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Online Paralegal Certification Courses - How To Check The Best Online Programs


The Paralegal profession is fast-growing and is one of the easiest and most interesting for many people with the right skills - so too are the number of online paralegal programs offering various paralegal qualifications. But how do you choose what is the best online paralegal course or program for you? Here are some key tips on how to do it. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Online Paralegal Certification Courses - How To Check The Best Online Programs

Online Paralegal Programs Tips To Obtain
Paralegal Certification Online
  • Must Do Tips on Paralegal Programs Online
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Paralegal Profession Booms . .
  • The paralegal profession is booming as the demand
    for legal services grows. Never has there been a
    better time for anyone to obtain paralegal
    certification and to get a part of this booming

Variety of work . . And more
  • Most paralegals are women, but the career choice
    is wide open to anyone with the requisite skills.
    One of the great advantages to paralegal work is
    its huge variety. Those with some life
    experience are well suited to this new career

Youre not restricted to law offices
  • Remember that paralegals dont just work in law
    offices, they are employed by corporations, local
    governments and municipal authorities, consumer
    organizations and of interest to many in the
    profession working from home or as virtual
    paralegals earning fine incomes right from their
    own home.

Think about your future work . .
  • It would be good to consider what sort of
    paralegal work you intend undertaking. While
    some law firms will train their own paralegals,
    you are always better obtaining a qualification
    if possible but consider which market you would
    like to work in before choosing a paralegal
    program to study.

There is wide choice . .
  • The choice of paralegal certification and
    paralegal degrees online is wide. Of course,
    there are many physical colleges and schools
    offering paralegal programs, but many people
    prefer to study online.
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Do Your Homework . .
  • However choosing an online paralegal program
    means you should be doing some basic homework.
    Some schools and online paralegal programs are
    not worth the effort. Others, by contrast, are

Beyond the Net . .
  • You can easily check online paralegal programs
    and what they offer by searching the Internet.
    But an Internet search will only go so far, you
    should also have some clear ideas in mind.

Know your budget . .
  • You should know what your budget is firstly.
    School fees will vary considerably and knowing
    what budget you have will make a big difference
    to what online paralegal program you might choose.

Check the curriculum
  • Second, you should check the paralegal curriculum
    and make sure it suits what interests you in the
    law. Paralegal work is hugely varied and you may
    well have specific interests. If so, check the
    school curriculum.

What do you get?
  • Third, make sure you will get a good
    qualification when you do qualify from your
    online course. This is a competitive area and
    you want to get as much of an edge over your
    competitors as you can. That means checking out
    the best paralegal certification, diploma and
    degree courses you can find.

Think about upgrading . .
  • Gaining a bachelor degree in paralegal studies
    will also serve you well, but this doesnt always
    suit many, either from a budget or a time
    perspective. A paralegal diploma or paralegal
    certification will take far less time than a
    paralegal bachelor degree, for instance. One may
    take a few months, the other up to four years.
    Different courses will take widely varying times
    to complete depending upon their curriculum

Work out what you need, what there is . .
  • If you were to study at a college you would need
    to work out whether you are going to be spending
    fulltime or part-time with your paralegal
    studies. Often you will find there is no
    part-time course available for something like a
    paralegal bachelor qualification, and you will
    need to opt for a part-time paralegal
    certification course that might run for as long
    as two years. Online options provide you with
    greater flexibility, but the timeframe remains

Accreditation Issues?
  • Make sure you check whether your proposed course
    has accreditation with the American Bar
    Association, who carefully vet courses to ensure
    they meet their exacting standards in terms of
    curriculum and tutoring. Many ABA approved
    courses have attorneys and experienced paralegals
    teaching, which is a major advantage.

Is there ABA approval?
  • Many online paralegal certification courses will
    not have ABA approval because they have yet to do
    so. You need to check with the course details in
    that regard to see how good it is by checking
    with those who have completed it previously.
  •

Remember Reputation . . !
  • Check the school or programs reputation. You
    can check with alumni, with local attorneys, the
    local bar association and other organizations to
    see what the reputation of the program is and how
    successful previous students have been in finding
    good employment.

  • Some paralegal programs will provide additional
    benefits, such as the ability to study other
    subjects that will broaden your skill-base and
    increase your employment opportunities. Some
    will provide internships and summer training
    programs and the like, which can provide very
    useful hands-on experience.
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