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Open Source Software Engineering


Open Source Software Engineering Introduction Software Engineering Processes, with all their steps are vital for achieving good quality However, in small, medium and ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Open Source Software Engineering

Open Source Software Engineering
  • Software Engineering Processes, with all their
    steps are vital for achieving good quality
  • However, in small, medium and large software
    houses, these processes are often ignored, thus
    resulting in poor quality
  • Small software houses usually constrained by too
    few human resources
  • Medium / large software houses usually
    constrained by delivery time
  • It is a typical Pakistani tradition to do
    everything with bare hands and manual labour
  • Reasons
  • Licensed CASE Tools are too expensive
  • Force of habit, tradition and culture always
    done things manually

  • If software houses use automation and open source
    tools availble in all disciplines of software
    engineering, then they can
  • Overcome the resourse scarcity
  • Overcome the schedule crunch
  • Overcome the cost of licensed software
  • Achieve the highest quality brought about by
    executing all the requirements of software
    engineering, rather than neglecting them
  • A Brief initial survery shows hundreds of open
    source software engineering tools available
  • Several tools are very popular, already
    downloaded more than 1 million times
  • This is only an initial survey relies on the
    evaluation of others
  • So far only from
  • A industry academia task force is needed to
    actually download and use some of these tools and
    provide feedback on which tools are the best,
    what are each tools strengths and shortcomings
  • If you are already using any open source tool,
    please provide a 1-page summary

  • If even a small software house sets up an
    automated configuration management and build
    management system to
  • Auto-compile the project nightly from the CM
    repository and
  • Auto-run regression test cases
  • Then bugs will be identified early, which would
    otherwise require running of hundreds of manual
    test cases
  • A lot of manual effort will be saved
  • The overall quality will be improved

Software Engineering Disciplines
  • Requirements Management
  • Project Planning and Management
  • Software Process / Metrics
  • Design / UML Modeling
  • (Design / Database Design)
  • Development
  • Cross-Platform Development
  • Workflow / Business Process Design
  • Development Frameworks, Libraries, Toolkits
  • Reporting Tools
  • Code Generators
  • Code Quality / Coding Standards Checking
  • Communication, Collaboration and Coordination
  • Integrated Code Documentation
  • (Configuration Management, Build Management)
  • QA
  • Unit Testing, Code Coverage
  • Test Case Management
  • Regression Testing
  • Bug / Issue Tracking
  • Customer Support

Requirements and Specifications Management
  • JEREMIA - Requirement Management System 10,160
  • An open source requirement management system.
    With Jeremia it is possible to describe
    requirements and requirement documentation within
    one system. The requirements and requirement
    documents are stored within a database.
  • JREQUISITE - Requirement Management Tool 3,035
  • Agile requirement management tool. Its main goal
    is to give the developer community a free, user
    friendly, and powerfull tool for requirement
    analysis and change management.
  • TRUC - Tracking Requirements Use Cases 2,080
  • A web-based tool for requirement and use case
    tracking. It has fileupload, discussions, version
    control, usecase history, build and release
    management. It supports assignment of
    requirements use-cases to releases and
    filtering over all fields.
  • Requirements Manager 2,918
  • Provides a tool for requirement capture, usecase
    capture and requirement analysis in a multiuser

Requirements Management
  • Requirement Heap 1,520
  • A simple web based requirement management
    application. It allows to enter requirement in
    rich text, supports versioning and the management
    of requirements.
  • SLAM Software Lifecycle Artefact Manager 423
  • Swing Java Application manages software
    requirements and associated functional tests,
    including results, showing requirements/tests
    traceability at all time. Requirements and tests
    are formatted as in text processor print-ready
    documents are generated.
  • Eclipse XML based SRS 5,842
  • EMF 2.0 generated Eclipse plugin to produce an
    XML Based, Use Case centric, Software
    Requirements Specification with linkage to
    external documents and resulting software
    components. Generates sophisticated html reports.
    Based on http//xmlbasedsrs.tigris

