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Antichrist and the End Times


Antichrist and the End Times AET-015 and 016: The European Theory, Part 2, The Prince of Wales End Times News I have never believed that there is a secret United ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Antichrist and the End Times

Antichrist and the End Times
  • AET-015 and 016
  • The European Theory, Part 2, The Prince of Wales

Antichrist and the End Times
  • "He that walketh with wise men shall be wise but
    a companion of fools shall be destroyed"
    (Proverbs 1320).
  • "A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth
    himself but the simple pass on, and are
    punished" (Proverbs 2712).
  • "It is the glory of God to conceal a thing but
    the honor of kings is to search out a matter (Pro

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Daniel 715-27 (HCSB) 15 As for me, Daniel, my
    spirit was deeply distressed within me, and the
    visions in my mind terrified me. 16 I approached
    one of those who were standing by and asked him
    the true meaning of all this. So he let me know
    the interpretation of these things 17 These
    huge beasts, four in number, are four kings who
    will rise from the Earth.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • 18 But the holy ones of the Most High will
    receive the kingdom and possess it forever... 19
    Then I wanted to know the true meaning of the
    fourth beast, the one different from all the
    others, extremely terrifying, with iron teeth and
    bronze claws, devouring, crushing, and trampling
    with its feet whatever was left.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • 20 I also wanted to know about the 10 horns on
    its head and about the other horn that came up,
    before which three fellthe horn that had eyes,
    and a mouth that spoke arrogantly, and that was
    more visible than the others. 21 As I was
    watching, this horn made war with the holy ones
    and was prevailing over them

The Prince Charles Theory
  • 22 until the Ancient of Days arrived and a
    judgment was given in favor of the holy ones of
    the Most High, for the time had come, and the
    holy ones took possession of the kingdom. 23
    This is what he said The fourth beast will be
    a fourth kingdom on the Earth, different from all
    the other kingdoms. It will devour the whole
    earth, trample it down, and crush it.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • 24 The 10 horns are 10 kings who will rise from
    this kingdom. Another, different from the
    previous ones, will rise after them and subdue
    three kings. 25 He will speak words against the
    Most High and oppress the holy ones of the Most
    High. He will intend to change religious
    festivals and laws, and the holy ones will be
    handed over to him for a time, times, and half a

The Prince Charles Theory
  • 26 But the court will convene, and his dominion
    will be taken away, to be completely destroyed
    forever. 27 The kingdom, dominion, and greatness
    of the kingdoms under all of heaven will be given
    to the people, the holy ones of the Most High.
    His kingdom will be an everlasting kingdom, and
    all rulers will serve and obey Him.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Clearly, all of these beasts are on the earth at
    the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, including
    obviously the fourth beast ruled by the
    Antichrist who Jesus replaces as King of the
    Earth. Since we are in that last generation of
    the end times who will see Jesus' coming, these
    four beasts are modern nations present today that
    we should therefore be able to identify.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Identity of the Winged Lion
  • What modern nations literally fit these animals
    that are used to represent the kingdoms? There
    are prominent modern nations that have animal
    symbols matching these very beasts. The easiest
    to identify and the one that has to do with
    America in prophecy is the lion with eagle's
    wings. The lion and the eagle are familiar
    national symbols, found in dictionaries and
    encyclopedias and commonly used in news media.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • 1. Lion Great Britain The lion is a well-known
    animal symbol of the British people, and of
    course a one-time world empire, still prominent
    today. The college of heraldry also uses the lion
    for England.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • 2. Eagle's Wings America Found in the Great
    Seal of the U.S. and more commonly seen on the
    back of the One Dollar Bill42. The U.S. dominates
    the world today.
  • The leopard and the bear are less certain to me
    (as is the meaning of the bear eating three ribs
    or the leopard having four heads). According to
    the same college of heraldry, they would be
    Germany and France, respectively.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • According to others, they would be Russia and
    perhaps Germany, respectively. I lean towards the
    former because Revelation 13 depicts the same
    fourth terrible beast here as an amalgamation
    of the lion, the bear, and the leopard, minus the
    eagle's wings (explained below) and associates it
    with the Antichrist.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Later we will touch on a man alive today whose
    heraldic achievement depicts this very
    amalgamated beast and whose royal Roman Emperor
    lineage from England, France, and Germany as
    depicted by the lion, leopard and bear.
  • But back to the first beast. We must not overlook
    the fact that Ancient Babylon used a lion with
    eagle's wings as its animal symbol, and that of
    her chief god Ishtar43.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • It is incredibly elegant how God worked it out
    that the U.S. and U.K. as Daughter and Mother
    Babylon respectively would end up using animal
    symbols that fit together to match the ancient
    symbol of Babylon and identify them collectively
    as Babylon, just as Isaiah and Revelation refer
    to them!

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Significance of the Eagle's Wings Being Plucked
  • Some commentators believe that the plucking of
    the wings represents the Declaration of
    Independence in 1776. But I see at least three
    problems with this
  • 1. When wings are removed from an animal, the
    animal can conceivably live on but the wings will
    die apart from their host. They cannot live on
    their own and will disappear.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • 2. In Revelation 13 where the same animal symbols
    are used to depict the One World Government Beast
    as in Daniel 7, the eagle's wings are still
    missing and completely out of the picture, rather
    than detached or as a separate full eagle as they
    ought to be.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • 3. The lion who loses the wings does not die or
    just live on unchanged, but apparently undergoes
    a great transformation afterwards depicting it as
    standing like a man.
  • How did Great Britain fulfill this after 1776,
    essentially changing from a lion into a man?
  • Does it not better fit a yet future radical
    transformation that will come upon her, meaning
    the plucking of the wings is yet future and not
    speaking of 1776?

