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Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance presents -To prepare resume -n-Covering letter


To prepare resume -n-Covering letter - It is a serious business & skill to convert opportunity into reality, be careful while preparing resume, Take care of small aspects. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Earthsoft Foundation of Guidance presents -To prepare resume -n-Covering letter

To succeed in getting a dream job To prepare
Resume Covering letter
  • Preparing effective resume
  • Writing covering letter
  • Examples

Preparing effective resume
Road Map
  • Role of the Resume
  • Types of Resumes
  • Resume Formats
  • Resume Sections
  • Additional Documentation
  • Miscellaneous Tips
  • Sample Resumes
  • On-line Resources

Job objective
  • Answers the question, what do I want to do?
  • State the type of position you are seeking or the
    actual job title
  • Consider including how you will benefit the
    employer not what you are seeking from the

What is a Resume?
  • Resume is your belief of profile, qualifications,
    skills, experiences achievements
  • Purpose of the resume is
  • To get you an interview
  • To capture the readers interest and attention
  • To convince your ability to fill-in the position
  • Resume always helps you
  • To build a career
  • As an opportunity to impression first time
  • To convey suitability possible contribution
  • To project as someone who understands what is
    important to the organization and can contribute
    to its success

Purpose of resume
  • To open doors for an opportunity
  • To share education, experience, skills, past
    performance, achievements, personality personal
  • To convey suitability for the job convince
    employer that you are worth an interview
  • To get an interview to enable you to share more
    details about you your expertise
  • To answer possibly the employers question, What
    can you do for us?
  • Ultimately, to get a job at a dream organisation

Its a sample to judge
  • Your resume is a reflection of you!
  • Its considered to be a sample to judge you!
  • Your resume is an example of how best clarity you
    have, structured output you can translate
    document you can deliver
  • Your resume is your personal knowledge
    representation, to convey your personality
  • Employer to decide in 10sec to keep it or pass it
  • First impressions are lasting ones.

A well written resume sets you apart from all
other applicants.
Types of Resumes
  • A Paper Resume
  • To be clean
  • Use at job fairs, interviews, career breakfast,
  • An Electronic Resume
  • Submitted online, mostly using job portals or at
    employers website
  • A word file as an attachment for on-line
    submission or sharing by emails
  • An HTML Resume
  • Includes links to homepage to be avoided

Attributes in demand
  • Employers always want
  • highly energetic, able to motivate team
  • expert in the subject matters
  • good in execution
  • ethical
  • well organized following etiquette
  • problem solvers
  • growth oriented, ownership responsibilities
  • leaders!
  • Do you fit in above?

Standard Sections
  • Header Name, email, mobile no.
  • Your career objective
  • Details in reverse chronological order
  • Education
  • Relevant courses
  • Seminar, Academic projects, White papers
  • Honors , Activities
  • Work experience Employment history
  • Skills, duration last used
  • Projects
  • Personal information

The Header Section
  • Name - first line should be your name
  • Mobile number including country code
  • Email address
  • Use your UWEC email address
  • Dont use BIGBOY_at_HOTMAIL.COM
  • Larger than the largest font used in body
  • Avoid using decorative fonts
  • Dont use black or gray shaded backgrounds
  • Exclude titles Mr., Mrs., Ms.,
  • Include following personal information at last
  • Date of Birth
  • Marital status
  • Blood group
  • Permanent address
  • Current address

The Objective Section
  • Make statement clear, concise, and to the point
  • Bad I want to get a job
  • To attain an internship in the computer
  • Good To attain an internship in the computer
    industry working with database or network
  • Avoid being overly specific to single company
  • To attain a position at 3M Pharmaceutical
    working on
  • Objectives from the perspective of organisation
  • To attain a web application programming position
    where knowledge of Java and the Struts framework
    will add value the overall development process.
  • To be a senior professional in Service Delivery
    Management in a growth oriented and technology
    driven IT organisation

Education Courses
  • List academic non-academic qualifications
  • Include a table chronological order for
  • Higher schooling college
  • Courses either unique or considered as elective
  • Include following
  • Duration in year (from to), educational degree,
    university/college, grade/division/ marks, main
  • Followed by self explaining seminar project
    title, brief description, and attributes
  • Allied courses with attributes - leadership,
    public speaking, foreign language, computer

The Honors/Activities Section
  • This section should convince that you are a
  • To use self explaining title brief description
  • honors awards bagged during college
  • academic or extracurricular activities
  • leadership positions held
  • membership in various organizations
  • relevant volunteer work
  • hobbies or activities

