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Animal Farm


Author: George Orwell Genre: Fantasy/ Science Fiction Allegorical account of the rise of communism in Russia Marx and Engells wrote – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Animal Farm

Animal Farm
  • By George Orwell

You Need to Know
  • Author George Orwell
  • Genre Fantasy/ Science Fiction
  • Allegorical account of the rise of communism in

Russian Communist History
  • Marx and Engells wrote "The Communist Manifesto"
  • Lenin was the first Soviet Premier
  • Trotsky and Stalin fought over who'd succeed
  • Stalin was a mass murderer
  • A loose definition of communism Share and share

  • Allegory
  • Fable
  • Communism
  • Comrade
  • Resolution
  • Benevolent
  • Paddock
  • Scullery
  • Cynical

Character Personalities
  • Mr. Jones Russian royalty
  • Boxer Stupid, but hard-working and strong
  • Old Major The leader
  • The pigs Smart
  • Clover Motherly and caring
  • Benjamin Cynical
  • Mollie Arrogant and ditzy

More Animals to Know
  • Moses Russian Orthodox Church
  • Snowball Innovative but sneaky
  • Napoleon Stout of character but has trouble
  • Squealer Could change black to white with his

Discussion Questions
  • What is significant about how the animals arrange
    themselves as they gather to hear Major? What
    might this arrangement say about future meetings
    or events?
  • What are the commandments Major gives the
    animals? Can you think of ways each of them could
    be considered a vice? Which is most important,
    in your opinion?

Discussion Questions
  • Examine the song Beasts of England as poetry.
    What imagery is present? What is the message? Why
    do the animals like it so much that they memorize
    it on the spot? To what emotions and needs does
    it appeal?
  • Why dont the pigs like the pet raven Moses
    stories about Sugarcandy Mountain? What can you
    then infer about Soviet/ Russian society during
  • How does the behavior of the pigs foreshadow
    their eventual leadership positions?

Discussion Questions
  • What are Napoleons ideas about education?
    Snowballs? Who is closer to your opinion? To
  • How is Squealer able to convince the other
    animals to accept whatever Napoleon decides? Is
    this similar to human society? What is Orwell
    trying to tell us about education/ acceptance?
  • Why does Mollie run away from the farm? Would
    you have run away, as she did?

Discussion Questions
  • Explain the windmill controversy from Snowballs
    point of view. Napoleons? Who is right?
  • What changes does Napoleon make after his dogs
    chase Snowball off the farm? Is this a form of
    socialism? Is this more or less similar to
    America today?
  • Why dont the other animals protest Napoleons
  • What is the importance of the dogs accompanying
    Squealer when he comes to talk to the animals?

Discussion Questions
  • How is the windmill destroyed? Why does Napoleon
    blame Snowball? Is this something we do in
    society today?
  • Explain why the animals confessed to being
    traitors. Or is there any explanation?
  • Why does Napoleon order the animals to stop
    singing Beasts of England?
  • What purpose is served by the production figures
    Squealer reads to the animals?
  • Compare/contrast the poem Comrade Napoleon to
    Beast of England.

Discussion Questions
  • Describe the whisky incident. Why would Orwell
    make this scene somewhat humorous?
  • Why are the animals so easily fooled, even when
    they find Squealer with a ladder and white paint
    beside the barn at night?
  • does Napoleon allow Moses to return and to tell
    his stories about Sugarcandy Mountain?
  • What happens to Boxer? How do the animals accept

Discussion Questions
  • Of what kind of person does Benjamin remind you?
    Give some examples. What is your opinion of such
    people? What makes people behave this way?
  • What changes have the years brought to the farm?
  • How does Orwell make fun of bureaucracy?
  • drastic actions do the pigs use to shatter the
    animals complacency?

Discussion Questions
  • All seven commandments are erased. What is the
    new commandment and how has it been true from the
  • What happens to the pigs appearance? What does
    Orwell mean when he chooses this ending?

The Plot (So Far)
  • Mr. Jones owns the farm, but doesn't treat his
    animals well and is a drunk.
  • Old Major has a dream.
  • All attend but the tame raven.
  • In his dream, man is the common enemy.
  • Any animal on four legs is good and all those on
    two are bad.
  • Animals should share and share alike and do
    nothing like men. At all.

Ch. 3-- Vocabulary
  • SuperiorBetter.
  • MoreoverAlso.
  • ConceivedBorn of.
  • AcuteDistinct.
  • ChaffLowest form of.
  • AdmirationLook up to idolize.
  • CapacityAbility.
  • ShirkedLack of work.
  • AffectionatelyWith love.
  • ObstinateStubborn.
  • CrypticUnable to be deciphered.
  • IndefatigableWithout fail or tiredness.

