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Religion in the Workplace: Accommodating Diverse Expressions of Spirituality and Faith


... express our faith in God or some Deity or supernatural power. ... Faith: a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Religion in the Workplace: Accommodating Diverse Expressions of Spirituality and Faith

Religion in the WorkplaceAccommodating Diverse
Expressions of Spirituality and Faith
Tyson Business Case for Inclusion Diversity
one Statement At Tyson Foods, I have an
opportunity to be part of a winning team and grow
personally and professionally, while being
Why Faith and Spirituality Matters
  • Our faith is as personal, special, and core to
    our being More than anything else we bring to
    the workplace, as well as our career
  • Some of our Team Members are coming together as
    one faith community at some of our locations
    Crossing ethnic, racial, and cultural boundaries.

What is Faith?
  • Religion VS. Faith and Spirituality

Religion Practices and institutions associated
with a belief in God or some supernatural power.
In its broadest sense some have defined it as the
sum total of answers given to explain humankind's
relationship with the universe. In general
religion represents how we formally and
ritualistically express our faith in God or some
Deity or supernatural power. Things that we do
to display our commitment to our faith. Faith
a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers
that control human destiny. There is something
out there which has ultimate power over all
life Spirituality How people reach God and
how It/He/She reaches us and communicates with
us. Meditation and prayer are common spiritual
Faith in America
  • According to a Fox News study conducted by
    Opinion Dynamics Corporation in June 2004
  • 92 say they believe in God
  • 85 believe in heaven
  • 82 believe in miracles
  • Belief in the devil is 71, up from 63 in 1997
  • Overall, most Americans think religion plays too
    small a role in peoples lives today (69)
  • Only 15 say religion plays too large a role
  • 7 says its about right
  • Over 1/3 (37) say they attend church, synagogue
    or other place of worship at least once a week
    13 almost every week 12 about once a month,
    19 seldom attend 3 attend holidays and special
    celebrations and 15 never attend
  • Republicans are more likely than Democrats to
    believe in God (8 percentage points greater), in
    heaven (10 percentage points), and in hell (by 15
    percentage points).

Benefits of Faith and Religious Inclusion
  • Increased retention
  • Increased productivity
  • Better understanding of its influence and impact
    on the workforce
  • Increases personal skills development in
    communications and management
  • May broaden acceptance of differences based on
    race, class, ethnicity, gender, etc.
  • Promote teamwork

Benefits of Faith and Religious Inclusion
We know that folks that feel like they can
bring their spiritual values to work are happier,
and more productive, stay longer and help the
company more than people who dont feel like they
can bring their values to work. The challenge
is finding a way to do that in a way that still
respects the old conventional wisdom of seeing to
it that people do not feel pressured or
proselytized in any way. Workforce Management
magazine, October 2004
Valuing Values in the Workplace
Definition Values are deeply held beliefs about
what is good, right, and appropriate. Values are
deep-seated and remain constant over time. We
accumulate our values from childhood based on
teachings and observations of our parents,
teachers, religious leaders, and other
influential and powerful people.
( Example Jennifer felt stressed
out and didn't know what to do when her boss
implied she should lie to a client honesty is
one of Jennifer's most deeply held values.
Tysons Inclusion and Diversity Strategic
Approach Drives Initiatives Out to the Field
Sustainable Competitive Advantage
External Partnership/ Alliances
Core Strategies
Core Strategies
The Foundation of Our Company
  • Who we are
  • We strive to be a company of diverse people
    working together to produce food.
  • We strive to be honorable people.
  • We strive to be a faith-friendly company.

Core Values We are a company of people engaged in
the production of food, seeking to pursue truth
and integrity, and committed to creating value
for our shareholders, our customers, and our
people in the process.
  • What we do
  • We feed our families, the nation, and the world
    with trusted food products.
  • We serve as stewards of the animals, land, and
    environment entrusted to us.
  • We strive to provide a safe work environment for
    our Team Members.
  • How we do it
  • We strive to earn consistent and satisfactory
    profits for our shareholders and to invest in our
    people, products, and processes.
  • We strive to operate with integrity and trust in
    all we do.
  • We strive to honor God and be respectful of each
    other, our customers, and other stakeholders.

Chaplain Services Mission Statement
To provide pastoral care, counseling and
visitation to Tyson team members and their
families regardless of their religious or
spiritual affiliation or beliefs.
What We Look Like Dec 2007

1 Full-Time Chaplain 121 Part-Time
Chaplains (11 vacant) 241 Tyson Facilities (83
Faith Group Affiliations December, 2007

Diversity of Chaplains Team
49 - Caucasian 35 - Hispanic
13 - African American 3 - Asian 89
- Male 11 - Female 39 - Bilingual
(Spanish, Laotian, Vietnamese, French, Russian,
Philippine, and Mandarin)
What Our Chaplains Report
Pastoral Contacts
Alcohol/Drugs Health Concerns Anger
Issues Immigration/Citizenship Birth/New
Baby Marital/Family Child Abuse Parenting
Issues Depression/Anxiety Premarital Divorce/Sepa
ration Spiritual Education Spouse Abuse Faith
Decision Work Related Financial Other Grief/De
How We Operate/What We Do
  • We are a proactive, employee assistance like
    program, from a spiritual perspective.
  • We are not there to force faith on anyone. We
    support our core value of striving to be a faith
    friendly workplace.
  • We minister by wandering around! MBWA
  • It is a ministry of presence availability.
  • We respond to individuals families in crisis
    to plant crisis.

Contact Information
Shawn Coker Bernie Adcock Chief Diversity
Officer SVP, Live Production Phone (479)
290-5007 Supply Chain Email shawn.coker_at_tyson.c
om Phone (479) 290-7002 Email Alan Tyson Director,
Chaplain Services Phone (479) 290-8723 Email