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Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter Ohio Chapter of the Year!


Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter Ohio Chapter of the Year! General Body Meeting January 25, 2009 CACDST Goals: Impactful social ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter Ohio Chapter of the Year!

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.Cincinnati
Alumnae ChapterOhio Chapter of the Year!
  • General Body Meeting
  • January 25, 2009
  • CACDST Goals
  • Impactful social action programming that
    mobilizes the chapter
  • Contributing 30,000 over the next 5 years to our
    chapter scholarships and programs
  • Reclaiming at least 50 sorors over the next 5
  • Enhancing our internal policies and procedures
    for better chapter effectiveness
  • Increasing chapter visibility within the
    community and the sorority.
  • Regional Goals
  • 200 delegates at DDNC
  • 100 Chapter Compliance
  • 7000 Members by June 30, 2009
  • 200 DIDs (Delta Internal Development workshops)
  • 8 State Meetings (e.g., Delta Days, Statewide
    Founders Day, Training Clusters, etc.)
  • Launch a State Program Initiative for all 8
  • Submit 4 articles from the Midwest for the Delta
  • 100 attendance by chapters at the Regional
  • Full slate of candidates for 2009 Regional

Ohio Chapter of the Year!General Body
MeetingJanuary 25, 2009ORDER OF BUSINESS
  • Meeting Call to Order
  • Adoption of the Agenda
  • House Keeping Reminder
  • Minutes of Previous General Body Meeting
    Read Silently
  • Membership Intake Report
  • Correspondence
  • Officers Reports
  • President
  • 1st Vice President
  • 2nd Vice President
  • 3rd Vice President
  • Financial Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Committee Reports
  • Fall Roundup
  • Ways Means /Golf Outing
  • Delta GEMS
  • Scholarship
  • Social Action
  • Physical Mental Health
  • Unfinished Business
  • New Business
  • Announcements
  • Ritualistic Closing

Note Italic and shadowed items are reports
containing recommendations and will require action
General Body Meeting MinutesDecember 20, 2008
The December 20, 2008 meeting was called to order
at 1015am, College Hill Presbyterian Church. A
quorum was present with 37 financial members and
4 non-financial/ visiting sorors. Sor. Chapman
added to the agenda under new business a
discussion to possibly move the January meeting
date. Sor. Evelyn Ellington moved to adopt the
agenda. The motion was seconded. Motion passes.
The November General Body Meeting minutes were
read silently. Motion to accept the minutes by
Sor. Danelle Carter. Seconded. Motion Carries.
Correspondence Sor. Charlotte McKenzie gave her
report. Thank You cards received by the Chapter,
Invitation to the The Dream Is Real Stomp Fest. 3
requests to be discussed under New Business.
President Sor. Veronica Chapman gave her report.
Local, State, Regional, National Updates. Looking
for volunteers to help with the MW Regional
Leadership Team meeting. Request from Sor.
Octavia Matthews to help in her bid for
re-election, chapter will write a letter in
support of Sor. Matthews. New National Initiative
under Arts Letters- Project ART Actively
Redefining Together. 1st Vice President Sor.
Tina Welch gave the report. Updates on program
activities and activities that have happened over
the past month and upcoming events. Plea to get
the word out on the Scholarship applications.
2nd Vice President Sor. Danelle Carter gave
her report. Informational. Review of upcoming
Founders Day Celebrations throughout the region.
Statewide Founders Day in Dayton March 6-8.
Kwanzaa will be held in the Basement immediately
following the meeting. Recognition of visiting
General Body Meeting Minutes December 2008
  • 3rd Vice President
  • Sor. Vickie Fairley gave her report.
    Informational Report. Working on the Policies and
    Procedures manual in which Exec. Board members
    and Committee Chairs document the processes for
    their office and committee. Special recognition
    for those who turn it in by Dec 31,2008. Send to
    Sor. Esther Cash-Mills and copy Sor. Vicki
  • Financial Secretary
  • Sor. Gayle DeBrossard gave the report. Up to 126
    financial members, 1 more soror paid dues this
  • Treasurer
  • Sor. Gayle DeBrossard gave her report. We have
    been asked to have a full audit performed by
    Grand Chapter, however it is not in the budget as
    this would cost around 5,000. Any time a chapter
    has gross receipts of more than 100,000 we are
    required to have an external audit. Motion to
    look at using the chapter Certificate of Deposit
    to cover the cost of the audit by Sor. Tina
    Welch. Seconded. Discussion. Ammendment made to
    the motion to put make sure we put the money back
    in the CD by Sor. Sandra Wiggins. Denied by Sor.
    Welch. Original Motion Carries.
  • Appointed Officers
  • None
  • Committees
  • Adopt A Family Sor. Tina Bowen gave her report.
    Thank You for those who gave for Thanksgiving.
    Requesting assistance for the Christmas Holiday
    for Lighthouse Youth Services.
  • Ways and Means Soror Lisa Rowell gave her
    report. Golf Outing on May 16, 2009. First
    meeting will be 12/30 at 730 at Donatos in
    Tri-County. Asking Sorors to begin collecting
    items for the gift bags and soliciting sponsors
    for the event.
  • Membership Intake Sor. Veronica Chapman gave the
    report. Rush will be Jan 4, 2009 at the Columbia
    Center at 500pm. Doors close at 515. Attire is
    Red and/or White Business attire. Update on
    tentative dates for interviews and the chapter