The Prince Charles Theory
  • The only fitting conclusion is that the plucking
    of the eagle wings is the same event as the
    destruction of Daughter Babylon described as
    happening before the Mark of the Beast is warned
    about in Revelation 14.
  • The lion's transformation we talk about next also
    confirms this timing.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Meaning of the Lion's Transformation After Losing
    its Wings
  • What, then, is the meaning of the wingless lion
    being lifted up above the earth, standing like a
    man and receiving the mind of a man, or the heart
    of a manas more literal versions render it?

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Daniel 74 (HCSB) The first was like a lion
    but had eagles wings. I continued watching until
    its wings were torn off. It was lifted
  • up from the ground, set on its feet like a man,
    and given a human mind.
  • Daniel 74 (KJV) The first was like a lion, and
    had eagle's wings I beheld till the wings
    thereof were plucked, and it was lifted up
  • from the earth, and made stand upon the feet as a
    man, and a man's heart was given to it.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Also, is there any significance to the fact that
    the lion is the first beast listed and also holds
    the prominent position of being positioned at the
    head of this final Beast?

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Revelation 132 (HCSB) The beast I saw was like
    a leopard, his feet were like a bears, and his
    mouth was like a lions mouth. The dragon gave
    him his power, his throne, and great authority.
  • I believe this all points to the United Kingdom
    being the place where the One World Beast
    government will begin or where the Antichrist
    will rise to control first.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Of course, Daniel says that the Antichrist will
    rise out of the people who came and destroyed the
    Second Temple (Dan 926), or the Roman Empire.
  • The United Kingdom was a definite part of the
    Roman Empire when that happened in 70 AD.
  • Today we see the (western) Roman Empire coming
    together again through the European Union, which,
    again the U.K. is a part of.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • By the way, does the heart/mind of a man sound
    familiar to you? Have you ever noticed a similar
    statement about the Beast and a man?

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Revelation 1318 Here is wisdom. Let him that
    hath understanding count the number of the beast
    for it is the number of a man and his number is
    Six hundred threescore and six.
  • There is more than this loose similarity
    connecting the Antichrist to England.
  • The evidence we have for the identity of the
    Antichrist further supports this connection.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • The Antichrist From England
  • If the leading candidate by far for literally
    fitting the prophecies of the Antichrist was a
    top leader in England today, then that would
    certainly support the theory of the Antichrist
    arising in England.
  • What if this man was directly associated with a
    literal picture of the wingless lion standing on
    his feet like a man?
  • Prince Charles of Wales is such a man.
  • Here is his partial Antichrist resume

The Prince Charles Theory
  • 1. His official name Prince Charles of Wales
    makes 666 in English using the ancient Hebrew
    gematria when adapted by using a natural
    one-to-one sequential mapping of the Hebrew
    alphabet values to the English alphabet (A/aleph
    1, B/bet 2, C/gimel 3, etc.)

The Prince Charles Theory
  • 2. His official Hebrew name in newspapers
    transliterated as Nasich Charles mem Wales also
    is 666 using the ancient Hebrew gematria.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • 3. His official heraldic achievement pictures a
    wingless lion-like beast standing on two feet
    like a man, as Daniel 7 describes.
  • 4. Closer examination reveals that this beast
    only has a lion head and mouth while the rest of
    it matches the bear feet and leopard body of the
    beast of Revelation 13.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Note that points 3 and 4 do not necessarily
    contradict each other.
  • As pictured in Daniel 7, Great Britain has
    finished its personal transformation but has not
    yet been assimilated into the dreadful and
    terrible fourth beast that incorporates the lion
    and the other animals (minus the eagle) ruling
    the entire world.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Prince Charles' heraldic achievement pictures
    that final global fourth beast, but the fact that
    this beast is pictured standing up and looking
    most like the lion is very significant and
    telling us that England will be most prominent in
    this empire, no doubt because it is Prince
    Charles' power base.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Much more evidence is available for Prince
    Charles if you are interested, to the point that
    some claim there is more evidence to identify him
    with the Antichrist than there is for any of us
    to prove who we are. An article on my website
    written by Monte Judah (the man who discovered
    the Number of the Beast in the Prince's name)
    explains more of this44.
  • If you want the most complete evidence, I
    recommend The Antichrist and a Cup of Tea by Tim

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Image of the Beast?
  • Interestingly, there is already a quite humble
    statue of Prince Charles made by Brazil depicting
    him as a winged demigod and labeled as the
    Savior of the World in appreciation of him.
  • I am not saying this is the prophesied Image of
    the Beast statue that brings the Abomination of
    Desolation46, but the fact that there is already
    a worshipful statue of him like this is simply

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The Prince Charles Theory
  • The other uncanny thing about the statue is how
    it portrays the exact role that the future
    Antichrist will step into after Wormwood, that of
    a pseudo-god savior. Further, and more
    surprising, are the angelic wings on him
    considering how the Book of Revelation reveals
    that the Antichrist will not be human but an
    angel/human hybrid or nephilim47.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • None of this proves that Prince Charles will be
    the Antichrist, but it is disturbing that the
    prince was deeply touched at the gesture,
    rather than rejecting the suggestion of himself
    as Savior of the World, a title usually reserved
    for Christ.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • What About Prince William?
  • People email me frequently with the argument that
    Prince Charles is too old, too wimpy, or too
    disliked to be the Antichrist.
  • Often they suggest that his handsome son, Prince
    William is a much better fit.
  • This is unfortunately not based on the biblical
    identification criteria for the Antichrist, but
    on subjective criteria of what people naturally
    assume a future world leader must be like.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • The AntiChrist and a Cup of Tea
  • This is the foremost book on the subject of the
    AntiChrist in the world today. In The AntiChrist
    and a Cup of Tea, Tim Cohen provides biblical
    evidence to demonstrate that all of the
    prophecies pertaining to the coming AntiChrist
    that can be fulfilled before he assumes control
    over a global government during the Great

