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Iraq Ancient Babylon


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Iraq Ancient Babylon

Iraq Ancient Babylon
Week of Terror In Iraq
  • Headline
  • There were dead bodies everywhere
  • it seemed like the end of the world
  • Headline DT 13 Nov
  • US revives airstrikes after week of terror
    headline Times 11 Nov
  • Event
  • Italy was in shock and grief yesterday after the
    deadliest attack on its military since the Second
    World War. The loss of life looked likely to
    boost opposition to the already controversial
    Iraq deployment.
  • American warplanes bombed suspected Iraqi
    guerrilla hideouts in their first air attack
    since President Bush declared major combat over
    in May following deaths of 27 troops in the past
    week. As a senior US official said the situation
    inside Iraq was now pretty close to war.
  • Comment
  • It is evident that the nations are perplexed.
    Confused. There is no exit strategy in place.
    Terrorism continues unabated.
  • Bible Quote
  • Luke 2125 and upon the earth distress of
    nations, with perplexity the sea and the waves

Coalition Casualties
  • Headline
  • Iraq deaths stir up trouble at home for coalition
  • Headline The Times 1 Dec
  • Event
  • The weekend wave of killings in Iraq caused huge
    political problems for the leaders of Japan,
    South Korea and Spain who lost 11 nationals
    between them. The targeting of the 4 attacks
    within 36 hours raised fears that the guerrillas
    have sources of information within the coalition.
    At the least, they marked a chilling departure.
    The latest strikes bore the hallmarks of a
    remorseless hit-list aimed at breaking the
  • Comment
  • We might expect the isolating of the UK and US as
    the lion powers. The weakening of the resolves of
    the other members of the coalition. We tend to
    think it is just the UK and US but there are many
    other nations represented in Iraq. I do wonder
    whether Isaiah 13 has a latter day fulfilment
    with the nations from afar gathered to the
    ancient area of Babylon. It could precede the
    final day of the Lord.
  • Bible Quote Isaiah 13
  • 1 The burden of Babylon.. 4 The noise of a
    multitude in the mountains, like as of a great
    people a tumultuous noise of the kingdoms of
    nations gathered together the LORD of hosts
    mustereth the host of the battle.

Saddam Captured
  • Headlines
  • We got him
  • Swaggering tyrant is pulled, groggy and
    dishevelled, from his rat
  • Even at his darkest hour he will be plotting his
    own survival
  • Headlines DT 15 December
  • Americans celebrate but fear troops will pay
  • Headline DT 16 December
  • Event
  • Saddam Hussein was in custody in Iraq last night
    after American forces unearthed him from a
    cramped hideaway in an 8-ft deep hole under the
    floor of a mud hut on the outskirts of his home
    town, Tikrit.
  • Saddam saw himself as an immortal hero of the
    Arab mould of Nebuchadnezzar or Saladin. His goal
    was to change the course of history by dominating
    the Middle East through the possession of oil and
    nuclear weapons.
  • Saddam was found in rat hole with barely enough
    room to lie down. A fan ventilator provided fresh
    air in the pit a small neon tube gave some
    light. After months on the run in circumstances
    like these, it is no wonder a man acclimatised to
    luxury announced to his captors in what they
    describe as broken English I am Saddam Hussein,
    I am the president of Iraq, and I am willing to