Work Experience
  • Align resume to capture attributes in demand
  • Describe appropriately relevant experience to the
    job be consistent in wording
  • To capture work experience in reverse
    chronological order in table format, header
    detailed responsibilities
  • Duration from to in month-year, name of
    organisation, designation / role, key
    responsibilities, knowledge, skills abilities
    gained utilised, contribution, accomplishments
  • Good to mention url of past companies

Work Experience
  • Include as applicable
  • Metrics indicating success in previous jobs.
  • Big-name employers or impressive job titles
  • Promotions or increased responsibilities.
  • Highlight marketable specific skills if any if
    market demands
  • Be sure to not leave gaps however be honest if
    there is a gap
  • Use present tense for current job
    responsibilities and past tense for previous
  • Reason for leaving could be optional

  • Dont need name of supervisor, address, or
    contact information
  • Dont emphasize duties but outcomes
  • Increased efficiency of by 20
  • Improved user navigation experience on
  • Avoid passive language such as Responsible for,
    Duties included, or Worked on in descriptions

Skills Section - IT
  • This is where you emphasize your technical skills
  • Programming Languages
  • Put in order of familiarity, Can use Exposure to
  • Platforms
  • Nice to list Windows and Linux
  • Packages
  • Eclipse, Oracle 9i, MS SQL Server, Rational Rose
  • To list the real products having worked on
  • Development Methodologies
  • Rational Unified Process, Extreme Programming,
    Agile Development
  • Awareness of SDLC
  • Expertise in Estimation methodologies

Skills Section- Mechanical
  • This is where you emphasize your technical skills
  • Knowledge of
  • Design development
  • Production cycle or methodologies
  • Hydraulics/ Pneumatics
  • Machining Fabrication
  • Welding technologies
  • Material science
  • CAD-CAM, AutoCAD, Ansys, 3-D packages
  • Quality norms their acceptance levels

Detailing Accomplishments
  • Detail each accomplishment
  • Prepare a separate sheet answering following
  • Prioritize your accomplishments
  • What about the accomplishment makes it stand
    out as something special?
  • How did you initially involve?
  • What did you do?
  • How did you develop, design, create, implement
    plan, program, product, service, procedure?
  • What was especially enjoyable about doing it?
  • What are the quantifiable results benefits of
    accomplishment to you organisation?

What Is an Accomplishment?
  • You accomplished or achieved
  • more with the same resources
  • the same results with fewer resources
  • Improved operations, efficiency, process
    orientation, reviews, accuracy, better formats
    periodic reports, simply made things easier
  • Brought in the quality aspects, objectives
    actual achieved, and further improvements
  • Resolved panic problems with little or no
    increase in time, energy, cost, personnel, etc
  • Accomplished something for the first time.

What did you do?
  • Did you strategise the growth architecting a
  • Did you took initiative resolved any problems,
    or accepted any opportunities or met any
  • Did you create or develop or design a new
    department, program, procedure, plan, service, or
  • Did you identify a need implemented a plan,
    program, product, service, procedure, etc.?
  • Prepare original reports, papers, documents,
  • Did you participate in any technical
  • Did you participate in any major management
    decisions or organizational changes?
  • Did you implement or participate in any sales
    and/or profit and/or cost saving recommendations?

How did you do it?
  • Answering following questions might help-
  • Did your results save cost, generate new
    business, increase sales/profits?
  • Did your results improve efficiency (efforts,
    duration, manpower, procedures)?
  • Did results make an impact on the organization?
  • Can your results be measurable?

  • Avoid excessively general statements
  • Claiming improvements without explanation
  • Citing reductions in costs or increases in
    efficiency without quantified measurements
  • Taking credit for progress without providing some
    element of detail
  • Mentioning projects not worked for
  • Using terms such as excellent, world-class,
    superior, etc. without independent evaluation
    that provided the rating
  • Obvious false statements

The Projects Section
  • Using this section correctly can differentiate
  • Show impressive relevant projects you have
  • Each project should have attributes like name,
    domain, efforts, duration, generic technologies,
    key latest technologies
  • To write appropriate
  • Brief project description
  • Benefits achieved by clients organisation

Interests References
  • Personal Interests
  • List your interests, but do not generalise.
    Instead simply saying 'football', say you have
    played for a local club for last four years now
    holding a post of Treasury Officer.
  • References
  • Provide 2-4 professional references at the end
  • Share full name, designation context of knowing
    them, no family members
  • Pick individuals that think highly of you are
    familiar with your work, from recent work history
  • Seek consent from them before using names

  • Choose references carefully they should convey
    your ability to perform for the position
  • You should provide
  • References when the employer asks for
  • The number of references as requested
  • You must contact people on your reference list
  • Get their prior agreement to be a reference
  • Let them know job(s) you have applied
  • Provide them a copy of your resume
  • List on the same quality bond paper as resume
  • Should have the same heading information

