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Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) @ UC Davis Report of Student Projects and Recommendations


Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) _at_ UC Davis Report of Student Projects and Recommendations By the students of Science and Society 198/298 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) @ UC Davis Report of Student Projects and Recommendations

Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) _at_ UC
Davis Report of Student Projects and
  • By the students of Science and Society 198/298
  • June 2, 2006

Overview of class
  • 7 women across STEM majors
  • 2-4 units, P/NP
  • Part of WISE initiative, various Deans, Teaching
    Resource Center, Consortium for Women and
    Research, WRRC
  • Jeanine Pfeiffer, Melissa Salazar, and Lilian

What we did
  • Class readings on Women in STEM progress, other
    WISE Initiatives
  • Produce report, as well as WISE newsletter
    reporting research, to hand out to STEM students
    next fall

Class Projects
Findings and Current Research
Caroline Ramirez, Math Education Ph.D.
  • Project
  • Literature review of gender issues in Math
    graduate and undergraduate education
  • Historical data on degree recipients
  • Critique of common metaphors

Women in Undergraduate and Graduate Programs (All
Areas vs. Math)
Table 1 Percent of Degrees Awarded to Women
(1950 - 2000)
Percentage of Students and Degree Recipients Who
are Women, 1999-2000
Leaky Pipeline?
  • Pipeline Metaphor assumes that students are
    passive, homogenous, and it fails to model why
    some students stay in the STEM pipeline
  • Pathway Metaphor improvement of the pipeline,
    but it implies that all groups have equal
    opportunities and same obstacles in the path
  • Cross-country Track or Race
  • STEM can be individualistic, competitive and
  • clear start end points, trail to follow
  • different skills of runners/students ? match with
    the trail/program

Persistence Framework (Herzig, 2004)
  • 3 planes of focus in the participation of
  • Individual Plane (Participatory Appropriation)
  • knowledge acquisition (ex. going to lectures,
    discussions, studying)
  • Interpersonal Plane (Guided Participation)
  • participating in a group (ex. study groups,
    going to office hours, mentoring)
  • Community Plane (Apprenticeship)
  • developing a sense of belonging (ex. research,
  • Integration with those communities of practice
    leads to increased likelihood of persistence

Persistence Framework, contd.
Survey of Women _at_ UC Davis
Alexandra Maigret, 5th year Biology major
  • Project
  • What is the level of satisfaction among undergrad
    women STEM majors at UC Davis?
  • What types of resources do women use on campus?
  • What are some problems, issues women are having?

The sample
  • 53 women, over one week, Spring 2006
  • Random sample of women surveyed outside Science
    buildings, in Science and Engineering classes,
    Scholars Center (Engineering Deans Office)

Year in school
  • Freshmen (6)
  • Sophomore (28)
  • Junior (26)
  • Senior (26)
  • 5th Year (13)
  • 58 Biology/Chem/Sci (Biosci, Biochem, NPB, Evol,
    ExerBio, Micro, Animal Sci, EnvTox, Entomology)
  • 28 Engineering (Civil, Biosys, EE, MechE,
    Biochem Eng)
  • 13 Math, Physics, Geology

  • Satisfaction in program
  • (1-least satisfied, 3-neutral, 5-very
  • Classes 3.7
  • Core classes relevant? 3.82
  • Professors 3.5
  • Advisors 3.5
  • Do professors treat female students same way as
  • 66 Yes 25 No (Math, Eng, Bio majors)
  • Undergrad research opportunities available?
  • 55 Yes 36 No

Resources STEM women use
  • Do you go to Office Hours of course instructors?
  • Professor 77
  • TA 83
  • Both 28
  • Use Peer Tutoring?
  • 45 Yes
  • Use all 3 of the above?
  • 19 Yes

Resources STEM women use
  • Attend outreach programs offered by your
  • college or major?
  • 20 Yes
  • Visit Womens Center?
  • 4 Yes
  • Belong to other student clubs?
  • 34 Yes

Obstacles to completing program
  • Conflicting courses units, quarter system,
    classes only offered once a year
  • Advising understanding requirements for major
  • Having enough time for classes vs. research,
    while working full time, having a social life?
  • Managing goals, license exams G.P.A.
  • Talking to professors comfortably, professors not
  • Lack of confidence and role models, confronting
    my fears
  • Resources for help with hard classes

Progress of Women in Engineering _at_ UCD Melissa
Ledgerwood, 3rd year Biosystems Engineering
  • Project Chart the progress of women in
    Engineering at UCD by finding
  • When women started in the College of
  • Engineering
  • How many women there are now
  • How we got to where we are now

Course of Action
  • Plan Do a Google search to find the ratio of
    women to men in the UCD College of Engineering
    since the first woman entered.
  • Where I had to go
  • Online (UCD website, SWE, Women in Engineering,
    Office of the UC President)
  • Alumni Center
  • Scholars Center (Women in Engineering and
  • Womens Resource Center
  • Several different professors or administrators
    from the College of Engineering
  • UC Davis Student Affairs Research and Information

  • There are 20 women in the College of Engineering
  • Found the data from 1973 to 2005 of the
    percentage of women in Engineering
  • Dont know the data from before 1973, though I
    have been told there 4 women in the graduating
    class of 1967
  • Dont know when the first women entered the
    College of Engineering, though earliest woman I
    have found graduated in 1964
  • After I found out there were only 20 women in
    the College of Engineering I had expected that
    there was a constant but steady growth in the of
    the number of women in engineering form when
    women started to bring us to 20

  • If women started in the College of Engineering at
    about 1960, then there was a constant growth in
    the number of women in engineering from 0 to 20
    in about 20 years to 1980
  • Since about 1980, the number of women in
    engineering has leveled off at about 20
  • 20 years to get to 20, then 25 years staying at
    20 !