Saddam Captured
  • Comment
  • It is surely remarkable to see the squalor that
    Saddam Hussein had been to reduced to. Living in
    a rat hole, looking so dishevelled with hardly
    any food, yet less than 10 miles from one of his
    grandest palaces with marbled walls and gold
    plated taps.
  • Saddam Hussein, as the Telegraph quoted on the
    15th December, saw himself as a latter day
    Nebuchadnezzar. A man to lead the Arab nations to
    victory against Jerusalem. He rebuilt the walls
    of Babylon, he built huge and luxurious palaces
    and statues of himself throughout Iraq. He wanted
    to rebuild the Babylonian empire which was why he
    attacked Iran (ancient Persia which overcame the
    original Babylonian Empire). And yet he has been
    unable to do so.
  • And yet remarkably his life has continued to
    mirror that of Nebuchadnezzar. We remember how
    Nebuchadnezzar had his kingdom taken from him and
    became like a beast with hair like birds feathers
    and nails like birds claws. And so we have seen
    Saddam Hussein reduced to a very similar
    position. Living in a rat hole, hair grown long
    reduced to living like an animal underground.
  • We surely see Gods hand working in these events
    he does rule the kingdoms of men and sets up over
    it who ever he wants.
  • Bible Quote Daniel 4
  • 31 O king Nebuchadnezzar, to thee it is spoken
    The kingdom is departed from thee. And they
    shall drive thee from men, and thy dwelling shall
    be with the beasts of the field they shall make
    thee to eat grass as oxen, and seven times shall
    pass over thee, until thou know that the most
    High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it
    to whomsoever he will.

Troops to stay in Iraq
  • Headline
  • Troops to stay in Iraq until 2006
  • Headline DT 5 January
  • Event
  • Several thousand British troops will remain in
    Iraq until at least 2006, Tony Blair said
    yesterday during a surprise visit to forces
    stationed in the south of the country. The 10,000
    British troops in Iraq would not be scaled down
    this year, even after the passing of the July 1
    deadline handing over control of government to
    the Iraqi people.
  • Comment
  • We may well expect the UK and US to keep a
    presence in the area to perform their role in the
    future as King of the South. The operation in
    Iraq keeps our forces and indeed US forces
    stretched and so when the final war over
    Jerusalem comes and the nations converge on
    Jerusalem this may be reason for the defeat of
    the King of the South. We know that the King of
    the North for a short time wins as he overflows
    and passes over and many countries shall be
  • Bible Quote Daniel 11
  • 40 ..and he shall enter into the countries, and
    shall overflow and pass over.41 He shall enter
    also into the glorious land, and many countries
    shall be overthrown

9 US soldiers killed
  • Headline
  • Nine US soldiers die in missile attack
  • Headline DT 9 January
  • Event
  • Nine American soldiers were killed yesterday when
    their helicopter crashed near Fallujah, a town
    at the heart of anti-coalition insurgency where
    rebels have made a specialty of shooting down
    aircraft. Earlier, a military transport plane
    taking off from Baghdad airport with 63 people on
    board was forced to turn around and make an
    emergency landing when it was hit by a surface to
    air missile.
  • Comment
  • We may have won the battle but the war continues
    in Iraq. It is my opinion that Isaiah 13 is
    talking about these events we are witnessing as
    nations from afar have come to the ancient area
    of Babylon. These very events lead to the day of
    Lord coming. Why? Because it is this invasion
    that has led to the incredible tensions and
    lining up of the nations against each other.
  • Bible Quote Isaiah 13
  • 4.. a tumultuous noise of the kingdoms of
    nations gathered together the LORD of hosts
    mustereth the host of the battle.5 They come
    from a far country, from the end of heaven, even
    the LORD, and the weapons of his indignation, to
    destroy the whole land.6 Howl ye for the day
    of the LORD is at hand

Suicide bomb kills 20
  • Headline
  • Suicide bomb kills 20 workers at Assassins Gate
  • Headline DT 19 January
  • Event
  • A huge suicide bomb exploded outside coalition
    headquarters in central Baghdad yesterday killing
    at least 20 people, including two American
    civilian contractors.
  • At least 110 people were wounded as 1,000lb of
    explosive went off in a pick-up truck outside
    Assassin's Gate, the heavily fortified entrance
    to one of Saddam Hussein's palaces. It was the
    deadliest attack since 28 people died in a
    suicide bombing at an Italian base two months ago
    and coincides with attempts by the United States,
    in talks in New York today, to persuade the
    United Nations to return to Iraq.
  • Comment
  • Time magazine recently had a front page which
    said Peace is Hell referring to the so called
    peace created by the US and UK in Iraq. There
    will be no true peace until our Lord returns. In
    the mean time we live in this age of terror.
  • Bible Quote Psalm 72
  • 7 In his days shall the righteous flourish and
    abundance of peace so long as the moon endureth.

