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2005 Top Ten Stories withinaboutaround Native America


To acquire Native American resources and investigate what makes a story stand out. ... NCAA rejects Bradley nickname appeal'. Indian Country Today, 1 November 2005. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 2005 Top Ten Stories withinaboutaround Native America

2005 Top Ten Storieswithin/about/aroundNative
  • Presenters
  • Tai Benally (Dine)
  • Mike Young Bear Cling (Dine/Chippewa-Cree/Oglala
  • Lani Tsinajinjinnie (Dine)
  • May 04, 2006
  • Professor
  • Dr. Beverly Singer (Santa Carla Pueblo/Dine)
  • NAS 300
  • Research Methods in Native American Contexts

  • We are conducting this research in order to
    identify the top ten stories in/about/from Native
    Americans of 2005. This research is a part of a
    group project for the Native American Studies
    Research Methods in Native American Contexts
    class at the University of New Mexico.
  • To identify and research the methodologies of the
    top ten stories about/with or around Native
  • To acquire Native American resources and
    investigate what makes a story stand out.

10Piestewa/ War in Iraq
  • Sources
  • Indianz.com. U.S. military casualties in Iraq
    reach 2,000. Indianz.com, 26 October 2005. 4
    May 2006 http//www.indianz.com/News/2005/010969.a
  • Indianz.com. Piestewa episode of Extreme
    Makeover to air. Indianz.com, 20 May 2005. 4
    May 2006 http//www.indianz.com/News/2005/008297.a

9Cecilia Fire Thunder
  • 1st Oglala Lakota Woman to be voted President for
    the Oglala Lakota Tribe in 2004
  • In 2005 accusations by tribal members and the
    violations of treaty rights
  • Sovereignty is not to be played with, these are
    our people.

Source Indian Country/Lakota Times Picture
Personal Mike Young Bear Cling
8 NCAA Bans Native American Mascots
Source Ted Warren A/P
Source Associated Press. NCAA rejects Bradley
nickname appeal. Indian Country Today, 1
November 2005. 4 May 2006 http//www.indiancountr
7Cobell vs. Norton Lawsuit
  • SourceTalhelm, Jennifer. Plaintiff in Indian
    trust case vows to fight on. Casper Star
    Tribune, 21 November 2005. 4 May 2006

6Bush Administration cuts Federal Indian
  • In 2005 Bush Administration Proposed cuts about 5
  • 107 million Cut for the Native American Housing
    Block Grants Program
  • 46 million from the Indian Housing Loan
    Guarantee Fund
  • 64 million for Indian health services
  • 85 million from the budget for building new
    health care facilities.
  • "The federal government spends 1,914 per capita
    administering health care to Native Americans,".
    "That's half of what is spent on federal
    prisoners each year."
  • "I believe that is a disgrace.
  • (Jeff Sen. Jeff Bingman, D. of NM)

Source www.indianz.com http//www.indiancountryn
5Methamphetamine Problem Throughout Indian
  • Noticeable problem since late 90s.
  • 64-0 vote in Navajo Legislation to outlaw Meth on
    the Navajo Reservation
  • Meth and Murder in Hogback, New Mexico

Effects people on all walks of life.
Source http//www.navajos.org/ March Press
Source Wagner, Dennis. Meth lays siege to
Indian Country. USA Today, 30 March 2006. 4
May 2006 http//www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2006-
4Petroglyphs Controversy
  • Source Weahkee, Laurie. The Petroglyph Fight
    and Albuquerques Future. SAGE Council, 14
    November 2005. 4 May 2006. http//www.sagecounci

Sacred Peaks Defiled by Wastewater in The Name of
  • Thats our cathedral, thats our church, thats
    who we are
  • -Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley

Picture By Cy Wagner http//www.savethepeaks.org/

Source Indianz.com. Navajo president testifies
in sacred site trial. Indianz.com, 3 November
2005. 4 May 2005 lthttp//www.indianz.com/News?200
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Bill
Legislation proposed in 2005 for funding and
permission to drill oil on ANWR In December 2005,
Senate Removes ANWR Bill from Defense Bill
Picture of Evon Peter and Gwichin Committee at
Washington, DC. Picture AP Photo
1Red Lake High School Shootings
"darkest day in the history of this tribe."
Chairman of Red Lake Nation Floyd Jourdain
  • Troubled Teen Kills 9 and kills himself on the
    Band of Red Lake Nation of the Chippewa Nation in
    Northern Minnesota.
  • Media frenzy builds up on the reservation and
    aired on various news resources such as NBC, ABC,
    CNN, etc.
  • Red Lake Nation becomes the biggest highlight
    since the Columbine High School shootings. Red
    Lake community is shocked and becomes the
    spotlight and highlight in every homes.