Requirements Management
  • JEREMIA helps during system development and
    enhancement with tracking the requirement changes
    throughout the systems lifecycle, development
    artifact by development artifact.
  • With JEREMIA you can capture your requirements,
    analyze and classify them.
  • You can link requirements, so that it is possible
    to trace requirement changes from requirement to
  • JEREMIA comes with a set of process oriented
    standard documentation templates.
  • Your captured requirements are automatically
    included into this documentation.
  • It is possible to export the documentation for
    further print processing to XML-DOCBOOK format.
  • The requirements and requirement documents are
    stored within a database.
  • Currently JEREMIA supports MySQL databases.

Project Planning and Management
  • OpenProj - Project Management 1,230,745
  • OpenProj by Serena Software is a desktop
    replacement of Microsoft Project. OpenProj has
    equivalent functionality, a familiar user
    interface and even opens existing MSProject
    files. OpenProj is interoperable with Project,
    with a Gantt Chart and PERT chart
  • GanttPV - Project Scheduling Software 198,433
  • Use it to define tasks, assign resources, and
    create gantt charts. A simple, scriptable,
    cross-platform, open source aid to project
  • Onepoint Project 91,291
  • Onepoint Project is the first open source
    project leadership software integrating project
    and resource management, planning, progress
    tracking, monitoring and controlling into an
    easy-to-use tool.
  • Virtual Project -Project Management 30,471
  • Innovate, web based project management software.
    It is easy to use and requires little training on
    behalf of the end user. It's a new way of taking
    your project anywhere. You can have unlimited
    staff, organisations and projects.
  • Project Dune 12,794
  • A software project management tool to manage your
    estimates, project information, issues, releases,
    scrum tasks, timesheets and test execution

Project Planning and Management
  • FDD Project Management Application 7,690
  • An application for Feature Driven Development
    (FDD). FDD is one of the agile software
    development methodologies.
  • Project Management On Web 4,594
  • Gives a platform for project team management
    software on web. maybe it works just like SF, but
    we desired for a most useful WebUI for all user
    who want management a project, join a project,
    with public project tasks schedule and workflow
  • VIENNA Project Management System 1,093
  • A Project Management System for Software
    Development Projects in .Net MySQL. It covers
    WBS, Task Approval, Assignments, File Upload,
    Time Recording, Status Reports, Bug Recording,
    SRTM, Rework Reports, Dev. vs Test Time, Bugs
    Ratio, etc.
  • Pleno 909
  • An Enterprise Integrated Platform for distributed
    or centralized software project management. Its
    main features includes project management,
    portfolio management, resource planning, schedule
    management, time tracker.

Project Planning and Management
  • A open source replacement of Microsoft Project
    and other commercial solutions
  • Download more than 1,250,000 times in the few
    months since launch and is being used in over 142
  • Available on Linux, Unix, Mac or Windows
  • Opens existing Microsoft or Primavera files
  • OpenProj shares the industry's most advanced
    scheduling engine with Project-ON-Demand
  • Provides Gantt Charts, Network Diagrams (PERT
    Charts), WBS and RBS charts, Earned Value costing
    and more.
  • There is literally no time or effort involved in
    switching to OpenProj, and your teams can manage
    projects on any platform for free.

Software Process / Metrics
  • Software Process Dashboard 78,564
  • A tool to support individuals and teams using
    high-maturity, metrics-intensive project
    management methodologies such as PSP(SM) and
    TSP(SM). Supports personal and team earned value
    tracking and forecasting simplifies metrics
    collection and analysis.
  • StatSVN 33,899
  • StatSVN is a metrics-analysis tool for charting
    software evolution through analysis of Subversion
    source repositories.
  • Tikal 5,319
  • Tikal's open source Application Development
    Deployment is comprised of fully integrated
    suites that cover the entire software life-cycle,
    include tools for development and deployment of
    applications, software configuration management
    and ASQA.
  • WebAPSEE - Flexible Process Management 1,726
  • An open source project which aims to provide
    automated support for software process

