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A Spiritual Approach to Life


Understanding Spiritual Growth. Different viewpoints and techniques for spiritual growth, both modern and from ancient traditions, as well as inspiring experiences – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: A Spiritual Approach to Life

  • A Spiritual Approach to Life

What is Spiritual Growth? Is it to find the me
aning of life? Is it to find your self?Is it to
become a better person? or Is it to become
It is to make Friends with Yourself
When Jesus said - The kingdom of God is within
- what He meant was, If a person has no true joy
in his heart, he will not find true joy outside
though he is in heaven itself, and in the company
of angels. Heaven must be experienced right here,
right now, within ourselves if we are to
experience it ever.
Practice Law of Attraction Becoming More
Conscious Your life is your life and no one else
's. You have a right to live your life by the
standards you create for yourself. So assess the
rules you live your life by, and decide what you
want to keep, and what you want to release. It's
your right.
Gain the Self, Lose the I Each soul is potential
ly divine When purity of intention is developed,
passions directed towards mundane objects die,
producing tranquility of mind which in turn gives
rise to the inward silence in which the soul
begins to establish contact with the Eternal
Personal Growth On Opening to Higher Guidance
When you appreciate what God has given you,
instead of saying "thank you" in word or thought,
express your gratitude by choosing to be who God
wants you to be - toward yourself, toward God,
and toward others. Use the opportunity of "thank
you" to correct your attitude and remember to
Grow with Love and Happiness The Ultimate Joy Is
Inner Growth. The more one grows in love,
kindness and compassion, the more one is truly
growing. Cultivate the art of relaxation, be
balanced, and stay aware in the present. Life is
fulfilling only with such a type of growth.
Happiness and joy flower forth in this state of
Balance you life with Love Compassion
Definition of goodness needs to be 'the balanced
person', one who is able to hold both sides of
the self. We need to work slowly, with love and
compassion for ourselves, applying small course
corrections, being patient and mainly by watching
out for when we project our own shadow material
on to other people/groups.
Raising your Consciousness Everything you exper
ience is based upon your perception. An
alternation in your perception changes what you
experience. The past is the known. Challenging
the known alters our focus and allows you to "let
go" of the past so you can experience something
new. Everything you encounter or do in life helps
you to grow and evolve looking at everything as a
possibility alters your focus. In turn, you cease
to judge and begin to discover opportunities you
never knew existed.
Attain Peace of Mind Spiritual Technique for
Mind Repair Vipassana Everything in the world cha
nges constantly, including people and situations.
Our full enjoyment of life is not dependent on
any particular circumstance. Happiness means a
balanced mind to face the reality of the moment.
Only then can the mind calmly and dispassionately
unleash its awesome power to solving our
problems. Life turns from negative reactions to
beneficial positive action
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