Bloodbath in Iraq
  • Headlines
  • Bombers slaughter 180 pilgrims in attempt to
    provoke civil war -
    headline DT 3 March
  • Events
  • A wave of explosions at two Shiite shrines in
    Iraq yesterday killed at least 180 pilgrims and
    wounded hundreds more in an attack to whip up
    religious hatred and provoke civil war. The
    co-ordinated bombings, on the holiest date in the
    Shiite Muslim calendar, led to the bloodiest day
    in Iraq since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein
    last April.
  • Comment
  • Another headline read Pure terrorism in its
    blackest form. We now know over 280 people were
    killed that day.America was duly blamed for not
    protecting innocent Iraqis but these bombers were
    in all probability fellow Arabs and fellow
    Muslims. The Bible long ago foretold these
    events. See quote below.
  • We now live in this age of terror how long
    before we too are affected. We know that the time
    of trouble such as never was will effect all who
    live on the face of the earth. Let us pray we are
    spared the horrors that are coming.
  • Bible Quote Genesis 16 talking of the Arab
  • 12 And he will be a wild man his hand will be
    against every man, and every mans hand against
    him and he shall dwell in the presence of all
    his brethren.

28 dead in huge car bomb
  • Headline
  • 28 dead in huge car bombing

    at Baghdad hotel
  • Headline DT 18 March
  • Event
  • A powerful car bomb ripped through a Baghdad
    hotel last night, killing at least 28 people and
    injuring 45 in the building and surrounding
    houses in the heart of the city. Two Britons were
    among the wounded, the hotel manager said.
  • Comment
  • There may well be those who disagree with me but
    I find it more than a coincidence that the
    literal area of ancient Babylon ruled once by a
    man calling himself a latter day Nebuchadnezzar
    is going through so much destruction and terror.
    We know the religious and more important element
    of Babylon from Revelation 17 but I find it hard
    to dismiss verses like the one quoted below not
    having some relevance to the days in which we
  • Bible Quote Jeremiah 51
  • Prepare against her the nations with the kings of
    the Medes, the captains thereof, and all the
    rulers thereof, and all the land of his dominion.
  • 29 And the land shall tremble and sorrow for
    every purpose of the LORD shall be performed
    against Babylon, to make the land of Babylon a
    desolation without an inhabitant.

Urban warfare in Iraq
  • Headline
  • Urban warfare grips Iraq
  • Headline DT 8 April
  • Event
  • America abandoned restraint in Iraq yesterday and
    launched an all-out attempt to impose its will on
    the country, bombing a mosque compound and
    promising to destroy the militia of the rebel
    Shia leader, Moqtada al-Sadr. In the heaviest
    fighting since the fall of Saddam a year ago, US
    forces dropped two 500lb bombs and fired rockets
    on a mosque in Fallujah.
  • Comment
  • A year on from the toppling of the statue of
    Saddam there is a new sense of crisis looming in
    Iraq. Sunni and Shia extremists are forging an
    alliance against US-led forces. Civil war is on
    the cards. This ancient area of Babylon is a
    picture of destruction and death. We see this war
    continuing to create tensions both between
    countries and religions. It has had the effect of
    lining up the nations as promised.
  • Bible Quote Isaiah 13 this prophecy is about
    Babylon it rings true today!
  • 4 The noise of a multitude in the mountains,
    like as of a great people a tumultuous noise of
    the kingdoms of nations gathered together the
    LORD of hosts mustereth the host of the battle. 5
    They come from a far country, from the end of
    heaven, even the LORD, and the weapons of his
    indignation, to destroy the whole land.

