Hip Hop, Beyond The Superficial


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Hip Hop, Beyond The Superficial


This piece is regarding how the radio makes Hip Hop music look sad and how the real Rap music stays out of the limelight. It also gives examples of a few of the deepest Hip Hop artists, past and present. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Hip Hop, Beyond The Superficial

OH Hip Hop Presents
  • Hip Hop, Beyond The Superficial

OH Hip Hop
  • What is the first thing that pops into your head
    when someone mentions Hip Hop? Is it the radio
    singles that pop in your mind? Do you think that
    Hip Hop music is only about being rich, having
    lots of jewelry, getting with lots of women, and
    thinking you are the best in the world? The radio
    may make Hip Hop seem this way, especially to
    people that aren't well rounded about the culture
    of the genre. Regardless of the singles that are
    on replay at the radio stations, Hip Hop music
    can be much deeper than any other genre. A lot of
    people don't think that this is true because they
    think all Hip Hop music is made for the radio.

OH Hip Hop
  • Compare a real lyrical and emotional Hip Hop song
    to a radio single and you would probably think it
    is a totally different music genre. While some
    artists choose to be completely mainstream and
    try to pump out as many generic singles as they
    can, many artists stay out of the spotlight and
    have the best music. A lot of the deepest artists
    don't even get to the fame level that many 'radio
    style' artists do.

OH Hip Hop
  • If you think about the deepest Hip Hop songs of
    all time, a lot of them vary on their topics. The
    topics of the best songs are very widespread and
    can be about violence, family issues, drug
    problems, etc. The radio on the music and this
    style of music seems like a completely different
    genre. The best artists are more like poets then
    rappers. They express emotion in a way that
    mainstream artists can't. Hip Hop started as a
    real form of true expression, and the best
    artists still hold this value true.

OH Hip Hop
  • Some great examples of artist's that produce this
    kind of music most of the time are Joe Budden,
    DMX, Nas, Common, Kanye West, and Eminem. Most
    people will say that Tupac was the deepest rapper
    that has ever blessed us with music, and it's
    hard to disagree. Some of the artists I've listed
    have made their share of radio singles, but
    overall, their music has a lot of meaning. The
    radio may make some of these artists look the
    same as the mainstream musicians. However, the
    majority of their albums are deep and contain
    messages that aren't shallow. That is where the
    true content resides.

OH Hip Hop
  • The radio has changed what Hip Hop means to a lot
    of people unfamiliar with the whole genre. That
    is why a lot of people have said that Hip Hop
    music is dead over the last couple of years. Just
    like if it were a book, you can't judge Hip Hop
    music by its cover (the radio). Think about that
    when you start to make irrational conclusions
    about the whole music genre.

OH Hip Hop
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