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Car Safety Tips To Avoid Accidents


Sell your car now. You can avoid accidents by following above noticed tips in presentation presented by Junk The Cars. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Car Safety Tips To Avoid Accidents

Car Safety Tips To Avoid Accidents
  • Now a days cars became necessity for
    human beings. Most of the person uses car for
    going to their destination. Cars are playing very
    important role in our daily life. The usage of
    cars and other vehicles is increasing day by day
    this high usage has increased accidents on the
    road. To overcome from it, I am trying to suggest
    some points for a safe driving.
  • First off all, car driver should drive their cars
    at speed limit mentioned on the road, because the
    high speed is the biggest reason for accident. By
    driving the car at standard speed you can also
    save your fuel. High speed consumes more fuel.

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Car Safety Tips To Avoid Accidents
  • The car driver and everyone who are in the
    car should wear seat belts. The seat belt
    protects us in car accidents. Try to make it a
    habit to wear the seat belt. Wearing a seat belt
    is the most important part, a driver can make
    towards reducing the chance of fatality in
    accidents. Result shows us that about 65 of the
    persons who suffered from very serious injuries
    were not wearing a seat belt in the car. Everyone
    should buckle up the seat belt while driving or
    travelling by the car.
  • The other most important factor while
    driving is the focusing your mind on driving. A
    person should not drive the car or any vehicle if
    he/she is feeling sleepy.

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Car Safety Tips To Avoid Accidents
  • Mobile phone has become such a big part of
    peoples lives like a car. Many times I noticed
    that using a cell phone when driving become
    dangerous. In fact, accidents caused due to cell
    phone usage while driving have been increased in
    the last few years. Calculation shows that 25 of
    deaths are caused due to use of mobile phones
    while driving. Many states have banned the use of
    cell phones while driving. Avoid mobile phones
    and other gadgets while driving car. I recommend
    you to switch off mobile phones or other gadgets
    when you are driving your car.

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Car Safety Tips To Avoid Accidents
  • The most important thing which I want to
    say that is use of alcohol- Many times we can see
    people drive the cars while drinking alcohol,
    this is a very bad habit, because you cannot
    judge the exact distance between your car and
    other. Driving after drinking alcohol increases
    the chance of being involved in an accident.
    Avoid drink while you are driving your car. As we
    know it is also harmful for health, thats why I
    am saying that please do not drink while driving.

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Car Safety Tips To Avoid Accidents
  • In case of rain, you should drive very
    slowly and try not to drive for long distance. If
    it is very important, that you should take a rest
    in the way if you are driving continuously. Keep
    distance from other vehicles to avoid sudden
    braking because it could cause the car to skid.
    Your car should be maintain and service on the
    schedule time.
  • Tires plays very important role while
    breaking, if your cars tires are in good
    condition then it avoids skids in rainy or snowy
    conditions. You should also ensure that the
    headlights and battery are working properly. If
    your car is old and not working properly, you
    should sell your car for cash.

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