UML Modeling
  • StarUML 875,674
  • An open source project to develop fast,
    flexible, extensible, featureful, and
    freely-available UML/MDA platform running on
    Win32 platform. The goal is a compelling
    replacement of commercial UML tools such as
    RationalRose, Together and so on.
  • Umbrello UML Modeller 255,712
  • A program for creating Unified Modelling Language
    (UML) diagrams of software. Umbrello 1.5 is
    available as part of KDE 3.5 or for download from
  • Violet UML Editor 97,340
  • A UML editor with these benefits Very easy to
    learn and use. Draws nice-looking diagrams.
    Completely free. Cross-platform. Violet is
    intended for developers, students, teachers, and
    authors who need to produce simple UML diagrams
  • UML Sculptor 42,659
  • UML class diagrams editor
  • VUML 31,410
  • Targets development of a visual UML editor for
    the popular Eclipse IDE. The visual UML editor
    plugin is fully compatible with the Eclipse
    Framework and allow developers easily to model
    and document their software through the UML2

UML Modeling
  • Java UML Generator (JUG) 25,052
  • Tool for automatic generation of UML Class
    Diagrams out of Java Class Files. Originally
    designed as a command line tool to convert
    .class/.jar files into .emf/.eps files, it now
    offers a visual environment.
  • Violet UML Editor Plugin for Eclipse 20,684
  • A powerfull modeling software, easy to use,
    ready to work by Cay Horstmann. It draws
    nice-looking class, sequence, state, object and
    use-case diagrams. This plugin embeds Violet into
  • Quick UML for Java 15,736
  • A trimmed-down UML editor that lets you create
    and share UML diagrams with people on many
    different platforms and generate Java source code
  • Octopus 11,656
  • A plugin for Eclipse provides an IDE for OCL 2.0
    and UML. From a combined OCL / UML model a fully
    working prototype can be generated. Octopus can
    import XMI from various UML tools. Octopus means
    OCl TOol for Precise Uml Specifications.

UML Modeling
  • UML Model transformation tool 9,750
  • UML transformation tool developed in Java and
    XSLT Runs on any java 1.3 platform. Environment
    for code generation from UML models, based on
    XMI, e.g. to J2EE, webservices, xml schema New
    generators (xslt/java) can be plugged in.
  • DB-UML Database Modeling Tool 9,321
  • An open source modeling tool for creating,
    updating and visualizing relational database
    schemas. You can create a new UML model of
    database elements, import relational catalog
    meta-data and generate SQL create statements from
    the model.
  • Enterprise Modeling Aid 5,621
  • An object-oriented domain modeling tool to create
    enterprise models using an UML class diagram, an
    object-event table and finite state machines. The
    CASE tool checks view consistency, has XMI
    support and code generation abilities.

UML Modeling
  • An open source project to develop fast, flexible,
    extensible, featureful, and freely-available
    UML/MDA platform running on Win32 platform.
  • The goal of the StarUML project is to build a
    software modeling tool and also platform that is
    a compelling replacement of commercial UML tools
    such as Rational Rose, Together and so on.
  • MDA (Model Driven Architecture) MDA is a new
    technology introduced by OMG. StarUML is designed
    to support MDA and provides many customization
    variables like as UML profile, Approach, Model
    Framework, NX(notation extension), MDA code and
    document template and so on. They will help you
    fitting tool into your organizational cultures,
    processes, and projects.
  • Plug-in Architecture Many users require more and
    more functionalities to software modeling tools.
    StarUML provides simple and powerful plug-in
    architecture so anyone can develop plug-in
    modules in COM-compatible languages (C, Delphi,
    C, VB, ...)
  • Usability StarUML is implemented to provide many
    user-friend features such as Quick dialog,
    Keyboard manipulation, Diagram overview, etc.
  • StarUML is mostly written in Delphi. However,
    StarUML is multi-lingual project and not tied to
    specific programming language