More US troops needed
  • Headline
  • More US troops needed to quell uprising
  • Headline DT 13 April
  • Event
  • America's top commander in Iraq called yesterday
    for 10,000 more troops to put down the uprising
    there, describing the new Iraqi army's
    performance as "a great disappointment".
  • As the hostage crisis deepened with reports of
    the capture of 14 more foreigners and the
    disappearance of nine others, Gen John Abizaid
    said he had asked for the equivalent of two more
    mobile combat brigades.
  • Raising American troop numbers from the present
    level of 132,000 is an extremely sensitive issue
    in the countdown to November's presidential
  • Comment
  • The situation continues to worsen. Far from
    bringing troops home more are to be sent. This
    will further stretch the US army. Ezekiel 3813
    sounds as though the US and UK are standing in
    the sidelines watching with horror the invasion
    of Israel. If troops are tied up in Iraq perhaps
    that is all they can do.
  • Bible Quote Ezekiel 38
  • 13 the merchants of Tarshish, with all the young
    lions thereof, shall say unto thee, Art thou come
    to take a spoil? hast thou gathered thy company
    to take a prey?

Basra bombings
  • Headline
  • Basra bombings bear hallmarks of Al-Qaeda
  • Headline DT 22 April
  • Event
  • The carefully co-coordinated bombings in and
    around Basra yesterday were designed to kill and
    maim as many Iraqi police and civilians as
    possible and plunge the British-controlled
    southern city into turmoil. There were five early
    morning rush-hour bombs, probably all of which
    were suicide bombers. By last night the estimated
    death toll was 68, up to 20 of them children and
    many other police officers. British soldiers were
    stoned by Iraqis angry at the breach in security.
  • Comment
  • More death, more destruction in this ancient land
    of Babylon. Britain was blamed for the carnage by
    local Iraqis. The situation in this ancient land
    of the Chaldeans is one of great destruction. We
    know that there will be a greater war though. One
    were spiritual (Rome) and political (Europe)
    Babylon will make war with against Christ and the
    saints. This war against the physical land of
    Babylon is perhaps the opening shots of the far
    greater war to come. Centred as we know on
  • Bible Quote Jeremiah 51
  • 54 A sound of a cry cometh from Babylon, and
    great destruction from the land of the Chaldeans

US acts of torture in Iraq
  • Headline
  • Arab world outraged by scenes of 'torture'
  • Headline DT 30 April
  • Event
  • Graphic images of grinning American soldiers
    humiliating naked Iraqi prisoners swept around
    the Middle East yesterday, provoking an outburst
    of fury.
  • Al-Jazeera, the Arab satellite channel with an
    audience of 50 million, showed the pictures
    yesterday and they were circulated on dozens of
    websites. For many Arabs, already incensed by the
    Anglo-American invasion, they were vivid evidence
    of the brutality of the occupying powers. The
    fact that women soldiers were pictured taunting
    naked men fuelled the anger.
  • Comment
  • As I write this reports are coming in of the UK
    also being involved with similar acts of torture.
    We are watching before our very eyes the English
    speaking peoples becoming more and more
    isolated. As they continue to lose their so
    called moral case for war we can surely see how
    other nations may feel they have as much right if
    not more to become involved. Especially over
    Israel. God is indeed gathering the nations to
    that final battle.
  • Bible Quote Isaiah 66 see verse 1516 for
  • 18 For I know their works and their thoughts it
    shall come, that I will gather all nations and
    tongues and they shall come, and see my glory.

