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Cat behavior

Description: Learn about cat behavior and how to solve cat behavior. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Cat behavior

Cat behavior
  • How to solve cat behavior

What is cat behavior ?
  • Cat behavior is many things
  • Aggressive cat behavior
  • The cat does not use the litter box
  • Your cat is shy
  • Using the plants as litter box
  • Walking on the table
  • Using the wallpaper as a scratching post

What can tricker cat behavior?
  • Some cat behavior is normal. A cat needs to learn
    to use the litter box, just as a baby need to
    learn how to use the toilet. Its a learning
  • Cat behavior can come because the kitten were
    taken away from the mother to early.
  • Or a change in the cats everyday life. Like if
    you moved, or you got a new pet.
  • Lets take a closer look at two last reasons

Taken away from mother to early
  • Taking away the kitten to early from the mother,
    can give bad cat behavior in the future.
  • The kitten can become an aggressive or shy cat in
    the future.
  • This form of behavior is hard to change, but it
    can be done, with the right techniques.
  • We need to take a closer look into kitten
    development to understand this better.

Kitten development
  • It takes approximately 28 weeks for a kitten to
    be a independent cat.
  • The 28 weeks the kitten will develop both
    physical and social skills.
  • It is an extraordinary development
  • If we take the cat away from the mother to soon
    it does not learn the social skills. And that is
    why the bad cat behavior comes.

Change in the everyday life
  • Change in the everyday life, can be a lot of
    things, but some common things is a new pet,
    moving somewhere new, or the neighbor gets a new
  • All the changes stresses the cat
  • This can give urine cat behavior, the cat begins
    to urine everywhere.

how to solve cat behavior?
  • Cat training is a great way to solve cat behavior
  • Learn more about cat training on
  • You can also find a lot of books about cat
  • We have made a list here

More information about cat behavior
  • If you need more information about cat behavior
  • Go to
  • Or
  • _at_Behaviorcat