Cross-Platform Development
  • wxWidgets 4,683,671
  • A free C framework that facilitates cross
    platform software development, including GUIs,
    threads, sockets, database, file system access,
  • CodeBlocks 1,608,661
  • An open-source cross-platform IDE (Integrated
    Development Environment) for C/C. Designed with
    flexibility in mind, most of its features are
    provided by external modules (plugins) making it
    easily extendable and configurable.
  • Visual Tcl 200,317
  • Visual Tcl is a freely-available, high-quality
    application development environment for UNIX,
    Windows, Macintosh and AS400 platforms. Visual
    Tcl is written entirely in Tcl/Tk and generates
    pure Tcl/Tk code.
  • Ultimate 172,217
  • A cross-platform C rapid application
    development suite. It includes set of libraries
    (for things like GUI and SQL) and an IDE. Rapid
    development is achieved by smart and aggressive
    use of C rather than through fancy code
  • Appcelerator 28,580
  • A cross-browser, cross-platform, cross-language
    web development platform for building
    rich-internet applications based on a
    service-oriented architecture.
  • IDE for WAP Development 11,728
  • A free open-source cross-platform Integrated WAP
    Development Environment. Has support for WML 1.2
    and allows users to design WAP pages graphically.

Workflow System / Business Process Design
  • Open Business Engine 33,642
  • A Java workflow engine implementing Workflow
    Management Coalition Open Standards (WfMC XPDL,
    WAPI, Auditing). Highly modular and configurable,
    it suits J2EE or embedded deployment. Supports
    integration via Web Services etc.
  • Bossa Workflow 20,558
  • A workflow engine written in Java. The engine is
    very fast and lightweight, uses a very expressive
    Petri net notation to define workflows, does not
    requires a RDBMS and is very simple to use and to
    integrate with java applications.
  • Java Graphical Process Designer 18,360
  • Designs workflow/business process modelling (bpm)
    diagrams and exports (and imports) them, usually
    as XML, to workflow engines after model
    validation. It allows quick and easy integration
    of new workflow formats.
  • SWAMP 18,316
  • A flexible, java based workflow server that runs
    on top of tomcat. It reads its workflow
    definitions from XML files. Administration and
    tracking of workflow instances, execution of
    individual tasks can be done via the web and SOAP

Workflow System / Business Process Design
  • PL/FLOW 12,702
  • PL/FLOW is a workflow engine written in Oracle
    PL/SQL, implementing interfaces 1 and 2 (Process
    Definition and the client API) as specified by
    the Workflow Management Coalition
  • Micro-workflow 10,744
  • Micro-workflow targets Java developers seeking to
    build flow-independent applications.
    Micro-workflow allows developers to pick and
    choose the workflow features. It also lets them
    customize existing features and add new ones.
  • wftk Open-source workflow toolkit 10,331
  • The wftk (open-source workflow toolkit) is a
    workflow engine in library form which can be
    integrated with whatever you need to integrate

Development Frameworks / Libraries / Toolkits
  • Visual WebGui Ajax framework/platform 248,380
  • Visual WebGui is a RAD AJAX RIA
    framework/platform for developing deploying
    AJAX GUIs. This AJAX framework simplifies AJAX
    development and cuts programming by 90 with
    intuitive WinForms-like Visual designer of AJAX
    controls which flattens web dev.
  • openMDX - Open Source MDA platform 128,562
  • openMDX is the leading open source MDA platform.
    Generic, model-driven framework. Ultra-fast,
    platform-independent development. No proprietary
    model tagging. No cumbersome generative
    PIM-to-PSM mappings. Supports J2SE, J2EE, CORBA,
    and .NET.
  • Click Framework 27,376
  • Click Framework is an easy to learn and use J2EE
    web application framework. Click is designed for
    web app development by commercial Java teams.
    With Click developers should be able get up and
    running within a day.
  • Java Application Framework For All 24,464
  • An Enterprise Focused Java Framework For Rapid
    Application Development. JAFFA is a Java web
    application development stack, extending exsiting
    projects like Tomcat and Struts with MVC based
    web widgets, built-in persistence and component
    generators too

