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American Youth Football


ALL Star selection! UNIVERSAL Studios PARTY! FUN for the whole family ... ALL STAR GAME will be played in Orlando in conjunction with the Under Armour All ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: American Youth Football

American Youth Football
  • The nations largest youth football and cheer

Who is American Youth Football (AYF)
Founded in 1996, AYF is a non-profit,
international youth football organization
established to promote the wholesome development
of youth through their association with adult
leaders in the sport of American football. AYF
invites ALL youth programs to join and
participate, without restricting weights or sizes
of participants, leagues financial abilities, or
any other biases. American Youth Football is a
National Youth Partner of the NFL Why Teams,
Leagues and Organizations Join AMERICAN YOUTH
FOOTBALL (AYF) National Recognition, IRS
501(c)(3) Subordinate Organization Status,
Weighted and Unlimited Weight Divisions, Regional
and National Competitions in Cheerleading and
Football, the only All-Star Event in Youth
Football, Affordable Events, League Finder, AYF
Coaching Tools and Clinics, Equipment and
Certification Discounts, Free League and Team
Websites, Sponsor discounts and donations and
local sponsor support, NFL/AYF Grants,
Competition Travel Grants, Field initiatives,
Fundraising , Administrative Tools and forms,
Free NFL Player Camps, 14 MILLION in Giving
Back, All-American Scholastic Recognition,
Volunteers Hall of Fame, Discounted Team/League
Insurance Rates, Recruitment Support, Specially
priced Under Armour Product, AYFPlayers and Adult
Social Networks, and much more for only 20-30
Per Team. AYF is a New brand of football AYF
was created to rebuild a culture of football FOR
THE KIDS. AYF is a community, not a
corporation. AYF PHILOSOPHY KEEP it Real A
youth league does NOT NEED Red Tape KEEP with
the Times Kids are BIGGER-- Parents dont have
extra Time or extra KEEP it Simple Volunteers
are Precious Commodities! Give Back Our
Founders Motivation Football guys who said
football gave us, lets give it
back allow local members to govern themselves
while providing support and remaining
non- intrusive

MISSION STATEMENT To provide a wholesome
competitiveness within the scope of AYFs rules
and regulations that will protect the youth
football player and cheerleader To teach the
fundamentals of football and cheer and coordinate
activities for participants To provide a
responsible football and cheer program where none
is provided by the public schools or civic
organizations To influence good sportsmanship,
teamwork, high moral and physical standards and
the importance of scholarship and academic
achievement. To lend leagues and teams support
while remaining NON-INTRUSIVE to local and
regional operations. To make youth football
ALL-INCLUSIVE by not excluding participants with
restrictions based on weight or size, league
financial abilities or other biases.
The Numbers
  • In 12 years, AYF has become the largest football
    organization in the world!
  • 30 annual growth for 10 consecutive years
  • 515,000 youth (boys and girls age 5-16) in both
    football and cheer opportunities, support,
    encouragement That is 15,600 teams
  • That is over 1,000,000 parents who are committed
    to AYF
  • 120,000 coaches/administrators (who are
    respected leaders of their communities)
  • Approximately 2,012 Cities and 4,200 communities
  • All 50 US States, Guam, Samoa, Canada, Mexico,
    Israel, Brazil, Japan Western Europe

American Youth Football wants to be the most
user-friendly youth sports organization in North
America by being responsive to the values,
beliefs and needs of its members. AYF believe
that each of us can make a difference in the
communities where we live and that ALL kids
deserve equal opportunities, support,
encouragement and respect.
How we do it? Open Arms! NO league/team or team
is excluded based on superficial factors Belief
ALL youth leagues are welcome Belief ALL sizes
of organizations deserve the same treatment and
the same level of service and support Belief All
leagues should be free to play according to local
consensus all leagues are NOT created equal
The Pins represent A City that is home to AYF
  • Participation costs are often a deterrent to the
    sport of football. AYF makes every effort to
    keep costs to youth at a minimum to maintain and
    grow the game.
  • The AYF Demographic report reveals that
  • AYF has the same number of lower income areas as
    higher income areas proving the economics is not
    a determinant for league participation in AYF
  • AYF is more affordable to lower income level
    families than any other national youth sports
  • The costs of participating in AYF National
    Championships is 150 less than any other
    national organization

