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NOTE: To appreciate this presentation [and ensure that it is not a mess], you need Microsoft fonts:


'Showcard Gothic,' 'Ravie,' 'Chiller' and 'Verdana' The magic number 25. Mbwa. ... 'It's always showtime.' David D'Alessandro, Career Warfare. You = Your calendar ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: NOTE: To appreciate this presentation [and ensure that it is not a mess], you need Microsoft fonts:

NOTE To appreciate this presentation and
ensure that it is not a mess, you need Microsoft
fonts Showcard Gothic, Ravie, Chiller
and Verdana
The magic number 25.Mbwa.Calendars never
lie.Excellence.Always.Tom Peters/0709.07
all you need to know Damn near true
Though his empire is enormous, and his executive
team strong, Starbucks founder Howard Schultz
still religiously visits at least 25 Sbucks
shops per week! Regardless of our size, he
told me, we still sell it one-cup-at-a-time, one
customer-at-a-time, one server-at-a-time. I need
to see it and touch it and feel it.
MBWA5,000 miles for a 5-minute face-to-face
meeting (courtesy super-agent Mark McCormick)
When Bob Waterman and I wrote In Search of
Excellence in 1982, business was by the
numbersand the Americans were struggling (to
put it mildly) with hands on, tactile stuff, like
Japanese quality. Then, at Hewlett Packard, we
were introduced to the famed HP Way, the
centerpiece of which was in-touch management. HP
had a term for this MBWA. (Managing By
Wandering Around.) Bob and I fell in immediate
love. Not only was the idea per se important and
cool, but it symbolized everything we were coming
to cherishenterprises where bosses-leaders were
in immediate touch with and emotionally attached
to workers, customers, the product. The idea is
as important or more important in fast-paced 2007
as it was in 1982.
20-minute rule Craig Johnson/30 yrs
Craig Johnson, a famed Venture Capitalist for
three decades refuses to invest in companies
that are more than a 20-minute drive from his
office. To guide them through the serpentine path
ahead, he insists that he must be in constant
touch as banker, advisor, friend.
gt70Hank Paulson, China visits, Fortune 1127.06
China is clearly our most important economic
partner. Our dialog with China was not what it
might have been when Hank Paulson took over as
Secretary of the Treasury. Immediate improvement
occurred for numerous reasons, not least of which
were Paulsons SEVENTY TRIPS to China while at
Goldman Sachs.
I call 60 CEOs in the first week of the year
to wish them happy New Year. Hank Paulson,
former CEO, Goldman SachsSource Fortune,
Secrets of Greatness, 0320.05
MBWA, Grameen Style!Conventional banks ask
their clients to come to their office. Its a
terrifying place for the poor and illiterate.
The entire Grameen Bank system runs on the
principle that people should not come to the
bank, the bank should go to the people. If any
staff member is seen in the office, it should be
taken as a violation of the rules of the Grameen
Bank. It is essential that those setting up a
new village Branch have no office and no place
to stay. The reason is to make us as different as
possible from government officials. Source
Muhammad Yunus, Banker to the Poor
You must be the change you wish to see in the
Its always showtime. David DAlessandro,
Career Warfare
You Your calendarCalendars never lie
All we have is our time. The way we spend our
time is our priorities, is our strategy.
Your calendar knows what you really care about.
Do you?
a blinding flash of the obvious Manny Garcia
All this this little riff is indeed, as
seminar participant and leading Burger King
franchisee Manny Garcia once said to me,
obvious. But observation over four decades
suggests that amidst the hubbub and travails of a
typical days work, the so-called obvious is
often-usually left unattended. For perfectly good
reasons, another week passes without a visit to
our equivalent of the Starbucks shops or HP RD
labs, without the equivalent to Hank Paulsens
How ya doin? call to a key customer. My Tom
Peters Job One in life? Remind busy folks of the
obvious!Manny Garcia/1983 Tom, I hope you
wont be insulted when I say this was the best
seminar Ive ever been toand it was a blinding
flash of the obvious.I had two commanding
officers during my two Vietnam tours in U.S.
Naval Mobile Construction Battalion NINE. One was
a Shultz look-alikeinstinctively in the field.
The other was an in the office leader. The one
produced. The other didnt. At age 24 I learned
an incredible life lesson, though I couldnt
describe it well until tripping over HPs
MBWA/Managing By Wandering Around.
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