The Prince Charles Theory
  • are already fulfilled in a living prince of Roman
    lineage this is true of no one else, not even
    that same prince's sons.
  • This prince, for example, has the lineage he
    claims descent simultaneously from Israel's King
    David, Islam's false prophet Mohammed, and, by
    way of a false occult lineage, Jesus Christ

The Prince Charles Theory
  • This prince has the imagery his personal
    heraldic achievement or coat of arms has the
    literal symbolism of the first beast of
    Revelation 13, which represents the AntiChrist,
    and of Daniel 7 (i.e., the little horn having
    eyes like the eyes of a man a unicorn with
    human eyes).
  • This prince's coat of arms also bears the red
    dragon described in Revelation 12 and 13,
    specifically representing Satan, and he was seen
    globally as he faced this dragon in 1969 to be
    coronated as "Prince of the Red Dragon" (i.e.,

The Prince Charles Theory
  • This prince has the name calculation his title,
    by which he is globally known, calculates to 666
    in both Hebrew and English on the original
    biblical numbering system the very system used
    in the underlying Greek text of Revelation 1318
    to specify the number six-hundred and sixty-six.
  • This prince has the involvement in the Mideast
    peace process.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • In fact, the current Road Map, as well as the
    Oslo process from which it derives, and the
    Madrid Peace talks from which the Oslo process
    itself derived, can be directly traced to the
    London Agreement of 1987, which in turn can be
    directly traced to...THIS PRINCE.
  • Also, this prince has the global authority....
    That's right he is not the ignored wimp that
    the masses have been misled to believe rather,
    he is the number one globalist on the planet
    today, and has been for decades.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Indeed, this prince is over the entire New World
    Order power structure.
  • This is accomplished through the world's most
    prominent and oldest order of chivalry the Order
    of the Garter.
  • This order is very much more than merely a
    revival of King Arthur's legendary round table.
  • And to top it all off, this prince NOW HAS THE

The Prince Charles Theory
  • What is that?
  • In March 2002, while trekking through Brazilian
    rain forests, this prince was presented with a
    Brazilian state government inspired item a
    miniature version of a statue depicting himself
    as an angelic figure with large wings standing
    atop a mass of human bodies looking up to him
    (this prince) as savior!

The Prince Charles Theory
  • In fact, the inscription on the base of this
    miniature statue reads "Saviour of the World"!!!
  • And it has this prince's FACE...WITH WINGS!
  • So what did this prince have to say when local
    Brazilian officials presented the statue to him,
    commissioned by the state government of Tocantins
    in central Brazil?
  • What did he say when these same officials asked
    his permission to create a four to five meter
    high (13 to 16 feet or more) version of this
    statue, and to place it in a square named after
    him in their capital city?

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Instead of calling it blasphemy to identify him
    as "Saviour of the World", this prince said, "I
    am touched and deeply amazed," and then, with the
    small ego he has, he gladly gave his permission
    to create the larger version!
  • Now bear in mind that the arrival of this statue
    is years after Tim Cohen wrote his book, and
    there is no other man or woman who is being
    called "Saviour of the World" other than the one
    individual whom Tim Cohen identified as the
    future AntiChrist according to a true
    understanding of the prophetic scriptures.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Coincidence? No, we don't think so.
  • Just consider this as Tim Cohen himself has
    noted since this statue was unveiled, what would
    happen if even the miniature version of this
    princely idol, which has already been given to
    this prince and photographed by global media,
    were one day to be placed in a newly constructed
    holy place in Jerusalem?
  • Let alone the full sized version when it is

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Would not all of evangelical Christianity scratch
    its collective head and ask, "Gee, could this
    prince be the AntiChrist?"
  • Well, you don't have to wait for that day to find
    out Get The AntiChrist and a Cup of Tea and read
    it carefully.
  • You will be astonished by this 444-page,
    illustrated work. (ISBN-10 0-9662793-0-1 /
    ISBN-13 978-0-9662793-0-6 / LCCN 98084509 / 444
    pages, paperback, illustrated.)

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Prince Charles 'the winged hero'
  • BBC News
  • Prince Charles was "deeply touched" by the statue
  • A giant bronze statue of Prince Charles as a
    winged hero "saving the world" is to become the
    centrepiece of a remote Amazonian town.
  • The Prince was presented with a model of the
    sculpture, which shows him with bulging muscles,
    pinned back ears and only a loin cloth to protect
    his modesty.
  • During his visit to Tocantins state in central
    Brazil the Prince was told the full size piece
    would be erected in a square named in his honour
    in the main town of Palmas.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Charles arrived in Tocantins from Rio, where he
    showed his appreciation for Brazilian culture by
    doing the Samba with street dancers and playing
    football with children at a community centre.
  • Artist Mauricio Bentes moulded the statue of his
    53-year-old subject using pictures downloaded
    from the internet.
  • Apart from the angel-like wings and muscular
    physique he also gave Prince Charles a full head
    of hair. At his feet are human bodies, one of
    whom is drinking a bottle of wine.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Accepting the scale model of Mr Bentes' work the
    Prince said he was "amazed" and "deeply touched".
  • Explaining its significance, Tacantins state
    governor Jose Wilson Sequeira Campos said "It is
    Prince Charles saving the world".
  • Charles, dressed for the trip in a khaki safari
    shirt, is in the region for a visit to a global
    warming station.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • NEWS BRIEF "Winged Prince is 'Savior of the
    World' ", Fox News Life, March 7, 2002.
  • "LONDON The Prince of Wales is to be
    immortalized in bronze as a muscular, winged god
    dressed in nothing more than a loincloth. He will
    be the first living member of the Royal Family to
    have a life-size statue dedicated in his honor.
    Although the Prince is destined to become
    Defender of the Faith when he becomes King of
    England, the inscription on the statue in Brazil
    will honor him as 'Savior of the World'."
    Emphasis added

The Prince Charles Theory
  • This designation just reeks of the title
    Antichrist is planning to take upon himself when
    he appears on the world scene. He will come
    striding though the smoke, dust, and destruction
    of the planned Third World War NEWS1056 to
    establish "peace and safety", amidst great "lying
    signs and wonders". He will deceive the entire
    population of the world -- except for God's Elect
    -- because a mighty demonic spirit of lying and
    deception will blow through the world at the time
    he appears.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Let us go back to this article
  • "He is shown naked, apart from the loincloth,
    with giant, angel-like wings protruding from his
    back. His arms are extended as if offering
    comfort and security. The statue will dominate
    the town square, to be named after the Prince, in
    Palmas, the state capital of Tocantins on the
    edge of the rainforest. The sculpture, which will
    invite comparisons with the statue of Christ
    overlooking Rio de Janeiro from Corcovado, is set
    on a marble base. At its feet is an untidy mass
    of human bodies, one drinking from a bottle of
    wine, which is said to represent the world in a
    mess which the Prince is busy saving."