General Body Meeting Minutes December 2008
  • Committees Cont.
  • Delta G.E.M.S Sor. Camille Woods gave her
  • Delta Academy Sor. Candice Higgins gave her
    report. Review of programs since the beginning of
    the year. In need of additional sorors for the
    committee. Winter Retreat will be 2/28/09.
  • Scholarship Sor. Kim Hull gave her report.
    Contacting schools and churches to get out
    applications for the scholarship for 09.
    Applications online, deadline is 1/31/09.
  • Physical Mental Health Sor. Stephanie Morton
    gave her report. DVD presentation on Strokes,
    distribution of Pedometers and health tips.
  • Unfinished Business
  • None
  • New Business
  • Discussion on whether or not to move the January
    meeting due to the Presidential Inauguration.
    Motion to move the January meeting to the 15th at
    630 pm by Sor. Stacey Fulgham. Seconded.
    Discussion. Ammendment to move the meeting to Jan
    25th after the chapter vote by Sor. Krystal
    Hardy. Accepted. Motion Carries.
  • The Beta Iota Chapter of Omega Psi Phi
    Fraternity, Inc. will host its 53rd annual Mardi
    Gras on Saturday, February 28 and is requesting
    sponsorship of levels 2000, 1000, 500, or
    250. Motion to donate 110 by Sor. Kyndal
    Burton. Seconded. Motion Carries.
  • The American Cancer Society is requesting a 100
    donation for their annual drive. Motion to donate
    100 by Sor. Wanda Owens. Seconded. Motion
  • CYC (Cincinnati Youth Collaborative) is
    requesting a financial gift of either 50, 125,
    250, 500, or 1000 to support their student
    success program. Motion to donate 125 by Sor.
    Frances Glover. Seconded. Motion Carries.

General Body Meeting Minutes December 2008
  • Announcements
  • Cincinnati Black Theatre Company performing Black
    Nativity this weekend at Xavier University
  • Correspondence from Sor. Tiffany McDowell who
    received her Doctorate from Ohio State
  • Correspondence from Sor. Michelle Toney-looking
    for daytime IT instructors to begin immediately.
  • Allen Temple AME will be performing their
    Christmas Choral fest on 12/21 at 5pm
  • 1/19/09 National Chaplin Sor. Vashti Murphy
    McKenzie will be speaking in Dayton, OH.
  • NYE Celebration at Great Commission Bible Church,
    cost is 25, after five attire.
  • Motion to adjourn by Sor. Marthalla Foree.
    Seconded. Motion Carries.
  • Meeting adjourned at 1209 pm followed by the
    Ritualistic Closing.
  • Stacey Fulgham Veronica Chapman
  • Recording Secretary President

