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College Counseling Introduction for Premieres and their families


Acquire applications and/or create online profile on university website ... Apply (university specific application, or common app) Nov. 1st 2005 = Early TARGET DATE ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: College Counseling Introduction for Premieres and their families

College Counseling Introduction for Premieres
and their families
  • Lycee Rochambeau
  • College Counseling Office
  • Leah L. Willams, College Counselor
  • Dalila Bessaha, Registrar

  • SAT Reasoning Test
  • ACT Assessment
  • SAT Subject Tests
  • AP

SAT Reasoning Testformally known as the SATI
  • Test is generated by a private company called,
    the College Board
  • 3 hours and 45 min total
  • 3 sections critical reading, math, writing
  • each section is worth 800 points
  • Test is designed to show your reasoning
    abilities, not just the amount of information you
    have amassed in your schoolwork

SAT Reasoning Test
  • Sections
  • Critical Reading reading comprehension, sentence
    completion, and paragraph length critical reading
  • Mathematics number and operation, algebra,
    geometry, statistics, and data analysis
  • Writing this is the new part! Multiple choice
    questions (35min.) and student written essay

SAT Reasoning Test
  • Calendar for Rochambeau Students
  • March 12th- first administration of the new SAT
    Reasoning test, all should sign up by Feb. 7th
  • May 7th- second administration of the new SAT,
    deadline- Mar.25, SAT subject tests offered
  • June 4th- suggested date to take SAT subject
    tests, deadline April 29th

ACT Assessment
  • Alternative to the SAT reasoning test widely
    accepted by colleges and the new writing section
    is OPTIONAL.
  • Sometimes students who are not great testers will
    do better on the ACT than the SAT
  • My suggestion take the ACT in addition to the
    SAT reasoning test

ACT Assessment Sections
  • English 75 questions, 45 min.
  • a. 53 usage and mechanics
  • 1. punctuation
  • 2. grammar and usage
  • 3. sentence structure
  • b. 47 rhetorical skills
  • 1. strategy
  • 2. organization
  • 3. style

ACT Assessment Sections
  • Mathematics 60 questions, 60 min. see listing on
    handout for details
  • a. 40 pre-algebra and elementary algebra
  • b. 30 intermediate algebra and coordinate
  • c. 30 plane geometry and trigonometry

ACT Assessment Sections
  • Reading 40 questions, 35 min.
  • a. texts are read and questions asked
    demonstrate your understanding of what is
    directly stated and statements with implied
  • b. areas covered are humanities, prose fiction,
    natural sciences, and social studies

ACT Assessment Sections
  • Science Reasoning 40 questions, 35 min.
  • a. includes bio, chem, physics, geology,
    astronomy, meteorology
  • b. emphasizes reasoning skills over recall of
    scientific content
  • c. the questions require you to
  • 1. recognize features of presented information
  • 2. examine relationships between info provided
  • conclusions drawn
  • 3. draw conclusions yourself and make

ACT Assessment Sections
  • Writing 30 min essay test with a single prompt
  • a. the prompt will describe two points and asks
    you to write on your position or present your
  • b. be mindful of the time limit- it is crucial
    to practice this, since you are used to getting a
    considerable amount of time for each test you
  • c. this test is optional. So, decide whether or
    not to take it by the requirements of the
    universities you will be considering.
  • d. SUGGESTION Take it. Why not? Now, you have
    the score if you need it and it will not be
    considered by colleges that are not requiring it.

ACT Assessment Testing Dates
  • April 9th 2005- registration deadline is March
    4th 2005
  • June 11th 2005- registration deadline is May 6th
  • ACT is not offered as widely as the SAT Reasoning
    test, so choose where you will take the test
    wisely and plan ahead! The centers will fill up.

SAT Subject Tests(formerly known as SATIIs)
  • SAT subject tests are a group of one hour tests
    that measure a students skills in particular
    subject areas
  • Check to see if the universities you are applying
    to require them, and which ones (this may change
    depending on the program you are applying to)
  • You may have some choices to make with regard to
    these tests and which ones to take, please see me
    for help with this

SAT Subject Tests
  • Tips
  • 1. Never go into it cold.
  • 2. Take them when the given subject is fresh in
    your mind.
  • 3. Make sure you know who requires what test and
    by what date that test can be taken.
  • 4. Take advantage of the foreign language tests,
    if you speak a language other than French or

SAT Subject Tests
  • Meet with me sometime this spring to discuss
    which tests to take.
  • Register to take them by April 29th for the June
    4th administration of the tests. You can also
    take the tests in October of Terminale.
  • You can take up to three tests on a given testing
    date- so use the time wisely.
  • Anyone applying to US universities should take
    Subject tests.