The philosophy of AYF will attract more kids to
our program and for us to achieve our ultimate
goal, that all kids will have a chance to learn
and feel a sense of pride that they are football
players and cheerleaders. Milford AYF is
program that will be able to give a child the
foundation necessary to be successful in what
ever they choose to do in life. Some of the
greatest men and women were influenced by a
strong youth program, whether it was sports,
school, or a community youth program, we all need
to give something back. -Michael
Burns Milford Football
  • AYF Believes that Local Leagues DO NOT NEED to
    spend MORE to be part of an National
  • ALL AYF services are OPTIONAL and almost all
    services are FREE
  • All Sponsors/Partner prices are the LOWEST
    AVAILABLE and all have a GIVING BACK components
  • AYF Partner Sadler Sports Insurance offers the
    Most Complete Inclusive Coverage and the Best
    Prices to AYF Leagues
  • AYF offers NAYS Coaches Clinics for less than
    15/coach and includes 1,000,000 liability
  • AYF offers 1.50 Background Checks (by the same
    service as the Girl Scouts use)
  • NFL Local Agency Grants 2,500 available to
    support local teams equipment and operations
  • NFL Travel Grants 5,000 available to support
    travel to National Championship Game
  • Scholarships and Matching Funds - for Academic
    All American Scholars (select years)
  • Open and Direct contact with the National Staff
    because communicating the Cost Options to Leagues
    is a priority

  • AYF is a non-intrusive, non-controlling
  • Our rules exist in two independent structures.
  • Local Membership You are free to play in
    accordance with your own locally adopted and
    current governing rules, in so long as your rules
    subscribe to the following governing principles
    (as outlined in the Official AYF Rule Book)
  • 1. Safety,2. Sportsmanship and3. Full
    Participation (Everyone gets to play)

The philosophy of AYF will attract more kids to
our program and for us to achieve our ultimate
goal, that all kids will have a chance to learn
and feel a sense of pride that they are football
players and cheerleaders. Milford AYF is
program that will be able to give a child the
foundation necessary to be successful in what
ever they choose to do in life. Some of the
greatest men and women were influenced by a
strong youth program, whether it was sports,
school, or a community youth program, we all need
to give something back. -Michael
Burns Milford Football

