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Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance presents -Tips for saving marriage-life and partner


Tips for saving marriage-life and partner, how to avoid conflicts, and divorce. Live life happily, peacefully. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance presents -Tips for saving marriage-life and partner

Saving marriage?
  • Marriage
  • Happy living
  • Issues
  • Conflicts resolution

  • To understand divorce its impact
  • To understand the reasons of incompatibility
  • To strengthen intellectual, emotional and
    spiritual aspects of your personality
  • To select the best possible ways to save marriage
  • To be happy in fulfilling your duties and
    responsibilities towards your spouse families
  • To be a mature, spiritually emotionally
    healthy and committed spouse
  • To prepare for future challenges and conflicts
  • To change grow to be better person and
    well-adjusted marriage partner

Reasons for marriage
  • Marriage is a virtually universal human
  • Right reasons to marry
  • Companion throughout life, Unity
  • Togetherness - Sharing good or bad moments,
    realizing dreams together
  • Sharing, Loving, Caring, Giving
  • Continuing generation, beautiful creation Child
  • Wrong reasons to marry
  • Money, or just Papers
  • Position in company
  • Just to have kids
  • To serve ME

  • Long term relationship stability
  • Better ritual culture due to common deep
    understanding, supportive for next generation
  • Improved family relationship
  • Increased ownership, higher commitments
  • Feeling of proud of relationship
  • Feel of satisfaction delight from peaceful
    happy environment
  • Financially wealthy successful
  • Active participation for function celebration
  • Increased morale no conflicts

Successful marriage
  • Reasons for successful marriage
  • Common skills
  • Good emotional physical health
  • High self esteem
  • High education level
  • High social status
  • Pressure from society kids

Start a day - Breakfast table
Decide life partner carefully!
Which scene do you want to see across the
breakfast table for the rest of your life?
Saying believing!
  • The value of person depends upon
  • Skills attained
  • Knowledge acquired
  • Money earned
  • Assets build
  • Good deeds executed
  • Relations maintained
  • Love spread and
  • Behavior exhibited!
  • There is nothing better in the world than a good
    wife. A good wife is the one whose husband
    becomes glad upon seeing her.

Way of life Methodologies
Environment Culture
People Families
Seven vows
  • 7 Vows- Promise to God to be partner throughout
    the life
  • To walk together throughtout life to get pure
  • To walk together for a healthy prosperous life,
    seeking physical, spiritual and mental health
  • To support each other to be wealthy, asking
    strength to share the happiness and pain
  • Determined for love and respect for each other
    and their respective families
  • Pray for the beautiful, heroic noble children
  • Request for the peaceful long life with each
  • For companionship, togetherness, loyalty and
    understanding to be friends for lifetime
  • Marriage is a symbol of purity, union of two
    different people, community and culture

  • Divorce or the dissolution of marriage is the
    final termination of a marital union, canceling
    the legal duties and responsibilities of marriage
    and dissolving the bonds of matrimony between the
  • As of 2011, divorce rate in India is 1.01 for
    every thousand marriages annually, is too high?

Category Reason
Social Dowry harassment, Exploitation, Conservative approach Unbearable mental and physical torture Acceptance of divorced daughters, Change of views DINKS (double income no kids) couples Downfall of Joint family system Misunderstanding of Woman empowerment equality
Personality Non compatibility in social, economical, intellect status Lack of adaptability, lack of patience Domination, egoistic nature, Listen serve to me attitude Extramarital affairs, Western culture influence
Finance Ability to be on own, Financial freedom Growth of individualism, High salaries Disputes over managing finance, I can do it better attitude
Professional Work-life imbalance, Professional rivalry
Behavior Lack of ethics and morals, Fashionable life style Lack of affection, Ignorance, Insulting, Disrespect
  • Lack of understanding
  • Priorities differs
  • Methodologies differs
  • Above results in Disregard Distrust, cycle
  • Missing on Loving, Caring, Sharing, Giving
  • Different values
  • Own world Ignoring not sharing time
  • Lack approval from family (for love marriage)

Before marriage
  • We hide the things
  • We ignore
  • We mislabel
  • We agree on irrelevant matters
  • We believe our loved one will change after

Voice before after
  • You are just made for me
  • You arent the man/woman I married.
  • I want you to be my partner for all the births
  • You seem different now.
  • I am so lucky, feel like in heaven
  • It isnt the same as when we were dating.
  • I trust you
  • You cheated me.

