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RSM McGladrey: Can Lotus Domino and Exchange CoExist?


RSM McGladrey: Can Lotus Domino and Exchange CoExist? Presented by Mary Lou LaBore About RSM McGladrey, Inc. A wholly owned subsidiary of H&R Block Headquartered in ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: RSM McGladrey: Can Lotus Domino and Exchange CoExist?

RSM McGladrey Can Lotus Domino and Exchange
  • Presented by Mary Lou LaBore

About RSM McGladrey, Inc.
  • A wholly owned subsidiary of HR Block
  • Headquartered in Bloomington, MN
  • One of the worlds largest provider of financial
    and business services to midsized companies
  • Over 600 offices in 70 countries
  • More than 7,000 employees

History of Lotus Notes/Domino
  • Email
  • Local replicas
  • No web mail access
  • Collaboration
  • Auditor Assistant - a tool for conducting and
    reviewing audits.
  • EA Systems (Engagement Automation) - tool to
    automate and streamline the collection and
    processing of audit engagement workpapers.
  • EMS (Engagement Management System) - used by
    consultants to manage engagements
  • STP (Success Through People) - performance
    management system that contains components to
    help employees manage goals and provides for
    annual performance evaluations.
  • Other
  • Audit, consulting, tax manuals
  • Much more. Over 50,000 databases

1/2005 Evaluation of Current Solutions
  • IT department began conducting field studies,
    observing the companys professional services
    staff and how the staff used the existing
    technologies in day-to-day work
  • 85 of employees are mobile most of the time
  • At customers site, 50/50 change of connecting to
    our office due to
  • Client firewall restrictions
  • VPN client issues

1/2005 Evaluation of Current Solutions
  • An aging Lotus Notes mail solution did not meet
    the needs of a growing mobile force
  • More seamless solution for email addressing and
    calendaring with our parent company HR Block and
  • Move applications towards flexible and friendly
    web-based interfaces
  • Anyplace, Anytime access to email
  • New generation recruits more familiar with
    Microsoft products
  • Potentially more hooks into Microsoft with 3rd
    party software.
  • Interwoven (Document Management System)

6/2005 Evaluation of Current Solutions
  • Concurrent with the field studies, RSM McGladrey
    spent several months examining alternate products
  • Considered and rejected the newest release of
    Notes / Domino
  • Determined Notes / Domino would become increasing
  • Market for Notes / Domino developers scarce and
  • Notes helped make us the successful company we
    are today, however, its development features
    were not scalable or flexible enough for what we
    wanted to do.

6/2005 Solution
  • RSM McGladrey completed research and defined the
    next generation IT architecture based on
    Microsoft products.
  • Move to .net
  • Move to SharePoint
  • Move email to Exchange 2003

Infrastructure Components
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003
  • Active Directory service
  • Needed for Exchange
  • Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS)
  • Stores and integrates identity information for
    organizations with multiple directories
  • Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration
    (ISA), application-layer firewall, virtual
    private network (VPN) and Web cache solution

Communication Components
  • Server
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
  • Client
  • Outlook 2003 in cached mode
  • Outlook Web Access
  • Outlook Mobile Access

  • Microsoft Consultants and Partner Firm
  • Completed an assessment

7/2005 Transition Assessment
  • Scope
  • Mail, calendar and scheduling as in Lotus Notes
  • Work off-line with Local replicas
  • Add web mail
  • Add support for mobile devices
  • Use public folders only for resources and
    Sharepoint for any other need
  • Guiding Principles
  • Minimize impact on desktop
  • Maintain availability of mail and applications
  • Reuse existing investments where possible
  • Tumbleweed, Active Directory, DNS

7/2005 Transition Assessment
  • Mail enabled applications
  • Remote Time and Expense (RTE)
  • STP (Success Through People)
  • EMS (Engagement Management System)
  • EA Systems (Engagement Automation)
  • Special attention required
  • Mail enabled applications (above)
  • Solution Genii Software- CoexLinks
  • Support doc links and database links in Outlook.
  • Solution GreyDucks Mail Doc Links / Mail
    Database Links agents
  • Mail routing to international users sharing the domain.
  • Exchange Smarthost forwards any mail addressed
    to users not in Active Directory to
    Lotus Domino SMTP server. The SMTP server has
    email address validation and will refuse the
    message if the user is not in the Lotus Domino
  • Lotus Domino Smarthost forwards any mail
    addressed to users not in the Lotus
    Domino Directory to MessageLabs gt Exchange.
    MessageLabs will refuse the message if the user
    is not in the LDAP Directory.

7/2005 Transition Assessment
  • Add-on Tools 3rd party tools used by Domino
  • BlackBerry Server
  • iLumins Assentor
  • Symantec Antivirus
  • Tivoli Storage Manager
  • Fax and Voicemail
  • unified message with voicemail (VoIP).
  • Fax to / from Outlook solution
  • Other Address Books Synchronization using MIIS
  • Active Directory Address Book GAL synchronization
    with HR Block. (using MIIS)
  • Lotus Domino RSMi PAB integration with GAL.
  • Other subsidiaries.