AYF Regions for Competition
I cant believe how Helpful your entire Staff
has been! After 12 years in the other
0rganization I never spoke once to anyone on the
national staff! -Mary S. SW Titans
AYF OnLine
National Informational Resources and
Websites AYF (Adult) Online Community AYF Home Page Championship Site To Join
AYF Member Service
Panel (all AYF Services, roster
database) Players-only site
with private online social community AYC Cheer
site Football
he Official Newsletter of AYF The E-Huddle
(sent monthly)
We would like to thank you, in fact we will
place an ad telling everybody what AYF has done
for us! -Ken Beaman HYAA, Fairfield, OH
Football Financial Aid
AYF Players
Adult Social Network
Giving Back
  • AYF Giving Back has Reached an estimated value of
    14 Million
  • 9,000,000 dollars worth of NIKE athletic
    shoes/apparel to kids pledging to stay in school.
  • Over 500,00 of athletic equipment to children of
    the U.S. Armed Forces in Europe.
  • 320,000 of FL local agency grants to AYF leagues
    and 64,000 in scholarships
  • Implemented the Circle of Giving to encourage
    EVERY participant in AYF to Give Back to their
    peers, their parents, their communities, the
    sport, and their AYF counterparts in other
  • Over 250,000 of donations from more fortunate
    AYF leagues to AYF leagues in need and to Leagues
    in Katrina effected areas.
  • 75,000 in equipment, scholarships and donations
    from AYF sponsors to member leagues as a part of
    Giving Back Program.
  • AYF and The Cincinnati Bengals working together
    to raise 100,000 for local AYF leagues
  • AYF Hall of Fame, reserved for Footballs heroes
    who have dedicated a minimum of 25 years teaching
    football and inspiring youth.
  • 90,000 in donations in cheer equipment and
    scholarships for needy cheer teams
  • This 14 million DOES NOT include
  • AYF Parents Giving Back Chris Collinsworth and
    Howie Long working with AYF Sponsor Fieldturf to
    buy fields for their local AYF programs
  • Current NFL Players giving Back to AYF programs
    Adam Archuleta donating money and goal posts to
    his youth program, Tedy Bruschi buying his youth
    program a Fieldturf field
  • AYF Academic Bowl Game In 2006, 30 AYF
    All-Americans flew to Florida to play and
    participate in activities and events during Super
    Bowl week and meet NFL players like Chad Johnson
    Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart, Drew Brees, Junior
    Seau, Dhani Jones, Hines Ward, Jerome McDougal,
    and Terrell Owens to name a few

The CIRCLE of Giving Back
Giving Back is at the heart of AYF's mission and
is a principle that every volunteer,
administrator, player and sponsor subscribes to.
From the volunteers who give selfless hours of
their time, to the youth who give back to their
community and the incredible support that goes
on from league to league within the AYF Community.
Under Armour AYF and AYC National Championships,
Orlando Florida
13 Divisions make competition inclusive for kids
of all ages and all sizes! ALL kids get medals,
Giveaways from Sponsors, and Gifts! Online and
Televised event coverage! ALL Star
selection! UNIVERSAL Studios PARTY! FUN for the
whole family Discounted hotels And Theme
parks Travel Grants And MUCH MORE!!!
  • Teams Must come to Regional and National
    Check-Ins with the following Items in their team
  • Properly executed City / Association / Conference
    Players Contract
  • All required AYF Release Waiver Forms signed by
    both Parent / Guardian Participant
  • Copy of Participants Birth Certificate
  • Picture I.D. for all participants
  • Copy of Insurance Certificate naming AYF as an
    Additional Insured on your policy  
  • Copy of signed off AYF Background Check Form for
    all team/adult volunteers by either the City /
    Association / Conference President  
  • A letter from the City / Association / Conference
    President (On letterhead) signed stating that all
    participants listed on the playing roster are
    certified and are Academically Qualified to

Under Armour AYF ALL-STAR
It was just an outstanding experience that all
those young men will remember for a lifetime. My
organization is proud to represent AYF and share
the message with all towns who ask us about our
affiliation and our experience with American
Youth Football. -Doug DiFusco Naperville
Patriots, IL
In 2009 and years forward The Under Armour AYF
ALL STAR GAME will be played in Orlando in
conjunction with the Under Armour All-American
Game at the Citrus Bowl! All-Star Week is an
exciting experience for all involved! Packed with
NFL players/celebrity appearances, motivational
speakers, great gear from Under Armour and GREAT
Initiatives and Feedback
The Circle - The Giving Goes Round between
members Promote Corporate Good-Will - With
Partners who Care Create Positive Images - With
Pro-Players who Care Community Oriented -
Promoting Volunteerism Education Priority
Rewarding Academic Excellence Decrease in Crime
Rates Our Youth are Our Responsibility Anti-Discr
iminatory Everybody Can Play! Creating LEADERS
of Tomorrow Through Service
  • AAAA
  • All American Academic Achievement Alliance
    Recognizes Student Athletes
  • The Alliance rewards scholar athletes in every
  • AYF International
  • Is booming! AYF has membership in Israel,
    Mongolia, Germany, England, Brazil, Mexico,
    Canada, and Japan