Reporting Tools
  • iReport-Designer for JasperReports 1,710,008
  • iReport is the most popular visual reporting
    tool for JasperReports (Java reporting library)
    and JasperServer (reporting server). You can
    manage charts, images, subreports, etc. Data
    sources JDBC, TableModels, JavaBeans, XML,
    Hibernate, CSV etc. Output
  • Report Manager 357,907
  • Report Manager is both a print scheme designer
    (report) and a high level printing (reporting)
    engine. Also a TCP Report Server and a Web Report
    Server (PDF on the fly), supports Windows and
    Linux. Connectivity to almost all databases is
  • OpenReports 226,715
  • OpenReports is a powerful, flexible, and easy to
    use web reporting solution that provides browser
    based, parameter driven, dynamic report
    generation and flexible report scheduling
    capabilities. Supports JasperReports,
    JFreeReport, JXLS, and Eclipse BIRT
  • Report.NET 152,355
  • The Report.NET library contains classes that
    generate precise PDF documents. It's written in
    C for the .NET platform. ASP.NET can be used to
    create dynamic PDF-response pages.
  • Designer for Jasper 60,547
  • Designer for Jasper is a visual report designer
    for the Jasper Report writer.

Reporting Tools
  • Agata Report 38,370
  • Agata Report is a cross-platform database
    reporting tool with graph generation and a query
    tool like Crystal Reports that allows you to get
    data from databases and export that data as many
    formats or even generate a complete ER-diagram.
  • ART 20,354
  • ART is a lightweight, multiplatform web based
    query tool and reporting environment. Scalable
    and easy to use, SQL queries can be published in
    a few minutes. Supports tabular, crosstab,
    charts, scheduling data exportable to
    spreadsheet and pdf. 100 Java
  • Open Flash Chart 132,107
  • Open Flash Chart. Line, bar, pie and area
    charts. Looks pretty. We have PHP, Perl, Python,
    Java and DOT NET libraries

Code Generators
  • MyGeneration Code Generator 82,678
  • An extremely flexible template based code
    generator written in Microsoft.NET. MyGeneration
    is great at generating code for ORM
    architectures. The meta-data from your database
    is made available to the templates through the
    MyMeta API.
  • OR.NET - .NET O/R Mapper /Code Generator 24,817
  • .NET O/R Mapper Code Generator. Simple GUI
    creates a robust data layer supporting CRUD,
    transactions, foreign-key mapping table
    relationships, strongly typed queries, SPROCS...
    in pure C. Easiest O/R Mapper out there.
    Generate your code in minutes.
  • Karapan Sapi Struts Generator 21,839
  • A Web Application generator, based on Struts
    Framework. Karapan Sapi will generate some common
    code that always repeated in developing web
    application. Karapan Sapi automatically create
    SQL DDL, Java Object, DAO code, Struts Action etc
  • PHPGEN 6,128
  • A php code generator, which can help you to
    build a MySQL driven system with the feature of
    add, edit, drop, list records stored in MySQL.
    It's features use smarty as template generate
    well orginagized code all can be don in browser.

Code Quality / Coding Standards Enforcement
  • JRefactory 85,386
  • A refactoring tool for the Java programming
    language, it includes the JavaStyle pretty
    printer, a UML java class diagram viewer, a
    coding standards checker and computes program
    metrics. Plugins for jEdit, Netbeans, JBuilder
    and other IDEs available.
  • Checkclipse 46,434
  • A plugin which integrates the Checkstyle style
    checker for Coding Guidelines into Eclipse. All
    Java style violations will be immediately
    reported by error markers. Coding Guidelines can
    be configured for each project separately.
  • Java Coding Standard Checker (JCSC) 18,072
  • A highly configurable checking tool for your Java
    source code. It checks the compliance to a
    defineable coding standard like naming
    conventions and code structure. Also signs of bad
    coding, potential bugs are found. JCSC is
    inspired by lint.
  • QJ-Pro 15,159
  • A sophisticated code quality assessment and
    coding standards technology for Java development
    detecting potential software defects at compile
    time. It offers the ability to significantly
    reduce code review effort by automating a major
    portion of it
  • Code Quality Plugin 3,155
  • Eclipse plug-in, built on top of existing tools
    such as Checkstyle, Findbugs, JDepend to help
    realize code quality standards. Gives a snapshot
    of code quality during development