Membership Intake
  • Violets to the Minerva Circle for all of their
    hard work on a fantastic Rush!
  • The Rush was held on January 4 , 2009 at the
    Columbia Center. There were a total of 52 guests
    and 48 Sorors in attendance.
  • Interviews are scheduled for Friday January 23,
    2009 from 6-8 p.m. and Saturday January 24, 2009
    from 12- 6p.m. at the College Hill Presbyterian
  • The chapter vote is scheduled for Sunday, January
    25, 2009 from 3-4 p.m. at the College Hill
    Presbyterian Church. Application packets will be
    available for review from 230 -315 p.m.
  • As a sisterly reminder Interviews, and the
    Chapter vote are open to financial members of
    Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter only. Please keep all
    information regarding membership activities
  • All financial chapter members are encouraged to
    attend the interviews and participate in the
    chapter vote as we undertake this important task
    of selecting women to participate in the
    membership intake process with the goal of
    becoming members of our illustrious chapter and
  • Respectfully Submitted,
  • Soror Gail McCullom

Correspondence ReportJanuary 25, 2009
  • Happy New Year, Sorors. Please review the
    guidelines listed below that will help in our
    correspondence process.
  • All committee meetings, updates, announcements,
    etc. that you would like included in the upcoming
    CAC Weekly Update should be submitted each week,
    no later than Sunday, 500pm to You must write
    your own submission in its entirety. This will
    insure inclusion of any early week meetings, as
    the Update will be emailed during the early part
    of each week. If you have an exception/emergency,
    feel free to call 513-258-3799.
  • Please submit your info in the format as you
    would like for it to appear in the update. Your
    info should be inclusive but brief, in STANDARD
    TYPE AND FONT. Include pertinent info such as
    date, time, location, contact person, email,
    phone number, etc. Only minor editing will be
    BE INCLUDED. Therefore, submit your info as
    bullet points that can be included in the body of
    the update or send an attachment that is small in
    NUMBERS, ETC. with our Sergeant at Arms as you
    sign in for the Chapter Meeting. Also, if you
    have information that is currently not on file
    for another Soror, please provide it to us. We
    need correct information so that we can keep you
    in the communication loop of CAC.
  • Your suggestions and comments are welcome.
    THE CHAPTER EMAIL ADDRESS dst_cincinnati_alumnae Thank you Sorors!
  • Correspondence
  • Thank you card from Soror Glenda Leonard
  • Invitation from the Urban League of Greater
    Cincinnati to attend their 60th Anniversary
    Annual Meeting Glorifying the Lions
    Presentation that will take place on Friday,
    February 6, 2009, Hyatt Regency Grand Ballroom,
    12 noon.

Correspondence Report continued..
  • Request/Ads/Donations
  • Sigma Zeta (NKU) is requesting funding assistance
    for Delta Days at the Nations Capital.
  • Request from Debutante Dominique K. Francisco to
    support her efforts to win Miss Debutante 2009.
  • Sponsorship request for Alpha Chapters 17th
    Annual Woman to Woman Conference at Howard
    University, Wednesday, February 4, 2009. The
    theme is Sisters Lets TalkReaching Our Full
    Potential, Excelling Beyond Belief.
  • Request from Womens City Club to co-sponsor
    their 16th Annual National Speaker Forum
    featuring New York Times columnist and Cincinnati
    Native, Gail Collins, on Thursday, March 12, 730
    PM at the Millennium Hotel. Co-sponsor fee is
    300 and organizations will received 12 tickets
    to the event plus 4 tickets to a private catered
    reception with Gail following her talk.
  • Submitted in the spirit of Delta,
  • Charlotte McKenzie
  • Corresponding Secretary

