because theyre celebrities. Theyre from
    Hollywood, for goodness sake and you live in
    Michigan (or wherever)! The larger point is the
    disconnect between the realities of this nation
    and its people, and perceived realities of many
    in the entertainment community. They think they
    have diversity in their midst because they take
    pains to hire a representative mix of gender and
    race. But there is no diversity of thought. And,
    perhaps worst of all, its the phenomenon that
    allows movie studios and television networks to
    program with an utter disregard for your kids and
    your communities. Its not that theyre evil
    people. They have kids, and they care about them.
    But they see no connection between what they do
    and the results of what they do. And, besides,
    youre not really families and communities.
    Youre ratings, demographics and sales.

The Impact of Hollywood on Our Youth
  • Any further proof on this whole disconnect
  • From Director Roman Polanski
    pleaded guilty, in 1977, to one count of unlawful
    sex with a minor a girl 13 years old. Normal
    people call this rape. The victim told a grand
    jury she repeatedly told him to keep away, but
    Polanski forced her to have sex. Authorities
    charged Polanski with six felony counts
    furnishing a controlled substance to a minor,
    committing a lewd or lascivious act on a child,
    unlawful sexual intercourse, rape by use of
    drugs, perversion and sodomy charges that, if
    resulting in conviction, meant possible prison
    time of 50 years. The spare the girl the ordeal
    of a trial, the prosecution accepted a plea deal
    and reduced six counts to one, and Polanski
    agreed to spend 90 days in prison for psychiatric
    evaluation. Prison officials released Polanski
    after only 42days and recommended no additional
    prison time. Both the defense and the prosecution
    expected the judge to agree. The judge called the
    prison report a whitewash and, according to
    some, planned to sentence Polanski to the
    remaining 48 days if the director agreed to a
    voluntary deportation upon release. Others say
    the judge planned to impose a long prison term.
    When Polanski returned to the States, he heard
    rumors that the judge might send him to prison,
    possibly for a long time. So Polanski fled the
    country. He caught a plane to Europe, never to
    return for 32 years and counting. He continued to
    make films, one of which, The Pianist, won an
    Oscar for Best Director. Two weeks ago, however,
    Swiss authorities arrested Polanski for fleeing
    the united States.

The Impact of Hollywood on Our Youth
  • Polanski (continued)
  • Enter the Hollywood community. Big wig film
    producer Harvey Weinstein calls Polanskis
    unlawful sex a so-called crime and claims that
    Hollywood has the best moral compass. Harrison
    Ford, Debra Winger, Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen,
    and many other want Polanski set free. They ague
    that the publicity-seeking but now dead judge
    reneged on his promise of leniency cash-poor
    California has higher priorities than to spend
    tax payer money on a 30-year-old case Polanski
    has suffered long enough his then-wife was
    murdered by Charlie Manson followers he lost
    family in the Holocaust and is himself a
    Holocaust survivor the rape victim/survivor, now
    45 years old, wants the matter dropped Polanski
    makes great films and, in the immortal words of
    actress/pundit Whoopi Goldberg, this wasnt
  • The worldview of Hollywood
    elites apparently fails to realize that we are to
    be held to account for our behavior. Many in the
    Hollywood community are truly darkened in their
    understanding and truly ignorant of any moral
    and ethical absolutes in life. Is it any wonder
    that their films and television programming are
    chocked full of immorality, violence, bad
    language, and a disdain for the things of God?
    What must it feel like to live in a world where
    you make all your own rules? The best moral
    compass? If they are truly serious about this
    , then I have a whole new understanding of a
    life separated from God. How tragically sad.

The Impact of Hollywood on Our Youth
  • Gods Word James Dobson on the Impact of
  • One of the best Scriptures for
    direction on media discernment is Colossians 28
    See to it that no one takes you captive through
    hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on
    human tradition and the basic principles of the
    world rather than on Christ. Entertainment
    choices affect our ability to nurture our spirits
    according to Gods design. Christians not only
    need to be intentional in confronting todays
    R-rated culture but also discerning enough to
    realize that even a little bit of bad can do a
    great deal of harm, especially to our children.
    Deceased Christian song writer Keith Green one
    wrote and performed a song called They Dont
    Believe in Me Anymore. In this number, the
    narrator to whom credence was no longer given was
    Satan. The lyrics went on to describe how
    Christians were making the devils job easy due
    to their lack of recognition of his harmful,
    threatening activity in the world. Throughout the
    song, the Evil Foe expounds on how stealth and
    cunning were no longer devices needed as
    Christians had become so absorbed into the world
    that they would pretty much invite him into their
    homes and lives. Effort was only needed in
    teaching the children of God to compromise. That
    seems to be what the entertainment industry wants
    from Christians compromise. So diligent,
    purposeful, and resolved must a Christians walk
    be in this world, that there can be no room for
    moral compromise. Satan is real and actively
    pushing his agenda through mass media and he
    rules it a win if you accept what hes throwing
    your way.