Suicide bomber kills Iraqi leader
  • Headline
  • Suicide bomber kills Iraqi leader
  • Headline DT 18 May
  • Event
  • The head of Iraqs Governing Council was killed
    by a suicide car bomber in Baghdad yesterday in a
    blow to American-led attempts to establish
    stability before next months handover of
  • Izzedin Salim, 64, a Shia from the southern city
    of Basra who had been jailed by the former
    Baathist regime, died with seven others. Mr
    Salim is the second member of the US-appointed
    council to be murdered since it was set up.
  • Comment
  • America appears to be lurching from one disaster
    in Iraq to another. Tony Blair said this week
    that he will not cut and run from Iraq. It is a
    sign of how dire the situation is that he has to
    even say that Britain will not give up. Jack
    Straw the British Foreign Secretary said that as
    many as 10,000 Iraqis have been killed since the
    start of the invasion. Many nations from afar
    have come to the ancient land of Babylon and
    destruction has come. It may not be too long
    before the religious and political Babylon also
    joins the fray in a war that is centred on Israel
  • Bible Quote Isaiah 13 the land spoken of is
    Babylon (modern Iraq)
  • 5 They come from a far country, from the end of
    heaven, even the Lord, and the weapons of his
    indignation, to destroy the whole land.

Plan for Iraq will leave US dominant
  • Headline
  • Plan for Iraq will leave America as dominant
  • Headline DT 25 May
  • Event
  • Britain and America are trumpeting their new
    United Nations resolution as heralding the "end
    of the occupation" of Iraq and the restoration of
    "sovereign" powers to an Iraqi government.
  • But the reality on the ground will be very
    different the new Iraqi administration will be
    short-lived with limited authority and America
    will remain the dominant voice for the
    foreseeable future.
  • A US general will retain "unity of command" over
    all coalition forces, including the embryonic
    Iraqi army and police force, foreign troops will
    enjoy immunity from Iraqi law and there will be
    no fixed date for their departure.
  • Comment
  • America it appears will continue to embroiled in
    Iraq for many more months - possibly years.
    There is no support now in Iraq for the US and
    UK. "The situation here is ground zero, there is
    no security, no life. The Americans simply look
    after themselves. If they leave there will be
    chaos but there is chaos anyway. said one middle
    class Iraqi. We await the time when religious
    and political Babylon join the fray.
  • Bible Quote Jeremiah 5154 crys and destruction
    from the Chaldean land
  • A sound of a cry cometh from Babylon, and great
    destruction from the land of the Chaldeans

Week of violence in Iraq
  • Headline
  • Car bomb kills 12 Iraqis near US base
  • Britons killed in suicide bombing
  • Pipeline attack delays Iraqs oil recovery
  • Bomb attack on Iraq army queue kills 35
  • Headlines DT 14,15,16,18 June respectively
  • Event
  • At least 12 Iraqis were killed by a suicide car
    bomber and a senior Iraqi civil servant was
    gunned down in a new spate of assassinations.
  • Two oil pipelines in southern Iraq were blown up
    yesterday by saboteurs seeking to destabilise the
    country. This has cut oil production to a third
    of their previous level.
  • At least 35 people were killed and more than 130
    wounded when a suicide car bomber blew up a car
    next to a queue outside the Iraqi army recruiting
    centre in Baghdad.
  • Comment
  • Mayhem, terror and destruction in this ancient
    land of the Chaldeans and of Babylon. Jeremiah 51
    could well have a latter day fulfilment which we
    are witnessing now.
  • Bible Quote Jeremiah 51 literal Babylon /
    Revelation spiritual Babylon?
  • 47 Therefore, behold, the days come, that I will
    do judgment upon the graven images of Babylon
    and her whole land shall be confounded, and all
    her slain shall fall in the midst of her.
    Confounded disconcerted / ashamed