Presidents ReportJanuary 25, 2009
  • Happy New Year, Happy Anniversary, Happy Founders
  • This year, the Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter
    celebrates 60 years of service continuing the
    legacy our Founders set 96 years ago. Thank you
    for the role you play by ensuring our chapter is
    providing impactful programming for
    African-Americans in the Greater Cincinnati
  • Local Updates
  • Violets to Sorors Cheryl Lett and Tina Welch for
    coordinating dinner and movie screening for Not
    Easily Broken in support of Deltas new Arts
    Letters Initiative - Project ART Actively
    Redefining Together.
  • Violets to Soror Gail McCullom and the Minerva
    Circle for a very successful Rush on Sunday,
    January 4th.
  • Additional volunteers are needed to assist with
    the Midwest Regional Leadership Team Meeting,
    April 3-5. See me or Soror Monetta Pennington to
    sign up.
  • Violets to the Membership and Adopt-a-Family
    committees for coordinating our holiday
  • State Updates
  • Registration is open for Statewide Founders Day
    Weekend March 6 8, Dayton, Ohio, Marriott
    Hotel, 1414 Patterson Avenue. The Theme is So
    Little AloneTogether So Much. Keynote Speaker
    Soror Octavia Matthews. The cost is 100 for
    Alumnae Sorors and 75 for collegiates. Contact
    Soror Carter for a registration form.
  • Midwest Region Updates
  • Just to let you know a scheduled training set for
    Saturday, January 17, 2009 in Charleston, IL.  If
    you know of anyone in your chapter interested in
    attending, please contact Soror Shawn D. Peoples,
    Illinois Training Development Coordinator at REMINDER  You must have
    approval from the Regional Director to attend.

Presidents Report. continued
  • National Update
  • Delta has launched its new website. The site will
    feature a new video unveiling and explaining the
    new theme and logo for the current
  • In Commemoration of the Presidential Inauguration
    and to celebrate the works and vision of Dr.
    Martin Luther King, Delta Sigma Theta will be
    hosting an open house at National Headquarters on
    Monday, January 19, 2009,1000 a.m. - 400 p.m.
    Stop by to say hello to several Past National
    Presidents, Corporate Officers, Executive Board
    Members and our current National President. There
    will be tours of National Headquarters and a
    limited number of vendors selling paraphernalia
    in commemoration of this historic event. Family
    and friends are welcome as well. LOCATION
    National Headquarters of Delta Sigma Theta
    Sorority, Inc., 1707 New Hampshire Avenue, NW,
    Washington, D.C. 20009, VIA METRO Red Line
    (Dupont Circle Stop)
  • On-line Registration is open for Delta Days at
    the Nationals Capital Feb 29 through March 3,
    Washington D.C. Registration will close on
    January 26.
  • Yours in Delta,
  • Veronica L. Chapman
  • President

First Vice President Report
  • Happy belated Founders Day! Sorors I am very
    exited about our programs committee activities
    over the past month
  • Delta Academy educational component two, Bridge
    Building Part II
  • Cotillion Rehearsal Kick-off, 22 Debs confirmed
  • Stroke Awareness program overview
  • Adopt-A-Family distribution of gift cards and
    gift bags to sick-n-shut-in sorors
  • Arts Letters, Project Art featuring the "Delta
    Red Carpet" event the viewing of the film "Not
    Easily Broken"
  • We have some great things planned for the
    remainder of the sorority year. Below is some
    key information regarding each program and
    upcoming activities
  • Dr. Betty Shabazz Delta Academy - Young ladies
    grades 5th through 8th, focus on math/science,
    meets 1st Saturday of each month at Corryville
    Recreation Center, 12pm 3pm. Next meeting
    February 14th, Bridge Building Part-3, bridge
    building contest winner will be named.
    Participate in the Alpha Esquire Quiz Bowl,
    February 7th, University of Cincinnati Student
    Union Center.
  • Delta Academy II Delta G.E.M.S. (Growing and
    Empowering Myself Successfully) Young ladies
    grades 9th through 12th, focus on self esteem and
    leadership, meets 1st Tuesday of each month at
    Xavier University Gallagher Student Center (Room
    214), 630pm 830pm. Next meeting February
    3rd, Peer Pressure and Sex Education. Participate
    in the Alpha Esquire Quiz Bowl, February 7th,
    University of Cincinnati Student Union Center.
  • Scholarship Committee - Scholarship applications
    are now available and can be obtained from
    committee members or at our website, deadline is January 31st .
  • Debutante Cotillion - Young ladies that are
    High school Juniors and Seniors, focus on
    developing and enhancing the debutantes
    personal, educational, cultural, spiritual, and
    social lives. Rehearsals are held at Xavier
    University Armory on Sundays, starting at 3PM.
    Next activity Sunday, January 18th, rehearsal.
    Crowns Luncheon currently scheduled for Sunday,
    February 8th.