The Prince Charles Theory
  • If you look closely at this statute, you can see
    the teeming mass of humanity mired in what looks
    like mud, looking up expectantly at this winged
    Prince Charles. Since Winged Charles is so much
    larger than the people below, he looks positively
    huge in comparison. He looks divine coming to
    "rescue" mankind, to give us "peace and safety".
  • "Jose Wilson Sequeira Campos, the Governor of
    Tocantins, in central Brazil, said 'It is Prince
    Charles saving the world. We think he is
    deserving of it.' While the muscular physique of
    the statue, complete with bulging pectorals, may
    not immediately shout Prince Charles, the facial
    features are unmistakable, even if he has a full
    head of hair and small, pinned back ears."

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Prince Charles saving the world? Many people
    remember him as being proud and haughty, and mean
    to the beloved Princess Diana however, Charles
    traveled a long way back in many people's minds
    when he went to Diana's defense against the
    Mother Queen, after Di had been killed.
  • Further, remember that the man who will
    ultimately be Antichrist will be a practitioner
    of Black Magick Witchcraft, just as Daniel
    823-25 foretells therefore, he will absolutely
    ooze charm once he appears on earth, for there
    are powerful charm rituals guaranteed to "charm"
    anyone not saved by the Blood of the Lamb!

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Author Cohen makes a very important point there
    is a side to the British monarchy that has been
    carefully and studiously hidden from the public
    view. In this hidden, dark side, the monarch
    wields unimaginable power and influence, and is
    wealthy beyond all imagination. At the top of
    this monarchy is the Queen Mother, but right
    below her is Prince Charles, wielding
    ever-increasing amounts of power and influence
    throughout the whole world. So important is his
    power that Cohen challenged his readers to notice
    the itinerary of powerful statesmen going to and
    fro to the United States in most cases, they
    shall stop off in London on one leg of their

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Ostensibly, they are there to confer with Prime
    Minister Blair, but since England has become a
    faint echo of her former powerful self, one has
    to ask why so many people have to stop to see the
    Prime Minister the answer, according to Cohen's
    research, is that they are in London to confer
    with Prince Charles! I have watched in the past
    two years, and have seen that Cohen is right a
    disproportionate number of powerful leaders stop
    in London on their way or coming back from,
    Washington, D.C.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • In the very first chapter, I was impressed to
    read that Cohen properly weighed the Biblical
    facts along with the current situation, in such a
    manner as to conclude that the Roman Catholic
    Pope was the future False Prophet who would work
    right alongside the Antichrist!
  • Too many people believe the Pope will be
    Antichrist, when the very nature of the two
    offices makes that impossible!

The Prince Charles Theory
  • The Antichrist will fulfill the Messianic Office,
    referred to in the Old Testament as "The Christ"
    Jesus fulfilled that Office, and is referred to
    properly as "Jesus The Christ" -- Matthew 1620
    the office of the False Prophet will be filled by
    a religious leader who pretends to be Christian
    "two horns like a lamb" -- Revelation 1311,
    and who will be accepted globally as a Christian.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Furthermore, during the House of Theosophy
    Members-only meeting on August 18, 1991, into
    which I was sneaked, I heard with my own ears
    that the Illuminati had selected the Roman
    Catholic Pope to be the top religious leader of
    the coming global religion of Antichrist
    NEWS1052. Therefore, Cohen was right on the
    money, but in the process of stating his
    conclusion, he made a statement that is
    absolutely shocking. Listen

The Prince Charles Theory
  • "John Paul II wears a 'two-horned' miter which,
    around its base, depicts the pope as a lamb
    wearing the miter. This lamb, because of the
    papal miter shown on its head, actually looks
    like it has two horns. This same pope, who has
    "two horns like a lamb", routinely makes
    statements revealing his intolerance for true
    Christians, his antichristian ecumenism, and his
    worship of 'Mary' and the dead, which Roman
    Catholicism is euphemistically calling, 'saints'.
    In other words, John Paul II speaks like 'a
    dragon, even the red dragon, or Satan Rev 123,

The Prince Charles Theory
  • "Given the pope's 'Marian devotion', (i.e.,
    worship), it seems only appropriate to note that
    the author has encountered statements attributed
    to a Roman Catholic priest and theologian,
    asserting that 'Mary' is calling faithful
    congregants to receive a mark in the hand or
    forehead for protection from catastrophic

The Prince Charles Theory
  • "Based on this and other information, the author
    agrees with those who have argued that the false
    prophet, who shall work to exalt Antichrist,
    could readily be Rome's final pope." Page 22
  • Let me state again what really shocked me about
    this statement "'Mary' is calling faithful
    congregants to receive a mark in the hand or
    forehead for protection from catastrophic

The Prince Charles Theory
  • The ultimate judgment for refusing to heed
    Biblical injunctions against praying to others
    than Jesus Christ, against praying to the dead
    and to idols, and warnings that Satan and his
    angels can appear as "angels of light" in order
    to deceive people into believing in apparitions,
    would be this encouragement to take a mark in
    their right hand or their foreheads!
  • Of course, this is the Mark of the Beast foretold
    in Revelation 1316-18! But, did you realize that
    this prophetic passage tells us that the False
    Prophet is the one to force people to take the
    Mark, not Antichrist?

