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Commercial Work Lights


Commercial Work Lights – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Commercial Work Lights

Commercial Work Lights
  • Virtually every equipment retailer offers so
    called commercial worklights that in actuality
    are not made with manufacturer commercial grade
    material.  A business always gets what it pays
    for so many of the best deals often cause the
    worst problems at the worst possible times.  Bad
    weatherespecially raincan short circuit retail
    lighting equipment very quickly, leaving workers
    already in bad weather completely in the dark. 
    Many cheaper commercial work lights are
    inconvenient to maneuver and power on.  They also
    offer limited lumens, shining only a bare minimum
    of light on objects close at hand.  Finally, a
    good many commercial work lights that are too
    heavy to safely carry while handling other
    materials, and many tower lights dont offer any
    real maneuverability on the simple tripods
    designed to hold them up for hands free operation.

  • RLLD portable commercial work lights come
    equipped with 500-watt halogen lamps housed in
    weatherproof aluminum die-cast light heads.  A
    black powder coating finishes protects the body
    of each unit, making these worklights both more
    impact and weather resistant than retail
    equivalents.  This is important to outdoor crews
    working through all hours of the night who might
    be facing a sudden downpour, and who could not
    only suffer a loss of downtime from a shorted
    lamp, but also an electrical hazard.  RLLD work
    lights offer the best protection against shorts
    with commercial grade, grounded electrical plugs
    fitted to a 15 long 18/3 SJT 120volt cord set
    combining insulation and maneuverability.

  • These lights are very easy to power on and off. 
    The switch is located on the light head itself,
    making it more accessible to a worker carrying
    materials that doesnt have an extra hand, or
    even a moment to spare to fiddle around looking
    for a switch.  Portable, commercial grade
    worklights also deliver more foot-candles per
    measured distances.  At 5ft they deliver 74.4
    foot candles, at 10ft 36.1, and so on down to 6.6
    foot candles at 30ftbrighter than some of our
    parking lot lights at the base of a pole. 
    Consistently in any working condition, RLLD
    commercial work lights produce a steady, solid
    11,000 lumens with an expected bulb life of 2000
    bulb hours. 

  • In road crews and underground maintenance work,
    hands free operation is the rule of thumb for
    commercial work lights due to safety factors that
    require crewmembers to have both hands available
    at all times for tool and equipment operation. 
    Secure lighting mounts on these tripods are of
    paramount importance, and RLLD tower work lights
    provide this security impeccably.  Porcelain
    sockets with spring-loaded contacts allow for
    shock absorption while simultaneously holding
    lamp fixtures firmly in place.  The lamps
    themselves are protected by tempered, shock
    resistant lenses that insulate the bulb itself
    with high temperature tubular silicone lens
    gaskets.  This weatherproofs the fixture interior
    without compromising relamping convenience, as
    the halogen fixture that mounts on top of the
    tripod is a single unit in and of itself,
    included in the order, and requires no assembly
    of its own to function.

  • The lamp unit features a 500-watt double-ended
    quartz halogen that comes packed with a
    protective cushion to make installation quick and
    seamless and protect against inadvertent damage
    when workers have to setup lights in a hurry. 
    Our tripod-mounted commercial worklights are all
    UL listed as well, so organizations in humid
    areas like the American Gulf Coast can expect
    consistent and reliable illumination regardless
    of weather conditions.  For extreme conditions,
    we have dual lamp work lights mounted on towers
    that operate at 500 watts capable of lighting a
    500 square foot area.  Because commercial grade
    mounting offers great flexibility as well as firm
    and secure grip, worklights can be easily tilted
    up and down, sideways, and rotated 360 degrees
    horizontally and 90 degrees vertically.  This
    makes them ideal for any road construction or
    civil engineering work that might require both a
    wide field of illumination above ground and a
    tightly focused beam of light into an underground
    structure such as a storm sewer or manhole that
    requires light for workers to safely enter and

  • Any crew working at night needs the very best
    commercial work lights to maximize safety and
    efficiency.  Because of the vital importance work
    lights provide well being and industry, we answer
    all questions about them that come through our
    Ask the Experts forum.  Or, anyone can call and
    get free advise on usage when they place an order
    at 1-800-239-2939.