First Vice President Report
  • Social Action committee - Collaboration with
    community partners to enhance the political and
    social awareness of the Cincinnati community
  • Physical and Mental Health Committee will be
    focused on Stroke and Stroke prevention in
    addition to Breast Cancer Awareness, and Heart
    Disease. We are looking forward to this months
    Stroke awareness presentation
  • Financial Fortitude Committee will focus on
    home ownership and preventative maintenance.
  • Adopt-a-Family Violets to all of the Sorors who
    contributed for the Thanksgiving and Christmas
    holiday seasons. A total of 985.00 in cash,
    checks and gift cards were collected during the
    November and December Sorority meetings. The
    money collected was turned into Visa, Kroger and
    Target gift cards so that families from the Help
    Me Grow Program at Lighthouse Youth Services
    could enjoy a blessed holiday season. With our
    donations we were able to assist 35 families.
    The Help Me Grow program provides support and
    service coordination for families of infants and
    toddlers who are at risk for or are experiencing
    developmental delays. Services are designed with
    the family's concerns and goals in mind and
    administered locally by county-based
    organizations. Staff members assist parents in
    helping their children grow and learn by
    facilitating their children's development and
    keeping them safe and healthy. Staff members also
    connect families with other services in the
    community that will assist in their child's
    continuing development.  Again thanks for your

First Vice President Report
  • Arts Letters Soror Cheryl Lett coordinated
    our chapter participation in the new National
    Arts Initiative, Project Art which featured a
    "Delta Red Carpet" event supporting the film "Not
    Easily Broken," based on the novel written by
    Bishop T.D. Jakes.Project Art focus is on
    redefining images of the African-American
    community in all forms of artistic media while
    expressing concern for those art forms that
    promote harmful messages and negative
    stereotypes. Violets to Soror Lett, the chapter
    had a fantastic time on January 10th attending
    dinner at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen followed by
    attending the film "Not Easily Broken. We had
    approximately 60 sorors participate, we immensely
    enjoyed ourselves and we are looking forward to
    our next sisterhood activity.
  • Sorors thanks for your continued support. The
    chapter calendar is posted on our website, Please take a moment to review
    and add key dates to your personal calendar. We
    are excited about our programs and we invite you
    to participate.
  • Yours in Delta
  • Tina A. Welch
  • First Vice President

Second Vice Presidents Report
  • Violets to Soror Carmen Jett on the planning and
    execution of a great Kwanzaa celebration! Thanks
    to all Sorors who participated and contributed
    their favorite dishes for the luncheon!
  • Mark your calendar for our 2009 Statewide
    Founders Day. The Dayton Alumnae Chapter has
    agreed to host this celebration. Our own Midwest
    Regional Director Soror Octavia Matthews will be
    the keynote speaker for this event. The dates
    for the event are March 6-8, 2009. Stay tuned
    for more details! See attached registration
  • Other Founders Day celebrations
  • January 17, 2009 Gary Alumnae Chapter in Gary,
    IN Keynote speaker Soror Gwendolyn Boyd, 22nd
    National President.
  • January 31, 2009- Detroit Alumnae Chapter in
    Detroit, MI Keynote speaker Soror Octavia
    Matthews, Midwest Regional Director
  • March 15, 2009- Schaumburg-Hoffman Estates
    Alumnae Chapter in Schaumburg, IL (Illinois
    Statewide Founders Day celebration) Keynote
    speaker Soror Cynthia Butler-McIntyre, 24th
    National President
  • March 21, 2009- Battle Creek Alumnae Chapter in
    Battlecreek, MI Keynote speaker Soror Paulette
    Walker, 1st National Vice President.
  • March 21, 2009- Eastern Panhandle Alumnae Chapter
    in Martinsburg, WV Keynote speaker Soror
    Gwendolyn Boyd, 22nd National President.
  • March 21, 2009- Collegiate Chapters in Wisconsin
    Keynote Speaker, Soror Cynthia Butler-McIntyre,
    24th National President
  • March 28, 2009- Bowling Green Alumnae Chapter in
    Bowling Green, KY Keynote speaker Soror Pamela
    E. Smith, Immediate Past National Secretary
  • ReclamationHave you invited an inactive Soror
    to attend a chapter meeting? Please make a
    commitment to bring at least one inactive Soror
    to a chapter meeting during the sorority year.
  • Yours in Delta,
  • Danelle
  • Danelle A. Carter