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Thus, it is consistent that the worshippers of
    the original religion of the False Prophet would
    be the first ones to hear direct encouragement to
    take this Mark!
  • Since Roman Catholicism does not teach one iota
    of Biblical prophecy, these Catholic faithful
    will not realize that they are taking the one
    Mark that would doom them to eternity in Hell
    forever Revelation 149-11!

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Thus, we can understand why Pope John Paul II
    received the pagan Shiva Mark in his forehead
    Read NEWS1161 and NEWS1163.
  • He was beginning to condition his faithful to one
    day take the ultimate Mark of the Beast!
  • The time is really running out to take the word
    of Truth to the world's 1.1 billion Roman

The Prince Charles Theory
  • The video, "Catholicism White Sepulcher
    Christianity", details the witchcraft inherent in
    the Roman Catholic worship, beginning over 1,500
    years ago, and continuing today this video needs
    to be seen by Catholic faithful all over the
    world, as its message and the manner in which it
    is delivered has already proven to be effective
    in winning committed, life-long Catholics to
    Jesus Christ!

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Cohen lays out his belief that Prince Charles is
    the future Antichrist on the basis of the
    following facts about Prince Charles
  • 1. His royal hegemony over the European Union has
    already resulted in a request to be its king
    Chapter 2
  • 2. His name calculates to '666' in both English
    and Hebrew, using the Scriptural system
    faithfully Chapter 3
  • CHARLES   m   English, French
  • From the Germanic name Karl, which was derived
    from a Germanic word which meant "man". (source
  • "...for it is the number of a man..." (Rev.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • 3. His lineage places him at the head of the
    Merovingian Dynasty, and asserts descendency from
    Israel's King David, Jesus, and Islam's Mohammed,
    as well as the Tribe of Dan and Satan Chapter 4
  • 4. His royal ancestors have claimed to sit upon
    the throne of David for nearly two millennia
    Chapter 5

The Prince Charles Theory
  • 5. His heraldic achievement is a literal
    depiction of the satanic imagery associated with
    the Antichrist in both the Old and New
    Testaments, whose oligarchical powerbase is
    behind the quest for a New World Order Chapters
    6 - 7.
  • This is the section of Cohen's book most
    intriguing to me, since I was totally unfamiliar
    with the British system of Heraldry -- of
  • However, this very system is completely based on
    deep, abiding, and powerful Generational
    Witchcraft, and from this system, all the symbols
    foretold of Antichrist are present! If you are an
    average American, you will thoroughly enjoy this
    study of Heraldry.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • 6. His current power, throne, and 'great
    authority' literally derive from the 'red
    dragon', i.e., Satan. Chapter 8
  • 7. His agenda is specifically geared to address
    the many ominous and prophetic 'signs of the
    times' -- and what those signs are -- through
    'global governance'. Chapter 9
  • 8. His multifaceted religious, political, and
    other ties are apparently set to position him a
    priest and prophet, not to mention king, to the
    world's major and minor religions -- including
    Apostate Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism,
    Buddhism, Zoroasterianism, Wicca, and Satanism.
    Further, Prince Charles is a global "mover and a
    shaker" with vast potential wealth Chapter 10

The Prince Charles Theory
  • 9. His media exposure has already exceeded that
    of every other man in history. He exercises
    authority over Freemasonry and the global
    Illuminati he heads the United World Colleges
    who is credited with the success of the watershed
    1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro he controls
    the environmental policies and business agendas
    from over 100 of the world's largest
    multinational corporations he has initiated many
    United Nations programs designed to foster
    globalism and policies that emphasize
    "sustainable development" and globalist

The Prince Charles Theory
  • 10. His New World Order agenda is reflected in
    Charles' personal instigation of the entire
    Mideast 'peace process', which to date has
    resulted in Israel's Oslo I and II accords with
    the Palestinians Chapter 12. It is no wonder
    that virtually every Israeli politician that has
    ever visited Washington, DC, has stopped in
    London either to our Capitol or from it.
  • 11. Charles' life has already been threatened by
    terrorists "deadly wound that was healed"? Rev

The Prince Charles Theory
  • 12. Charles has already taken an implantable
    micro-chip for "his own personal security"
    Chapter 14
  • 13. Charles' overall personal qualifications
    appear to make him the first real candidate in
    history to ever fulfill the role of the
    prophesied Antichrist Chapter 15
  • With all this detail, taking 437 pages in which
    to explain all the facts, is it any wonder that
    Prince Charles is now being honored as the
    "Savior of the World" through a statue such as
    this one, depicting his rescue of the teeming
    masses of poor humanity?