New Characters
  • Mr. Pilkington Represents England during and
    just after World War I.
  • Always fought Germany
  • Superpower
  • Mr. Frederick Symbolizes Germany
  • Superpower who is small, but has a strong history
    of fighting

What Happened in Chapter 3?
  • The animals worked hard to get in the harvest and
    were very successful. Boxer, though still dumb,
    worked extremely hard. Napoleon and Snowball
    came up with resolutions and argued with each
    other all the time. Snowball came up with the
    motto, Four legs good, two legs bad, and
    Napoleon stole the dogs puppies. All the pigs
    kept the milk and apples for themselves.

What Happened in Chapter 4?
  • The Battle of Cowshed
  • Boxer and Snowball were awarded the medals,
    Animal Hero, First Class for excessive bravery.
    The animals were smarter and better prepared for
    the battle and therefore won. Only one sheep

New Characters
  • Napoleons dogs Represent the KGB, the Soviet
    Secret Police.

What Happened in Chapter 5?
  • Snowball wanted to modernize the farm, but
    Napoleon did not agree. The windmill was an
    especially bad argument. The animals were split
    in their support between Napoleon and Snowball,
    so they decided to have elections. Snowball was
    close to winning, when Napoleons dogs attacked

Continuing on Chapter 5
  • Napoleon kicked Snowball out, called him a
    traitor, and then told the animals the windmill
    would be built after all.

Vocabulary Ch. 6-8
  • Laborious With great effort.
  • Thoroughness Completely completed.
  • Unassisted Without help.
  • Intermediary Person between enemies.
  • Snuffed Smelled.
  • Stupefied Struck dumb.
  • Execution Death by state.
  • Contemplated Thought about.
  • Primitive Simple.
  • Refuge Safe place.

New Characters
  • Mr. Whymper Napoleons intermediary with humans.

What Happened in Chapter 6?
  • The animals work hard on the windmill, Boxer
    harder than all the rest.
  • They have to roll the stones downhill to break
    them apart and it is hard work.
  • The pigs cut the animals rations and they must
    now work on Sunday afternoon.
  • Mr. Whymper is brought on as intermediary to the
    humans and the pigs begin sleeping in the beds in
    the farmhouse.
  • A terrible windstorm destroys the half-finished
    windmill and Napoleon blames Snowball.

What Happened in Chapter 7?
  • The animals begin working on the windmill again
    and Boxer again leads the way.
  • The hens rebel against Napoleons orders to give
    up their eggs and Napoleon starves them until
    they give up. Nine hens die as a result.
  • Snowball becomes a scapegoat for everything that
    goes wrong on the farm.
  • Squealer tells the animals that Snowball has been
    in league with Mr. Jones since before the Battle
    of Cowshed, but they struggle to believe it.

More Chapter 7 The Executions
  • Napoleon forces certain animals to confess to
    their participation in a conspiracy with Snowball
    and then has the dogs tear out their throats. The
    dogs, apparently without orders, even attack
    Boxer, but he defends himself well. Four pigs and
    numerous other animals die, including the hens
    who rebelled at the proposal to sell their eggs.
  • The animals go to the windmill and sing Beasts of
    England, but Squealer then tells them that song
    is now outlawed.

Changes in the 7 Commandments
  • Commandment Four No animal shall sleep in a
    bed with sheets.
  • Commandment Six No animal shall kill another
    animal without reason.
  • Shows how those in power change the rules to fit
    their own wants and not the needs of the many.

What Happened in Chapter 8?
  • Mr. Frederick buys the lumber, despite Napoleons
    motto, Death to Frederick!
  • The pigs take cash and not a check from the
  • The windmill is done and the pigs discover the
    cash is counterfeit.
  • Mr. Frederick attacks, blows up the windmill, and
    kills many animals.
  • The animals drive them off, but Boxer is
    seriously hurt.
  • The pigs get drunk and Squealer is found at the
    bottom of the ladder with paint after having
    again changed the 7 Commandments.

Changes to the 7 Commandments
  • No animal shall drink alcohol to excess.

What Happened in Chapter 9?
  • Boxers injury and hard work combine to make him
    seriously sick.
  • The pigs (through Squealer) tell the animals hes
    going to the animal hospital.
  • The horse slaughterer comes to pick up Boxer.
  • Benjamin tells the other animals, but Squealer
    tells them the animal hospital bought the horse
    slaughterers van and hadnt yet repainted it.
  • The animals believed them.
  • Boxer left and was never heard from again.

Changes to the 7 Commandments
  • All animals are created equal, but some are more
    equal than others.
  • (All other Commandments were abolished.)

What Happened in Chapter 10?
  • Years passed.
  • Everyone changed, but Benjamin.
  • Squealer took the sheep to another field to
    teach them a new song.
  • The pigs began walking on two legs.
  • The pigs began wearing clothes and using whips on
    the other animals.
  • Men came and visited the farm.
  • The pigs renamed the farm, Manor Farm.
  • The pigs and men got into a fight over cards, but
    the other animals couldnt tell the difference
    between pigs and men.