Second Vice Presidents Report Continued
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc
2009 Ohio Statewide Founders Weekend
CelebrationMARCH 6 8 , 2009
So Little Alone Together So Much
Hosted by the DAYTON ALUMNAE CHAPTER Marriott
Hotel 1414 Patterson Blvd Dayton, Ohio 45409
Hotel Information
  • Dayton Marriott Hotel
  • 1414 South Patterson Blvd
  • Dayton, Ohio 45409
  • 1-937-223-1000
  • Rate 111.87 per night (tax included)
  • Reservations
  • Phone 1-800-228-9290
  • Website
  • Group Code DGMA
  • Deadline for reservations
  • Friday, February 20, 2009
  • It is recommended that you make hotel
  • reservations early. There is another large
  • event at the hotel that weekend.

Getting to know you Friday 6 8 p.m.
Registration Friday Night Reception
Leadership Bonding Friday Night 7
p.m. President's Meeting
Rededication Ceremony Saturday Morning Attire
Shop til you drop Vendors on Site Saturday
Weekend Agenda
Growing in Delta Workshops and Saturday Evening
Luncheon Celebration So Little Alone Together
So Much Saturday 1100 a.m.
Sunday Morning Continental Breakfast Ecumenical
Service Attire White
Registration will continue on Saturday morning
starting at 700 a.m.

