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Online Marriage Counselor – How to Find A Certified and Trusted Marriage Counselor Online


How to find a trusted and licensed online marriage counselor and what are the benefits over traditional counseling sessions? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Online Marriage Counselor – How to Find A Certified and Trusted Marriage Counselor Online

Online Marriage Counselor
  • How to Find A Certified and Trusted Marriage
    Counselor Online

  • Every day, more and more people are discovering
    the benefits of online marriage counseling as an
    immediate solution for saving their marriage.
    Butwhy? What are the benefits of an online
    marriage counselor over traditional counseling
    and how to find a certified and trusted
    professional? This guide has the answers.

The Benefits on Online Marriage Counseling Over
Traditional Therapy
  • 1. Availability The most important benefit of
    an online marriage counselor is his immediate
    availability. You cant wait when you need
    answers NOW. Most marriage counselors online are
    available to talk to you, either by phone or
    mail, every day. You dont have to wait for a
    whole week to your next counseling session to
    while trying to salvage your relationship.

  • 2. It does NOT take 2 to tango While
    traditional marriage counseling requires both you
    AND your spouse to attend the weekly sessions,
    the best online marriage counselors can help you
    save your marriage even if your spouse is not
    willing to participate. One person can save and
    restore a marriage and the top online marriage
    counselors will teach you how to motivate your
    spouse to work on your marriage with you.

  • 3. Cost Traditional face to face marriage
    counseling is a very expensive treatment, while
    results are not even guaranteed and many times it
    simply fails. Only those who tried traditional
    sessions that failed to save their marriage can
    tell you how frustrating it is to spend most of
    their savings and ending up divorced at the end.
    Online marriage counseling costs significantly
    less, offers money back guarantees and if it
    doesnt work At least you havent thrown your
    hard earned money down the drain.

How to Find a Certified and Trusted Online
Marriage Therapist
  • As more and more people are looking for online
    counseling, more and more marriage-saving-programs
    are popping up online. How do you find a trusted
    and certified professional and prevent being
    scammed?Well, this is what I am here for

The Top 2 Most Trusted Online Marriage Counseling
  • After a long research, looking for testimonials
    of real people (on forums) I have found the top 2
    most recommended marriage counseling programs (I
    have used one of them with great success so I am
    a little biased)

Mort Fertels Marriage Fitness
  • Mort Fertel is a world authority on the
    psychology of relationships and has an
    international reputation for saving marriages. In
    addition to working with couples, he teaches
    individuals how to single-handedly transform
    their marital situation.The Marriage Fitness
    program is actually an alternative to marriage

  • ou can choose from a variety of solutions
    private Tele-Sessions with Fertel, The Marriage
    Fitness Tele Boot Camp, Audio Learning System and
    more. I have found that most people choose the
    Tele-Boot-Camp. Its probably the most affordable
    way to get real marriage help and counsel. It
    offers a lot of resources and also personal
    access to a professional counselor.

  • You dont need ant special technology, just a
    telephone and you can start any time, whether you
    are trying to save your marriage alone of with
    your spouse. The first step in Marriage Fitness
    is to sign up for the Free e-series of emails
    that includes a Free relationship assessment, no
    strings attached. You can sign up Right here.

Marriage Sherpa Marriage Coaching
  • The Marriage Sherpa program offers a few
    solutions One of them is a complete step by step
    system to saving your marriage, created by Dr.
    Frank Gunzburg, a well known family therapist
    with 30 years of experience in marriage

  • The program delivers over 200 pages of practical
    tools, steps and methods that work, and also a
    companion workbook to help you understand what
    the real problems are, where they come from and
    how to fix them. I actually used this system and
    saved my marriage (almost shattered by my
    husbands affair). You can find out more at the
    official website Right here.
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