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Antichrist must possess a most unique bloodline,
    or lineage. He must have the purest of Illuminati
    bloodlines, going back the furthest in history,
    and he must be able to prove to the Jews that he
    has traceable lineage all the way back to King
    David. Of all nobility in the world, Prince
    Charles has the purest of both bloodlines. While
    Tim Cohen writes on this most important subject
    well in Chapter 6, of Antichrist And A Cup of
    Tea, let us hit the highlights here, after which
    we shall examine another document that will
    provide even more clarity.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Merovingian Bloodline -- Researchers into the New
    World Order Plan have recognized that the global
    plan to produce Antichrist runs through a
    bloodline in Europe Germany and France under a
    Merovingian descendent, specifically through a
    Fifth-Century King, by the name of Merovee. He
    worshipped the bear in the form of the Roman
    Diana, who is also known as the Greek Artemis,
    the "virgin-mother goddess" of the wooded hunt
    and the moon, usually associated with the
    Unicorn. Merovee's son, Childeric I, practiced
    witchcraft, while his grandson, Clovis I,
    converted to Roman Catholicism, thus tying in
    both sides in this grand Illuminist plan -- the
    Illuminati and Roman Catholicism.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • However, the most important part of the
    Merovingian lineage is that they claimed direct
    descendancy through Jesus Christ and Mary
    Magdalene! How is this possible, you say? Occult
    legend states that Jesus really did not die on
    the cross, but only fainted later, his disciples
    helped him escape the tomb. Jesus then supposedly
    went into the village, where he secretly lived
    and married Mary the Magdelene, and her sister,
    Martha. From this wedlock came children, to whom
    the Merovingian Bloodline is supposedly traced.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • After the destruction of the Temple and of
    Jerusalem in 70 A.D., this legendary Mary escaped
    with her children in tow, relocating in France,
    where they eventually married into the royal
    Frankish family. Through the many centuries since
    then, descendants of the Merovingians have
    secretly been able to place their offspring upon
    the thrones of Europe through intermarriage.
  • This lie is one of the greatest frauds
    perpetrated on mankind, but it will be believed.
    The Jewish Talmud and Cabala also states that
    Jesus did not die, but "swooned", then escaped
    the tomb with the aid of his disciples, and
    married Mary Magdelene. Children, according to
    the Talmud, came from this marriage. Thus,
    Judaism today is primed to believe this lie.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Once the person who will be Antichrist ties his
    lineage into Jesus Christ, he is home free to
    King David, thus fulfilling the Jewish
    requirement that their Messiah be of the House of
    David. However, Queen Elizabeth II claims to be
    the "House of David -- The Royal Line. Thus,
    Prince Charles is also connected to King David
    physically, not just through Merovingian
    Bloodline legend.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • As Cohen succinctly states of Charles "The odds
    against his being born to this fate are
    incalculable .. His ancestors include Charlemagne
    and Genghis Khan, El Cid and George Washington
    (through John Smith), Shakespeare and Count
    Dracula ... his breeding is the most important in
    the world ... he is heir to the world's greatest
    position that is determined solely by heredity
    ... In Prince Charles' veins runs the blood of
    emperors and kings, Russian boyars, Spanish
    grandees, noblemen of every European nation,
    bishops and judges, knights and squires, and
    tradesmen ... Prince Charles was in some way
    descended from just about everybody who was
    anybody, anytime, ever." Pages 77-85 Emphasis
    was in the original

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Rather than go on for the next few pages giving
    you all the global heritage of Prince Charles
    that Tim Cohen gives in this chapter, we give you
    a most interesting website that lists this
    unbelievable bloodline lineage in the one person,
    Prince Charles.
  • This site is entitled, "Some Ethnic Strains In
    The Royal Family", http//

The Prince Charles Theory
  • "Prince Charles of Wales Born Charles Philip
    Arthur George?on November 14, 1948 to the Duke of
    Edinburgh Philip Mountbatten ?and Princess
    Elizabeth (present Queen of England)
  • Prince Charles was granted his heraldic
    achievement (or coat of arms) at the age of 13.  
    It contains the following "royal devices" or
  • First note that mythological animals and
    imaginative creatures, monsters and hybrids are
    popular devices in heraldry and, in heraldic
    language, are referred to as "beasts.
  • "This beast on the left-hand side of Charles'
    coat of arms has the head and mouth of a lion,
    the body of a leopard, and the feet of a bear. 

(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
The Prince Charles Theory
  • Typically in heraldry, lions have only three
    claws per foot while bears will have four or
    five.  This lion has four claws and thus
    resembles those of a bear. 
  • Traditionally in heraldry, the lion has
    represented England, however Prince Charles'
    heraldic representation is totally unique in
    history even differing from that of his mother's,
    Queen Elizabeth, whose lion has the typical three
    claws per foot.(Rev 132 KJV) And the beast which
    I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were
    as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth
    of a lion and the dragon gave him his power, and
    his seat, and great authority.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Note the design around the lion's neck.  This
    image is called the "eldest-son label" and has
    been described by Tim Cohen (The AntiChrist and a
    Cup of Tea, pg. 124) as "three parallel horns
    which are, in a manner of speaking, 'plucked out
    by the roots' (i.e., turned upside down)."  The
    eldest-son label is a "distinctive mark" of all
    succeeding Princes of Wales.   Other members of
    the British royal family have labels that have
    more than three descending "horns." 

The Prince Charles Theory
  • There are a total of five eldest-son labels on
    the coat of arms on the left-side lion, the head
    lion, the unicorn, the red dragon, and at the top
    of the center shield where 10 lions are depicted.
  • (Dan 78 KJV) I considered the horns, and,
    behold, there came up among them another little
    horn, before whom there were three of the first
    horns plucked up by the roots and, behold, in
    this horn were eyes like the eyes of man, and a
    mouth speaking great things.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • This region presented on the left is from the top
    of Charles' shield and is thus called the "head"
    of the overall coat of arms.  Pictured is another
    lion with the eldest-son label around its neck
    standing on top of a crown and a "gold helm." The
    helm is made up of seven curved bars or "horns." 
    These seven horns, along with the three horns
    from the eldest-son label make a total of 10
    horns in the head region of the coat of arms.(Dan
    720 KJV) And of the ten horns that were in his
    head, and of the other which came up, and before
    whom three fell even of that horn that had eyes,
    and a mouth that spake very great things, whose
    look was more stout than his fellows.

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Note that Daniel speaks of 10 horns in his head,
    i.e., singular head, not plural.   The word for
    "head" here is the Aramaic noun "resh" which
    corresponds to the Hebrew "rosh."  It often
    refers to the head as a body part, or could be
    that of an animal or statue.  It sometimes refers
    to a leader or "chief" as well.To the right of
    the head of the coat of arms is a representation
    of a unicorn.  "In heraldry, this unicorn
    represents not only Scotland, but also a
    counterfeit Christ" (Cohen, pg 184). 
    Symbolically, the unicorn in the past has
    represented Alexander the Great (Dan 85, goat
    with one horn) and Antiochus Epiphanes, a type of
    anti-Christ (Dan 89, "a little horn").  