Attacks rock Iraq
  • Headline
  • Iraq erupts in orgy of killing and car bombs
  • Headline DT 25 June
  • Event
  • Scores of people were killed and hundreds injured
    in Iraq yesterday when insurgents launched a wave
    of attacks on police and government buildings. It
    was a concerted attempt to disrupt the handover
    of power due next Thursday.
  • At least three American soldiers and dozens of
    insurgents were among the 120 dead. About 320
    people were wounded. The scale of the attacks and
    the degree of co-ordination was the most
    devastating in the countdown to the handover. It
    indicated the strength and determination of the
    insurgents and the foreign Islamists.
  • Comment
  • The cry from this ancient area of Babylon is
    heard among the nations. Their habitation is
    becoming desolate. The nations have become mad.
    See Jeremiah 517
  • Bible Quote Jeremiah 50 Babylon is religious /
    political and literal
  • 45 Therefore hear ye the counsel of the LORD,
    that he hath taken against Babylon and his
    purposes, that he hath purposed against the land
    of the Chaldeans Surely the least of the flock
    shall draw them out surely he shall make their
    habitation desolate with them.46 At the noise of
    the taking of Babylon the earth is moved, and the
    cry is heard among the nations. The war is
    firstly against literal Babylon which develops
    into a war against political (Europe) and
    religious (Papacy) Babylon centred on Israel

Arab leaders - foreign troops should go
  • Headline
  • Arab leaders call on foreign troops to leave
  • Headline The Times 29 June
  • Event
  • Arab governments cautiously welcomed the official
    end of the American-led occupation yesterday, but
    many Arabs were sceptical of the extent of Iraqs
    new-found sovereignty and remain pessimistic over
    the stability of the country.
  • The American occupation will continue as long as
    there is one American soldier on Iraqi soil
    without the full blessing of all the Iraqi
    people, Mohammed Aziz Chucri, a Syrian political
    analyst, said. There is no doubt resistance will
  • Comment
  • There is little doubt the resistance will
    continue. The US army is very stretched as well.
    It was reported this week that the US has moved
    to recall 6000 former US soldiers to help
    maintain its force levels in Iraq and
    Afghanistan. This is the first sizable call up
    since the 1991 Gulf War. Many say this is back
    door conscription. Perhaps the US will continue
    to be embroiled in Iraq for a long time. Sapping
    its resources so that when Gog does come down and
    invades Israel, this young lion is far weaker
    enabling the northern host to sweep down like a
  • Bible Quote Daniel 11 read whole verse - all
    happens at the time of the end
  • 40 and the king of the north shall come against
    him like a whirlwind, and he shall enter into
    the countries, and shall overflow and pass over.

Jordan ready to send troops
  • Headline
  • Jordan ready to send Iraq troops
  • Headline BBC online 2 July
  • Event
  • Jordan would consider sending troops to Iraq if
    the new interim government asked, King Abdullah
    has told the BBC. "If the Iraqis ask us for help
    directly it will be very difficult for us to say
    no," he told the Newsnight programme.
  • "If they fail, then we will pay the price," King
    Abdullah said, adding he did not think Jordanian
    were "the right people" for the job, however.
  • The king is the first Arab leader to consider
    sending troops to Iraq and the move is likely to
    please the US. "To have fellow Arabs patrolling
    I'm sure would be welcome," an unnamed US
    official told Reuters news agency.
  • Comment
  • Jordan incorporates the areas once occupied by
    Moab, Ammon and Edom. We expect Jordan to be
    aligned with Britain and the southern Arabian
    powers when Gog invades Israel. In fact Isaiah 16
    indicates that some Jews (My outcasts) find
    refuge in Jordan when Gog invades. Daniel 1141
    makes clear that Jordan escapes the invasion of
    the King of the North. We see things developing
    as expected.
  • Bible Quote Isaiah 16 - NKJV
  • 4 Let My outcasts dwell with you, O Moab Be a
    shelter to them from the face of the spoiler. For
    the extortioner is at an end, v 5 speaks of
    Christ then ruling as King.

