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Sally Eisner Holocaust Survivor


Sally's Family Before the Holocaust. Sally's dad had a small business as an accountant. ... This was where they stayed to the end of the Holocaust. Present Day ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Sally Eisner Holocaust Survivor

Sally Eisner Holocaust Survivor
  • By Mason Murr

Sallys Family Before the Holocaust
  • Sallys dad had a small business as an
  • Sallys mom helped with the business and kept the
    house tended to.
  • Sally had an older brother named Ha.

First Attack by the Nazis
  • Sally and her family went and worked at a labor
    camp to try and stay away from the Nazis.
  • One day Sally and her brother were playing with
    some other kids while her parents worked with the
    other people that they were working with when
    Nazi soldiers just surrounded the camp

The Nazis Orders
  • They ordered all the workers to dig a mass grave.
  • Then the Nazis ordered all the adult workers into
    the grave and shot them all dead.

After the Attack
  • Sally, her brother, and their friends hid when
    they saw the soldiers, but they saw all the
    action of the attack.
  • But they didnt know that their parents had been
    killed. Sallys brother approached the pit and
    saw his mom and dad laying on top of the pile,
    then ran off into the forest.

After the Attack cont.
  • He left Sally with her friend who would later
    become her husband. They walked over to the mass
    grave and stood there frightened, not knowing
    what to do.

What to do Next
  • Sally and her friend spent the night in the field
    beside the mass grave.
  • When dawn came, she said by to her friend and
    went to look for her brother who she found an
    hour later in a swampy part of the forest.

A New Home
  • Sally found a family who take her and her
    brother. The people owned a farm were Sally and
    her brother could work.

The Police
  • One late afternoon, Sally was watching her
    brother chop wood up front. The farm owners had
    left for the day wouldnt be back till late that
  • Sally looked in to the distance and saw some
    people riding horseback toward the farm.

The Police cont.
  • Someone had supposedly told the police that Sally
    and her brother were hiding out the farmers
    place. Sally had a gut feeling about the people
    and wasnt going to take any chances. She ran out
    and grabbed her brother by the arm and pulled him
    inside the house to look for a hiding place.

The Hiding Place
  • They ran into a bed room and hid under the bed.
  • They heard the front door being flung open as the
    police entered the house.
  • The police found the room they were hiding in in
    a matter of seconds.

The Hiding Place cont.
  • The police searched the room finding nothing only
    leaving the bed left to check.
  • The police started sticking the bayonets on the
    end of their guns under the bed.
  • They pulled out boxes of shoes and clothes.
  • Sally felt something sharp poke her arm but
    didnt dare make a word.

Finding a New Hide Out
  • When the farm owners came back, Sally and her
    brother told them what happened.
  • The farm owners werent very happy about what had
    happened and kicked Sally and her brother out.

Finding a New Hide Out cont.
  • They spent the rest of the night walking through
    the snow when they came upon another labor camp.
    This was where they stayed to the end of the

Present Day
  • Sally and her husband are now parents and
    grandparents. Sally wishes her children and
    grandchildren will never have to go through a
    terrible event like the Holocaust.

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