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Mythologically, the unicorn probably originated
    in ancient Babylon and today is a symbol adopted
    by New Agers to represent "a great world leader"
    whom they expect to bring world peace to earth. 
    Interestingly, in "Christian" symbolism, the
    unicorn has also represented the Virgin Mary.In
    heraldry, and even historical representations,
    the unicorn's eyes are round and black, i.e., no
    visible eye-whites. (Queen Elizabeth's heraldic
    unicorn is depicted as thus.)  Charles' design
    has the eyes shaped more like those of a human
    with noticeable eye-whites, (although not easily
    recognized in this particular copy.) 

(No Transcript)
The Prince Charles Theory
  • (Dan 78 KJV) ...and, behold, in this horn were
    eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking
    great things.
  • Note the chain leading from the unicorn and
    connecting it to the base of the arms (directly
    above the red dragon.)  
  • In heraldry this chain functions as a
    "restrainer" (cf. 2 Thess 26-7). At the base of
    the coat of arms is the heraldic symbol of Wales,
    the red dragon.  The flag of Wales, approved in
    1953, pictures a red dragon on a green and white
    flag with the motto "Y Ddraig Goch Ddyry
    Cychwyn," meaning "The red dragon gives the lead"
    (Cohen, pg 196).  Note that the eldest-son label
    is around the neck of the dragon, thus
    associating it with Prince Charles. 

The Prince Charles Theory
  • Opposite the red dragon is Charles' badge as the
    heir-apparent to the British throne.  It consists
    of three ostrich feathers surrounded by a crown
    with the motto Ich Dien.  The meaning of Ich Dien
    is "I serve" in German.  
  • In old Welsh, Eich Dyn, as some believe the motto
    is a corruption of, is "Your man."  The motto and
    ostrich feathers are associated with "the Black
    Prince" (Edward III's son).  Reading the motto
    and symbols from right to left, the following
    message is possibly conveyed 
  • Ich, the Black Prince, Dien the Red Dragon ?(I,
    the Black Prince, serve the Red Dragon)

(No Transcript)
The Prince Charles Theory
  • The reference for the above study is The
    AntiChrist and a Cup of Tea by Tim Cohen,
    Prophecy House, Inc., 1998.  Mr. Cohen goes into
    much greater detail about these and other symbols
    in Prince Charles' heraldic achievement.  I
    highly recommend this book.  It is certainly a
    fascinating volume of work.  Please visit our
    reference guide for further information
    concerning The AntiChrist and a Cup of Tea.
  • From

End Times News
  • I have never believed that there is a secret
    United Nations plot to take over the US. I have
    never seen black helicopters hovering in the sky
    above Montana.
  • But, for the first time in my life, I think the
    formation of some sort of world government is
  • A world government would involve much more than
    co-operation between nations. It would be an
    entity with state-like characteristics, backed by
    a body of laws.

End Times News
  • The European Union has already set up a
    continental government for 27 countries, which
    could be a model.
  • The EU has a supreme court, a currency, thousands
    of pages of law, a large civil service and the
    ability to deploy military force.
  • So could the European model go global? There are
    three reasons for thinking that it might...
  • But the third point a change in the political
    atmosphere suggests that global governance
    could come much sooner than that.

End Times News
  • The financial crisis and climate change are
    pushing national governments towards global
    solutions, even in countries such as China and
    the US that are traditionally fierce guardians of
    national sovereignty. Barack Obama, Americas
    president-in-waiting, does not share the Bush
    administrations disdain for international
    agreements and treaties.
  • In his book, The Audacity of Hope, he argued
    that When the worlds sole superpower willingly
    restrains its power and abides by internationally
    agreed-upon standards of conduct, it sends a
    message that these are rules worth following.

End Times News
  • The importance that Mr Obama attaches to the UN
    is shown by the fact that he has appointed Susan
    Rice, one of his closest aides, as Americas
    ambassador to the UN, and given her a seat in the
  • A taste of the ideas doing the rounds in Obama
    circles is offered by a recent report from the
    Managing Global Insecurity project, whose small
    US advisory group includes John Podesta, the man
    heading Mr. Obamas transition team and Strobe
    Talbott, the president of the Brookings
    Institution, from which Ms Rice has just emerged

End Times News
  • Tuesday, December 9, 2008 The Financial Times,
    one of the most respected and widely read
    newspapers on the planet, features an editorial
    today that openly admits the agenda to create a
    world government based on anti-democratic
    principles and concedes that the term global
    governance is merely a euphemism for the move
    towards a centralized global government.
  • For years we were called paranoid nutcases for
    warning about the elites plans to centralize
    global power and destroy American sovereignty.

End Times News
  • Throughout the 1990s people who talked about the
    alarming move towards global government were
    smeared as right-wing lunatics by popular culture
    and the media.
  • Now the agenda is out in the open and in our
    faces, the debunkers have no more ammunition with
    which to deride us.
  • A jaw-dropping editorial written by the Financial
    Times chief foreign affairs commentator Gideon
    Rachman entitled And now for a world government"
    lays out the plan for global government and how
    it is being pushed with deceptive language and
    euphemisms in order to prevent people from
    becoming alarmed.

End Times News
  • For the first time in my life, I think the
    formation of some sort of world government is
    plausible, writes Rachman, citing the financial
    crisis, global warming and the global war on
    terror as three major pretexts through which it
    is being introduced.Rachman writes that global
    governance could be introduced much sooner than
    many expect and that President elect Barack Obama
    has already expressed his desire to achieve that
    goal, making reference to Obamas circle of
    advisors which includes Strobe Talbott, who in
    1992 stated, In the next century, nations as we
    know it will be obsolete all states will
    recognize a single, global authority.