Advanced Placement Tests(AP)
  • AP tests are curriculum based and geared toward
    American students who are completing AP courses.
  • AP tests are often taken by students at
    Rochambeau in French language or English language
    (depending on proficiency)
  • The tests can help you in the admissions process
    and can help in a process to receive college
    credit for your level in a given discipline.
  • You will receive correspondence regarding
    registration for the AP test from the College
    Counseling office in March.

TOEFL(Test of English as a Foreign Language)
  • Measures the ability of nonnative speakers to use
    and understand North American English as it will
    be used in a university setting.
  • 4 sections listening (30 points,) reading (30
    points,) structure and writing (30 points
    together.) Total score is reported on a 0-300
  • Cost 130.00
  • Scores are valid for two years

Should you take the TOEFL?
  • For US colleges
  • 1. if you score below a 500 on the critical
    reading section of the SAT Reasoning test
  • 2.if you have been in the United States for
    under five years
  • 3. English is not your first language.

Should you take the TOEFL?
  • For Canadian Colleges
  • 1. McGill (for example) states that if you
    satisfy the following requirement they do not
    require the TOEFL Mother tongue/first language
    is English and they have completed the last five
    years of study in a French Lycée located in an
    English speaking country, or are at a French
    Baccalaureate International Option program for
    more then 2 years 
  • 2. Concordia states if the student is taking or
    has taken level 3 (Standard English) or level 4
    (Honors English) and has been studying at
    Rochambeau for at least 3 years we will not need
  • 3. Queens in Ontario states if you have lived
    in the US for over three years (five for their
    business program) you are exempt from having to
    take the TOEFL.

  • Classes Kaplan, Princeton Review, local smaller
    companies, or through the Lycee
  • Online courses can be useful for very diligent
    students, often run through the same companies
  • Books Official SAT study guide, Princeton
    Review cracking the SAT, 10 Real SATs, The
    Procrastinators Guide to the ACT, ACT Stanley
    Kaplan, Official Guide to the SAT Subject

When and how do I begin prepping for the SAT or
ACT and SAT Subject tests?
  • Do a couple practice tests before the March
    administration of the reasoning test, on your own
    or through a test prep company (this can be done
    for free.)
  • Access where you need to improve and begin
    planning preparation for the reasoning test for
    the spring and into the summer.
  • Before you take an SAT Subject test in June, take
    a practice test and score it! Time yourself too
  • Pursue further SAT subject test prep if need be.

Deciding where to apply and visiting colleges
Steps for deciding where to apply
  • Have a meeting with college counselor
  • Discuss your ideas with your parents
  • Take the SAT and/or ACT if needed
  • Begin visiting universities on school breaks
  • Acquire applications and/or create online profile
    on university website
  • Create a college workbook

Visiting Universities
  • Always call to make an appointment with the
    admissions office
  • a. information sessions
  • b. tours
  • c. on-campus interviews
  • d. or ask to speak with the regional admissions

US Application Process
  • Visit universities
  • Apply (university specific application, or common
  • Nov. 1st 2005 Early TARGET DATE
  • Early Action
  • Early Decision
  • Jan. 1st 2006 Regular TARGET DATE
  • Admission Letters come April 1st
  • Deposit Deadline May 1st

Canadian Application Process
  • Visit universities, if possible
  • Research academic programs, be familiar with
    offerings before you apply
  • Deadlines as early as Jan. 15th and as late as
  • Application process less laborious than us, but
    more expensive (app. fees)
  • Admission offers are conditional on Bacc score

UK Application Process
  • Research courses available at the universities
  • Begin UCAS application early
  • work on statement, complete course report
  • Submit UCAS application by December 1st
  • Admission offers are conditional on Bacc score
  • Notify college counselor of offers received