I must say in all my years being involved with
youth sports, your group and AYF is by far the
most supportive. Charlestown looks forward
towards working with you as we ramp up the
program and working with you John
TaglilatelaDeputy DirectorCity of Boston
Assessing Department
The program has effected the crime rate. One
year after it was established, the general crime
rate was lowered by 12 -St Paul St district
24 Montreal Urban Community Police Services
I am pleased to express our deep appreciation
for your enormous contribution that is far beyond
our expectations. Your efforts are truly
commendable and we are certainly proud to have
joined AYF. -Rusty Schwedler-Youth Association
of Pocono Mountain, PA Thank you very much.
 After all the years I have spent with the youth
program (50 and a great deal with Pop Warner,)
this is what Glen Scobey Warner wanted for our
youth and I am very honored to be a part of
it. -Betty Subasa San Diego Youth Football and
Football Divisions
AYFs program allows the league to be more kid
friendly, which allows more kids to
participate. In our first season with AYF we had
a 50 increase in participation. -Mike Mabee,
Fairbanks AK
Football Divisions Cont
we competed for 54 years in (the other
organization) and made the change in 2008 to the
AYF, it was the best move we have ever made and I
am really excited about our new direction!
-Mike Piha Palo Alto, CA
Cheer Divisions
Like Football, Cheer is configured into two
independent structures. 1) Tournament
Memberships and 2) Local Membership.
Declaration of your organizations
intention/structure is required yearly at
registration. Tournament Members are required to
strictly abide to AYC Rules and Divisions The
following are AYC Competition Divisions
Small team 4 16 members, male
and/or female. Large team 17 36 members, male
and/or female. (Mascots are not included in the
total count) 10 under teams will compete as
RED only. AYC offers DANCE and STEP under the
same age/division structure. AYC national
Championships are all-inclusive and include an
open division for those in adjustment periods who
still want to participate, and Invitational
divisions for Mighty-mites and special teams
programs are open to all members
Giving Back in AYC, The facts For the past 7
years, AYCs Sponsor, Team Cheer has donated
up to 40,000 a year to cheer teams in need of
new cheer uniforms
How to Get Started
  • Sign up now for your AYF membership at
  • Once you sign up you gain access to
    where you can immediately
  • Download your membership certificate
  • Download the AYF Rulebooks and the AYF Operations
  • Apply for your 501(c)(3) status through the IRS
  • Conduct discounted background checks,
    fundraising, organize using league management
    software, apply for grants
  • Register for insuranceand much more!!!
  • The Official AYF Membership Year is April 31
    through March 1
  • Registration is open 10 Months a year! All
    registrations received after December 1 will be
    pushed forward to the next membership year

National Headquarters
1000 South Pointe Drive, TH-A9 Miami,
Florida 33139
Galat Chairman Emeritus
Jim Taft Executive Director
Jessica Abramovich
Executive Administrator Paige Stermer
Co-Director Kristin Walker Kwalker_at_americanyouthf
ootball.comCommunications Co-Director Elizabeth
Bray AYF Football
Commissioner Bill Brown Bill_at_americanyouthfootb AYF Football Co-Comissioner Rocky
Pace AYC Cheerleading Commissioner Mrs.
Coordinator Diedrea Anthony Step_at_americanyouthfoo Legal Counsel Adam Laufer, Esq. National
Director of Giving Back Dave Bickel Risk Management
Director John Sadler
Thank You For taking the time to Learn About
American Youth Football. The Future of
Pelletier Big East Courtney Pollins/Sam
Barnes Atlantic TBA SouthEast Orlando
Gudes SouthWest Kamron Griffin Midwest Bill
Otte Northwest Mountain Mike Piha Pacific
Desert Rhett Turner
American Youth Football Looks Forward to
Serving You!