Ohio Statewide Founders Weekend Host Chapter
Dayton Alumnae Chapter March 6 - 8 2009 Marriott
Hotel Resort 1414 S. Patterson
Boulevard Dayton, Ohio 45409
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
Monthly Report December 2008
Monthly Report December 2008
Monthly Report November 2008
Financial Roster
A Adams-Davis, Sherri Allen, Maurine Archable,
Victoria Austin, Terricka B Barnes,
Donnia Barnes, Vanessa Benjamin, Tikica Berry,
Sallie Black, Monica Bowen, Tina Boyce-Mathis,
Angela Brooks-Higgins, Candice Brown,
Elsie Brown, Marena Burton, Kyndal Byndon,
Ebonie C Cargile, Lori Carter,
Danelle Cash-Mills, Esther Chapman,
Sheryl Chapman, Veronica Cole, LTanya Coleman,
Mary Collins, Ashani Collins, Tamia Cook,
Angela Coursey, Yvonne D Dale, Marviette Davis,
Betty DeBrossard, Gayle DeRamus, Shawnda Dixon,
Sheree E Ellington, Evelyn Elliott,
Deloris Everett, Minnie
F Fairley, Vickie Fears, Kristal Ferguson-Booker,
Sheila Foree, Marthella Frazier,
Josephine Frazier, Reynell Fulgham, Stacey Fultz,
Betty Fuqua, Jaekeia G Gayle-Rucker,
Gracie Glaspie, Geraldine Glover,
Frances Goodloe, Celestine Graham,
Scharleen Green, Tamara H Handy, Ronnise Hardy,
Krystal Heard, Danyelle Henry, Martha Hollinger,
April Horton, Margaret Howard, Carla Hudson,
Lucia Hull, Kimberly J Johnson, Ruth Jones,
Nikita Joseph, Lynadius K Kearney,
Rose Kendrick, Crystal L Leonard-Wilkinson,
Glenda Lewis-Thornton, Jennifer Love, Melinda
M Mackey-Moore, LaCosta Madry, Trina Marshall,
Mikaela Matthews, Keianna McCray,
Adrienne McCray, Jacquelyn McCullom,
Gail McDonald-Gordon, Robyn McKenzie,
Charlotte Meadows, Cheryl Merrida,
Chemere Montgomery, Olivia Moody, Nancy Moore,
April Morgan, Melba Morton, Stephanie Murphy,
Eunice N Newberry, Lillie O Owens, Vera Owens,
Wanda P Paddio, Lillie Pankey,
Danielle Pennington, Monetta Potter,
LeQuita R Reed, Allene Reed-Jett, Carmen Rogers,
Michelle Rogers, Shawana Rowell, Lisa S Sams,
Vanessa Shirley, Virginia Faye Singletary,
Pearline Stallworth-Lett, Cheryl Stewart-Tyson,
Karla Story-Stewart, Michelle Strudwick, Casandra
T Taylor, Nikki Thomas, Nikki Tillery,
Irma Toliver, Ernestine Toney, Michelle Turner,
Jacqueline Twitty, Rhonda V Veals-Pierre,
Bennette W Walker, Beulah Walker,
Deatria Walters, Lottie Ward, Gloria Watson-El,
Jasmin Weber-Lashore, Akiliah Welch, Tina Wesley,
Florence West, Ligaya Wheeler, Tisha White,
Dorothy White, Marie Wiggins, Sandra Winston,
Tiffani Woods, Camille Y Young, Sylvia TOTAL 126
Treasurers Report
Treasurers Report .continued
Treasurers Report .continued
Treasurers Report .continued
Treasurers Report .continued
Fall Round Up Committee Final Report
  • Name of Program Fall Round Up Cincinnati Style
  • Date of Program/Project September 6, 2008
  • Brief Description of Program/Project Chapter
    kick-off event of the 2008-2009 Sorority Year
    with the focus on reclamation.
  • Location of Program/Project College Hill
    Presbyterian Church
  • Number of Participant
  • Committee Observation
  • Two Sorors were reclaimed
  • Two Collegiate Sorors transferred their
  • Two CAC Sorors paid dues

Committee Date
Ways and Means/Golf Outing ReportJanuary 25,
  • We now have the fliers to pass out to golfers.
    Therefore you now can begin recruiting golfers to
    play. Again the outing is May 16, 2009 at Walden
    Pond Golf Course.
  • We are also starting to collect items now for
    goody bags that will be given to each
    participant therefore we ask Sorors to begin
    bring to next sorority meeting. Also we need
    sponsors, please begin asking your employers for
    their support with this endeavor. Also we are
    asking each Soror to obtain two Hole Sponsors
    each. Hole Sponsorship is 100. We believe this
    is where we can make the most dollars due to the
  • Our next meeting will be held Thursday, February
    30, 2009 at 700 pm at Donatos in Tri-County.
  • Contact Soror Lisa Rowell at (513) 260-3323 and
  • Respectfully Submitted
  • Lisa Rowell, Ways Means Chair

Delta G.E.M.S. January Informational Report
  • January 6, 2009 Financial Fortitude-How the
    financial choices you make today will help you
    prepare for tomorrow.
  • We learned how to write a personal check.
  • We learned how to record our transactions in a
    ledger book and balance our checkbook.
  • We learned the importance of having a checking
    account and a savings account.
  • We learned the importance of shredding financial
    documents and not providing personal information
    over the phone/email.
  • We learned about credit cards, credit, credit
    reports and how not tot fall into the trap of
    opening up a ton of credit cards in college.
  • We learned the importance of making payments on
    time and paying more than the minimum balance if
  • We also introduced a host of black female leaders
    and entrepreneurs that are working hard, making a
    lot of money and giving back to the community.
  • Violets to Sorors Lynadius Joseph, Stacey
    Fulgham and Mikaela
  • Marshall for preparing an age appropriate,
    interactive and informative program.
  • January 31, 2009- DST CAC Scholarship Application
    Deadline- Two GEMS are participating in the
  • Feb 3, 2009- Choices Yes, No, MaybeSex
    Education, Peer Pressure and Healthy
    Relationships _at_ Xavier University Gallagher
    Student Center Room 214. (630pm-830pm)
  • Feb 7, 2009- Alpha Esquires Black History Quiz
    Bowl _at_ The University of Cincinnati.

