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Grayling High School: Welcomes 8th Students and Parents


2012 Graduation Course Requirements at GHS ... Graduation Recognition ... Pre-read the Curriculum Guide and graduation requirements ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Grayling High School: Welcomes 8th Students and Parents

Grayling High School Welcomes 8th Students
and Parents
  • Preparing Students for a Global Society
  • Growing to Greatness

High School Graduation Requirements
  • Two Portions
  • Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC)
  • State Assessment Test - Michigan Merit Exam (MME)
    ACE class

Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC)
  • English 4 credits
  • Math 4 credits
  • Science 3 credits
  • Social Studies 3 credits
  • Health/Physical Ed. 1 credit
  • Arts 1 credit (Visual, Performing
  • and Applied)
  • On-line Experience No credit required
  • World Languages 1 credit (2 credits - Beginning
  • with the class of 2016)

Michigan Merit Exam (MME)
  • Three Parts
  • ACT Plus Writing college entrance examination
  • WorkKeys job skills assessments in reading,
    mathematics, and "locating information"
  • Michigan-developed assessments in mathematics,
    science, and social studies

Michigan Promise (Formerly the Michigan Merit
  • 4000 to students who take the MME
  • and qualify based on scores OR
  • to students who successfully
  • complete 2 years of post secondary
  • education with a GPA of 2.5 or better.

2012 Graduation Course Requirements at GHS
  • The following list includes only the credit
    requirements for graduation you must consult the
    GHS Curriculum Guide for complete graduation
    requirement details.
  • A. Must earn a minimum of twenty-seven (27)
    approved credits.
  • B. Must have earned
  • 4 credits of language arts including one credit
    each of English 9 and 10, and two credits from
    the required choices in the Curriculum Guide.
  • 4 credits of math including Algebra I, Geometry,
    Algebra II and a math class. Math must be taken
    in the senior year.
  • 3 credits of science including one credit of
    Biology one credit of Chemistry or Physics
    (review the Curriculum Guide for specific
    requirement guidelines).
  • 3 credits of social studies including one credit
    of World History/Geography, one credit of US
    History/Geography, ½ credit of Civics, ½ credit
    of Economics.
  • ½ credit each of physical education and
    Contemporary Health.
  • ½ credit of computer science or equivalent.
  • 1 credit of one or a combination of the
    following areas visual, performing or applied
    arts (vocational or industrial education, or
    business technology).
  • 1 credit of Spanish

Other Requirements - Attendance Policy
  • On a students ninth (9) absence during a given
    trimester, the student will be required to
    achieve at least a C- on the final exam to have
    his or her grade calculated for that trimester.
  • (For example, if a student was earning a grade of
    an A or a D in the course/class, and the student
    earns a C- or better on the exam, he or she will
    receive the letter grade of A or D for that

Attendance Continued 13th
  • If the student does not attain a C- on the exam,
    he or she will receive NO CREDIT (NC) in the
    course/class. Upon the students 13th absence
    from the class during a given trimester, they
    will not receive credit in the course/class and
    an NC will be issued.
  • Extenuating circumstances at times cause
    excessive absences. Refer to the Appeals
    section of this document for those cases.

Attendance Continued Excused
  • School related absences
  • Death in the immediate family
  • Court Appearances with proper documentation
  • Prearranged absences, limitation of five (5). See
    procedures for process further down in this
  • Obligatory religious observances of the students
    own faith.
  • NOTE Medical excuses are countable.

Co-curricular Opportunities and Athletics
  • Opportunities at GHS
  • Eligibility
  • Two or more Es at end of 8th grade ineligible
    for fall sports
  • Two or more Es at end of the semester
    ineligible for next trimester
  • If on probation at interim time with one E
    ineligible for remainder of season
  • If failing all but one at interim time but was
    not on probation ineligible for remainder of

Class periods will be 70 minutes Each trimester
is 60 days or 12 weeks long Annually a student
can earn up to 7.5 credits.
GHS Individual Weekly Trimester Time Schedule
  • 1 Trimester classes ½ Credit, 60 days of which
    teachers see students everyday
  • 2 Trimester classes 1 Credit, 120 days of which
    teachers see students everyday
  • 3 Trimester classes 1 ½ Credits, 180 days of
    which teachers see students everyday

A B and C Classes
  • A classes are 1 term only in length
  • A and B classes run two of the three
    trimesters - most classes requiring the A
    section to precede the B section (Algebra I).
  • A B and C classes run all three trimesters
    as a full-year course Band, AP classes, Special
    Education Math and English, and Choir.
  • It is ok to have a trimester gap between an A
    and B 1 credit course. Students should plan
    for these gaps.
  • Each course is worth .5 credit each trimester
    with annual total possible of 7.5 credits or 30
    for all four years versus 7 and 28, respectively,
    for current schedule

Grading Schedule
PTC and Progress Report for every student in
every class TBD
Only one final grade is given
  • An interim progress report, a parent-teacher
    conference, and a trimester exam and final grade
    would be completed for each class each trimester

Retaking Classes
  • Students retaking failed classes are given the
    grade they earned while retaking the class and a
    NC (no credit) for the class they repeated.
  • Students who pass a course and choose to retake
    it will have CR (credit) placed on the lower
    grade on their transcript. The credited course
    does not apply toward the content graduation
    requirements, but is used in elective credit
    necessary for graduation.
  • Students are permitted to retake classes in which
    they have received a C- or lower.