References Example
Optional sections
  • Relevant coursework
  • Split work experience in two (relevant experience
    and other work experience)
  • Research experience
  • Community service
  • Volunteer experience
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Professional memberships
  • Publications/presentations
  • Licenses/certifications

Online Resume
  • Most large employers will upload resume to a
    central database
  • Use appropriate keywords for better retrieval
  • Samples Unix, C, Java, hardware, networking,
    trouble-shooting, testing, security, data mining,
    cloud, managed services, data warehouse , etc
  • Dont use italics, underlining or graphics
  • Use bold only for headers
  • Use black ink on white background

Delivery of resume
  • Emailing your resume
  • Write appropriate body in email
  • Attach resume as a PDF or Word document
  • Check before submitting your resume
  • Make sure to check it thoroughly, for spelling,
    grammar and clear representation of your profile
  • Check that the content is relevant to the reader
    or business to encourage to contact you
  • Send resume to you, check email body
    attachment, get it printed verify

Review Steps
  • One can apply limited jobs per day month for a
  • Search for the job online
  • Input right search criteria like experience,
    technology, location city or country, ECTC
  • Read header information make a judgment for
    suitability of job, responsibility, organisation,
  • Match education, experience, skills with
    requirements, duties, skills and apply if
  • Note contact details of recruiter for the most
    suitable job, you may want to contact

Result oriented action statements
  • Passive Duties included Website re-design.
  • Active Worked on successful Website re-design.
  • Active w/Results Created an effective
    association Website that resulted in a 25
    increase in hits within 2 weeks through usability
    testing and re-design as a member of a 3-person
  • Passive Responsible for cataloging.
  • Active Provided cataloging function in mid-sized
    public library
  • Active w/Results Managed a trouble-free
    migration of a card catalog system to an online
    catalog system through a comprehensive cataloging
    vendor selection process
  • Passive Responsible for childrens programs.
  • Active Managed successful childrens library
  • Active w/Results Increased participation in a
    childrens summer reading program by 20 through
    the redesign of the program and the development
    of Web-based marketing

  • Act as a professional Be consistent in font
    type size, get the words punctuation correct
  • Be simple, use easy-to-read word flowing
  • Pleasant layout - to be clean, concise well
    formatted, Bulleted bold at specifics
  • Be truthful and don't be afraid selling your
  • Be clear about your profile job
  • Keep balance of information presentation
  • Focus on strengths and accomplishments
  • Check recheck to eliminate spell mistakes

  • Use template
  • Be sequential logical, Make your points clear
  • Use past tense and choose right action verbs
  • Share your achievements strengths
  • Make your resume results oriented, give proof to
    back up your capability statements and what you
    can do
  • List relevant work
  • Include attitude like - Team Player, Involved
    with -,Contributed to , Served on ,Volunteered
  • Demonstrate leadership, communication, cultural

Do not
  • Do not use ugly format
  • Do not lie, manipulate, exaggerate to match
  • Just listing the duties, it is not impressive
  • Refer yourself with the third person
  • Images, fancy fonts, letters in upper case,
    spelling mistakes, broken English. difficult buzz
  • Coloured paper or type, glazy photographs
  • Jargon and acronyms that other people might not
    understand .eg. CRO, TB, SOX
  • History more than 15 years old

Do not
  • Avoid lists of boring sentences
  • Photographs Personal
  • Family health information
  • References
  • Folded resume
  • Avoid abbreviations and acronyms
  • Never use pronouns as I, me, my, our
  • Never type (use a laser, jet printer)
  • No fancy fonts, binders, layouts

  • Limit it to two pages if you have little
  • Place name page number on all pages
  • Use a good quality white colored bond paper
  • Use a 12 point font keep consistency for font
    type size across
  • Do not fold or staple the resume
  • Use language keywords aligned to job
  • Minimize bold lettering, italics, underlining.
  • Provide factual education, skills, experience
    achievements to meet job requirements

A successful resume
  • Shows purpose and direction
  • Consistent (verb tense, format, etc.)
  • Factual
  • Dynamic
  • Visual appeal (balanced statements, sufficient
    margins, consistency, etc)
  • Well-organized
  • Reads like a good newspaper story - with
    headlines and leading phrases
  • Zero typographical errors
  • Printed on quality resume paper

Resume Examples
Good Examples (1)

Writing covering letter / email
Why a covering letter/email?
  • Content of cover letter is same as email body
  • Transmit your resume to a potential employer
  • Stimulate interest in you and in your resume
  • Provide critical pieces of information
  • Why are you qualified to meet their needs?
  • What makes you different from others?
  • What you can do for the employer?
  • How will you meet their goals for the future?
  • How you will benefit the employer?
  • How will you add value to the organization?
  • Communicate what you expect next action