Iraq issues threat to Iran
  • Headline
  • Iraq issues threat to Iran over insurgents
  • Headline DT 21 July
  • Event
  • Iraq threatened military retaliation against Iran
    yesterday, accusing its former foe of backing
    terrorists who have begun to focus their campaign
    of violence on the interim government itself.
    Hazim al-Shaalan, the defence minister, denounced
    Iranian interference, saying that Teheran was
    supporting foreign Islamic militants fighting
    alongside remnants of the Saddam era to
    destabilise Iraq.
  • "They confess to the presence of their spies in
    Iraq who have a mission to shake up the social
    and political situation," he said. "Iranian
    intrusion has been vast and unprecedented since
    the establishment of the Iraqi state."
  • Comment
  • The tensions increase between these ancient foes.
    Babylon and Persia. Saddam Hussein fought Iran
    during the 80s with the loss of hundreds of
    thousands of lives. He saw himself as a latter
    day Nebuchadnezzar whose role it was to launch a
    war against ancient Persia. We now see Iran
    asserting itself more and more in the area. Again
    something we expect. Iran will definitely play a
    role in the future invasion of Israel.
  • Bible Quote Jeremiah 51
  • 11 the LORD hath raised up the spirit of the
    kings of the Medes for his device is against
    Babylon, to destroy it perhaps we see a latter
    day fulfilment of this verse

Carnage marks a month of Iraqi rule
  • Headline
  • Carnage marks a month of Iraqi rule
  • Headline DT 29 July
  • Event
  • At least 129 people were killed in Iraq yesterday
    in one of the bloodiest days since the war, as a
    suicide bomber caused carnage at a police
    recruiting centre and the country's fledgling
    army launched its biggest offensive to date.
  • Exactly one month after taking power from the
    US-led coalition, the interim government seemed
    overwhelmed and bewildered as a series of bloody
    records was set.
  • A suicide bomb killed 71 Iraqis and wounded about
    30 outside a police station in Baquba, north of
    Baghdad, in the worst single attack since the
    handover. A minibus packed with explosives blew
    up, tearing through scores of civilians shopping
    at a market and a group of men lining up at the
    recruiting office.
  • Comment
  • Iraq / ancient Babylon continues to be a place of
    extreme terror and violence. It continues to stir
    up other nations around it especially Iran. The
    US / UK and others are firmly stuck there with no
    chance of leaving at the moment. The Lord of
    hosts is mustering the host of the battle. It
    appears He is doing it using literal area of
  • Bible Quote Isaiah 13 centred on the land of
  • 4 .a great people a tumultuous noise of the
    kingdoms of nations gathered together the LORD
    of hosts mustereth the host of the battle.

300 in battle for holy city
  • Headline
  • '300 die' in battle for holy city as Iraqi truce
  • Headline DT 7 August
  • Event
  • A shaky truce in the Shia-dominated south of Iraq
    collapsed yesterday as US marines fighting to
    regain control of the holy city of Najaf said
    they had killed 300 militants loyal to the
    firebrand cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.
  • Scores more died in Shia strongholds in Baghdad
    and Basra as some of the worst clashes since the
    fall of Saddam Hussein continued for a second
  • Comment
  • To understand why the battle for Najaf maybe
    significant we need to understand the Shia
    religion. The Shia or Shiites make up 10-15 of
    all Muslims. The largest sect (85)being the
    Sunni Muslims. Shia Muslims live all over the
    world but the highest concentrations are Iran
    (90 Shia) and Iraq (60 Shia / 30 Sunni). Najaf
    is home to Shias most holy shrine which has been
    damaged during the fighting. Mr al-Sadr is
    calling on Muslims to take up arms to defend
    your holy places. Hence reports of 100s of
    Iranians coming over from Iran into Iraq to
    fight. They are fighting with those of the same
    faith. Perhaps we can see God stirring up Iran
    (Persia) into the war.
  • Bible Quote Isaiah 13 them being Babylonians
    modern Iraq
  • 17 Behold, I will stir up the Medes against
    them, which shall not regard silver and as for
    gold, they shall not delight in it.

