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High Bay Lighting


High Bay Lighting – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: High Bay Lighting

High Bay Lighting
  • High bay lighting is designed to illuminate areas
    with ceiling heights over 20 feet. These lights
    are very effective for large warehouses,
    gymnasiums, manufacturing facilities, and other
    similar indoor venues. There are several
    different bulbs that can be used with high bay
    lighting. The right light for your particular use
    depends on several factors, including the
    environment the high bay lighting will be exposed
    to, as well as many other elements. Fortunately,
    once you have all of the facts, selecting the
    right light system can be a breeze.

  • Residential Landscape Lighting and Design (RLLD)
    offers several high bay solutions. RLLD has
    assembled a team of experts that are available to
    answer any questions you might have regarding
    high bay lights, installation, and lighting
    design. Our professionals will share their vast
    knowledge with you and help you select the right
    products for every requirement. We offer a
    variety of devices for illuminating landscapes to
    highlighting artwork. To help you along the way
    we are providing valuable information that will
    assist you in finding a high bay lighting
    solution. We work with some of the best
    manufacturers in the illumination industry, so
    customers can choose a quality product for the
    job at hand.

  • The issue that causes the most confusion, when
    selecting a bay lighting system is choosing the
    appropriate bulb. There are several different
    bulb types that are used in these lights. HID is
    a very popular alternative that includes, metal
    halide and high pressure sodium. Additional
    options are mercury vapor and fluorescent bulbs.
    Each light has its own benefits and RLLDs
    professional staff can assist you in selecting
    the proper bulb for your project. 

  • HID or high intensity discharge lamps work by
    using an arc. The arc is contained within a tube,
    which is typically made of quartz and alumina. A
    combination of gas and metal is contained within
    the tube. The light is started with the gas, and
    then the metal is heated to the point of
    evaporation resulting in the perfect lighting for
    large spaces. This makes these fixtures perfect
    for bay lighting systems. RLLD carries a large
    selection of bulbs for your illumination design
    theme. Whether you need HID lighting for larger
    size bay areas, such as a warehouse or gymnasium,
    or energy efficient fluorescent fixtures, RLLD
    has the right product to fit the job at hand. 

  • RLLD has several great options, when it comes to
    high bay fixtures. These lights come in 16 or
    22 versions and are perfect for medium to high
    level ceilings. Illumination is distributed in an
    even fashion over large spaces with these
    fixtures, so worker productivity and safety
    remain at efficient level. These lights have a
    spun aluminum reflector, which cuts down on the
    amount of dirt and dust accumulation, making it
    the ideal choice for commercial settings. We also
    have high bay light fixtures that are equipped
    with a pulse start system. These systems have
    ballast and an igniter for your convenience. 

  • High bay lighting applications are an important
    element in any commercial setting. Business
    owners who are searching for the proper type of
    illumination for their building need to consider
    the size of the space and what type of light bulb
    to use that will lead to the most efficient
    results. Residential Landscape Lighting and
    Design is the place to go for all of your
    illumination requirements. Our vast online
    selection gives customers the right choice the
    first time, so you never have to go store
    hopping. We carry illumination fixtures for both
    residential and commercial environments, so
    location is never a problem. Whether you are
    looking for outdoor landscape illumination or
    indoor commercial applications, RLLD has it all!
    Check out our online selection today and come
    shine with us under a different kind of light!
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