Graduation Recognition
  • Senior Scholars (1st Senior Scholar will be
    Valedictorian, 2nd Senior Scholar will be
    Salutatorian) ACT GPA (1700 pts.) Will receive
    Medallions, be recognized in the local paper,
    stand and be recognized individually during the
    graduation ceremony and be noted in a special
    part of the graduation program.
  • Summa Cum Laude (3.9 and above GPAs) Will
    receive a purple cord to wear during the
    ceremony, stand and be recognized individually
    during the graduation ceremony, and be noted in a
    special part of the graduation program.
  • Magna Cum Laude (3.7 up to 3.9 GPAs) Will
    receive a red cord to wear during the ceremony,
    stand and be recognized individually during the
    graduation ceremony, and be noted in a special
    part of the graduation program.
  • Cum Laude (3.5 to 3.7 GPAs) will receive a
    green cord to wear during the ceremony, stand and
    be recognized individually during the graduation
    ceremony, and be noted in a special part of the
    graduation program.
  • Honor Roll - (3.0 to 3.5 GPAs) will receive a
    gold cord and will be noted in the program.
  • Lake Michigan Conference Top 12

Class Ownership
  • No matter which teacher is teaching a course, the
    same units will be covered.
  • Teaching strategies will be similar but each
    teacher may select how to cover the material.

Scheduling Process and Dates
  • Presentations
  • Teachers - March 19
  • Parents March 19
  • Students
  • 8th Grade March 19
  • 9-11th Grade March 16
  • Scheduling
  • 8th Grade March 24-April 14
  • Schedule Collection April 15-17 - Doniel
  • 9-11th Grade April 13-April 30
  • Individual Appointments Counselors
  • Schedule form due on March 30
  • Master Schedule Built May 1-?

Scheduling Forms
  • Registration Forms
  • Pre-registration/Class Selection Process
  • Pre-read the Curriculum Guide and graduation
  • Use schedule examples to complete Rough Draft
  • Select appropriate entry-level classes,
    pre-requisites, alternates
  • Balance academic and electives over trimesters
  • Choosing classes for the right reasons
  • Complete Rough Draft, then Pre-registration Form
  • Obtain teacher recommendations/signatures
  • Parent/Guardian and Student signatures are
  • No changes made once classes are scheduled we
    will try to accommodate requests conflicts
    happen, no guarantee

Sample Schedule 1
Scheduling Forms - continued
  • Four-year Plan
  • Pre-read the Curriculum Guide and graduation
  • Map out all four years of high school
  • Appropriate entry-level classes, pre-requisites,
  • Teacher recommendation (no signatures, but
    assistance needed)
  • Parent/Guardian and Student signatures

Four-year Plan Academic Example
  • MATH - 4 credits required
  • Required 
  • 9 Algebra I A/B 9-12 
  • 10 Geometry A/B 9-12 
  • 11 Algebra 2 A/B 10-12
  • Electives 
  • 12 Pre-Calculus A/B 11-12 
  • ____ AP Calculus A/B/C 12

Four-year Plan Elective Example
  • Fine Art Electives
  • 9 Introduction To Art A 9-12
  • 9 2-D Design A 9-12
  • ___ 3-D Design A 11-12
  • 11 Photography A 11-12
  • ___ Ceramics I A 9-12
  • ___ Ceramics II A 10-12
  • ___ Ceramics III A 11-12
  • ____ Painting A 10-12
  • 11 Digital Imaging A 11-12
  • 12 Digital Imaging II A 11-12
  • ____ AP Art A/B/C 11-12
  • ____ Art Exploration A 12
  • Music Electives
  • ____ Concert Choir A, A/B or A/B/C 9-12
  • ____ Chamber Singers A/B 9-12

Words of Wisdom
  • Getting off to a good start!
  • What can parents do…
  • Understand the Requirements
  • Make school work and daily attendance a priority
  • Be positive and encouraging
  • What can students do…
  • Prepare ahead for class
  • Be an active participant
  • Get tutoring/assistance when needed
  • Counseling office assistance…
  • Study and testing strategies
  • Assist with educational/career plans
  • Individual assistance as needed

Informed Students Helping students to prepare
for the future by making the right choices today.
  • Counseling Department
  • Website
  • Current Notices
  • Master Schedule 2008-2009
  • Planning Your Schedule
  • Planning for College and Financial Aid
  • Selecting a College
  • Career Planning
  • Testing
  • For Parents
  • Directory of Related Links
  • Opportunities Bulletin Board postings
  • Testing and recruiter visit sign-up sheets
  • Summer and post-high school opportunities
  • Library of Resources
  • Academic support brochures/booklets
  • Personal mental health literature
  • Catalogs of colleges and armed services
  • Career and employment publications
  • Applications for scholarships and colleges
  • Jennie Walker Counselor Students A-L
  • Lynn Thompson
  • Counselor Students M-Z
  • Teresa Bonamie Counseling