We Have Lift-off!
  • Mid-August, 2005
  • RSM McGladrey Approves
  • Microsoft Components and
  • The Deployment Schedule

Your Mission Should YOU Choose to Accept it
  • Migrate 7,000 Users To Exchange

Migration Team War Room
The 'Think Tank' Capital of the World, Davenport,
Mid August 2005 HELP!
  • Team RSM McGladrey
  • Members Mary Lou, Dave, Eric, Roger, Bill, Dar,
    Bobbi, Todd, Marilyn,
  • Task Plan, Design, Build, Implement, Deploy,
    Train, Support
  • Team Microsoft
  • Members Ash, Greg, John
  • Task Lead, Plan, Architect, Design, Build,
    Redesign, Build
  • Binary Tree
  • Members Chad and CMT (Common Migration Tool)
  • Task Plan, Design, Test, Migrate Messages,
    Calendars, Tasks, Distribution Lists,
  • Binary Tree software was used by firm for years
    to migrate other mail types to Notes
  • Bring in additional Calvary
  • GreyDuck
  • Members John, Keith
  • Task Review, Design Mail Doc/Database Link
  • Continue to use GreyDuck for other Notes
    development projects
  • Granite Software
  • Members CoexLinks
  • Task email Notes links to non Lotus Notes mail

The TBS Mission
  • 1st 6 week phase beginning NOW and ending
    10/2/2007, migrate approx 2,500 users of newly
    acquired firm from Lotus Notes to Exchange.
  • 800 am cst, Monday, October 3, 2007
  • Were LIVE

TBS Assumptions
  • October 1, 2005 migration date
  • Approx 2,500 users
  • No local replicas of Lotus Notes mailboxes
  • Centralized mail server located in Phoenix, AZ
  • Need server and Notes admin added to ACL with
    Manager access
  • Move TBS mailboxes to server in RSMM
  • Lock down access to Reader only
  • Grant access to mailboxes with new MP/RSMi Notes
  • Mailbox sizes to 5GB
  • Users not allowed to delete messages
  • Migrate the last 30 days of mail
  • Personal Address Books are not stored on the
    Domino server
  • Users currently have web access to mail
  • Over 100 other databases
  • Over 650 mail lists
  • Generic mailboxes
  • BlackBerry users
  • Sametime users
  • Treo (PDA) users

  • Cannot do dry run on TBS mailboxes
  • Time zone issue Chad will discuss
  • Cannot contact users until days before migration
  • Sending user new Notes id, address book
    information (BinaryTree Chad will discuss)
  • Users must be in our HR System before we can
    create Notes ids.
  • An automated solution created, depending on Notes
  • And issues with the list of employees
  • The cards come tumbling down

  • 2nd 6 week phase beginning 10/3/2005
  • Prepare to migrate Lotus Notes mail to Exchange
    and deploy Outlook 2003 to 5,000 users.
  • Migration date 500 pm cst, 11/11/2005.
  • Completion 600 am cst, 11/14/2005.

Estimated hours
Before 11/11/2007Domino Messaging Environment
Before 11/11/2007Domino Messaging Environment
After 10/1/2007Exchange Messaging Environment
After 10/1/2007Exchange Messaging Environment
Exchange Back End Cluster(User Mailbox Store
determined by office location)
Outlook Client Environment
Estimated Hardware/Software Costs
Total Costs
  • Estimated 214 per user

challenges / opportunites
  • Applications integrated with Lotus Notes email
  • PeopleSoft RM (Resource Management)
  • RTE (Real Time/Expense)
  • Assentor (email archive for compliance (Sarbanes
  • BlackBerry
  • Fax servers (relay mail)
  • Domino applications
  • EA Systems
  • EMS (Consulting Engagement Management System)
  • Mail-in-databases
  • Success through People -
  • domain shared by Exchange and Lotus
  • Database / doc links
  • Migrating mailboxes / calendar
  • Binary Tree
  • Migrating Personal address books
  • IBM Personal NAB Import / Export tool
  • Migrating mail lists
  • TBS

  • We have coexistence between Lotus Domino
    applications and Exchange email
  • Thanks to
  • MIIS address books synchronization
  • GreyDuck Mail Doc Link and Mail Database
    Link agents
  • Genii Software CoexLinks allows us to rather
    seamlessly use Microsoft Exchange/Outlook for
    mail, and Lotus Domino/Notes for applications
    with Lotus Notes Connectors which was not
    recommended as a long term solution.
  • Binary Tree
  • Smarthost solution for sharing the
    name space between RSM McGladrey Exchange mail
    users and RSM International Lotus Domino mail

After 1 Years
  • A Success Story.
  • Picture of happy workers

Making a difference to the end user
  • Web-mail access (OWA)
  • PDA, Smartphone email support (OMA)
  • Global Address Book that contains
  • HR Block, RSM International, other addresses
  • Detailed information about user, function, level,
    office location, phone numbers, etc
  • Soft delete feature
  • Allows user to restore deleted messages within 7
  • Query-based lists
  • Always current, always correct
  • Drag and drop email into other applications
  • MIIS

Exchange Administrator perspective
  • Stability excellent
  • Performance excellent
  • Users work in cache mode
  • MIIS
  • Quotas
  • Query-based lists
  • Mailbox / single message restore
  • Using Kroll Ontrack PowerControls
  • Email discovery by mailbox store

What I miss
  • Lotus Domino audit ability
  • Active Directory objects
  • Users
  • Distribution lists

If we had more time ?
  • We had an incredible team of talented, motivated
    individuals from our firm, Microsoft, Binary
    Tree, GreyDuck that were on fire to succeed.
  • What would I have done differently?
  • NOTHING!.... Well, ok
  • Its about those mail (distribution) lists
  • Over 3,000 lists migrated to Active Directory
  • And, Exchange has this really COOL ability to
    support query-based lists. And, I wish we had
    had the time to convert as many as possible
  • You have all been there with managing mail
    (distribution) lists. ?

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