End Times News
  • National sovereignty wasnt such a great idea
    after all.
  • Rachman then concedes that the more abstract term
    global governance, which is often used by top
    globalists like David Rockefeller as a veil to
    offset accusations that a centralized global
    government is the real agenda, is merely a trick
    of soothing language that is used to prevent
    people reaching for their rifles in Americas
    talk-radio heartland.
  • But some European thinkers think that they
    recognise what is going on, says Rachman.
    Jacques Attali, an adviser to President Nicolas
    Sarkozy of France, argues that Global
    governance is just a euphemism for global

End Times News
  • As far as he is concerned, some form of global
    government cannot come too soon. Mr Attali
    believes that the core of the international
    financial crisis is that we have global financial
    markets and no global rule of law
  • Rachman proceeds to outline what the first steps
    to an official world government would look like,
    including the creation of A legally binding
    climate-change agreement negotiated under the
    auspices of the UN and the creation of a
    50,000-strong UN peacekeeping force.

End Times News
  • A world government would involve much more
    than co-operation between nations, writes
  • It would be an entity with state-like
    characteristics, backed by a body of laws.
  • The European Union has already set up a
    continental government for 27 countries, which
    could be a model.
  • The EU has a supreme court, a currency, thousands
    of pages of law, a large civil service and the
    ability to deploy military force.

End Times News
  • So, it seems, everything is in place. For the
    first time since homo sapiens began to doodle on
    cave walls, there is an argument, an opportunity
    and a means to make serious steps towards a world
    government, concludes Rachman, before
    acknowledging that the path to global government
    will be slow and painful.
  • Tellingly, Rachman concedes that International
    governance tends to be effective, only when it is
    anti-democratic, citing the continual rejection
    of EU expansion when the question is put to a

End Times News
  • In general, the Union has progressed fastest
    when far-reaching deals have been agreed by
    technocrats and politicians and then pushed
    through without direct reference to the voters,
    writes Rachman.
  • So there you have it - one of the worlds top
    newspapers, editorially led by chief economics
    commentator Martin Wolf, a top Bilderberg
    luminary, openly proclaiming that not only is
    world government the agenda, but that world
    government will only be achieved through
    dictatorial measures because the majority of the
    people are dead against it.

End Times News
  • Will we still be called paranoid conspiracy
    theorists for warning that a system of
    dictatorial world government is being set up,
    even as one of the worlds most influential
    newspapers admits to the fact?
  • Or will people finally wake up and accept that
    there is a globalist agenda to destroy
    sovereignty, any form of real democracy, and
    freedom itself in the pursuit of an all-powerful,
    self-interested, centralized, unrepresentative
    and dictatorial world government?

End Times News
  • What Are The People Who Predicted the Financial
    Crisis Predicting Now?
  • George Washingtons Blog ?Tuesday, Dec 09, 2008
  • There are only a handful of people who predicted
    this financial crisis, or at least its
    severity.What are they predicting now?Peter
    Schiff and Ron PaulSchiff, the manager of over 1
    billion dollars in investments, says the U.S.
    will enter a long period which could be worse
    than the Great Depression.Schiff also thinks that
    the economic crisis might lead to martial law.

End Times News
  • He thinks that Asia and Europe, after a period of
    economic downturn, will decouple from the U.S.,
    eventually enjoying great prosperity long before
    the U.S. recovers.
  • Schiff has admitted that he did not foresee the
    current rally in the dollar, and his investors -
    long in Asian and European stocks - are way down.
  • Schiff was Ron Pauls chief economic advisor
    during his campaign. Paul has himself predicted
    the crisis for many years, and has warned that
    America is spending more than it can afford.
  • Paul has also repeatedly warned of martial law.

End Times News
  • Nouriel Roubini Roubini, the PhD economist,
    thinks we are going to have what he calls
    stag-deflation, meaning severe stagnation and
  • Basically, he thinks that were heading into a
    depression without extreme government action.
  • Hes also warning of possible food riots.

End Times News
  • Marc FaberPhD economist Faber, who called both
    the 1987 crash and the current crisis, believes
    that there will be a bear rally for a couple of
    months, and then a further crash.He is convinced
    the U.S. will go bankrupt sooner or later.Faber
    also thinks that the crisis may spell and end for
    the traditional American form of government, to
    be replaced by martial law or some other unsavory
    form of government.

End Times News
  • Nassim Nicholas TalebEconomist, highly-regarded
    investment advisor, and one of the worlds
    foremost authorities on derivatives Nassim
    Nicholas Taleb, thinks that capitalism I is
    over, and things will get very bad before we get
    to a new form of capitalism II, where banks
    will act like utilities instead of money-making
  • Taleb has warned that supermarkets may shut down.
    While he wouldnt directly tell Charlie Rose how
    bad he thinks things will get, he did say he
    thinks things will be worse than Roubini is

End Times News
  • Antal E. Fekete and Darryl Schoon
  • Professor Emeritus of Mathematics Antal E. Fekete
    and author Darryl Schoon think that our entire
    modern society will crash and break down (gold
    bugs, they believe all assets will crater except

End Times News
  • Afterword The Greatest Depression
  • As an afterword, it should be pointed out that -
    while it was really bad - the Great Depression
    was not the greatest crash in history. Indeed,
    one writer describes the Great Depression as a
    mild and brief episode, compared to the bank
    crash of the 1340s . . . .Thats a stunning
    piece of information the Great Depression was
    nothing compared to the crash in Venice in 1340.

End Times News
  • How can anything have been that much worse than
    the Great Depression?
  • Well, the 1340 crash ushered in the dark ages.
  • Now I dont think anything nearly that bad is
    coming. But discussions about whether we are
    going to experience something as horrible as
    Americas Great Depression should not be taken in
    a vacuum. Unless our government stops messing
    things up and making them worse, things could get
    quite ugly.
  • (Mike Whitney also predicted all this, quite
    thoroughly at that. So did, dare I say, Mike