Questions still to be answered
  • When did the first women enter the College of
  • When did the first women graduate from the
    College of Engineering?
  • Why was there such a fast growth in the
    percentage of women during the 1970s?
  • Why has there been no growth in the percentage of
    women for the last 25 years?
  • mledgerwood_at_ucdavis.edu

  • Increase availability of the information on women
    in engineering at UCD
  • Promote awareness of the lack of growth in this
    minority group
  • Investing time and money to encourage the growth
    of the percentage of women in engineering at UCD
  • More outreach to pre-college students
  • More support for women in Engineering (tutoring,
    classes for women)
  • More for research opportunities for women

Examining Outside Resources
Laura Biggs (sophomore, Electrical Engineering)
  • Search for successful programs that have
    encouraged and supported women in engineering at
    other UC campuses and other universities across
    the U.S.
  • Evaluate which programs could help females in
    science and engineering at UC Davis flourish

What other UC campuses offer
  • UCSD ATHENA, Mentornet, Womens Leadership
    Alliance, Women in Computing (women.ucsd.edu/wise/
  • UCB Women Institute Summer Enrichment, WISE
    themed dorm, Women in Computer Science and
    Electrical Engineering (www-inst.eecs.berkeley.edu

UC campuses (contd.)
  • UCSC 1 million dollar fund donated for WIE
    scholarships, SURF (www.sweslugs.soe.ucsc.edu/wome
  • UCSB Women in Computer Science and Engineering,
    outreach to K-12 (www.engineering.ucsb.edu/outrea
  • UC WISE initiative by UCSD UCSC to transform
    faculty recruitment, retention, and promotion
  • (advance.ucsd.edu/more_act/UC-WISE-FULL-20F

Other schools
  • Rutgers 100 science engineering females
    residence hall program, Douglass Project
  • Wisconsin encourages WISE participants to find
    research, lab job, or internship, residential
    living community, found WISE grades substantially
    higher (www.housing.wisc.edu/wise)

Other schools (contd.)
  • Michigan workshops, counseling, residential
    program, scholarships, female lecture series
  • Dartmouth 100 paid 1st year research
    opportunities (dartmouth.edu/wisp)
  • Purdue 200 females involved in WIE and
    residential program,
  • Ever since the mid-70s the retention rate
    has been virtually identical for male and female
    students Barbara Clark
  • (engineering.purdue.edu/WIEP/undergrad.html)

Recommendations for the future
  • Establish a WISE residential living and learning
  • Initiate opportunities for WISE research and
    mentoring programs
  • Establish permanent funding for WISE class
  • Attempt to improve faculty TA education on
    gender related issues

Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Housing
SAS 198, Spring 2006 Rosa Padilla Biological
Systems EngineeringFriday, May 31, 2006
"If I have a question, I just walk down the hall
and knock on doors," she says. "It's just like a
big family."

Objective Establish a WISE program in UC Davis
housing to promote support, mentoring and strong
academic orientation.
  • Advantages
  • Perks of being in the same dorm
  • Perks of having the same classes
  • Advising
  • Major
  • Professional
  • Graduate
  • Programs

"You don't have to try to find friends in your
classes you already have them, rather than
having to hunt for friends among the few women in
male-dominated classes.-Michigan WISE program-
  • Disadvantages
  • Limit students from exploring outside their dorm
  • Settled to have the friends already made.
  • Fewer interaction with male colleagues
  • Reduced social life!!

  • Conclusions Recommendations
  • Well balanced dorm qualities
  • Building skills
  • Organize activities with other programs

Thank you for your attention!
  • Interaction with other dorm programs
  • Frequent Academic Progress reviews
  • Learn to work with other people outside their

Resources Pamphlet for Women Engineer and Science
Adrienne Ho (2nd yr) Navi Kaur (1st yr), Bio
Chem Eng
  • Project
  • Produce a single source of information for
  • women, rather than a scatter of resources

What we did
  • Collected information by visiting and collecting
    pamphlets, flyers at
  • Internship and Career Center
  • Womens Center
  • Scholars Center
  • Bainer Hall
  • Internet

Recommendations for the future
  • Make pamphlet more eye-catching
  • Educators and advisors may hand out pamphlets
    during their sessions with students
  • Make pamphlets available to resources centers as
  • Make pamphlets a PDF file so that it can be found
    on the internet
  • Place pamphlet or resources that are provided
    within the pamphlet in the College of Engineering

  • Conclusions Recommendations
  • to support WISE _at_ UC Davis
  • Increase communication of resources for women,
    both in mentorship and internship related to
    program, as well as peer-peer interactions
  • Provide gender sensitivity training/education to
    instructors and peers about STEM women
    experience readings, workshops

  • Conclusions Recommendations
  • to support WISE _at_ UC Davis
  • Provide safe spaces for women to discuss
    experience with other women--residential housing,
    Womens Center, WISE seminar class
  • Track information about STEM women at UC Davis,
    including attrition, transfers, and what happens
  • More for internship/mentorship programs for
    all STEM women
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