Source http//indianz.com/ Pictures (R)
Chairmain of the Tribe and (L) Scene outside of HS
Gender/Age Range
Other Origins
Political Analysis
Participatory outcome goals
  • Based on literature review
  • No top ten list done before for Natives
  • Encourage more Native journalism
  • Seek out positive less-biased stories
  • Positive Feedback from Interviews and the diverse
    background of interviews
  • Seek professionalism from educators, editors and
    journalists that are from Indigenous background

  • Look for already existing top ten lists
  • Identify top stories from 2005 from internet
    resources/newspapers/journal articles/radio
  • Survey/interview people
  • Contact editors and journalists
  • Determine top ten based on feedback

What is the biggest issue that concerns your
community or Nations? From the scale of 1 to 10,
do you think this issue reflects your life or
identity as being affiliated with this tribe?
  • Unemployment/Jobs-10
  • Drugs/Youth Violence-9
  • Loss of Culture/Language-10
  • Budget Cuts on Health Care-10
  • Language/Cultural Revitalization-10
  • Political Leadership Stability-7
  • Language/Cultural Perpeturation-10
  • Education-10
  • Economic Development-7
  • Programs Addressing Historical Traumas and
    International Grief-10
  • Not interested in tribal polictics-1
  • Social Issues/Native Cultural-5

Do other tribal or Indigenous Nations or Bands
issues concern you? From the scale of 1 to 10,
please rate your concerns or news about other
nations or groups influence you?
  • I am concerned about how other tribes fair in
    addressing economic developmentalso about how
    they are dealing with drugsand violence4
    (Navajo Nation, Gallup, NM)
  • Other Nations or Bands Issues concern me because
    as Indigenous Groups we share reoccurring common
    themes, although each individual Nation is unique
    we as Indigenous people share fundamental beliefs
    such as a deep reverence for our Mother Earth. 10
    (Mandan/Hidasta/Arikara, New Town, ND)
  • 8-Yes Although we are sovereign nations there
    exists a spiritual connectedness between the
    peoples of all our nations. To offer/receive
    strength we must keep in common the concerns and
    issues of our friends and relatives of other
    nations with that of our own. (Creek Nation,
    Seminole, Ok)
  • 1-No, Tribal Issues or any other Concerns is that
    on my list. (Navajo Nation, Pleasant Point,
    Maine on Passamaquoddy)
  • 10-Although I live in Canada, we all embattle the
    difference between the sovereign issue along with
    our discovery of ancestors. I also ache for
    every embattle issues between us and the United
    States, we all share a common theme. Survival.
    (Star Blanket Cree, Regina Sk, Canada)
  • 1-I am only concerned about my native communities
    issues. (Northern Arapahoe, Wyoming)

More Questions we asked
  • Where do you usually get your news sources from?
  • What kinds of stories do you usually hear or read
  • What do you think makes a good news story?
  • Are there any news sources that you read or
    listen to that are primarily devoted to Native
    American news?
  • Do you think that media news sources cover Native
    American news stories well?
  • In your view, what are some top stories involving
    or about Native Americans from 2005?

  • Need more time and resources to widen demographic
    range for surveys
  • Need more stories from unbiased sources
  • Better contact and cooperation with journalists
    and editors
  • Stories do not reflect complete Native American
  • Results reflect knowledge and concern by Native
    people of issues

  • All the participants of the interviews Navajo
    Nation, Three Affiliated Tribes, San Felipe
    Pueblo, Creek, Oglala Lakota, Sisseton Oyate
    Dakota, Shakopee, Crow, Chippewa-Cree, Northern
    Cheyenne, Cheyenne Arapahoe, Delaware, Mohawk,
    Seneca, Sweetgrass Cree, Starblanket Cree,
    Hobbema Erimskin Cree, Cherokee, Sac Fox,
    Seminole, Choctaw of Mississippi, Objiway,
    Northern Ute, Southern Piaute, Hopi,
    Shoshoni-Bannock, Blackfoot, Yakama, Pawnee/Otoe,
    Winnebago, Nez Perce, Elk Valley, Hoopa Valley
    Sagiwa Chippewa
  • Red Lake News Website Staff, Windspeaker Editor
    from Canada, Lakota Times Editor, Indian Country
    Editor, Farmington Daily Times, Navajo Times, and
    Gallup Independent.
  • Gathering of Nations Committee for allowing to
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