Integrated Code Documentation
  • Natural Docs 50,874
  • An open-source documentation generator for
    multiple programming languages. You document your
    code in a natural syntax that reads like plain
    English. Natural Docs then scans your code and
    builds high-quality HTML documentation from it.
  • ROBODoc 23,408
  • A documentation tool. It extracts the
    documentation from your source code and formats
    it in HTML, RTF, TeX, XML DocBook (PDF), or
    ASCII. Works with C, C, Fortran, Perl, Scripts,
    Assembler, Tcl, Basic, and any language that
    supports remarks.

Other Misc Development
  • Open Computer Vision Library 2,100,322
  • The Open Computer Vision Library has gt 500
    algorithms, documentation and sample code for
    real time computer vision. Tutorial documentation
    is in O'Reilly Book Learning OpenCV
  • Netpbm - graphics tools and converters 581,970
  • A whole bunch of utilities for primitive
    manipulation of graphic images. Wide array of
    converters from one graphics format to another.
    E.g. from g3 fax format to jpeg. Many basic
    graphics editing tools such as magnifying and
  • Pentaho - Business Intelligence 1,942,046
  • A complete business intelligence platform that
    includes reporting, analysis (OLAP), dashboards,
    data mining and data integration (ETL). Use it as
    a full suite or as individual components that are
    accessible via web services. Ranked 1 in open
    source BI.
  • RapidMiner -- Data Mining, ETL, OLAP, BI 431,766
  • ETL, data warehousing, data mining, OLAP,
    business intelligence (BI) in Java. 500 modules
    extract, transform, load (ETL), data mining, data
    analysis Weka, statistical forecasting,
    preprocessing, validation, visualization, OLAP,
    business intelligence.

Communication, Collaboration and Coordination
  • eGroupWare Enterprise Collaboration 2,028,701
  • eGroupWare is a multi-user, web-based groupware
    suite. Currently available modules include
    email, addressbook, calendar, infolog (notes,
    to-do's, phone calls), content management, wiki,
    project management, tracker, timesheet, knowledge
  • TikiWiki CMS/Groupware 734,228
  • Powerful multilingual Wiki/CMS/Groupware
    File/Image gallery, Article, Blog, Tracker/Forms,
    Forum, Poll/Survey Quiz, Newsletter, Calendar,
    Drawing,Bookmarks, FAQ, Banner ads, Categories,
    Spreadsheet, Maps, Workflow, Search, Theme
    control, WAP, VoiceXML, RSS, LDAP, Stats...
  • MindTouch wiki Collaboration 458,573
  • MindTouch is an enterprise collaboration, wiki
    and mashup platform. Easily connect people,
    enterprise systems, web services, and Web 2.0
    applications for business automation and
    superlative wiki collaboration. RESTful wiki,
    Service wiki Programmable wiki
  • TWiki Enterprise Wiki 101,806
  • TWiki is a structured enterprise wiki with over
    400 extensions. Users without programming skills
    can create web applications. The majority of
    Fortune 500 companies uses TWiki, with
    installations of 100,000s of pages. Visit