Things to Consider
  • Effective cover letter/email require substantial
    research about the job about the employer
  • Covers letter must be written for specific
    position and directed to a specific person
  • It demonstrates written communications ability
  • It should have following without any spelling or
    grammatical errors
  • Salutation
  • Introductory paragraph
  • Body of letter (1 or 2 paragraphs)
  • Closing paragraph Complementary close
  • Name
  • List of enclosures

Cover Letter (1)
  • Why do I need to write a cover letter?
  • It acts as verbal introduction to the employer
  • To seek attention on your relevant background
  • Send it to a person, not a place
  • Avoid To Whom It May Concern,
  • Worst case Dear Recruiter
  • First sentence should tell why you are writing
  • I am writing in regard to your posting listed
  • Ms.Sarita of ED cell suggested that I
  • As you may recall, I spoke with you briefly
  • Indicate why are you interested in the company

Cover Letter (2)
  • Opportunity to convey some basic information
  • What position you're applying for
  • Who you are
  • Why you want the job
  • What you have to offer
  • Highlight your skills
  • 2-4 statements for in-depth description like
    education, experience, skill, contribution,
    knowledge, etc
  • Each statement should be stand alone clear
  • Close with a request of action
  • Like Kindly grant an appointment to enable me to
    share more details
  • Like Please advice next step. Shall appreciate
    your guidance.

Cover Letter (3)
  • Must convey the above objectives in a single page
    and tempt the employer with some key points from
    your resume
  • Review company website, Find out about the
    company highlight this in your cover letter
  • Employers look for two points 
  • Someone who can do the job
  • Someone who wants to do the job
  • Covering letter helps to convey your enthusiasm

  • Role you are
  • applying for

Why you are applying
Why they should read on and interview you
Show you are familiar with their business
  • Set the scene

Relevant to current business situation
What you are interested in
Additional 3rd party referees talking your
To achieve
  • Get the readers attention, but avoid catchy
    phrases and gimmicks
  • Show your enthusiasm for the position
  • Stimulate the interest of the employer
  • Convey why you are writing - State the position
    or assignment for which you are applying
  • Mention the resource used in finding out about
    the opening or how you learned of the opening

Introductory Paragraph
  • Include when youre graduating from University
    and with what degree, and future career plans
    (only if theyre related to the position)
  • Provide a transition sentence that links your
    education, experience, and skills to the need
  • Provide a strong case for how your qualifications
    provide what the employer needs
  • Highlight key strengths like education, skills,
    total experience (work experience, volunteer
    experience, class projects), achievements

Main paragraph
  • Include certain skills you want to highlight that
    are mentioned in the job posting
  • Where and how you developed those skills
    (academic background/training, work experience,
    personality traits)
  • Achievements that relate to the field in which
    you are applying, without duplicating exactly
    what is included in your resume
  • How you would make a good fit in the company
    based on its mission, goals, and current projects

Closing paragraph
  • Your resume is included which gives a more
    complete view of your qualifications
  • Youd like to further discuss the job opportunity
    or you desire an interview
  • Restate your interest in the position.
  • State what you expect next - interview.
  • State what you will do as follow-up when
  • How you can be reached (phone number and e-mail)
    to answer any questions
  • Thank the person for his/her time and

Print Cover letter format
  • Your Street Address
  • City, State Zip Code
  • Date
  • Name of Person
  • Job Title
  • Company/Organization
  • Street Address
  • City, State Zip Code
  • Dear Mr./Dr./Ms../Mrs. XXXXXXXXX
  • First paragraph
  • Second paragraph
  • Closing paragraph
  • Sincerely Your Name

Printed Cover Letter
Organize Your Career Search
  • Keep copies of all submissions, by organization.
  • For each organization, keep
  • Job announcement
  • Notes while researching job and organization
  • Copy of resume
  • Copy of cover letter
  • Copy of references
  • Keep all documents in binder or file box or file
    folder that is readily accessible.

Use action words
Bad statements incorrect spell
  • Education Curses in liberal arts, corses in
    computer science, courses in accounting
  • Personal Married, 1992 Sangeet
  • Proven ability to track down and correct erors.
  • Disposed of 2.5 billion assets
  • Accomplishments Oversight of entire department
  • Cover Letter Thank you for your consideration.
    I hope to hear from you shorty!

On-Line Resources

Not Free
  • Additional resources on resumes are available
    online at Google search like Presentations,
    eBooks, Tips

Thank You