Incompatibility reasons
  • Intellectual gap
  • Physical, age-wise, health related, sex related
  • Comfort, Fun, Materialistic, Financial
  • Spiritual differences
  • Social life style
  • Ego
  • Missing on expectations
  • Ability not to accommodate varieties
  • Methodology differs slightly
  • Twisted distorted facts or inputs
  • Wrong impression / prejudice
  • Expectations to be ideal!

Deep fry ice-cream?
Divorce globally
In India divorce rate is doubled in last 7 years
Mature steps needed
Death statistics in USA! Take mature steps
related to love marriage
Avoid divorce
  • To avoid
  • Unhealthy life, psychological madness
  • Loneliness unhappiness
  • Social insult over ability to manage
  • Lesser combined income
  • Risk of suicide for both children
  • Shorter life expectancies
  • For children
  • Suffer physical health
  • Risk of school failure
  • Psychological distress mental illness
  • Miss on guidance developing

Most effective-first hand solution
  • Think strategically about solution
  • Communicate have a dialogue
  • Discuss, dont quarrel
  • Clarify Apologize if mistaken
  • Start clean slate fresh
  • Enhance understanding
  • Set the guidelines if needed
  • Understand before being understood
  • Avoid to be misunderstood, make a point
  • Do not involve many
  • Acknowledge and respect individual identity
  • Avoid compromised confused situation

Most effective-first hand solution
  • Be REAL realistic
  • Plan for outing
  • Enhance listening abilities
  • Express issues, wish and needs honestly
  • Understand viewpoints sincerely
  • Respect one another as peers friends
  • Constructive resolutions build trust, follow
  • Maintain a diary jotting down own mistakes

Fight but marriage under hold
  • Unable to articulate all issues at one time
  • Unable to convince conclude who is wrong?
  • Unable to address ego
  • Inability to stand on own
  • Social pressure
  • Deep responsibility of children serious views
    not to ruin their lives
  • Unclear answer to What next?
  • If views till in favor to continue, not to cut
  • Compromising nature patience
  • Hope is the strategy!!! (cannot be!)

Happily married life
  • Bargaining compromise with respect dignity
    (deal for both, remember marriage is not a deal!)
  • Agreement as a gift (without resentment)
  • Coexistence Agree (to disagree live with it)
  • The object of marriage peaceful coexistence
  • Be totally honest and kind at the same time.
  • Control negative destructive impulses
  • Control your anger
  • Express your deepest fears, hopes, and emotions
    and everyday thoughts

  • Beautiful tips
  • Do not hit head against wall
  • Know.....who matters
  • Acknowledgement is the first step towards
  • Never try to straighten dogs tail
  • Keep cool calm, grow and behave!

Accept totally
  • Lifetime to know each other
  • People do not really know each other well
  • Continue applying corrections keep aligning
  • Be flexible unforeseen events will happen.
  • Be prepared for change people change,
    situations shift, relationships take on new
    dimensions, Couples can cope adapt
  • Have a positive attitude.
  • Express positive comments most of the time.
  • Criticism about inadequacies eliminates emotional

Key element
  • Commitment as a symbol, not as a contract
  • Equal focus on win-win, always!
  • Trust which offers closeness, fluent
    communication synergistic relationship
  • Mutual goals objectives can be achieved with
    deep support
  • Continuous improve
  • Timely communication responsiveness
  • Involvement of partners with each other , trust
    respect for each other, must be magnified

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