QA Unit Testing, Code Coverage
  • JUnit 2,783,208
  • JUnit is a simple framework for writing and
    running automated tests.
  • NUnit .Net unit testing framework 1,787,406
  • Brings xUnit-style unit-testing to all .Net
    languages. Initially ported from JUnit, the
    current version has been re-written to take
    advantage of .NET language features
  • EclEmma - Java Code Coverage for Eclipse
  • EclEmma is a free Java code coverage tool for
    Eclipse, available under the Eclipse Public
    License. Internally it is based on the great EMMA
    Java code coverage tool, trying to adopt EMMA's
    philosophy for the Eclipse workbench.
  • EMMA code coverage 91,254
  • A fast Java code coverage tool based on bytecode
    instrumentation. It differs from the existing
    tools by enabling coverage profiling on large
    scale enterprise software projects with
    simultaneous emphasis on fast individual
  • CodeCover 42,208
  • CodeCover is a free glass box testing tool that
    measures statement, branch, loop, and MC/DC
    coverage. CodeCover supports coverage reports per
    each test case.

QA and Test Case Management
  • SW Test Automation Framework 334,310
  • The Software Testing Automation Framework (STAF)
    is a framework designed to improve the level of
    reuse and automation in test cases and test
    environments. The goal of STAF is to provide a
    complete end-to-end automation solution for
  • Testopia 18,528
  • Bugzilla Testopia is a web-based test case
    management system that works as an add-on to
    Bugzilla (https//
  • Testmaster 10,417
  • A testcase management, logging, reporting and
    test automation tool, similar to the commercial
    product Test Director. Features Progress stats,
    reports, test case import from CSV,doc,web or
    SQL, STAF plugin. SQL database. Speeds QA and
    software testing

Regression Testing
  • DataVision 163,738
  • DataVision is a reporting tool similar to Crystal
    Reports. DV supports many data sources (JDBC,
    files) and many output formats (HTML, XML, PDF,
    LaTeX, Excel, delimited files, DocBook). DV
    includes a GUI editor. DV is embeddable. Reports
    are XML-based.
  • TestLink 119,598
  • TestLink is a web based Test Management tool.
    The application provides Test specification, Test
    plans and execution, Reporting, Requirements
    specification and collaborate with well-known bug
  • WebInject - Web/HTTP Test Tool 65,056
  • WebInject is a tool for automated testing of web
    applications and web services. It can be used to
    test system components with HTTP interfaces, as a
    test harness to create a suite of functional and
    regression tests, or for service-level
  • Sahi - Web Automation and Test Tool 45,547
  • Sahi is an automation and testing tool for web
    applications, with the facility to record and
    playback scripts. Features include, in-browser
    controls, text based scripts, ant support for
    playback of test suites, reporting, and multi
    threaded playback.

Bug / Issue Tracking
  • Bugzilla
  • Mantis 839,828
  • Mantis is an easily deployable, web based
    bugtracker to aid product bug tracking. It
    requires PHP, MySQL and a web server. It is
    simpler than Bugzilla and easily editable. Check
    out the online Demo.
  • Track Issue Tracker 109,225
  • Online project management and issue tracking
    with team collaboration, user management,
    multiple access levels, tasks, projects, time
    tracking, task change history, multiple
    attachments, overview diagrams, Gantt graphs,
    reporting language, report client..
  • itracker 75,818
  • itracker is a true open source issue tracking
    system licensed under the LGPL license. itracker
    is built using Java enterprise technology.
    itracker is a professional, easy to use, open,
    easy to integrate, fast, modular, customizable
    and scalable solution
  • zenTrack - project/bug tracking software 64,916
  • Highly configurable bug tracking, project
    management, and help desk solution. Project focus
    is on configurability, usability, and clean code.

Issue Tracking for Customer Support
  • Tremendously improves quality of customer support
    and customer satisfaction
  • Enter all Phone / Email Client support requests
    in Issue Tracker
  • Auto-email to client a ticket number
  • Team Lead Assigns Developer
  • Classifies issues understanding, client error,
    bug, new feature etc
  • Checks which issues are still open / open for
    long time
  • Developer works on and closes the issue, enters
    time worked
  • Auto-email to client that the issue is closed
  • Reports on how much work done for support of each
    client in each category
  • Developer time sheets
  • Reports on average time to close issue, longest
    open issues, number of open issues etc