The Impact of Hollywood on Our Youth
  • Some GOOD news, please! We need to catch our
    collective breath.
  • Question Is Hollywood capable of having a
    positive impact on our youth? I believe so ?
  • The Waltons
  • Little House on the Prairie (Yes, you can be a
    real man and still enjoy this show!)
  • Touched By an Angel
  • Hoosiers
  • The Money Pit
  • October Sky
  • Field of Dreams
  • Apollo 13
  • Home Alone I and II
  • Toy Story I and II
  • Ice Age / Ice Age The Meltdown

The Impact of Hollywood on Our Youth
  • Some Practical Advice / Common Sense Reasoning
  • be teaching our kids a Christian worldview a
    consistent drip, drip, drip of Gods
    perspective on things and Hollywood
    entertainment messages / focus points
    morality, ethics, violence, ethical egoism,
    relativism, and an out-and-out glorification of
  • go to for practical advice on how to
    counter the bombardment of negative messages our
    kids receive from Hollywood entertainment
  • always be willing to take the time to explain,
    correct, or clarify what our kids are seeing on
    TV and the Big Screen (e.g., there is a growing
    list of words that I dont want my kids speaking
    like butt, booty, crap, oh my God, and
    these can filter through on even the best of kids
    television programming or a favorite Disney
    movie - - I will immediately remind the kids that
    we dont talk that way and that God doesnt
    like it either - - were at a point now in our
    home where the kids will turn to me, especially
    my 5 year-old, Elise, and tell me that someone on
    the show shouldnt have said that / Im not
    hitting the kids over the head with all this, but
    am instead using a gentle and common-sense
    approach to helping them learn)
  • be careful that were walking our talk - -
    watching highly immoral or violent
    programming/movies that our kids are at least
    aware of can prove counter-productive in our
    attempt to steer them clear of the same (think of
    it this way an alcoholic/chain-smoking parent
    trying to teach their kids that drinking and
    smoking is bad for them good luck with those
    life lessons!)

The Impact of Hollywood on Our Youth
  • Practical Advice continued
  • take opportunities as teachers to join in with
    their conversations involving the latest movie -
    - youll probably find that theyre eager to hear
    your perspective (e.g., I overheard some of my
    Psychology students talking about the R-rated
    movie Knocked Up and decided to join in this
    was a wonderful opportunity to take a
    level-headed approach to discussing the whole
    issue of kids being desensitized to the immoral
    messages out of Hollywood, and that making light
    of something God is quite serious about is worth
    their second thought - - they actually did admit
    to me that it was an offensive movie, and one
    student said she should have walked out - - the
    point here is that a respected (I hope ) adult
    is giving them all the more reason to think about
    what theyre seeing, and think about it from
    Gods ever-clear perspective)
  • reality check we wont always be giving advice
    shared by mom and dad - - lets be careful in
    discussing with a 9th grader how or why they
    attended the latest R-rated movie - - mom and dad
    might care less what their kids are watching - -
    a big UGH, please
  • remind the kids that they are desensitized and
    probably dont realize it - - that they can sit
    in front of Kill Bill while eating popcorn and
    drinking Pepsi is mind-bending to me personally,
    and its worth explaining to them why I feel that
    way - - the drip, drip, drip of worldly values
    and norms can be devastating to our kids
  • pray about what God would have us do in terms of
    our own entertainment choices - - I truly believe
    Gods Spirit will lead

The Impact of Hollywood on Our Youth
  • Gods Word (Help for Our Kids)
  • Exodus 201-21 Gods original Top-10 list
  • Psalm 1 Be careful whose counsel you accept
  • Psalm 114-7 The dangers of loving violence
  • Psalm 101 Davids pledge of purity
  • Romans 129 Hate what is evil
  • Ephesians 511 Have nothing to do with darkness
  • Philippians 44-8 Your hearts best defense
  • 1 Thessalonians 521 Test everything
  • Colossians 28 Watch out for deceivers!
  • Colossians 31-10 trading junk for jewels
  • 1 Timothy 47-16 A call to young Christians
  • 2 Timothy 43-4 Dont waffle on the truth
  • Galatians 516-25