Scholarship Committee
  • Name of Program Minority College Preparation
  • Date of Program/Project Saturday, Oct 18, 2008
    1145 AM 530 PM
  • Brief Description of Program/Project The
    Minority College Preparation Workshop is one of
    our key scholarship programming initiatives
    targeted to students in grades 7-12. This
    workshop provides participants with both general
    and grade-specific information on how to
    successfully prepare for and apply to college.
    Parents, guardians and educators are also welcome
    and encouraged to attend. DST Cincinnati Alumnae
    Chapter leads the planning and programming
    efforts while co-hosting the workshop with our
    community partners DST Cincinnati Queen City
    Alumnae, the Beta Iota Chapter of Omega Psi Phi
    Fraternity and the Cincinnati Youth
    Collaborative. The following general and grade
    specific sessions were presented by educators and
    professionals in their respective fields
  • Chart your High School Career, Careers in Demand,
    How to Select a College, Applications Essay
  • OGT/OAT Proficiency, Preparing for Todays World
    (grades 7-9)
  • Interview Basics, ACT/SAT Preparation, FASFA
    (grade 10-12)
  • 4) Panel discussions (parents students)
  • Location of Program/Project Mayerson Academy,
    2650 Highland Ave
  • Number of Participants 180

Minority College Prep Workshop FINAL EXPENSE
Scholarship Committee Nov. 11, 2008
Social Action Committee Report
  • Sorors, if you havent already registered to
    attend Delta Days in the Nations Capital, to be
    held from Saturday, February 28-March 3, 2009,
    you have until Monday January 26, 2009 to do so.
  • In 1989, the National Social Action Commission
    instituted Delta Days in the Nation's Capital, an
    annual legislative conference to increase
    members' involvement in the national public
    policy-making process. The annual conference
    includes legislative briefings, issue forums, and
    advocacy skills development. Featured speakers
    include key policy makers, members of the United
    States Congress, Congressional staff members, and
    national issues experts.
  • Registration is open for the 20th Annual
    Delta Days in the Nation's Capital.  To access
    the site, log on to the Delta Homepage, address and click Delta Days in
    the Nation's Capital Registration.
  • The Ohio Social Action Committee hopes to have at
    minimum 200 sorors in attendance. They have
    arranged for a couple of surprise guest
    speakers to participate and on Monday March 2,
    2009 there will be a special tribute to Sorors
    Congresswomen Marcia L. Fudge and Stephanie Tubbs
    Jones. The Ohio Social Action also intends to
    have letters of concern written to our State
    Representatives prior to the DDNC to address
    important issues such as Economic Survival
    (related to housing job loss), Education
    Quality, Health Issues (access and affordability,
    to name a few.
  • Our chapter sponsors a similar event, Delta Days
    at City Hall., to be held in March. Planning for
    DDCH will begin on February 7, 2009 at 100pm.
    The Social Action Committee will meet to discuss
    how this years Delta Days at City Hall can be a
    success. So, as we plan for this event, we
    encourage to fill out the attached form to let
    the committee know what concerns you may have
    that should be addressed to our City officials.
    We would like to focus on the issues and concerns
    that are important to us and our community.
  • You are also encouraged to attend the upcoming
    meeting or contact me if you are interested in
    planning for DDCH but cant attend. The meeting
    will be on February 7, 2009 at 100pm, 3252 North
    Bend Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45239.
  • Contact me at or
    call me at 513-661-0400 or 513-503-1476 to be
    included on all Social Action Committee planning
  • Respectfully Submitted
  • Soror Deatria T. Walker