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Enter the World of Patricia Polacco


Then, click back on the show and you will be right back where you started. ... 'I saw Mr. Falker again some thirty years later at a wedding. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Enter the World of Patricia Polacco

Enter the World of Patricia Polacco
  • A Partnership Author Study
  • By Dana McCormick

Patricia Polaccos life story.
  • Please click here to learn a little about
    Patricia Polaccos life. Remember whenever you
    want to come back to the slideshow from a website
    just click the back button or you can try closing
    the website out by clicking on the red button.
    Then, click back on the slide show and you will
    be right back where you started.
  • Patricia had many influential people within her
    life. Do you? Who would you say is the most
    influential person in your life? Why?
  • Make sure you turn and tell your partner.

  • Patricia has been inspired by many other authors
    throughout her life.
  • Click here to see what books inspired Patricia to
  • Who or what inspires you to write?
  • Turn and tell your partner.

Patricia Polacco has written many picture books
for children. Here are some of my favorites.
On the following slides I have given you
summaries, quotes, and have asked some questions.
Please turn and talk about these questions with
your partner.
Thank You, Mr. Falker
  • Thank You, Mr. Falker is the story of Tricia when
    she was young and learning to read. Reading did
    not come easily to Tricia. She was teased by
    classmates and figured out ways to cover up the
    fact that she couldnt read. Then, she met Mr.
    Falker, her fifth grade teacher. He figured out
    her secret and helped her to overcome her
    disability. Now she writes childrens books for
    a living.
  • Have you ever had a secret, like Tricia, that you
    didnt want someone to find out?

Thank You, Mr. Falker
  • I saw Mr. Falker again some thirty years later
    at a wedding. I walked up to him and introduced
    myself. At first he had difficulty placing me.
    Then I told him who I was, and how he had changed
    my life so many years ago.
  • He hugged me and asked me what I did for a
    living. Why, Mr. Falker, I answered. I make
    books for childrenThank you, Mr. Falker. Thank

Aunt Chip and the Great Triple Creek Dam Affair
  • This fictional tale tells the story of Triple
    Creek where everyone watched T.V. all the time
    except for Aunt Chip. Eli, Aunt Chips nephew,
    loved to visit his aunt and listen to her
    stories, always wondering where they came from.
    Aunt Chip explained they came from her mind,
    dreams, and books. Books were used all over the
    town, but never for reading until Eli decided to
    learn how to read and motivated the other
    children to do so too.
  • What would our world be like without books? Do
    you think this could really happen?

Aunt Chip and the Great Triple Creek Dam Affair
  • Dear Diary,
  • Aunt Chip taught me to read today. It is like
    going to a far away place. I never knew that I
    could dream like I do when I read. I hope that
    everyone in Triple Creek will learn to read like
    I did. Doesnt everyone want to feel like I do?
  • Yours truly,
  • Eli
  • Absolutely everybody in Triple Creek loved
    their TV sets. Everyone loved their TVs, except
    Elis Aunt Charlotte.

Thunder Cake
  • This story is all about Patricias fear of
    thunderstorms and how she overcomes that fear.
    Patricias, Babushka (grandmother), helps her to
    do so by having Patricia make a Thunder cake
    while waiting for the thunder to arrive. When
    the thunder finally arrives, the cake is made,
    and Patricia eats it happily while feeling brave.
  • Have you ever feared anything? If so, what was
    it and how did you overcome that fear?

Mr. Lincolns Way
  • This is a story about a boy, Eugene, who bullies
    anyone who is different. He learns to hate from
    his parents. Mr. Lincoln, the principal, helps
    Eugene to see that differences are what makes our
    world a beautiful place and he helps him to
    overcome his prejudices.
  • Click on prejudices if you want to learn what the
    word means. Next, type in the word prejudice in
    the empty box at the top of the page next to the
    word find and then press find. Then the
    definition will come up.
  • What do you think was Patricia Polaccos purpose
    for writing this book? Why is it important for
    Patricia to write about differences in our world?

Questions for Eugene
  • Eugene, why are you so angry?
  • What makes you bully other students?
  • Where did you learn to hate others who are
    different from you?
  • At the end of the story, you really like Mr.
    Lincoln. You definitely changed a lot. What
    made you change your way of thinking?
  • Did you end up making Mr. Lincoln proud like you
    had promised at the end of the story?
  • Eugene will you take the bullying pledge?
  • Help make the world a better place by clicking
    here to take the bullying pledge. First, click on
    I want to help on the left and then click on take
    the pledge.

The Keeping Quilt
  • This is a story of traditions. Traditions are
    the passing down of elements of a culture from
    generation to generation, especially by word of
    mouth. Patricias family kept the tradition of
    passing down a quilt. The quilt was made from
    Patricias, Great Grandmothers dress and
    bubushka, and other family members clothes. The
    quilt was then passed down from generation to
    generation along with jewish traditions.
  • Do you have traditions within your family? If
    so, what are they? If you dont, could you think
    of a tradition that you would like to start?

Your Job
  • I am sure you have learned a lot about Patricia
    Polacco and her books. Now it is time to see
    what you learned by participating in a scavenger
    hunt. Click here to to answer the questions in
    this scavenger hunt. Write your answers in your
  • Remember you will have to navigate and click on
    the various links on the authors info page to
    answer the following questions.
  • Where was Patricia born?
  • At what age did Patricia Polacco start writing?
  • Where did she learn how to put a childrens book
  • Go to the next page

Continuation of the Scavenger Hunt
  • When was the most magical time in Patricias
  • Who were the most influential people in
    Patricias life?
  • Where does Patricia get her ideas?
  • After viewing this author study, what is your
    opinion of her as an author?
  • What do you feel is Patricias purpose for
    writing childrens books?
  • Hope you enjoyed this author study and had fun!

  • Websites
  • www.PatriciaPolacco.com
  • www.bullying.org
  • Books
  • Polacco, P. (1996). Aunt Chip and the Great
    Triple Creek Dam Affair. New York Scholastic,
  • Polacco, P. (2001). Mr. Lincolns Way. New
    York Scholastic, Inc.
  • Polacco, P. (1998). Thank You, Mr. Falker. New
    York Philomel Books
  • Polacco, P. (1988). The Keeping Quilt. New
    York, Scholastic, Inc.
  • Polacco, P. (1990). Thunder Cake. New York
    Scholastic, Inc.
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