US dead pass 1,000 in Iraq
  • Headline
  • Bush defends war in Iraq as US dead pass 1,000
    Headline DT 9 September
  • Event
  • President George W Bush and his senior aides
    launched a vigorous defence of his record in Iraq
    yesterday as the number of US military deaths
    passed the grim milestone of 1,000. Few, if any,
    in America anticipated the figure when the
    invasion was launched 18 months ago. "We're still
    at war," President Bush said .
  • Comment
  • They are still at war. The mission is NOT
    accomplished. It is my view that the whole war in
    Iraq is only the very beginning of the final
    battle involving Babylon. Babylon as we know was
    resurrected Babel. Babel was a city and a
    tower. See Gen 114. It was the first kingdom of
    men. It was a rebellion against God in every way.
    The city and tower symbolise spiritual,
    political and literal elements to the kingdom of
  • The final war against Babylon will eventually
    destroy all 3 elements. The literal has begun in
    the ancient land of Babylon. The spiritual (Roman
    Catholicism) and political (Europe) will follow.
    All elements have the destruction of Israel as
    their motivation. It will need the return of
    Christ to destroy Babylon entirely.
  • Bible Quote Revelation 18
  • 2 And he cried mightily with a strong voice,
    saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen,

Blair we face new war in Iraq
  • Headline
  • Blair We face a new war in Iraq
  • Headline DT 20 September
  • Event
  • British troops are back at war in Iraq at the
    centre of a new battle against global terrorism,
    Tony Blair said yesterday.
  • Sixteen months after President George W Bush
    declared that combat operations were over, and
    after a week which has claimed 300 lives, Mr
    Blair conceded for the first time that a
    full-scale "new Iraqi conflict" was under way.
  • He said the country had become the "crucible" in
    which the future of the battle against global
    terrorism would be determined.
  • Comment
  • This is not a new war the war never stopped!
    The conflict in Iraq is worsening though. Mr
    Blair says Iraq has become a crucible. A
    crucible is a vessel used for melting metals. It
    is the same idea in 1 Peter 17 where we are told
    our faith is tried by fire. It is a proving or
    examining. The nations are indeed being heated up
    in Iraq. Interestingly in Jeremiah we read that
    Babylon (modern Iraq) is a golden cup in Gods
    hand. The nations have drunk from it and are mad.
    They are indeed.
  • Bible Quote Jeremiah 51 Babylon in OT possibly
    refers to the country.
  • 7 Babylon hath been a golden cup in the LORDS
    hand, that made all the earth drunken the
    nations have drunken of her wine therefore the
    nations are mad.

Mosques sending fighters to Iraq
  • Headline
  • Mosques sending fighters to Iraq
  • Headline DT 2 December
  • Event
  • A network of Syrian mosques is sending men, money
    and weapons to Iraq, fuelling the insurgency.
  • An investigation by the Telegraph has shown that
    Arab volunteers are streaming across the border
    despite Damascus government claims that it is
    curbing cross-border terrorism.
  • Much of the traffic is financed by former members
    of Saddam Hussein's regime living in the Syrian
    capital and has the backing of prominent tribal
  • Comment
  • There is continued destruction in the land of the
    Chaldees (Iraq). Syria is accused of fuelling the
    insurgency. Apparently members of Saddams former
    Baathist regime pay 1600 a month to the
    families of the fighters. This is increasingly
    seen as a holy war. America and UK seen as
    crusaders trying to defeat the Muslim relgion.
    They in turn see this a an opportunity to defeat
    the great Satan. The Bible talks of war being
    sanctified or made holy. We are seeing Jihad
    (Holy War) develop in the Middle East.
  • Bible Quote Joel 3 prepare sanctify or make
  • 9 Proclaim ye this among the Gentiles Prepare
    war, wake up the mighty men, let all the men of
    war draw near let them come up